This was a dedication to my Grandfather who passed away several years before he could see his first grandchild born. Each year since he's been gone, our family has written a poem on the anniversary of his death to remind him that we love him.

I am named after him, and so is my son.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

A Great-Grandpa To Me
This year would have been the first
that you could gladly say
how you'd become a Great-Grandpa
who's more proud everyday.
Though you've been gone
for many years,
still you're loved just the same.
Now my son will be
our legacy
because he also shares your name.
And as he grows
he'll want to know
just how you used to be.
So I'll sob then smile
all the while
that he's upon my knee.
I'll make it clear
how very dear
I hold your memory,
And hide the pain
as I explain
what a great Grandpa you were to me...
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  • Hannah
    That was so beautiful! It gave me such intense goosebumps, i loved it!
  • Emmaaaa
    This touched me as my great father passed away suddenly and i am in he same situation as your son because he did not get top meet me as a baby i am now 33 and my father still grieves over him to this very day . you see my fathers father abandoned him and shot hiself . so my great grand fther took action and brought up my daddy as a good looking male teenager . my grand father was a great role model so ive heard. i wish i had met him . i would have got on with him so well . ! the poem is so wonderfull bacause i know that somwhere in this small world somone i don't know is in the same situation as me . ! it should be made into a song it will be a one hit wonder especially to people like me ! who love depressing songs about life, death or bad things/ times ~!~ thanks once again love mee ! xx
  • taylor
    this poem really touched me!i know how it feels when someone special died. i loved my grandpa and my great~grandpa!i was very upset too!right when i walked into the funeral home i started crying!ok well i am sorry that your great grandpa died and i hope you get to be ok!
  • Shirley
    It made me think of my own grandfather and the love and joy of being with him my own daughter never got to experience.
  • Candice
    I know how you feel! My grandpa passed away two years ago and although he was already a great-grandfather when he died, he isn't around to be a great-grandfather to my kids! This is a very sweet and touching Poem! My older sister is having her first born and she's still complaining about my gramps not being araound. lol. it's times like this that you realise how important your loved ones are! I LOVE THIS POEM!
  • kayla
    I loved your poem. Even though I m just a pre teen and have never met my great Grandpa I would like to say about my Grandpa. I havent otten any kids yet but when I do if Ia have a son I would like to name him after his great-Grand father. My Grandpa died 3 years ago. I called him papa. Hope fully the legacy will continue. Your poem made me shed tears. I remember my papa. I will always have the touch of his hand with. Hes the only person I could trust,depend on,and talk to without being yelled at. Thank you.
  • amanda
    it reminds me of how i feel towrd me grandpa who i still miss terribly but keep it hidden and my lil son is named after him
  • lidia
    I just want to let the author of this poem know that His poem really touched me. I was recently given the opportunity to meet my great grandpa for the first time in my life, and that moment will be with me for the rest of my life. Even though the time that I spent with him was short, the memories I have of us together will be with me forever.
  • Kristen
    This touched me because my father passed away very suddenly. I have two children whom he loved very much but he never got to know my sisters son as he died shortly before he was born. My nephew is my dads namesake and we keep his memory alive everday. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem.
  • shamone
    hi your poem is so nice almost cried.
  • kami
    I will try and type through the tears. My grandfather passed away when my first son was 6 months old. When my 2nd son was born 2 years later we gave him my grandfathers name so his legacy can live on. Now my sons, aged 6 and 3, ask about their great grandfather and I am more than happy to share with them what a great man he was. Thank you for this poem.
  • kelly
    This made me cry. My daughters great-grandpa pased away before she was born.
  • Trisha
    this poem mad me think of my grandpa and how i'll tell my kids some day of what he was like
  • jewell
    i loved your poem. i lost my dad 12 years ago and he never got to see any of his great grandchildren. but i have two grandchildren and i tell them all the time about my wonderful dad.
  • helen
    this poem out of them all realy got to me it made me think of my grandad who never got to c his first grand daughter xxxx amazing
  • LJ
    This poem touched my heart and I think it will touch others.
  • Tammy
    Lovely poem. Brought tears to my eyes. Put into words my exact feelings. Thank-you.

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