I am not a poet or a writer as this may show, I have sent some poems and cards to a very special person in my life but feeling the Love that I have for her, and her being so great, I felt at the least she deserves a poem made just for her from my heart. So here it is, Deanna - I love you.

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Until There Was You
Until there was you
I walked the earth alone
No hand to hold in mine
My heart was all my own

Until there was you
True love was just a dream
Dreams of wonder and tears
Dreams of hope and fears

Until there was you
My life had no direction
A road of uncertainty
But now we have a journey
Together you and me

So I thank my lucky stars
And God from the heavens above
For my heart and soul could never
Feel the impact of true love
Until there was you . . .
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  • jamal
    i dig, yo. dis peom is da bomb. i gonna reccomend it to my homies. sweet brother from another mother. See ya cuz
  • Angelique
    romantic & sappy. i like it
  • Tanna
    From 1-10 I give it a 9. great Poem
  • Aeron
    A Very Intersting Poem.
  • Olivia
    This is a lovely poem. When I first read it I knew right then that it described me and my boyfriend. Keep up the good work!
  • Olivia
    This poem reminds me of how I felt for my boyfriend and how I still feel for him. This poem should be put in the hall of fame! Because it truly is special to some people!
  • Emily
    I really liked it.
  • Cassie
    Wow! This is how I feel about my boyfriend.
  • Jennifer
    That is a very touching poem.
  • wen
    Nice poem. Tears came into my eyes! Thank you! Poetry makes my life better!
  • Teega
    This poem was really sweet. It's nice to know how people feel about each other.
  • Classy
    Steve, beautifully written. Thank you! ~Classy~
  • Castanova
    Until there was you? I guess you were a loser until there was you, and then you discovered someone else was just like you, and you belong together, until she realizes that your a loser, and will always be the loser you were when you met, and that she keeps moving, and you don't, she becomes a top sales consultant, and you, your a loser.
  • Richard
    Most excellant!
  • Ashley
    It was a reaaly good poem it tuched my heart.
  • DoLpHiNpRiNcEz
    this poem is so incredibly sweet, cute, & touching! i just loved it! it was very easy for me to relate to it because it totally expresses the way i feel about my boyfriend alex. this is dedicated to u sweetie!
  • Kris
    I thought that the poem was wonderful! I happen to feel that way right now, so it really hit close to home.
  • karl
    love this poem
  • stacy
    Very sweet and from the heart. As I look for a poem I stumble across yours. Keep up the good work.
  • tyson
    man this poem is great it reminds me and my girlfriend. keep up the good work bud good luck
  • Katie
    That is a really good poem! Great job and keep up the good work!
  • Lesley
    this poem touched my heart it made me remember my life before my fiance. i could feel this poem.
  • LiNdA
    How very true this poem is about finding true love.
  • Janice
    I really liked this one. I was getting pretty sick of reading the poems. I thought that I would never find a good one. Well I did!
  • Wish
  • Tina
    This is a beautiful poem.
  • Kathie
    it's perfect, i love it!
  • Sarah
    This poem is truly wonderful!! You have captured what love is all about
  • Ashley
    I really like this poem. It reminds me of my boyfriend and how I felt before I met him and how I feel now!
  • Sammyjoe
    i think you peom was very creative and i myself can relate to it alot. keep up the good work.
  • Cristen
    This poem just describes my first love in perfect context. This poem speaks from my own heart as it did Steve's.
  • TINA
    this poem touched my heart deeply. keep up the good work!
  • Mel
    Thankyou for this poem. It really made me think and gave me that warm feeling inside. It's just what I would say to my love.
  • Mike
    A widower for 6 years - I met someone on the internet - yes basically - it was love at first sight - cyber speaking - but we have met and spent quality time together. This poem covers some of my feelings for the one i love
  • Mill
    i liked your poem you can write very well. poetry that comes from the heart is best. remember that as you write to your love.
  • vb
  • David
    I loved this poem because it describes the kind of relationship that i have on the internet wit a certain girl. It brought tears to my eyes and as i read on i became more interested. it is just a great overall poem. :-)
  • Aaron
    This work of your was beautiful. I have a special woman in my life, and this made a special connection with me. Thank you for you poem, and please contact me when you publish more. Thanks again.
  • Tricia
    I really love this poem. I am a "kinda" poet. I love to write poems to my husband about my love to him and I really liked this one to send to him too. Thanks.
  • Bob
    this is beautiful
  • angela
    it is wonderful.
  • Katie
    I think this is such a touching poem. I love it so much. It's so sweet. I almost cried. It made me think of me and my boyfriend and the times we are going through. I wish I could give him this poem. It's a great poem.
  • elisabeth
    I like totally connected with the lovin in this poem! It just reminded me of my dayz in wales! Thanx 4 sharin your feelins and lovin bab! totally valid
  • Bill
    This was one of the most beautiful poems I have ever seen . I saw this and was taken back to the first time I saw my wife 15 years ago and I still feel the same way about her today . Thank you
  • Shannon
    This poem is everything I am wanting to say to the man I love. This is a wicked poem.
  • toni
    sigh,, good one
  • LaDwidia
    This poem was very beautiful I really liked. You dit a great job
  • Reem
    REallly co0l poem
  • casey
    I thought your poem said it right to the point very true and heartfelt i can understand exactly what you mean
  • ramnik
    steve, you couldn't have put my thoughts in words a better way.i hope you find all the happiness in the world with your loved one. my best wishes to you both.
  • Jennifer
    For someone who does not consider himself a writer or a poet, he has put to words what I feel in my heart about the love of my life. For that I applaud him and will gladly call him a "poet!"
  • Jessica
    This poem is truly beautiful. It is something that I would not mind sharing with a special someone or just my friends. I give the poem a 10. And to the author: GREAT JOB!
  • Stephanie
    I loved this poem! Keep Writing from the heart it works for you! I would give you a 10 on this poem.
  • alien
    simply, i just felt that i'm really in a space jurney space it got very nice imagination
  • Linnette
    This is a very sweet poem. Its exactlly how I feel about my boyfriend.
  • tammy
    I was really interested in this poem. I think this poet could be a really good poet.

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