This poem was written about of a friend of mine that has always been there. And continues to be there, even when I can't see her.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

Not In Her Storm
I see the clouds rolling in and oh how it looks like rain
And it is always I fight for the welcome change
When it rains it pours on this heart of mine
So, I take the storms I feel to her each time.

But I know she has lived under her own pouring rain
Yet under her water her heart still doesn't change
She can walk away from what hangs overhead
And, not in her storm, are words left unsaid.

Not in her storm have I ever felt alone
Her storm ends, so I, may find my way home
It's for me that she pushes away her own rain
So, that I may find comfort in calling her name.

She lives in this world for the sake of another's heart
God, how she eases the miles when worlds apart
And she never wanders when your world falls through
Not ever in her storm would she do this to you.

She has wings that I know not only I can see
Cause only an angel could find strength to carry me
It's the way that the eyes can surely view
How her heart's written so clearly in what an angel can do.

Not in her storm is her work ever done
And even in her storm she hands me the sun
When her world is dark - I always have light
And now how I hold the new color of night.

She takes then she gives to an unhappy face
So that many can find an awesome place
I have been able to love her more every day
And with her hand in mine the clouds roll away.

Not in any storm that I will ever live beneath
Could ever change what I hold here inside of me
Not in any of her storms have I lost my angels touch
To that angel out there, I love her so much.
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  • Renae
    For someone to write such a beautiful poem about a friend thats always been there:). you touched me with this poem,only could one wish for a friend like you.
  • Lisa
    I love this poem it really nice and understanding. it really touched me and I thank the author for writing it b/c now I understand what it is like to not be in someone else's storm. thanks
  • Mariah
    Just the most endearing words in an eloquent tribute to the wonder and enduring power of a true and precious friend. Well done!
  • kirsty
    i love it n if i would vote this out of 10 i would definatly give it a 10 because it feels the same about my friend who past away deven machelle lord
  • Brianna
    i have one word for my friend like that. Sharayah. shes my friend and that will always be so. my heat acked when i thought about her when i read that poem. were always toghter in mind but im in hamilton and soon its going to take about4 hours for us to meat. i miss her so and i don't have a true friend but her. i feel like crying now cause anly when were toghter i find my heart and i have lost it now. don't cry for me as i think im ok but i know im not. tears still flow on the inside.
  • Rowena
    The poem is quite beautiful. It speaks of unconditional love. You feel for the author, the loneliness and pain we all encounter in life from time to time. We all need at least 1 angel in this life, embodied in human form. God bless the precious angels of this world. May he grant love and peace to the lonely individuals of this world. May He bless us all, is my prayer.
  • c
    beautiful and true
  • Catherine
    Had to hold back my tears. it reminds me so much of my friend. Thanks
  • anonymous
    beautiful saying anything more would take away the beauty in these words a magnificent masterpiece
  • sheri
    I really enjoyed your poem. I like how you use the STORM to describe how your friend is always there for you. That was great!
  • Jonathan
    Hey, im not much of a poet but i understand poetry like its my job. lol. this was a Fantastic poem. not only did it make me feel how much your friend has done for you. your poem truly describes the when i am with my friends. it was just nice to hear about someone else doing the same things i do. to help others
  • Mardie
  • Anne
    I recently lost my closest friend to cancer and this poem describes perfectly how she remained a true friend even though she was going through a raging "storm". I will be reading the poem at her funeral tomorrow.
  • Sofia
    that poem was sooo sweet, i really liked it, something about it that made me feel happy and sad. good job keep it up!
  • ana
    this is a good poem it is the best one Iv read in along time
  • melisa
    This poem really touched me. I have a friend that it fits very well. Thanks for sharing such a lovely piece of art.
  • harman
    it is a wonderful and inspiring poem
  • linda
    This is so very true,about real Friends,and some of them we never meet,except on the net!
  • Iris
    omg this poem is so touching, I love it, I want to be a poet too, and not many poems catch my eye, but this one did right away, keep up the good work
  • swapnil
    an awe inspiring poem. great!made an impact on me.
  • Carmen
    does't everyone have a best friend they can call an angel? I have one that I can tell everthing to and know thats as far as it goes and your poem reminds me of her. What a blessing you have givenme through your poem. Thanks and God bless.
