This is the first poem I wrote after meeting, and falling in love with, a girl I met over the internet. Unorthodox maybe, but our love is very real, and the separation between us hits me hard at times. This means that many of my poems are sad, but there is generally a note of optimism, as her love is so incredible it takes my breath away.

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Unfulfilled Love (the Cruelty Of Distance)
Far away,
Too far,
I can't go on,
Yet I love her.
Her existence seems unreal,
Almost a dream,
Why do I put myself through this?
Because I love her,
And she loves me.
What will I do
To pass the time?
I will think of her,
But that causes pain
Along with the happiness.
But I must think of her,
My mind will not focus
On anything else.
Time drags so slowly,
10, hours or days?
I do not know.
All I know,
it is too long,
to be away
from her.
I want to fall into her,
lose myself in her
Be one with her.
She is my light
In the darkness,
I would go to her,
But distance is,
A cruel thing.
The phone rings,
"No I can't come out tonight"
They ask why but I,
can't tell the truth,
They would only laugh,
"I have business to attend to,
I am alone again,
Except for her warm skin
Close to mine.
My whole body screams,
Let her come to me,
But she can't,
Or won't?
"She would come if she could,
Wouldn't she?
Maybe she..."
But the thought is too terrible,
She wouldn't,
I know her,
She loves me.
I smile again,
Our love is tangible,
A living reality,
Keeping faith alive.
Living for the day
That we finally meet.

