This poem is written for one of my best friends. He is the only person I really trust and I admire him a lot. I wrote this so he'd know how much he meant for me.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

I gaze into twin pools of warmth
Bright and sparkling
I see something indescribable
Something I can't quite put my finger on.

Twin pool, blazing and brilliant
Making all your sweetness
And all your compassion
Crystal clear.

Twin pools shimmering and glimmering
Showing how you're
Sweet, sensitive, caring and kind
Funny athletic cunning and friendly

Twin pools, so animated and intense
Help me to share
Your love of life,
Your life of love.

I gaze into twin pools of warmth and
I see the sweetest person I've ever met or ever will meet
I recognize a sincere and honest guy who can never be replaced
I realize you are so special because
When I look into your eyes
I witness a miracle, I find a friend.
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  • Satish
    This poem enshrines description with the power to create a ' good-feel ' factor in the reader. A poem to treasure.
  • kafayat
    it is realy nice and beatiful i hope u can send me some more poetry
  • Holly
    I think this poem is well thought out and it's so touching in many ways.
  • Aniebiet
    The poem is captivating and luring
  • Maria
    I have no words here. after reading this beautiful poem. It really touched my heart. THANK YOU!
  • Katy
    Never have i been so moved by a poem. this explains what i see when i look into my best friends eyes. and explains why he is so special. Thankyou
  • Danielle
    Your poem is very beatiful I would love to read more poems
  • deb
    so seet and right on the money. i loved it!
  • natalie
    When i read this poem, it described my relationship with a very close friend. It made me realise, actually how much he means to me. Thank you :)
  • Lisa
    This is a very beautiful and heartfelt poem I give it a big thumbs up keep up the good work
  • J
    This is a very nice, well written, poem. It suits a good friend of mine also.
  • Mary
    I loved this one it described what I feel about my husband, who is definatly my best friend
  • Andrea
    This poem caught my eye because it describes a new found friend of mine.
  • adam
    Your poem was a privlegde to read. I used to call my ex-lady reese, and that is what interested me into reading it. I want to commend and encourage you to keep writing. God bless. . .
  • JenNie
    it was wonderful! i sent it to my best friend! he loved it!
  • Tracey
    Very beautiful...the words, the imagery, the rhythm, well written poem with true thankfulness!
  • planet
    very beautiful poem i was searching for a poem for a friend of mine and i am glad that i found this one

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