  • shai
    this is the best poem that i have read and it reminds me of my friends that i lots about four years ago, thanks, it made me think of the good times i had with her. keep the writing them
  • Crystal
    This was a very good poem i really liked it
  • Quetta
    the reason y i like "NOT IN HER STORM" is because when i was reading it, it really touched my heart. and the plus it taught me to be a better friend then i am already n it's saying don't leave yo friend side, but be there for them through thick n thin no matter wat happen b/c one day u going to need a friend by your side. but i just want to encourage the author of this poem to keep up wat u doing!:) LOVE ALWAYS Ms. Rahquetta Hubbert
  • Christina
    this poem is awesome. i had a friend like that. she's gone now, but if she was with me, i would dedicate this poem to her. keep up the brilliant work.
  • desiree
    omg i really love this poem it is so cute ! i wanted 2 give it 2 my bff amanda i love her so much even no we fight all the time ! so i love it so much ! ~~~desiree~~~~
  • Sandy
    this is the best poem i have ever read and i every thing that is written down i feel for my friend!
  • amanda
    wow this was wonderful
  • rochel
    really good !
  • Perla
    I just wana say u ROCK girl. I really like da way u actualy paid attention 2 da things ur frend did 4 u. LOVE YA PERLA
  • linda
    i friend of mine sent me this poem, i cried. it is quite beautiful
  • dave
    awsome! powerfull. it's like you've shot your friend to stardom, atleast put her on a podium. both of you deserve a medal. need i say, loved it. thanks sauni
  • maggie
    i love this because it just touched my heart. i am recentlly expercing troubles with my friends so this has made me realize that i need to keep them as long as i can
  • Ann
    This is a wonderful poem and it tell the way i feel about my best Friend for over 30 yr. Every one should have someone in there life to make the complete like this poem.
  • smita
    Its a beautiful peom. touched my heart
  • Melissa
    i think it was beautiful i love it
  • Brianna
    This poem was really good, it reminded my of my friend Jordyn. It's just like her. Very well done.
  • dazha
    nice !
  • ashley
    hey i just love your poem it is so sad well hope you still think about her see ya ashley
  • Dan
    I was surfing the Net to find the right words to say to a special friend of mine. Found your poem Not In Her Storm and was taken back. Your ability to find just the right words to express such emotional sentiments is a tribute not only to your talent as a poet, but to you as a person. Thank you for allowing others to share a most memorable poem.
  • david
    I just love this poem. reminds me if what someone once told me. everyone withers a storm of some sort before they can reach the end of the rainbow! I t reminds me of the things in my own life
  • Diane
    This poem was sent to my most dearest friend. She will hear every word as though I was there telling her this myself. Wonderfull, wonderfull.
  • nany
    well. i like it. nothin more. cool!
  • tracy
  • Ana
    This poem touched me since I too have experienced what it is like to have a friend like this. I can relate a lot to this poem. Thank u very much!
  • Eddee
    Wow, aptly describes an ex-girlfriend- what a coincidence as well that my pet name for her was stormy--my heart weeps stormy,why did I ever let you go?????????
  • Angela
    I relate to this poem because I have friend I turn to when I am in a storm. This poem spoke to my heart and to my feelings. Thank you.
  • lim
    are you serious! this rocks man keep it up!
  • carrie
    A simply lovely heart to write such things . stay blessed
  • breanna
    oh my god. that poem was one of the best poems i've read all day that was so awesome. very cool
  • Kelsey
    Ireally liked the poem it,s really sweet and very pretty!
  • Myesha
    I love this poem it reminds me of myself so much and this lady i know so keep up the good work
  • Nina
    "the poem is awesome"
  • Lorna
    so touching i read it and thought of my best friend were never apart and were both in r 20s. shes a true friend for ever my BBFE as i call her AKA best bud for eternity. im going print it and give it to her keep up the good work. everyone needs a friend like that in their life
  • Lauren
    im analyzing it for a school project.
  • Linda
    One word for this poem, OUTSTANDING!
  • julia
    this poem really really touched me i mean wow it's just great!
  • rose
    i love this poem it made me cry make some more then make a stor
  • amy
    absolutely loved it really really moved in tears as i write that was beautiful
  • nicole
    this was a good poem
  • Kathleen
    I love the way that you write about your friend. She sounds alot like my best friend. You described exactly what good friends should be like in your poem. Nice work!
  • Amarachi
    The poem touched my heart
  • Desiree
    i really liked your poem. it really was a good one i wish that i could write good poems like that i write poems all the time but i dont know how to share them with others
  • Debbie
    I cried my eyes out when I read this poem. I have such a friend, and this poem hit me hard. I thought it was one of the best I have ever read. It says it all! It's an 11.
