Sometimes, we try too hard to encourage a relationship that shouldn't be encouraged, only to lose what little there was to begin with.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

I Knew You Well
I knew your dreams
Because we used to talk
For hours at a time.

I knew your friendship
Because you were always there
When I needed your comfort.

I knew your pain
Because you trusted me enough
To share your past with me.

I knew your fears
Because you helped me
To see that mine were the same.

I knew what was important to you
Because you were always
So honest with me.

I knew your goals
Because I felt the enthusiasm
In your words when you talked of them.

I knew your guidance
Because you patiently explained
The things I didn't understand.

I knew your heart
Because I saw right into it
And felt it a part of my own.

I knew your honor
Because you let me go
When I fell in love with you.

And I knew your love
Because you wouldn't let me dream
of us together.
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  • Lisa
    This told the story of my life. Thank you for putting it into words. Lisa
  • Jenny
  • Mia
    this was one of the greatest poems ever. i truly know how you feel
  • Mia
    I absolutly loved your poem. I have a friend who means so much to me. I love him. But he knows that if we would ever to get too close that our friendship would be lost. This poem has touched me more than any other. Thank-you Cindy.
  • rosalie
    i waz feelin ur poem sweety. u juss got points
  • Natalie
    My stomach knotted and tears welled in my eyes. The impact of this poem was like no other. I'm left speechless and reminiscent. Thank you, Cindy, for putting into words what I never could.
  • Aparna
    A very touching poem. brought tears to my eyes when I read it. keep writing them.
  • Sonja
    How beautiful and clearly written what true Friendship between a man and a woman really is.
  • pam
    i really relate wit this poem. this poem describes my previous relationship. i'm glad someone can relate what i'm goin through. THanx
  • Shellie
    Cindy, whatever you do. don't stop writing. You have a way with words that is truely magically. So basic and honest. Everytime i read your poem my heart breaks for what you must have been though to write something like that.
  • Linda
    This poem touched me like no other has. When I read the last two stanzas, it literally brought tears to my eyes. This is a beautiful poem that communicates very well the hurt that the author feels.
  • Sue
    Oh, this brought tears to my eyes. Its so close to me, it hurts.
  • Kelsey
    This is so the truth, I really took it to heart. this was great, and i really loved it.
  • Dick
    Cindy, Your poem brings to mind a woman I have known since we were around four years old. We are not married and have never been lovers, but I love her with all that I am. I can only hope perhaps somedays we will be together. I really likede your poem.
  • Dj
    that was so beautiful it made me cry! I loved every single part of it.
  • tiff
    i love this poem it reminds me of me and my friend. we really care about each other right now he has a girlfriend that is my friend,so i won't allow us to cross the line of our friendship thank you for this beautiful poem
  • katherine
    very real..
  • Angel
    This poem is really kewl, kewl. I love it! Omigosh, it reminds me of my friend and me. We were really super close. But when I started to fall for him, he sorta let me go. I really miss our closeness. We are still friends, but it's different now.
  • Anita
    This poem made my heart jump out of my painful yet beautiful.
  • Sumee
    It's too good to be expressed in words. Something so simple yet penetrates deep into our heart... A Lively poem!
  • Riddle
    Great! Your poem speaks my mind. Anyway, can't you have an alternative ending? Coz I think my 'friend''s feeling is as same as mine. But I dare not ask her directly.
  • Gina
    Thank you for the great poem. It touched me like no other.. The feeling is so strong and I can say from experience it bites!
  • sarah
    This poem really spoke to me.i have a ex-boyfriend, who's still a close alwaes wishing for a second chance for us.and this poem expresses what i would like to sae to him.that i love him, though i know.that he would never let me dream of us together again.
  • michele
    beautiful. it is heartbreaking when two people cant be together
  • shankar
    too good - oye buddy - you made my day - all the best - by the way - will accept my friendship - //smooch
  • ning
    i love it....same as my life
  • marty
    a friend sent me to this sight it is beautiful
  • LOLA
  • kylie
    amazing poem. you took everything i'm going through and put it on paper for me. thank you.
  • melissa
    girl...two thumbs up..good one.iam new to this website..this poem is really true especially it's happenning to me..right now.
  • Sheila
    Ahhh! To be so torn by someone we love and continue to respect...
  • monica
    This was the most beautiful poem and it actually brought me to tears. This poem is an accurate picture of the man I love, but cannot be with.
  • Jonathan
    This poem means so much to me, for years I have had a friendship that I wanted to be so much more, but it never was really and I do not know if it will ever be. Yet this poems conveys in exact detail how it all worked out. I love this poem and I sent it to her. Thank you so much for writing feelings I could only dream of expressing to her. Jonathan Clary
  • Paul
    this poem is very true of many of a number of relationships I've been in. very touching.
  • melissa
    great poem. i love it.
  • michelle
    short and sweet, explained the truth, never heard it explained in this unique way, nicley done :)
  • Edea
    soooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  • Kim
    This breaks my heart.

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