I have very few friends who are true to my heart. Yet, those that are, I care for and love unconditionally. I wish for them health, happiness, prosperity, beauty, and love. I wish for them all things good.

This poem is one I wrote to one of my very closest friends when she had to go off to graduate school over two- hundred miles away from her friends and family, to a city where she knew absolutely no one. She was so excited about polishing her college education, yet at the same time she was anxious and fearful. She was scared she would loose her friends and not be able to make new ones. Though, I couldn't bare the thought of her leaving, I knew she was edifying her dreams and ambitions, and I knew that I was so proud of her and that I would always be here for her, just as I knew she would always be there for me no matter how many miles apart. The day she left, we both embraced crying as if we would never see each other again.

It has been almost a year now, and we see each other once a month and we write and e- mail each other sometimes twice a day. I am grateful to have her as a friend.

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What Comes Of Tomorrow
Joy is what fills the heart of they
which hold within the mysteries of a friend
A passion unknown unto words
Within them fall the tears of all things they endure as one
And from their eyes diamonds fall,
So precious every one
Dear within, the memories they caress with sorrow
And gather them today, for what may come of tomorrow
Priceless ever are these moments that we spend with those so dear
Comforting now to know that they are near
Yet there comes a day when they see the eagle soar
And feel within their hearts
A passion so much more
As we stand beside them when that gleam glows in their eyes
What comes of tomorrow
My friend's lost paradise
And though a distant barrier wells up within the heart
There is a joy inside
To know the joy of a dawning start
Standing there beside them on that road to paradise
We say farewell and weep
Knowing they must also compromise
And so we hold them close and whisper in their ear
Please take with you these memories.
Then from the eyes,
Your tear.
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  • Genne
    it is important to let your friends know how much they mean to you. for if tomorrow never comes. you'll surely regret every wasted time you did not do the right thing to be done. i've lost a friend. and i lost the chance of telling her how much her friendship means so much to me. wherever she might be today. i hope the wind will carry my love to her. thanks for this poem for it reminds me of her.
  • courtney
    what a great poem this poem is fool of passions
  • julia
    A dear friend took her life almost a year ago. I am still trying to come to terms with it, finding it hard to believe even now. She was beautiful, kind and much loved by her daughters, family and many friends. I wish I could tell her I love her and loved her all the years of our friendship (over 20 years). Your lovely poem made me think of her.
  • monica
    just last year i lost a friend. he committed suicide and it was very devistating. he was such a wonderful person and i couldnt see him doing something like that. but i finally realized why he had killed himself from reading his poems that he wrote and i came to a better understanding, some of the things he wrote about, he couldnt tell me so he wrote it in a poem and yes it is so hard to say goodbye to a friend who has lost their paradise, but it has made more strong and much more alert. so i miss him. i really like your poem and i hope you have good luck with you poetry.
  • Kristen
    I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing writer. I write as well, and your poem was defenitely one that inspired me. Keep up the good work!
  • Hannah
    I have just said good bye to a friend and this just said what I wanted to say. As you say saying good bye is never easy and it seems to get harder the longer you know them. Thank you for syaing what I wanted to say.
  • Kathy
    This poem touches the very soul of how it feels to say goodbye to your best friend, even if it's for their own good. Thank you for putting it in written form.
  • Trish
    i dont now what to say. but ur a good writter. so keep it up. i tried and tried to write a friendship poem like that. but its really suck me out. but yeah. make me say WOW. lol. touching touching. hehe aite peace
  • karen
    Christine, I was looking for the right way to say goodbye to my best friend of 15 years on the weekend. But was finding it really hard to put in words. This says it perfectly, thank you!
  • Heather
    This poem really got to me. My dearest friend just got married and is moving to Cali and it breaks my heart to see her go but I know that she is happy and that is all that matters to me. Excellent poem!
  • nishy
    this really touched my heart so deeply that it almost made me cry.its reminds me of my cousin .this poem is very inspirational to keep and treasure friends no matter what happens or wherever they may go.
  • sister
    great poem..reminds me of the time when i had to bid my best friend good bye...ending was nice.
  • Donna
    very touching poem
  • yolanda
    this is a very sensatonal poem I've lost 2 people in the last 3 weeks and they were one day after another and now I have a friend who wants to kill her self she is really hurting me and a lot of other people.
  • Yolandie
    It is a very deep and sentimenal poem that has touched my heart deeply for I have lost a dear friend!
  • rosalyn
    i like this poem and that i liked this poem and reminds me of my friend.

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