  • doreen
    This is so true to form of a great friend who can be depended on to light the way
  • Christine
    I loved this poem because I haven't had a close friend in seven years and now I do. The said thing is she is about to move away. She's in the military and her husband is in North Carolina and she is leaving to join him. When she's said and down it doesn't matter she still has an ear and a heart.
  • gillian
    It is so easy to read yet very profound and apt to a perfect friendship.
  • Lois
    This poes made me close to tears. it was so ture and wonderful. It was so good man! Lois
  • Dianne
    I liked this poem a lot a lot of poeple do know how to write.
  • june star
    i realy liked that poem it reminds me of, me, and to another from me, i injoyed this and thank you for this poem it tells me alot about a friend that just broke my heart; thank you so much.
  • karissa
    this is a great poem. it honestly touched the spot.
  • chayne
    This is a beautiful and inspiring poem. I hope to have the strength to live my life like this. It is what gives life meaning.
  • joyce
    i really love your peoms i hope you can send me some poems about friendship and relationship thank you
  • Jilly
    I think this is a wonderful poem. It reminds me of my best friend and who i would never be able to live with out her. she's great and its a really good way to show somepeope how much you love them in a simple but really deep form. i love it and you should keep on writing poems!
  • Lisa
    This is a great poem and I feel like it is something I feel from my own heart. Thank you for the beautiful poem.
  • Sam
    That was amazing. I've never voted before but I just felt I had to for this one. It made me cry thinking of my own angels. Thanks so much.
  • Teresa
    hey that as an awsome poem
  • Slimme'
    I vote this poem because it's real, I feel it's from the heart. It touched me cause I'm lost spiritualy & it reminded me of what I use to be. because anything negative couldn't be, not in my storm. Thank You Sauni. Keep on inspiring people, if not people, u got me. (Smile) Slimme Babe'
  • Rhonda
    The poem was magnificent in that by just redading it over the computer, I felt all the emotion and thoughtfulness pit into it.
  • chelsea
    this is a great poem i like it alot
  • Autumn
    Sauni thank you for writting this poem because it got right there my best friend the one who helped me through everything just left to california for good we barly get to talk like once a weekor so i cant bare being without her she was my everything my whole life your poem made me cry cause thats how i feel about her shes my angel and i love her to death! sincerly Autumn Dunn P. s your a verry talented poet i should know cause i have my poetry book coming out in the summer of 07
  • Nonie
    Love it! It is quite soulful,miraculous effects on special kind of friendship!
  • Andreas
    This poem is fabulous! Absolutely great job sauni . !:) i loved your poem from the first time i read it ! Bravo!
  • Kasey
    I like this poem, but there is to much in there, that you've said. You mite not think. I had to read it 3 times just to get what it means. I will have to read some more of your. e-mail and tell me what kind of poems you write. Love, sad or freindship poems. Very good poem. Just read it again.
  • sherri
    this poem so touched my heart & memories of my own frindship that i had to send it to a long lost friend that of which we just recently got back in touch after so many years. it seemed so right for the occasion !
  • Abbey
    i loved the poem it was great to read i really loved it because it explains how the author feels about this friend of hers and also because it reminded me of one of my best friends my best friend saved my life from myself and i have never really known how to thank her but now i do. once again it was a awesome poem well done.
  • Sarah
    This is sooo cool! I love it!
  • Jan
    I've just finished talking to my life-long friend a couple of hours ago about my problems with my relationship. She has always been there for me, even though she at times goes through her own troubles. I always feel a weight off of my shoulders after that. We have been friends for about 33 years. we have always been close. She is my truest and bestest friend with a caring ear to listen to me. I vote for this poem.
  • Cassandra
    it is a good poem keep it up.
  • Franca
    it's so beautifull that this poem works both ways. sender could be receiver. receiver could be sender. thanks :)
  • Cassie
    May god bless you!
  • Natalie
    Beautiful poem.
  • Theresa
    My grandmother just died she was a 106 years old, my sister took it really hard, we all did, but she have this special friend that helped her through everything and I thought that she was so nice to my sister that I wanted to send her something special, I read the poem from you and all I could was cry because it matched her perfect. Thank You Very Much
  • christie
    i like the poem its kind of sad but its a really nice poem. im forward looking into more poems like this. who ever wrote this poem has a nice heart and passion to write.
