Growing away from friends is one of the hardest parts of growing up... mostly because it's our own fault for losing touch with each other. One of my close friends asked me how we had managed to lose touch.. This was my response to him.

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There to Here
You ask me how we got from there to here,
And you tell me you can't remember,
And so I'll answer it for you,
Though perhaps not the way you want me to.

We got from here to there on the back of a unicorn racing through our dreams,
We got from here to there when night's silence thundered between us,
We got from here to there believing a song to be stronger than the worlds pulling us apart.

And we were right.

We stood in good relation to the earth,
We stood in good relation to the gods,
We stood in good relation to all that was beautiful,
You see, we were Alive

We got from there to here when we believed reality to be stronger than love,
We got from there to here when we forgot to look up and believe that gravity held no hold on our souls,
We got from there to here when we left our storybooks for some other distracting play,

And now I do not know my world,
And I cannot find my God,
And beauty dies,
Shut out in the cold.

And I believe we can get from here to there if we just believe,
And I believe we can get from here to there if you'll take my hand,
And I believe we can get from here to there - if only in our dreams,

And when you're dancing across the sky,
Somewhere between the stars and the moon,
Look for me by your side, I'll meet you with hands outstretched,
We'll go - from here to there, there to here, and back again.
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  • Shawna
    This poem was amazing, it really touched me. Reminded me . also of me and a friend.
  • L
    You're poem is fabulous. made me think of a friendship I've recently lost. Made me cry for its beauty. Thanks! She never said goodbye. just never answered my invitation for lunch, or returned my e-mails or phone calls. I know I loved this person. even though we were both married to others. This was totally platonic.
  • jemma
    i rerlly like this poems it was rerlly good w/b
  • Rebecca
    A beautiful poem. Reminds me of a situation I have with a friend. Gone, but maybe not forever.
  • Amber
    This poem was amazing! It had some very powerful words. Words that provoked some saddening thoughts, and some sweet thoughts. Absolutely amazing! I don't know where the voice for this poem was found but I think that voice needs to be used more often, instead of being left out in the cold. :)
  • Yasmine
  • Ta'chaiel
    I loved it it was touching and keep up the good work.
  • Barbie
    This poem was very well written. I applaud you. Very well done.
  • jana
    that's the most awesome poem i've ever red,. i had to cry and to remember fiona,. once we were best friends, but we drifted in different directions,. i'm very sorry about that! but hear what i'm saying fiona, we can make it! just believe we can,. fiona i really need you!
  • Ralph
    A lovely poem. Unexpected tears made it difficult to see to write - sincere beauty reaching the soft centre.
  • Joann
    This really made the tears come down. A friend of mine has built a wall & I may send this to her. She thinks I have betrayed her,things are very confusing cos the main thing is I didnt do anything worng,but feel the need to reach out. Stil deciding.
  • marian
    it is so touching i can hold my tears
  • Vanessa
    This poem sums up the situation I am going through with my best friend right now. We haven't seen each other or spoken for nearly eight months and it's been so hard for me. I wanted to tell her how I felt so I sent her this poem. I hope it will get across to her exactly what I want her to understand. We had such a deep friendship, we were inseparable and did everything together. Then all of a sudden we both changed and went from "here to there" as the poem says. For reasons I can't really understand this has driven a huge rift into our friendship and we aren't friends anymore. I hope she will read this poem and it will touch her heart as it did mine and maybe then there will be some hope for us to re-build our friendship.
  • Rohan
    The poem written by u is mind boggling. U have thoughts beyond life which is wonderful,really, its poets like u we should b proud of. Its my pleasure 2 praise u 4 ur beautifully crafted poem. thanking u Rohan
  • diana
    just love the message. and im planning to send it to some of my friends
  • Eirisa
    This really touched me hey - i hope one day my words can do the same for others
  • Jessica
    I really liked this poem and I just wanted to let the author know that I personaly thought it was a beautiful piece of work
  • katelyn
    This was an excellent poem,it rlly touched me!
  • Alison
    I love your poem ! It is so touching.
  • john
    Great Poem, especially if you believe in after life
  • Carmen
    It was just absolutely excellent and made me remember someone. Though I doubt we'll ever be friends again, it made me remember them.
  • Annie
    This poem is truley a work of art! I cant stop readint it! I love it! It reminds me of a friend of mine. Dan. he is in the army and i miss him more then anything! I thought we would grow apart because he is so far away. your poem taught me a lot about our relationship and i thank you SO much!
  • Tracy
    Amazing. this totally encompassed my feelings towards my best friend. he asked me the same questions after a year of college and after a very long letter than I wrote I attached a copy of your poem. you have great talent and should be proud of this piece. it really touched deeped:)
  • marie
    I really love your poem. It reminds me of stuff i have gone through. Thanks for writing it.
  • Manda
    It brought a tear to my eye. That was so nice.
  • Nichole
    I could use a lot of words to say what i liked about this poem, but I wont. I will only say that you have a talent that you should not let go unused! It is beautiful poem.
  • alex
    Your poem has touched my heart I can related to it in so many ways keep up the good work you are a great writter.
  • holly
    your a talented writer, you put a tearing pain onto paper, and made me feel passionate for a lost friend thank you for your words
  • Nickole
    very wonderful!!
  • hermeine
    it really touched my heart. I also lost connection with my one friend and I don't know how it happend. It was she that just walked out on me but I believe that one day i will find that friend again.
  • Michelle
    A beautiful poem. It is so meaningful, that it seems that Lauriel wrote this especially for me and my long lost (and recently found!) friend! Thanks Lauriel!
  • lisa
    this poem struck a chord in my own many of us wonder about old friends that we have lost touch with..they some how keep prodding at our heart. i like this author's image use,and the pictures it called to mind.
  • pearllea
    your poem is a very informative piece of work, it reminds me of a dear friend, that I became his personal healthcare worker until he passed on three years ago. thank you for posting this ever so special poem.
  • yola
    it is amazing
  • Michael
    Very beautiful poem about friendships that drift apart, it touch my heart so much.
  • John
    Truly a beautiful poem.
  • Nickole
    beautiful poem that caught how i thought of my first best friend and still think of her. i fell in love and we fell apart. but i dream we are still together, holding hands and skipping through the castles in the sky. if you've ever seen (the movie) What dreams May Come, you know how colorful my castles are. who couldn't remain friends in a setting like that?

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