My life, although I haven't lived a great lot of it yet, has never really been easy. I wish I could express it as a picture, to try and make people understand. But I can't. It's an aurora of emotions. And no one can reach them - but me.

Sometimes I don't think I want to reach them. They hurt a lot and the pain is etched into my soul. Whatever I do, I will never, ever forget. All I can do is move on.

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The Stronger Side
I walked along the ocean,
my head bowed low in sorrow,
I hardly handled today,
how do I cope with tomorrow?

The day was like every other,
the pain the grief inside,
my strength was running out,
I could no longer hide.

The pain was immense that day,
it had never been that bad,
and all of a sudden, out of the blue,
I didn't feel as sad.

Something happened that day,
the weight became like a feather,
it'll never be entirely gone though,
the memories are there forever.

Although I still look back and cry,
I had a friend to confide,
She means the whole world to me,
She helped me reach the stronger side.
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  • Jensine
    tis poem is very strong and touching i love it alot it has alot of meaning
    What beautiful words to blessed with a best friend is something we thank god for and to be written about we thank our souls for.
  • lacie
    omgi love this one its so much like me and my bestfriend sam v. thank you for lettin me read this i love it
  • mandye
    my grandma died nov. 15 and this reminded me of what my cousin and i are going thru. its hard and rough but its good to know that there is hope still ahead.
  • amanda
    i am 13 years old and i inspire the work that is put in your poems . This shows your feelings and expresses ypurself . Ypur poem is great!
  • candy
    I truley loved your poem it touched my heart. i think every body can relate to your poem. I hope it touches others as it touched me. great job!
  • Ameera
    Wow, that was so beautiful, ur poem touch my heart. God bless you!
  • Anna
  • marsha
    love your poem, i admire your ability to put the emotions down in words! keep it up.
  • Samantha
    I love this poem because it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend and I, we went through a lot this past school year and honestly I miss him so much even if he hurt me real bad I still love him at heart and no matter what I will always remember him.
  • Fran
    I recently lost my job, and if it hadn't been for my "special" friend, I'm not sure I would of gotten thru it. This poem conveys my feelings for her & her friendship.
  • Alison
    This poem so perfectly describes a friendship that is dear to me. It is as though my own feelings flowed through the author. It's depth has reached my inner core.
  • Tin
    this poem make me remember my best friend for she always take the stronger side for me. tha's why i love this poem.
  • robin
    wow, you are wounderful. cant even put it in words. you say what my heart feels.
  • louise
    Fabulous poem. it's really touchign and somethign that can be related to!
  • Janice
    Your poem is very moving, but as your mother, it tore at my heart.
  • debs
    Yeah. My life has been a bit like that. Isn't is soo great when you finally find that one special friend, who will listen and not condemn, laugh, or tease you about your feelings? I have found my friend, and I'm not sure where I would be today without her. Thanks. Great writing!
  • Sharon
    One could feel the emotions and turmoil expressed, the words were so beautifully tied together. Strong poem of a beautful truth.
  • Robin
    I enjoyed your poem it was touching great work!
  • thirstygirl
  • denise
    very nice i enjoy the poem simple/sweet i write poems like these as well
  • Jaime
    I was going through a rough time. And I didn't know how to thank a good friend of mine until I stubbled across this poem.
  • Sam
    It hit the spot, the word just jump at me
  • Gloria
    This poem touched my heart and reminded me so much of my life today! Thanks for being able to put into words what my heart can only feel.
  • Tara
    I loved this poem, it truely moved me. I lost my aunt a month ago to cancer. My friend Shelly along with my best friend Kevin helped me threw my time of sorrow. Without them I dont think I could have made it threw it. Thank you for giving me a way to express to them both how thankful I am for having such wonderful friends.
  • Andrea
    It made me cry..Thank you. I've been there too..

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