I'm an adopted child. My upbringing was good, full of money and every thing I needed - except real love. My adopted mother was very possessive and tried to make me into a person I wasn't - she tried to make me like she is - and everything within me cried against it.

Well, good news is - I found my biological mother in May 1998 and we are so happy. We love each other so much, also her husband and my two half sisters and my little half brother. We are like a family that was never apart.

But it's hard for my mother to understand me, to see the pain I still have - so I wrote this to explain to her how I felt and what she must do when she doesn't understand my feelings and my moods!

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

Just Hold Me
Not many have ever known
and if I tell - who would believe?
There's nothing I can call my own
not even the things I have achieved.

It's always better that way
All that is aching inside
It's better for it to stay -
covered up with hurt's pride.

All in good time
I will open the gate
of this little heart of mine
in a moment of fate.

For a soul that's been torn and
a heart controlled by other
there's not much you can do
But to hold me in your arms -
my dearest Mother.

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  • jenny
    Very, Very touching,warm I LIKED IT ALOT.
  • Bobbie
    The poem touched my heart because I have a mother who has nothing to do with me and my husbands, dads, wife says to call her momma. The poem is speicial to me
  • Karen
    I was adopted. Right now I'm home where I belong. Even though my aunt wants me to be just like her, I refuse to be like her.
  • joseph
    this was a beautiful poem it was diffrent but it stilll made u think about ur life i enjoyed it
  • sarah
    i love this poem , it made me cry.
  • Payal
    Feels inspired
  • neeta
    One of the Nicest poem i have ever read!
  • Crystal
    Wow, that's a true poem! Coming from the heart is exactly how great poems are made! I'm sure it made you feel great to right down how you felt since somethings are to hard to just say to their face. good luck in the future and all you do! always remember that when love is involved the world can be yours! ;)
  • clayton
    i dont no my mother very much she left me my dad and my sisters and brothers when i was three. i am greatful you no your mother your very lucky. that poem really toched me to my soul i almost cried. well that was the coolest poem ever keep on writing them,clayton!
  • Suzan
    Jeanelle - Your poem and story brought shivers up my spine and tears to my eyes. I was adopted out 43 years ago, and this last year on May 15th, my birth mother found me. I have the same feelings, your poem says it all, except my a-mother did love me with all her heart, but she tried to mold me into who she wanted me to be, and now that I hknow my real mom. I see who and why I am the way I have always been, and am allowed to be. WE have a wonderful, special relationship and it is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you
  • Leah
    I am adopted also and I love my mother very much.
  • Egan
    Awesome - My mother has been a true pillar in my life. Very well stated. Keep up the terrific work!
  • valer
    thank-you for your poem i wasn't adopted but have another mother also that is Queen Mary, she is my friend and althougth i know it not the kind of mother daughter relationship in reality is spiritual instead . keep writing you are and inspiration to me.
  • Sharm
    I have a 1/2 sister who was adopted when she was born. I have never met her but i want to so i can share special memories like some you have been able to with your family i Really Liked your poem it made me feel contected to her.
  • Beckie
    Jeanelle, i completely understand i'm adopted too and just found my birth mother, this poem couldnt have said it better. Keep up the good work and i hope everything works out.
  • Darlene
    I just cried when I read this poem.I too was adopted and just found my birth parents.The words you spoke were so true and uplifting.
  • Deanna
    Jeanelle, I appreciate your honesty and the ability to make yourself vulnerable.
  • janine
    makes me feel i understand

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