During a recent bout with depression, a friend of mine came to the rescue and let me cry on her shoulder. She got me through it all and told me she cares. I really needed to know that someone cared. To her, I say Thank you!

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Thank You
I could write for hours,
Use the finest words in Webster's,
Fill pages upon pages with verse -
Only two words are needed,
Two words are everything I want to say:

Thank you.

Two words, two syllables
So tiny,
In these words I say so many things -
You are very special,
Holding my hand when the world is too much,
Hugging me when I can not bear life:

Thank you.

I have shown you my heart of hearts,
The person inside I am afraid to reveal.
Your sweet words and sweet face,
Bringing me back from the edge,
All I can do is . . .

Thank you.
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  • zeenat
    this poem touched my heart as it reminded me of my long lost friend.
  • Ruth
    It's 30 years on June 1 since I survived a bilateral mastectomy followed by 3 years of chemotherapy. My daughter is giving me a luncheon and invited those who supported me during that time. I'm reading "Thank You" to my supporters. It says it all.
  • jessica
    it is amazing it touched my heart and it made me think about how much friendship means. please continue to open our hearts and realise what friends mean .
  • Mary
    I thank You! for this site, It had exactly what i needed and was worded from my heart, Wonderful Site.
  • Georgina
    Super. It really is one of the best because it says all.
  • Paige
    I loved the poem, please don't stop writing them. I have a friend like this who gave me what I needed to get through the toughest times in my life, and I value his friendship more than words can say. I can't wait to share this with him!
  • Carole
    Just exactly what I wanted to say at a particular time in my life thank you
  • teresa
    this poem hit close to home , I had a bout with depression a couple of years ago , and felt that I had know one that understood what I was going through, but I was wrong I had a family that stood by me the entire time, and this poem says exactly how I felt , and to all that has a depression problem your not alone , there is some one out there for everybody. Thanks again for this beautiful poem. Teresa
  • Sharla
    This poem hit it on the dot. I loved it. Please keep writing more poems. Thank You.
  • Bea
    This is a great poem. Thank you for sharing it with others on thru the net. You are lucky to have such a friend, and i am lucky, too, to have a friend like my best friend.
  • Jamie
  • daman
    all i can say is that i am speechless! just exceptionally gr8
  • Priscilla
    I think this is a great poem I gave it to my best friend at our 8th grade graduation and we started crying and remembering all the memories we had together.
  • jenni
    i read this poem and cried because this is what i needed to read so i could say goodbye to my friends properly THANK YOU!
  • Amanda
  • raymond
    yo this poem is tha BOMB its like so TRU i like it .
  • Lorinda
    Excellent poem. It speaks the truth. Those words say a lot. "Thank You" for sharing it
  • Colleen
    This poem is so sweet.It is well writen.
  • Thiani
    I gave this poem to a friend and she read it and burst out into tears saying thank you
  • Toshia
    That was beautiful
  • Jerry
    Very simply put this poem says it all. Well done.
  • allison
    Excellent poem. simple and to the point
  • Crimson
    A poem surrendered from the depths of one's heart in loving friendship can ultimately be felt in the heart of another who should read it. It was if I could hear and feel you speaking the words. You touched my heart deeply with your poem. Your very talented. God Bless You..
  • Debbie
    You've captured the many emotions conveyed in these two simple words.
  • Dana
    A perfect 10 Sent it to my mom
  • Crista
    Excellent poem! Made me smile inside...
  • stephanie
    This poem was so sweet.i read it and it gave me hope for my life and it let me think of the people who have helped me get threw it!! i would also like to refer this poem to you!!
  • Jane
    I'm sure this poem helped the girl of which it refers. I'm sure she's grateful.
  • holly
    Your poem was very special! I really enjoyed reading it. I have Bipolar and it is always hard to find those sweet words to say somethin so simple, when you can't even think for yourself. Your poem HELPED me! Thank You!

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