You will see the spontaneity in The Rainbow and Real Fun. It was written in a cyber chat, when normal conversation would not express the feelings best. The Rainbows and Real Fun was written as two new friends, Cheryl and I, discovered our mutual love for poetry.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Poems about Cyber Friends

The Rainbow And Real Fun
The weave of romance, friendship and love
Always alive, moving with the two
Their hopes and sharing
The strength and warmth
Each can give Each can be free
And then the play unfolds
When each can
Live for the other
Nurturing and inspiring
Only the problems unforgiven
Could end . . .

The rainbows and real fun
The times outdoor and flush
With each other and breezes
The light fills both lives
A beach is the edge of their one heart
The sky the cover of the naked
Excitement and delight
In giving
If it isn't giving
It isn't living
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  • missy
    this poem really touched me and since i just lost a close internet friend, even tho i never met her in person, her death really hurt and i actually sent your poem to her sign in on her guest list and told them that this poem was not mine but it was still very fitting. thank you for your talent and soft words of love.
  • marilyn
    this a great poem to send to someone who they really care for us a friend.
  • Claire
    As a French person , I can only "feel" English poetry (so different from ours) and I really like the way words do sing very gently in this poem, conveying the feeling of what real friendship is. I'm glad to know that some do feel genuine feelings, even in this crude world of ours.
  • Heather
    I loved it!
  • prashant kumar
    really nice.
  • cherry
    v. e. r. y. touchy & L. O. V. E. L. Y. I LIKE IT THANKS 2 THE POET WISH U 2 WRITE MORE & MORE LOVELY POEMS
  • Honey
    Full of warmth.
  • ashlee
    this poem is very good to read. alot of teengers will love it so much . it is tell good stuff. you did a execlent job of writhing this poem.
  • OYMO
  • amber
    i sounds great i think so
    Very good. I liked it.
  • EMan
    'If it is'nt giving it isn't living. ' That sure sums it up!
  • Wanda
    the poem is so heart felt. I was really sad tonight and the joy of it made me glad. Thank you. The last stanza is masterful.
  • Karen
    Absolutely touching!
  • Riz
    You expalin - in good way.
  • Robinson
    Lovely poem for lovely friends.
  • Jonathan
    very good

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