  • lorrie
    good poem keep it up
  • Johnnie
    After reading this it made think of some very dear friends. Thanks
  • jessica
    it was inspireing
  • Jaimie
    The truth expressed in this poem filled me with such joy and at the same time such sadness. It has captured what the ideal, what the truth of friendship really is! Friendship is self-sacrifice. Friendship is loving and thinking of another before yourself. I commend the author for this peace of true beauty and truth.
  • Amanda-Marie
    this was a gr8 poem aswell i have also been in this position many of times and i feel the same as wuh u r sayin gr8 work =] love manda XO
  • Kelly
    that is a beautiful poem. congrats. z!
    I think this is so beautiful it brings tears to me. I read and think of my grandma Ann who just passed this past week and this poem is so descriptive of her because she was a living angel who saw the beauty and good in anyone. Great Job. Michelle Larsen
  • jess
    i loved this poem. it reminds me of my best friend i lost
  • Natalie
    I really liked your poem. I had a different meaning of it than the other comments i've seen posted, but I suppose that's what poetry is about; other people's interpretations. Keep up the good writing :)
    was very touching
  • Rod
    What a moving poem. Intense, appreciative, yet, cautiously romantic. For, how can a man love an angel. What a thought!
  • Nicole
    Excellent for best friends!
  • Chaya
    I think this is awesome, in that to me it sybolizes a connection to the spirituality of who we are. I found a connection to the poem, based on the fact that I too have an angel that I converse with everyday throughout. My angel's name is Kitty; and I sleep well knowing that one day she and I will be together throughout eternity. She's my daughter and I will always love her. IMO 1988-2002 Be Blessed
  • Jocelyn
    I just love this poem. My two best friends are both turning 40 this year and I wanted to say something to them to explain what they mean to me and this poem does it. It's beautiful; thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world.
  • Rhian
    My mum died three weeks ago after a brave struggle with leukemia, my best friend has been so supportive and just priceless and she was also very close to my mum, this poem expresses so beautifully how i feel about her, my mum and the situation we've all been forced to deal with, thank you so much, I will be sending this poem to my friend in her birthday card and I know she will absolutely love it as i do.
  • Jo
    How beautiful, i've been looking for a poem for my dearest friend, it says it all, wonderful poem
  • Michael
    I really liked this poem. I can relate to it as well as I know the value of true friendship, and also that you are never alone when they are only a phone call away.
  • kayla
    i liked this poem very much it ttouched my heart in every way thank you for sharing it with me
  • Blaize J-lyn
    ur poem is touchable! congratulation! keep up the good work! god bless you!
  • Emma
    this poem was beutiful it really touched me. good work
  • kendall
    this poem is exactly like my friend and i! when im mad she always makes me smile, when shes mad i make her smile and forget about what she was mad about! throughout our friendship has been many bumps and bruses but i still(and will always)love her! i love you hun! xoxo
  • Tiarna
    this poem is very touching and i loved reading it thank you Sauni for writing such a touching comment
  • Diana
    What a beautiful poem. You must be angel. This poem reminds me of my sister, who has been through every storm with me, no matter how large or samll the storm. She is my angel.
  • june star
    i want you know that you helped me in many ways thank you so much i realy did loved it,
  • Wench
    I think this poem is great it reminds me of a friend that was close to me
  • Lindsey
    this is soo sweet
  • Dallas
    this was a really good poem it really made me think of how good it is to have sumone there for u
  • Gabrielle
    This is such a beautiful poem, you're very talented!Keep up the great work *bookmarks you*
    excels in emotions that can be felt only by a few good friends. u have voiced out the best that friends should have and be
  • michelle
    i love this poem it gave me passion through my mind great story i almost cried cause i remeber my angel and he died my best angel was my grandpa
  • Ebony
    This poem is so amazing. I understand exactly what she's saying. It's challenging. You have to really concentrate on what the poet is saying. I can relate. I love it! Good Job, Sauni!
  • Laura
    this poem is soo good. it reminds me of myself. really wonderful.
  • kira
    I ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT. i have a friend like this and i know that if i did'nt have her i would'nt be here today. this poem made my day. =)
  • kleopatra
    wow! this is such a nice poem! the best one i have ever read! it really touched me! it makes my mind go so wild! wow~! i wrote so many poems, but not as good as this one, gezz man this is such a good poem, who ever wrote this please e-mail me and tell me how to write better poems like this! i really love this poem! plz send me an e-mail everyday of how to write a better poem, this poem fills my hreat with love!