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  • Branka
    I wish I could express my feelings like that. they are wonderfull all of them.
  • jenny
    Omg this touched me deeply, im having the same problem and i wont be able to see mine until we're 18 we are both 14 right now so its gonna be 4 years but we've known each other for a year now and know everything about each other, i love him and he loves me
  • Michael
    I loved the poem and I can relate very well. I am going to see my love in 5 weeks (MAYBE) it is on thin ice right now anyways I LOVED THE POEM CYA!
  • Diana
    Your poem touched me because i passed through story similar like yours. in the end we married :) I loved your poem because as if it described moments of my life too. No dreams are imposible. depends on what you are ready to sacrifice to reach your dream.
  • anony
    Dont give up im in america and my internet love is england we have both had these feeling but he is finally coming in just 6 shorts weeks it too can happen for you.
  • daisy
    oh my god, tat was the best poem ever i can totally relate 2 teh poem its like me and my long ditance boy friend but anyways keep up the great work :)
  • jojo
    this is best of the best of poem i have ever read to goooooooooooood love it . jojo
  • Myranda
    This was such a nice poem, and it definitely accurately depicted the feelings that a person goes through when meeting someone over the internet. It really hit close to home!
  • Carlotta
    I love this poem. Its my first time at the site. I write poems too, and this one touched my heart!
  • ashlyn
    it made me cry. not in any sort of bad way, but an honest, true cry. i love a guy i've never met before. some may think i'm crazy, even i do as well sometimes. i didn't want to believe it existed, but i can't go a minute without thinking about him, without feeling this tugging in my chest for him. i wanted to wait until i could look into his eyes to tell him those three little words that mean so much, but i had to say them to him, i couldn't hang up the phone without telling him. i know i'm only 17 and that i still have a year left of school, but please tell me there's hope for him and i. i know he loves me too, but we're both so young. he's the one for me and i know what real pain is when i can't reach out and feel his skin next to mine. thank you for the poem
  • Charlie
    And I thought I was crazy, when it happened to me,but it seem's this is a very common thing, Malcom has said everything in this poem that I have been feeling for the past 3 months about a girl in Mississippi.
  • Ashley
    This poem was awesome. I can totally relate. Thanks expressing words in poem i could probally never say so beautifuly. Thank you. you brought me faith.
  • Sharon
    This was a wonderful poem. To all those who find internet love. don't give up! My husband and I met online over 5 years ago and we've been happily married for 4 years. He's in Iraq now, and our love only grows stronger w/every email we send. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
  • Mike
    Thank you for the poem. It is so true! The woman I love is half a world away. We plan to marry but not having her here hurts. I've forwarded the poem to her also. I know she'll love it. It's also good to know I give the same excuses to stay home and voice with her as others do. Thank you again. It's an excellent poem.
  • melis
    oh god this poem made me cry :'( it is so beautifull i wish i was her to have soe one feel that strongly for me god bless that kind of love i dont know these people but i find my self hoping that it worked for them. god luck to us all
  • queen
  • Malcolm
    Reading all these comments makes me so delighted, and not a littel emotional, that i have been able to touch people with what I wrote. Thank you so much for taking the time to vote and comment. It means more to me than you realise. much love - Malcolm
  • AG
    well its a very cool poem because this is true. I have my b/f that is from far away and I missed him when he is not on. Well hope that u make more good poems like this. BUH-BYE
  • Michael
    that was great i was like wow thats me right now good job!
  • brenda
    I hope the writer does not give up hope. I met the man I love on the internet and he lives in another country, a country where I was born. He came all the way across the ocean to be with me and we are now hopelessly on love, but distance will not keep us apart. I will be going to see him soon and with God's help, we will be together, forever.
  • debbie
    wow, this is my first time at this site and this poem has hit home for me. I didn't realize so many others felt the same joy and frustration as myself and my online special friend. I sent it to him and I know it will touch him too. Wow, thank you for this poem it makes us aware that we are not alone.many many thanks
  • Marie
    Malcolm, Wow, I could feel your longing and your desires as I read your poem. And, already, I know how you must feel.I have only been talking to Ted for a week and I long to know him more, to be near him, yet we are 18 hours away from each other. Thank you for sharing your feelings.. my prayer is that a bridge will cross the gulf between you two.
  • Eric
    Wow...This is the first poem I have seen that says exactly what's going on in my head. Keep up the good work!
  • Darla
    Great Poem.. I'm in the same situation. Everything you wrote is exactly how i feel. Sure wish i was able to write down how i feel as good as you have ;-)
  • Vicki
    Awesome Poem... I felt that one... You have a special talent..
  • Jessica
    I must say this is a very great poem. I think the part about the phone ringing and it being a friend asking him to go out but he doesn't that is the best part truly. Because i know how that feels. The pain to sit night after night looking at a screen and knowing not any time soon you are going to be able to touch that person on the other side. But to whoever might read this let me warn you. Internet love is serious more serious than you might think. Sometimes it is nothing and you think it is something. But sometimes it is something and on those occasions you must treat it carefully or you can lose it with a movement of your fingers on a keyboard. This is a great poem.
  • AnGeLiCrOcKsTaR
    I just wanted to say that this peom is truly wonderful :) This poem brought nothing short from happiness to my soul and atear to my eye. I know what's it's like to have an internet love, miles away, but inhabiting your heart and soul naturally. This poem gives a beautiful explanation of that love I, and many others, know all to well.
  • chris
    Wow. This is just how I feel. Great poem
  • romey
    Truely beautiful!
  • Tom
    I couldn't have said it better myself. This poem describes my situation to the letter. Problem is, I still haven't solved the distance factor, but I'm going to keep trying.
  • Denise
    I am pretty sure you read my mind... this is exactly how i feel... the overwhelming love and every once in a while that little tiny bit of insecurity... but more than anything, the longing to be together and finally be whole...
  • Michelle
    I Know This Pain All To Well. Be Strong Everyone. It's A Bumpy Ride.
  • Martinez
    One Word: "Awesome"
  • david
    All I can say is WOW...It's me saying those words...Great poem.
  • Terry
    This poem describes my relationship with a certain girl so well, its great. Nice Work :)
  • Amanda
    This is exactly how I feel ..... I love him dearly and waiting for the day we shall be one .
  • Justine
    I can feel exactly how the author is feeling at the moment.. The words are beautiful...It touches my heart...
  • chona
    the poem is great, i feel in love w/ the poem.
  • Terry
    I feel this way every night, "will i see her tommorow or not until next week?" We always talk about meeting but are scared that it might not ever happen
  • CECI
    this poem reflects everything i feel and just how my "love" feels for me. Its my heart speaking on Malcolm's mouth thank u for expressing my life into such beautiful words!
  • angel
    this touched every part of my heart, i am feeling your exact words, and emotions.
  • Tisha
    i really enjoy this poem because it states the truth of what some people go through when they meet that special someone online...
  • b
    the essence of an online romance, the unsure feelings of not ever knowing what will happen, not knowing whether the other person is being true, the pain of separation.
  • Joanne
    what a perfect poem
  • Ayn
  • White
    It's sad.....the words really touched me...the poem is beautiful
  • Jan
    I'm chatting nightly with a man thousands and thousands of miles away and have felt all the feeling expressid in this poem and more...I wonder will we ever meet? My love grows stronger each and everytime we chat! I hope this poem wins :)!
  • Mike
    im in the exact situation right now and all my feelings are exactly the same so when i read this poem i could almost feel as if i were to write it. great poem
  • tess
    Loved it!!!!! I know these thoughts are the thoughts of someone who loves me!!!!
  • Chontaye
    This touched my heart so strong... so many times I am feeling this. Words from the heart needs new meaning.
  • donna
    when reading your heart start to beat a little faster , to think that is could actually be happening.....wonderful, awesome , did a great heart is still beating quite fast and i finished reading your poem almost 5 mins ago
  • Pam
    I loved this poem...felt the same way...until I met my friend :) now things are ever better!!!
  • Amy
    This poem is so perfect, it is exactly whatme and my someone special are going through.

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