Life's many visitors touch us in numerous ways, but it's the impressions left by true friends that are most remembered and seldom ever matched.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

A lifetime can be likened to a lonely beach of sand.
a stranger makes a mark one day, an imprint of a hand.
As time goes by the beach once clear is now a cluttered field
of memories and keep-sakes of the ones that we hold dear.
Time does its best to wash away remembrances of those -
the ones we never meant to meet - the ones we never chose.
But as through some odd twist of fate these are the ones we cherish.
The time we spend with these such friends, will never, ever perish.
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    The reason why I enjoyed this poem is because I met a very nice lady on a trip this past year to now find out she is ill so I wanted to pass along words that I can say that spoke from my heart as almost a complete stranger yet letting her know that I am so glad that we met and the words were lasting and always know our frienship will never wash away
  • melinda
  • carolyn
    The images this poem brought into my mind are images that will always be there. Your poem says so much in such a simple way without any gushing! Beautiful.
  • suguna
    Impressions, what can I say??? Makes my eyes swell with tears, just going back to that lonely beach of sand. Impressions from the past & some in the present. "Impression" has left a deep impression on me. Thank you for the memories. Suguna
  • Angel
    Oh my godness I love your poem! It has made a big impression on me. It's true. Beautiful and you have a great talent. well I never say much but I thought I should just write you a little message. Keep your head up, aight!
  • Sidrah
    Eidi for You! Always keep smiling.
  • Timothy
    I am a 40 year old college student going for my associates in Health Sciences. During my Anatomy and Physiology courses, I met the most beautiful woman (both physically and mentally)to be my study partner and friend. She has become a very dear friend of mine, sharing feelings of just about everything imaginable. We did alot of boating on Lake Michigan together and secured very high accidemic standards. She is transferring to another college to ensure her degree and she will now be roughly 3 hours away. I am truly going to miss her. I remembered how our footprints in the sand looked on our walk to the peir, and how they were missing on the way back, but knew her beauty would always be there every time I visit the area. Your poem will be sent to her as my undying love for her as my friend for life. I do not give that to just anyone. She is simply amazing and your poem fit so well. Thank you so much! Tim
  • Debz
    beautiful ~ fit perfect for a dear friend ~ thank you so much!
  • Annysa
    Loved this poem! Describes so well things I've never heard of in a poem! Keep up the great work!
  • Susan
    A no my very best friend has just died & this give me a feeling of peace.
  • Rho
    Deep and well written.
  • Hannah
    It was just beautiful! Keep it up
  • Don
    Amazes me how just the right words are out there, written by someone that felt the way once as I do now.
  • DonnaA
    I really love this poem! It's so beauitful and sweet poem. Keep up good work, Ryan!
  • Surash
    Its a true beauty,one which would really feel our hearts with the true meaning of friendship
  • Debi
    This is a beautiful poem and deserves recognition. Great Work.
  • sandra
    Great Poem!!!!!!1
  • J.Horst
    Hi just what life is all about!. when i will be gone from this world what will remain is the memory of true friendships. nice poem ;)
  • Samar
    I really loved this poem. It is a reflection of what I feel when I am lost in deep thoughts that hound me to go more in depth of the truth. Thank You. Please keep up the good work.
  • Luisa
    hi! it's such a beautiful piece, I was glad I picked your name from the long list of resident poets. The poem is short but precise on its description, hope to see more of your work, Ryan. God Bless!
  • Siranne
    "Impressions" was to me the most honest poem in the selection I read. With no frills just fact it said it all.
  • Donna
    Your poem was beautiful,I sure hope to read more that you write up.
  • tsimmons
    I was looking for a poem to send to a co-worker who was leaving the company. This poem is perfect and very beautiful!
  • j.verbeek,
    a truly beautiful poem

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