I was sitting in my prison cell and was thinking about what friendship means. And I wrote this poem about what I thought it meant.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

A Friend
A friend is the one who tells you the truth
regardless of the cost,
A friend will help you find the thing's
you'd given up as lost

A friend will never put you down
or make you feel alone,
He'll smile and try to comfort you
'cause together you have grown

A friend is the one who picks you up
when you've fallen on the ground,
A friend is the one whose voice at night
is a welcome, warming sound

So when you think you're on your own
and wish you had a helping hand,
Remember, a friend is the one who,
when you cry, will always understand

Because the world is full of people
who will laughingly pretend,
But, when it's said and done
you're lucky if you've got a friend...
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  • Scud
    the poem was great. it dose make anyone wonder if we are so lucky , to know we have them
  • rob
    well writen and just loved it
  • mrs. pink
    sir shotgun if you ever read this i just want you to know that i love your poem because right know i just lost my best friend wellm one of them at least because my other best friend told me that she ws saying stuff about me so i still dont know the truth so i ws looking for a poem about how i felt this isnt it so im going to make my own but i really really love your poem.
  • Jesska
    This peom was really good for me seeming that i just lost my best frined in the whole wide world in a car acciendent some dude ran a red light but anywho this peoms really showed me the meaning of a lot of things i have been shut in my room for days and havent came out because i lost mu\y best firned bec i havent been myself but this peom showed me something and thank-you for who ever wrote this peom because i hope you are really proud opf yourself that i will be reading this poem at her funeral i love it so much
  • sofia
    yeah well all i wanted to say was that was good that was one of the best poems i have ever read i mean it so perfect because it dicribes my best friend and its the perfect words to say it yeah well i just wanted to say good job and hope you can write back and since your so good wit poems maybe can write one on that special guys i'll never get
  • sherrie
    simply wonderful! what a insite of friendship. i really loved it! thank-you
  • helen
    this poem is explaining what i have been feeling all of my life. i love it I t has true meaning.
  • Cameta
    this poem is really good!
  • Sandra
  • Ashley
    I love this poem. I would send this to my friends and that is exactly how I feel about them!
  • Naomi
    I love the poem and sent it to someone so they could undestand exactly what a friend is
  • jhea
    I like this poem is awsome . keep up the good work . trought this i realize how friendship is so cool. Is really sad if you don't have a friend like me coz we just moved in another country . and I miss my friend specialy my best friend . Is hard to think that special friend never think about you . coz she never respones in my letter is really sad. before when my best friend nevr reply to me i feel that friends is just wasting time then when i read this i remember my bestfriend the memory of our happiness . I guess I just wait for her to reply . bye .
  • donno
    this poem made me fell so happy and rember all the good times i had with on of my friends and who ever wrot this poem keep writing your good
  • Kristabell
    Good job! You must have some lucky friend, and I am sure they are lucky to have you. It is hard in putting what a friend into words, but I think you managed it.
  • cool
  • tera
  • Ben
    this is really Nice poem
  • Stephie
    It's really nice. . . I'm including it in my project w/c is about friendship coz it's sooo true. . .thanks!:)
  • Ryan
    I love this poem it is sooooo good I swear!
  • sandra
    very pretty and it touched my heart. i am sending it to my best friend. good luck writing more poems you have a gift
  • evycana
    is a really nice poem and sweet to.
  • Mary
    Really touching poems. Hope to see more soon!!!!
  • Lorraine
    What a lovely poem, If everyone could have a friend like that the world would be an easier place to live in.
  • Eddy
  • Natalee
    I really liked this poem. Thanks to Author who wrote i , it really toched my heart.
  • Bianca
    Really truthfull!!! Simple yet gets the message through beautifully!
  • Greg
    This was a well developed and thought of poem
  • Jess
    I think sir shotgun is the best poet I've ever heard. I don't know anything about him and I'v only read three of his poems but he is truly the best. the first one I ever read of his was Dreams Wishes and Tears, ever since then I have been huked on his poetry. he realy understands what love and Friendship is and I think more people should be formilier with his poetry and he should never stp doing whatever it is he is doing.

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