I wrote this poem for a very special friend.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

The Story
Two separate lives brought together
Our love and friendship shared forever.
The laughs, the love, even some tears
Were planned to be spent all our years.

Then one day things fell apart,
And time and hurt pulled at our heart.
"Together always," were words only said;
And reality was, it was all in our head.

But through it all, we truly shine;
It will be you and me till the end of time.
"I love you always," will now be said
and a great friendship waits ahead.
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  • Steven
    This girl knows how to touch the heart. I don't know her, though we have the same last name, but, yet, I do know her. in my heart. way to rock Jordanna
  • Rebecca
    I juz love this poem. THE STORY depicts my life and gud job jordanna :)keep coming up with nice beautiful poems.
  • rina
    I loved it. Just what I needed to sent to my ex-boyfriend. Thank you
  • rachael
    i reli like dis poem it reminds me of my friendship with sum1
  • Annysa
    great Job! touched me deeply!
  • JoBeth
    This poem reminds me of a ex-boyfriend who became a best friend to me. This poem is wonderful.
  • arlene
    truly touching!
  • Lindsay
    Incredible poem that describes what I am going through now. THANKS!
  • Irene
    this poems is good.it represents my relationship with my ex boy friend, keep goin!
  • Shanon
    this poem is WONDERFUL!! u really help people find the words to say when they are at loss of their own! keep writing!!
  • Buddha
    I relate to the poem because It was exactly like that with me and this girl, but now we are the best of friends.
  • Mary
    Very meaningful and to the point. I like it very much!
  • shahira
    it's a great poem! keep it up!
  • veronica
    this poem show the exact feelings for a boy that i loved and ended up being his friend. those relationships are the most cherished.
  • keydra
    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! -- :)

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