This poem originated as a challenge from a friend to write a piece containing the phrase, "the miracle continues".

There's only one "unexplained phenomenon" I have experienced in my life I would deem miraculous. Witnessing my deceased father's gestures, attitudes and facial expression in my now 8 year old son I first found kind of spooky.

Now I see the gifts we all have to give in life is why life, itself, is deemed a miracle.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

The Miracle
There is a majestic quality-
In everyone for all to see.
Some keep it hidden, some never realize-
The magnificence they hold in others' eyes.

Ah, yes, life itself is the gift.
Though the memory, itself, Time doth sift.
And some might think the reverence gone-
As those we love one by one pass on.

But the intricacies Fate doth weave-
In commemoration for all who grieve.
Are the blessings given to rebirth-
From souls no-longer of this earth.

At first notice I came undone,
My father staring at me through my son.
But, now, in joy I ascertain-
Through him, my father lives again.

I look to heavens' resounding grace-
Renewed appreciation of life and my place.
Knowing as each newborn child opens their eyes-
The miracle continues, no one really dies.
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  • DeAnna
    After losing my grandfather and grandmother 1 day apart. and now losing my husbands father mother day. I see them in my baby. 18months now you can really see and appre. life in the kids eyes. thank you.
  • julie
    i had to pause a couple of times as i read it out loud, the emotion just bubbled up inside of me.
  • Bobbi
    This poem was read today on the anniversary of my husbands death by my youngest daughter at Lake Sebago, Maine. It was touching and meant a great deal to all who celebrated his death Thank you.
  • sue
    having a lost my daughter, my mother and my dad all within 4 years this poem really touched my heart
  • joyce
    what a wonderful poem, touches my heart & my soul, miss my dad, mom, & brother so much.
  • Lydia
    My husband and I loved this poem! I lost my father in 1991, and we lost my mother and my husband's mother and father in 1998. We do indeed see our parents in our 4 children and 5 grandsons! What a blessing this poem is! Thank you and God Bless You!
  • hdgyxfg
    oh, sorry my dad lost his a year ago.
  • Cat
    very touching
  • connie
    This is truly an inspiratioal poem to me. I lost my dad 5 years ago but I truly know that he lives on in my son, a very proud Marine.
  • nicki
    i was looking for a poem and had searched forever, and this one is exactly what i wanted. this is the most beautiful poem i have ever read in my life.cudos to the author *cheers*
  • jeff
    this poem standed out from all the rest i send it to my friend tis was the best
  • Ronnie
    Beautifully inlightening!
  • Lisa
    I myself have had plenty of miracles, and this poem really touches my heart.
  • Candace
    My father was killed 6 yrs ago, when I was 9 yrs old and this poem means alot to me and I think it is a good way to think about death.
  • kathy
    Evoked so much emotion,I didn't even realize existed!
  • Alisha
    it sent chills down my spine and tears down my cheak.

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