This poem developed in my college algebra class one day. A plea I made to my very best friend - for she will never know how much she touches my life. The only friend in my life, I have ever trusted.

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A Plea For A Friend
From dawn to dusk
I think of thee,
As I feel your sweet spirit come over me.
A calming hand,
A warming heart,
You and I shall never part.

Follow me as I kneel to pray,
to thank you for my days of praise.

To you I owe,
my life I lend,
for in return I promise a friend.
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  • Sally
    This Poem realy touched me because, i used to have a best friend, before she past away from HIV,her mother passed it on to her when she she was pregnant for her. Well i realy connected with this Poem because after my child hood best friend died at the age of 12, i never had another friend like her. I respect her friendship and she will never be forgoten when i read this poem! I still plea for a friend.
    i loVe iT!
  • tracy
    Love it! Tracy
  • Margaret
    The poem was beautiful it touch my heart.
  • karina
    oh my gosh. that touched me so much. i love it. make more. i love that poem. i have just resently got new best friends. and that is exactly how i feel about them. it brought a tear to my eye. i love it! well done. i love your work!
  • Roselande
    your poem touched me cauuse i have a best friend
  • Jocelyn
    A Plea For A Friend poem is a very touching poem. The words are so beautiful and kind. The poem is so up lifting. It will lift you spirit up.
  • Heart
    This is a really great poem that really touched me.
  • Shugalump
    I love simplicity! This poem proves great things come in small packages! Thank you for writing this! It is a beautiful poem! FABULOUS!
  • chris
    i sent it to every1 i no its awsome. keep on writein u great poets. it is jus amazin
  • Aniket
    i absolutely loved this poem. but somehow i havent managed to get a friend with whom i c'd associate this poem with. u've made me try harder to be a friend to whom someone could associate this poem with!thank u
  • Kathy
    This is too good and true for i've always wanted to be close friends with the people of my age
  • cassie
    i really like this poem it's tight
  • cassie
    this poem is really special and says alot in so little
  • sarah
    dat'z fulli sik mate. i loviee poemz
  • mayra
  • Crystal
    I really liked your poem. im not to into relious ones but this one was special it touched me. I wish i had a good friend like you have found.
  • me
    that poem rocks!:)(:
  • LISA
  • Nash
    Its Fantastic
  • shannon
    I really like this poem and it truely touches me, i think that it is very good and means a lot to people. i enjoy your wirting and think you have a great deal a talent. i hope you are continueing to write such inspiring material
  • Debbie
    This peom is so right to the piont and clear, very well said. I had to print it out to send to my friend that I feel so strongly about, having friends in your life are very special to most people as for me I cherrish them all. Thank you for writing great peoms I come here often keep up the great work.
  • ariel
    This is so sweet
  • Cynthia
    This beautiful poem reminds me of what I have to thank God for and how much I'm glad he created me to become a friend to all those who consider being there for me and those who he will always guide to the right place and how a friend is always going to be him.
  • Mela-Fruit-Ang
    i hate poems but this is kool!
  • Chris
    wow! what a promise! I pray that I can one day find such a human friend.
  • aGal
    i have a best friend and this is a great poem to send to her its loveing and careing and explains what happens while in a friendship
  • Jun
    quite good!
  • corri
    thank you for the memories and the true meaning of friendship
  • Sol
    Awww your poem is so kewl I love how it goes together so good.
  • sandie
    hey you, it's extremely sweet !
  • Yanagi
    Its sweet, nice...
  • kristen
    i loved the poem. it was so meaningful and honost. i have never read a poem that is so open like that. great poem
  • Mandy
    I thought that poem was very good. Who ever thought of that, I praise you because I wouldn't be able to think of anything like that. Well done. I envy you.
  • Michelle
    This is such a nice, short but meaningful poem

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