This poem was written for a guy who, at the time, meant the world to me. I had gone away for a trip and he was constantly on my mind. Sometimes love makes you feel crazy things.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

I Can't Stop
I can't stop thinking about you
Wondering if you think of me, too
I can't stop thinking of your lips
Oh! How soft they are between mine
I can't stop imagining your hands
As they caress my every hair and limb
I can't stop thinking of your face
How I love it and it thanks me in return.
I can't stop thinking of your voice,
As sexy as the body it possesses.
I can't stop feeling your touch inside me.
My temperature rises and emotions explode.
I can't stop thinking of how much I want you,
how I need you
No matter what you do,
I can't stop thinking about you.
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  • g
  • michael
    this poem touched me and made me realize that no matter what this poem is so true to alot of people out there
  • Jamie
    Perfect. Just how I feel about my lover.
  • kelli
    i just want to say my boyfreind of 2 years in jail and i have been trying to find a poem for him and im so glad i finally found it!
  • jacky Innocent
    i love it! its very sweet
  • Melissa
    I love this poem. It is perfect for those moments where it is not love but there is true strong feelings for a person. This is one of the best poems that i have ever read!
  • sheronda
    Oh my god you have read my feelings right to the point. Great poem.
  • James
    This poem was well written with the desired message completely related to the reader.
  • latashia
    This is a good poem and it remind me of my mind
  • Todd
    Loved it! It fits what I'm going through right now!
  • sureka
    this poem is touch me a lot because he came to inside of my heart very sharply & smoothly. I have unforgettable & sweet memories with him. But he's married. I don't know why i do love for him so much. But i realy love him. After touching my life he went away. Now we are seperated by sea. But i really miss him. He is in an another country I'm in an anothr country. After he went he never called me. I don't know why he's doing like this.
  • Isis
    This poem expresses exactly how I feel about a man I can love but can not have. Thank you for putting it so elequently and allowing me to share this with a man so very far from me. Kudos!
  • Liz
    This explains how I feel about my boyfriend. I love you Matt!
  • melissa
    this poem is well written and expresses how someone feels when they are away from their loved one.
  • shirley
    great poem and describes a persons feelings with there lost. touched me
  • abbas
  • Andrea
    This poem is great!I would really like to send this to one of my "friends". This poem is great to send to someone who you really care about and who really makes you feel that way when you are with him/her! I LOVE IT
  • Nelly
    Love it ! Just the right one that says all the right things, felt like you wrote it reading my mind.
  • Bren
    Just a simple statement. You made me cry tears of love, commitment, and lonelines. Thank you for your words that describes the wonderful love of my life.
  • Olivia
  • Matt
    This is exactly the poem i was looking for!
  • Amy
    this poem was perfect for my crush i am gonn give it to him
  • Dee
    My husband is away right now for a month on business and when I read this it was exactly what I was feeling. I can't stop thinking about him and now when I send this to him he'll know it too.
  • Gorgeous
    Your words perfectly described the way I feel. After reading your poem I did not have to add any words of my own. Thank you!
  • sun
    top top top top
  • jim
    i never read a poem like that before
  • lynn
    this poem is just the way i feel about a guy i am seeing.
  • Dodie
  • jimmy
    this is hot
  • betty
    very brief, but very good
  • kitty
    i am in a relationship with a married man who is separated, and because i am in a loveless relationship, he and i have become involved. alot of times i wonder if he thinks of me as much as i do of him. when we are together, i know he does. but when we are apart , i am always insecure til we meet again. then he always assures me and i am serene again.
  • Babe
    It is very romantic and good
  • Crystal
    I really like this poem. It just what i think like about this guy that i now
  • Denise
    This is how I feel about the man I am deeply in love with. Thank you for expressing it for me.
  • rass
  • Diana
    This was a great poem to share with a man after a great night of passionate love. Thanks!
  • Rah
    I just loved the way the poet expressed her feelings about missing the way this person expressed their true to form!!!
  • Kristy
    This is a great poem, Explains how i feel when i miss my boyfriend Kimo. You cant say no more.
  • Tim
    My girlfriend lovves this poem!! She has read it to me. I loved it too, thanks!

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