When such tragic events occur such as the recent terroristic attack with such an incredible and unexpected loss of life, we are reminded to be thankful for every minute we have and for the blessings that have been bestowed on us.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Attack on America Poems

Tomorrow smile at someone
That you've never seen before.
Take time to think of others that
You feel compassion for.

Tomorrow tell somebody
How they brighten up your day.
Let random acts of kindness
Put your feelings on display.

Tomorrow hug your children
Somewhat tighter than before.
Be sure to think of all the things
You can be thankful for.

Pat your dog a little longer.
Hug and kiss your husband/wife.
Thank your God for granting you
Another day of life.
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  • Sarah
    This is SUCH a great poem. Michael Mack is my favorite poet. i already used his "A small pain in my chest" for an English project last quarter, and now im using this poem for 2nd quarter.
  • Lorie
    omg i love it its so cute
  • Tabitha
    I really like this poem. It touched me. It showed how much I take for granted all the things I have. Family,friends, ect. Thanks!
  • Tyler
    Absolutly great! i also did this for a homework assignment and it is so true how you should just be thankful for being alive.
  • Barbara
    Oh, sooo beautiful. Thank you for reminding me how precious life really is!
  • Sarah
    This is a wonderful poem. I went on the internet to look for a poem ( for an assignment for school) and up came this poem. As soon as I read it, it made me think of all the things I take for granted. Such as my siblings, parents and even teachers. Thanks
  • Megan
    i love that poem and so did my friend
  • jbgb
    i loved it
  • Hubert
    I love this poem it is very touching, and remainds me what I have to do every day before I go to work. Never knowing what could happend to me. Thank You for this great poem.
  • christine
    thats really sweet!
  • elsie
    youre poem was very touching and sweet and awesome , so pretty much i loved youre poem! :)
  • Brand
    This poem is really inspirational, and people should diffently be thankful for each and every day they receive. "Live life to the fullest". "Live this day as if it were your last". Dont wait!
  • Hope
    Its the small things we should do that we take for granted, and its the small things that make all the difference in someones day. Thank you for reminding us.
  • Zarion
    That was a great poem
  • Bridget
    Your poem was simple but VERY sweet and expressive. After the occurences of Sept. 11, I will take the GOOD advice you wrote in your poem. Excellent job! Keep writing! :-)
  • Kyile
    That was relly sensative and very true
  • Lafonda
    This poem is really sweet and heart warming. I think this poem explains how we should'nt take love, friends, people, life it self for granted, because life is to short, and sometimes it gets cut shorter.
  • Dwayne
    Wow! Your poem speaks volumes on taking the time to "Live Life to the fullest and nothing but! JUST DO IT!
  • emily
    i thought this was the sweetest poem. God bless everyone who has been affected by this tragedy
  • C
  • Gail
    Very Nice

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