  • Destiny
    This is an amazing poem. I too am a poet. Although I have not yet been discovered. This poem reminds me of my own writing. Its very heartfelt and touching. It takes a great writer to create such a poem that brings you into deep thought. This poem got me really thinking of my best friend. She's like my twin soul and my other half. This poem relates to us exactly. I will pass this poem on to friends and add it too my collection of inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Love always, undiscovered poet
  • Ramona
    I have friends just like this. How lucky for me. Thanks
  • Cemya
    This touched like nothing before and I think you have a great friend.
  • annmarie
    that is the best poem i have ever read in my life good luck keep righting them
  • Jaclyn
    I think this poem really hit the nail on the head when it comes to me and my mothers relationship! This poem really, really touched me!
  • Sasha
    this poem describes my best friend completely and shes a great person
  • pam
    6 stars, this poem moved me as i have never been moved before. its beautiful, well done
  • ada
  • Addiemae
    it is sooooooooo beautiful
  • Britt
    that was beautiful
  • lisa
    This says alot. My best friend. my family was killed in a car accident I was with her we were hit by a drunk driver. But yet she was like an angel on earth and now an angel looking over me and her family!
  • Ashlea
    This peom is very touching to me because i use to have a close friend that was always there to help me even tho she was battling her own problems and this poem really reminds me of her. Guess what i am trying to say is keep up the good work Sauni!
  • melissa
    I loved the pome you wrote. It reminds me alot of my mom she passed in 97and i know she is always with me
  • steph
    I think this poem is absolutley brilliant 10/10
  • Ramanpreet
    It z heart touchin. 8/10
  • Jessica
    this poem realy touch me i realy loved it
  • tin
    This poem to my ex boyfriend sounds like me cuz i only live for others . This poem really touched my soul how it sounds so familar but i never seen it before.
  • tuhina
    an awesome poem. i wish i could write such wonderful poetry!
  • moh'd
    honestly one of the best i ever read its touching and honest feeling you have to rite such asweet words with deep meaning . barvoooooooooooooooo
  • rosemary
    i think this was a beautiful poem and it touched my heart because i can relate to it so well
  • Deborah
    Brought tears to my eyes. I have just a friend like this. What a beautiful poem. thank you.
  • scott
    this poem is touching
  • erin
    this poem can relate to any best friends and really touched me
  • jibe
    i love that poem by the title i saw the name and it was a triful it touched my heart also made me feel alot. you have put alot of feeling in that poem i feel out to you and more poem's you mite do
  • kim
    i like this poem alot.
  • ashley
    i really liked how the poet used the words to make it interesting, and full of feeling. the poem has a strong meaning that I got from it: its that there's one true friend that will always be there for you and help you no matter what it may be. well done poet. :)
  • gina
    this is a wonderful poem
  • berni
    This simply is life and this poem speaks about a friendship that I share with only one other soul on this entire planet and the poem is breathtaking and is so true to what is so very special and beautiful of our friendship. It's perfect and stunning and so spot on! Brilliant. Thank you!
  • amanda
    that was a lovely poem and i can just tell you that the poem surely did mean alot so just keep going and writing those poems sincerly amanda
  • Sarah
    This reminds me of my storm emotionally. Thankyou for sharing it with me! Thankyou!
  • franka
    This poem touched me very deeply and I loved it, I cried when I read it. I write poems, but nothing this good.
  • juli
    very good! :) i liked it alot! :)
  • Stephanie
    It is coming from sauni's heart and i love that.
  • Jimmy
    My Name Is Jimmy Timmy Froese . You Touched Me ! Sounds Wierd Eh ? Yes Im A Canadian That Said EH!
  • Michael
    I was looking for a poem to send to a dear friend of mine who is dying of cancer. This poem tells exactly how I feel about her and what she does unknowingly for me. I just wanted to thank you for bringing the words from my heart to my lips that have been unsaid.
  • sherri
    its cool to say how close your friend is to you
  • rosey
    this poem is so true. i absolutely loved it! you have a real talent and heart
  • ashley
    I think the poem was great . it is one of my fav poems . please make more poems .
  • ashley
    I think this poem was great . it was one of my fav poems in the world
  • Emily
    this is a wonderful poem that i find expresses everything that i have wanted to say about my best friend,of whom i have had for 8 years,more than half of our lives, who i feel i have just lost because of the physical distance between us, this poem expresses my love for her and how i much i need her back here, next to me and i hope to share it with her. thank you
  • jennifer
    the poem was awesome it shows how deep a friendship can really be.
