I'm 31 years old now, living in the UK. But this poem meant a lot to me when I moved away from home for the first time.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

When you are sad,
and you feel you can't go on.
Tears well in your eyes
and the pain is so strong.

So far from your friends,
and you're all on your own.
No-one to run to,
So very alone.

When all seems so useless,
and you can't take anymore.
As you put on your coat,
and head for the door.


I was there once,
lost, all alone
You can cry in my ear,
Just pick up the phone.

When you are lonely and feeling so blue
Someone is thinking ...thinking of you
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  • Renee
    although im not into poetry i really liked that poem and i think it was well thought of.
  • Grace
    this poem was the best it almost made me cry and this peom should have those three stars because whoever wrote deserve it.
  • danielle
    i voted for this poem as i was once down and sad and i felt like i couldnt go on and this poem reminded me of how lucky i am now to be happy.
  • helen
    These words really hit home. It is always so nice to know that someone is thinking of you.
  • liz
    this is a heart-warming poem. my best friend moved away 2 years ago and we were really close. my guy friend lives in another state and i cry when i think about him. thanx for these poems. all of them.
  • Kim
    This poem should have all three of those stars on this poem! You did such a great great job on this poem Peter!
  • Kim
    This is an excellent poem. It really touched me because I leave my friends because I'm an army brat and I move every three years. It is really hard to find friends over again. But I will always remember my friends that I left in the past!
  • tera
  • june
    This poem says it all.I moved 5yrs ago and I am still very lonely. Thanks.
  • DM
    This is such a wonderful poem. I know the exact feeling of being so far away from home. I've been away for almost 15 years now but I still feel the loneliness at times. Nothing is better than home!
  • jan
    This poem was just really nice...it so touching and nicely said.
  • Tiffany
    So sweet!
  • S.
    This poem really touched me in a personal way. I recently moved out on my own, with no roommate. Away from parents and friends you can feel incredibly alone, it is nice to know someone has been there.
  • Dacoolguy
    I love this poem
  • Da
    This poem is so incredibly wonderful.
  • Anastasia
    Excellent poem - so very true. Thank You!

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