This poem was written for Angela, my closest friend for over five years, and given to her on her birthday. It was hard for me to imagine, at the time, a more perfect friend than she. And I thought it important to tell her so.

I've often wondered, since, whether the extended similes of this poem are significant. It seems that any time I write about friendship, and especially the friendship I shared with Angela, I find myself comparing it to Nature. But maybe that's not really so strange. Both are gifts of God we should learn to treasure.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

It's so hard to find the perfect breeze,
One blowing none too hard nor soft,
Carrying a scent of wild flowers,
And moving clouds about aloft.

It's so hard to find the perfect sky,
One blue and deep and bright,
Carrying a sense of openness
With geese and wrens in flight.

It's so hard to find the perfect night,
One warm, quiet and unflawed,
Carrying a mood of solitude,
And a closeness to our God.

Yet no perfection's so hard to find
As that which you extend
And none I'll ever treasure more,
Than to simply be your friend.
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  • Martin
    An excellent peom. Just what I was looking for to send to a special friend. Touching.
  • R
    Touching, at least for me. Every once in a while you read a poem and it touches not only your mind but your heart. Like seeing a picture and knowing you want it in your home, on your wall; to be able to visit it anytime you wish. I sent it to every friend I have.
  • dreema
    It is a truly wonderful poem! Great feelings! luv all of ur poems
  • Christina
    Beautiful and simple. It all pulled together so nicely. Without being too flowery, the sentiment remained.
  • Chloe
    this is the most beautiful poem i have ever read! i am really stunned by how good it is! WELL DONE
  • Daniela
    To tell you that your poem had me envisioning all you wrote. A very beautiful poem on friendship! Keep them coming.
  • Ronnie
    Totally Awesome!
  • Mary-Lou
    Ron, Your poem is absolutely and positively sensual. It is filled with imagery that warms my heart. I did not realize that men could be so romantic. Thank you for showing me these two things.
  • Natalia
    It's very inspiring , it lifts up your spirit and makes you hope for such a friend.
  • gail
    Realy like
  • caroline
    it's such a touching poem.I'm sure if everyone who reads it goes to its depth he'll find the perfection itself.i'm 16 yrs old and all i can say:Congratulations Ron for a lovely poem.
  • Sharon
    Ron this Poem is absolutely beautiful, magnificent. What a lovely tribute to friendship and the God who gives them. Thank you. What an unselfish person she must be.
  • Rosemary
    I have a special friend that had to have just the right poem. I found it in this one. Thank you for this,it was perfect. I know it will move him spirtually. Thanks again.
  • ying
    got this poem from a friend. it is absolutely beautiful. breathtakingly wonderful .
  • Allan
    the best is all i have to say
  • Percy
    Really Beautiful!!
  • phy
    just 2 words: absolutely beautiful!

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