  • Cornelius
    my friend is just like that.
  • lorraine
    this is a great and meaninful poem and i think that whoever wrote it should publish it
  • Jeremy
    I have a friend that this fits so well. I love her with all my heart.
  • Lilly
    I'm an expert on poetry, only in as much as I have read just about every poem modern and the classics for 15 years. I studied literature at Oxford too but this poem though is most exceptional. In content and construction. The sentiment is exquisite. I would count this poem as one of the most beautiful i have ever read. So whoever the author is, thank you so much for the beauty of your mind.
  • kiley
    this poem was really good in my opinion. i thought it was really sweet and i think u did great!
  • sarah
    i loved this pome it made me think of a friend that i see as a sister even though shes not see i moved from west virgina to north carolina and had to leave her and even though were far a part we still talk and she makes me happy and this touched me heart i even sent it to her.
  • Diana
    the poem is great
  • jenny
    Touched me so much thank you
  • Jaime
    this poem really touched me deep in my heart. i really liked it!
  • tori
    this poem remided me of my own friends and i think it was writen really well. I would give it 5 stars
  • marchella
    i like
  • bonnie
    this poem is very touching me and friend is going through this difficult time
  • Zakiyah
    I just lost a very dear friend a few days ago. I was searching for a poem to read at her memorial service and came upon this one. I will read this one. Thank you Sauni, so very much for the perfect words I could not come up with on my own. Peace, Zakiyah
  • Janet
    This Poem Is Really TRUE So I give it a 10-10
  • narissa
    I reall liked how she or he wrote this very lovely poem about somebody in her storm or somebody's else's so i really loved how it was put in a poem so beautiful like this one
  • porsha
    This poem touched my heart in a moment in my life. when i needed my friend to be that angel i found that reading poem's works just as well. keep writing poem's cause when you think you havent touched someone heart, guess what "you really did" porsha.
  • Fredilyn
    It's wonderful. and nice.
  • jackie
    this poem made me remember a very important friend and i love her so much
  • daniel
    This poem reminds me of the book Sabriel, by Garth Nix. She loses her father, who is called Abhorsen, and now has to take her father's position and send the Dead back to Death Realm. Along the way, she encounters her father's free magic bound creature and her true love and best friend, Touchstone. You have to read the book to truly understand how it relates to this poem. I really liked the poem and book.
  • Katy
    Such a beautiful poem , very deep and nice. It realy touch's a person
  • Bonnie
    This poem was beautiful. Whoever your friend is I am sure she's glad to have a friend like you.
  • Mariah
    I love this poem. It is so moving. I think you are a great poet. It describes how I feel about so many things. Thank you so much! keep writeing, i would love to see more. Mariah
  • Chelsea
    That poem touched me in many ways. I have a friend just like that that I've known since kindergarten. I've never heard a poem as beautiful as the one you have written. Thanks!
  • s
    i love this poem. it touch my heart in so many ways. because it reminds me of my angel.
  • monica
    This poem touched me with a passion. It just about tells the story of me and my friends.
  • Leigh Ann
    This poem touched me on a mental and emotional level. It takes a lot to do that anymore. Thanks for that. It was beautiful.
  • JaZmInE
    i liked this poem alot. it makes me think of when i die , if any of my friends will write me a poem. i wish i had a friend like you! your friends are very lucky? :) (:
  • Angela
    Absolutely Beautiful!
  • Dakota
    this poem really touched me because i have a friend like this
  • Frances
    I have a dear friend that has had a brain tumor. It was found when she was two and she has had so many surguries just to help manage the pain because they can't get to all of it. She truly is an angel to all who have ever met her. To me your poem give me an opportunity to tell her what she means to me because I do not have the words, your poem are my words, Thank you for sharing. Frances
  • Alexis
    I loved it sooooo much Sauni :) thank you for sharing it with me. I have a friend who lives across the other side of this country and lately we have both been very much shelter from each others storms. I would love to share this with her as I cannot find the words to do so - I am a writer with no words for our friendship. All the best and please keep writing. Alexis
  • TC
    This poem touches my heart in countless ways . it reminds me of a dear friend that i lost not long back and lets me know shes still ther ty for these heart felt words and continue on your journey in life and write away with the heart you have inside its beautiful!
  • Karen
    It was very touching!
  • D'Juanika
    I loved your poem. It said exactly what I thought about my friend. I went it to her and she said that you are a very good writer and that it brought tears to her eyes. Keep writing, you are very good at it.
  • Kayla
    i loved it
  • Kellie
    This poem really touched me. i have a friend like that, she is my rock. i totally understand how you felt and continue to feel towards that person who can make everything seem so. okay.
  • D'Juanika
    I liked this poem, it is avery true poem. I know somebody like that. It is a very sweet poem.
  • MIchelle
    This poem is so amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. Incredible. MMC Buffalo, NY
  • Michelle
    This is a beautifully written and expressed poem. Friends are like angels and this says it all!
  • bonetta
    i thought this poem was one of the best i heard in my entire 19 years of life.
  • heather
    the poem really hit me hard. i have a freind that was in a car accident 2 years ago and survived, but, as of november 11, 03 she had another and she still remains in a coma. it's situations like this that make you understand the word friendship. your poem was beautiful
  • kleigh
    i loved this! it is soo beautiul
  • jackie
    Beautiful description of friendship and the truthful honesty that it carries.
  • Anthony
    BRAVO, BRAVO! What a poem! It's very well-written and delivers a powerful message using very well chosen words. There's nothing quite like this.
  • Shalonda
    I love this poem, I have never been on this site before, but I'm glad I did. Thank you.
  • Casey
    This poem describes me and my best friend Melissa like I never could. It touched me and related to me. I really really liked it!
  • Christina
    This poem was REALLY VERY touching! It was one of the best poems i have read that is about friendship!
  • sister
    very well spoken and a great job at writting this poem i give u a gold star
  • Dwanna
    It made me think of my friend who passed away and we always called her angel, and sometimes i feel like she is watching out for me.
  • melanie
    This was so beautiful it made me cry
  • Rosemary
    That was incredibly beautiful. It moved me because I've been the bearer of storms and the one to push away storms as well.
  • Trien
    I loved the poem it descibes me and my best friend perfectly and i didnt think anyone could do that!
  • paula
    this was a really touching poem . it reminded me of my sister that passed away.
  • Leslie
    Well done! I read this poem,immediately indentified with it and had to share it with my dearest friend. With your lovely words, you've touch two lives today in a very positive way.
  • tegan
    i have never in my life read somthing so beautiful you truely have a gift and your friend ors friends are very lucky to have someone like you for them
  • Lana
    A beautiful poem I thought it was great.
  • angelia
    this story ment alot because you remembered your friend . And i hope my friends remember me so thanks for letting me read your poem it was realy nice of you
  • Sophie
    I was looking for the perfect poem for my best friend and this poem was absolutely perfect. Everything written was so true i cried. Thank you so much.
  • Ross
    I really loved this poem, the first time I read it I was just blown away. Just a beautiful peace of poetry.
  • Desiree
    Well, your poem is touching. You must be very lucky to have an Angel that takes your rain away. I had a friend that I wanted so bad but a friend is all I've ever had. Hold on to the Angel that you love dearly and heaven will have a place for both of you.
  • LeJasmine
    good poem
  • Amanda
    Awesome. an absolutely beautiful poem
  • Susan
    I did a search to find the perfect poem for my friend Cindy who is always there for me. to listen to me. to not judge me. and to always love me. I didn't think I would find the perfect one right away, but I did! In this poem! Wonderful! Spectacular! Thank you!
  • Melissa
    Simply put -- beautiful.
  • Rachel
    Whoa, this poem is so good, I started crying. It really sums up what a friend is to you, and how you can always have them to lean on. Bravo.
  • jackee
    Iloved this poem forI to have a friend out there with wings.
  • Cristy
    I love the poem it always made me think of all my freinds and all the jokes and laughter we ever did together.
  • Kim
    This was truly an amazing poem! I've been looking thru a lot of the poems on this site, and they're all good, but this one has definetly touched me the most inside. It was creative, and different from most. I felt like crying becuz of how true it is. Keep uo the good work!
  • Madchen
    This is the most amazing poem I have ever read!
  • Ashley
    Irealy love your pome that was realy sweet i hope the person you was writting that to loved it couse i did an i hope you will get a award for written that keep up your good work an you realy would make a goood writter
  • Tabbethie
    I love your peom. Your friend is lucky to have someone like you.
  • Cynthia
    This poem brings me closer to the people I know and the people I know are my friends. It tells us that we can have friends to love.
  • Avarila
    This is very good. It talks about true friendship and what people feel but can't put into words. This is a maginificent interpretation.
  • jordan
    this poem reaced so deeply into my heart God could have not put it better.
  • Christy
    I think is a beautifull poem. I know this was written for a friend but when I read it Ithought about my moter who passed away last year. This apoem that I feel most people can connect with.
  • Howie
    This is a wonderful poem. The best I have read in a long time. It describes my wonderful wife.
  • Al
    wow I think this poem is so touching I like it so much that I'm going to have to e-mail it to my sister so she can read it herself. It's wounderful and helping thank you
  • jo
    this poem was so great, i actually sent it to one of my friends in a thankyou note i wrote her because this poem said exactly what i wanted to say
  • Susan
    It was powerful, moving and so deep. Well done and hope to see more of your fantastic work!
  • Dee
    This poem was just sent to me by my niece. It made me cry. Thanks
  • Fiona
    This is the first poem I read on here, and it's so beautiful - what a talent!
  • Tanya
    hey that was sooo lovely it made me think that i am soo lucky to have a friend just like that. its not every day that we can be soo lucky to have a friend like that. We never really stop to think about how much of a good friend we should be to each other.
  • Jenny
    That is an amazing poem! Wow what a Talent!
  • C
    I loved this poem. It is the essence of my feelings towards my mother. It brought me to tears.
  • Julia
    Very touching. We all need someone like her in our lives.
  • KRIS
  • Kelly
    You have a true gift that GOD blessed you with. My best friend died on my birthday 3 year's ago. She left 4 girl's,my 2 children and Me. This poem hit me like a ton of brick's. And I know the Lord find's all kind of way's to comunicate.
  • heath
    this is exactly how i feel about my dear friend in Arkansas.
  • Delan
    This poem really touched me in so many ways i just loved every word the poem said.
  • Megan
    I think this poem is very beautiful and true, because their are people who can light your way.
  • Jenny
    This is a really good poem, the words are beautiful and come together so well. Keep up the good work.
  • sarah
  • Jessica
    It was a great poem!
  • Julie
    This poem is the best one I ever read--- It says everything a best friend is 2 me!
  • Jodi
    I loved this poem.its very beautiful and sweet
  • Laura
    I was deeply touched by this poem. I am fortunate to have a friend like this. Sauni, thank you. Keep em' comin'.
  • Faisal
    This peom was very much impressive poem that i never ever had heard before.I can never forget this poem.i recomend for others when will they visit this site must read this poem
  • Sabina
    That was such a great poem i hope meny others can read what i read today!It was so encouraging-brilliant work!
  • Stephanie
    This is a beautiful poem. It gives me a since of fulfillment, while reading it. Thanks
  • vinod
    spledid poetry by her . never heard such sought of poems bout it .
  • kimiko
    wow. i can hardly hope to write such a beautiful poem! thanks for sharing your talent!
  • Sherri
    I absolutly love this poem! It speaks to my heart about my friend Joella--thank you for expressing my feelings so well when I couldn't!
  • Sharon
    this poem is so touching. you really have a lot of talent! well done! :)
  • Damitha
    This is an all time classic for me. It really touched my heart. Sauni, you are just brilliant. Thank You.
  • ali
    I now know my best friend truly loves me.It was so moving
  • Brandy
    I really liked this poem because I have a friend like that and this poem really discribes her.
  • Abigail
    I absoulutly love this poem. It reminds me of a very special friend I have in my life. I thank her everyday but this poem tells exactly what I want to tell her and you put it into words. Keep up the excellent work!
  • Sabrina
    This poem was so beautiful. When i first read it i cried. It reminded me of my best friend. I sent this to her and she loved it as well.
  • gds
    Beautiful poem, thank you
  • Deborah,
    Thank you so much.......This is awsome.....Blessings to you..Happy Thanksgiving
  • Cris
    excellent poem my bestfriend sent it to me i love it
  • Lisa
    Very touching.
  • marjorie
    i love this poem it is so beautiful on how strong friendship is and always stands the test of time
  • Melissa
    I absolutly love this poem. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about a very dear friend of mine. I hope that there will be many more poems like this one!
  • Marlene
    Great Poem. Keep up the great work
  • Debs
    Wow. I have a special friend like that. Thanks for sharing that! It truly is special!
  • Sandra
    THis poem is very beautiful....
  • Flower
    Very very every woman would love to have her man feel for her.
  • Michelle
    Your poem really touched my heart that you for putting out where others can read

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