This poem comes straight from my heart. I met this guy online one night. He just stole my heart right then and there. Until we just stopped talking. When I tried to get a hold of him I found he had changed his Screenname and was gone from my life forever. I am definitely no poet but I needed a way to express my feelings.

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My Love
Staring at a blank screen
waiting for your arrival
but you never come.
How could you leave me like this
alone in a world so cold
You told me you loved me with all your heart
I should have known from the very start
that our love would come to a bitter end.
I will remain waiting for you, though,
staring through my teary eyes
and hoping for an I.M. that will never come
knowing that I am just a figment from your past
and that this is really the end.
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    I very much appreciate the imagination of the poet. I am sure that it will specifically for those who are begining of the love. Regards Prasad
  • Corynn
    I loved this poem. It reminds me of someone in my life. GREAT JOB!
  • Jason
    Good poem. This has happened to me before and still does. Great way to express the feelings.
  • geraldine
    that is what up.
  • Mistie
    This is so true.
  • kourtney
    wow this poem is so true i know how it is to feel this way it hurts alot to feel this way and your poem is really good you should keep wrightin poems your good at it
  • Crystal
    This is a sad poem and I know how you feel. This has never happened to me but i know what waiting for someone can feel like. The pain is unbarable.
  • Maggie
    It shows how true it is the saying," the heart has no eyes"
  • liz
    thats a good way of expressing your feelings to that unknown guy.
  • brandy
    I dont know what to say about this poem. Its sad but true. i did the same thing to a guy. For six months we grew in knowledge of eachother. Up past two in the mouring telling eachother how much we loved each other. I even almost moved up there. Until my ex came back into my life. I had a urge for a love that i could see. to be touched and kissed was a dream i was not willing to be patient for. So i left him, broke his heart. I dont know if i'll forgive myself for hurting him, or if he forgive me. But i do know that i am with a guy now that has changed my life, we will be wed on june 16th 2006
  • pretty
    this is exacly how i felt about some one on the internet i would come on everyday all day to talk to him as we lived like 4 hours away from each other i cryed over him as he did me but in the end we saw no use in goin out so finished it he was my first love and that poem brings it all back about how much i loved him and still do in a way now, u did good writing that i guess im not the only person who feels the same well done :)
  • Jessica
    Missy. you have touced me in more ways than one. onething os deep and yet true. never stop writting love your work never ever give up on a person. even tho u know they will not return i kno how to express my self thanks to your poem and no one is ever alone in this cold world.
  • Mayra
    Missy! I feel you girl, it happened to me with a guy, Miguel, then he changed internet service. i do still wait for his I. M. !
  • Shayla
    I really did like this poem, it was amazing and pretty.
  • ReyNa
  • Ali
    Hey Missy, your poem totally just described my whole situation. This just happened to me last week. She broke my heart after for talking with her for one year now, and we almost met. Even though my heart is broken, I still do think of her and keep praying to God that she will call or email. Love can be a beautiful thing, but unfortunately for you and I it did not work out , yet.
  • Cherie
    very nice poem missy I found my true love online we have visited each other and still do after 3 yrs . Hang in there and u may find the one special person.
  • Elaine
    This is a good poem I like it alot.
  • ronnie
    I have read this powem many times trough and I feel your pain, but I love this person so much I will still wait for that I. M.
  • ashley
    i love this poem and i love the other ones to i just cant find the right one to give to my wife.
  • Diana
    it was nice reading this poem. I've been throught that too. Thanks for sharing it.
  • Bobbie Jo
    OMG. same here. ugh i haven't talked to him for like 2 months and he is never on. makes me really mad. he told my bestfriend that i will know how much love he has for me then that was the last time i have heard from him. sometimes i sit in wonder why did he do it? where is he? did he block me?? but i guess i will never know soo ugh!
  • molly
    i love your poem. i know exactly how you feel. my ex told me that he loved me and never would leave me then a few days later we broke up. keep writting.
  • sakura-chan
    omg! ur a strong women,ive gone through something like dat but not in a boyfrend way but in a guy frend way we didnt keep in contact but his ma frend n ma first crush.
  • kelila
    a very good poem
  • kerry
    oh my god, im goin thru that rite now the problem is i think i luv him but he says i dnt and im 2 gud 4 him. he hasnt spoke2me since!
  • Amy
    This poem had exactly what I feel for my internet friend when he is angry with me. Tears run down from my eye when he just went offline when he see my name appear on screen. But now, we are alright already.
  • Cute_one
    Oh my God, Missy who ever you are, let me tell you that you are not alone, is the very same way to express my feelings as well, thank you.
  • elise
    this is so sad. i was like this too. i miss him so much. the problem is it was my best-friend/boy-friend
  • Ms.B
    I read two of Missys poems and i could relate to both. She is a wonderful writer
  • bex
    That is very strange, the exact same thing happened to me, witha guy on the net, i was totally in love but he dissapeared leaving no trace. It deeply hurt me and i havn't forgot him, and wont forget him. but its just amazing how things can blossom from the net. i love your poem, it discribes the exact feelings i felt. thank-you for that
  • max
    this is such a buetiful poem i gave it to my girl friend she started to cry thanks alot i really appresiate that
  • Liz
    Missy I can feel your pain! How awful. Been there. (((Missy)))Your poem is wonderful! I love it! I do hope you are ok. :)
  • Kristi
    I loved this poem! It not only shows that it is possible to fall in love over the internet but also get your heart broken, and what it feels like; nothing a story fake
  • solomon
    o my!.you must be very sentimental.the poem has not so much pecularity ,smt characteristic ,but it made me feel its writer's sentimental and beautiful heart which beats for pure love.thank to your beautiful heart
  • Jade
    You know what honey, nothing, your a strong woman and very couragous to put your feelings on the internet. Woman like you make us woman look and feel strong, emotionally and mentally. Don't ever stop laughing, cause you never know who's falling in love with your smile :D
  • amy
    the same thing happened to me and it broke my heart.
  • Ker
    I know where you are coming from with this, and you have handled it wonderfully with your words. I'm so sorry this happened, but time does ease the pain, and so does writing. I hope you find someone worthy of you.
  • Milla
    Awesome poem.I just hope I don't ever have to go through the same stuff. I'm sorry.
  • Lynn
    Thank you..I sent this to the rat who dumped me..So poignant, moving..I must now put this into perspective..and carry on..
  • roma
    it touch my heart.
  • chrystal
    this poem is so great.keep up the good work
  • dawna
    so true....we've all been there. Maybe on both sides I am afraid. This is what we give ourselves.
  • maureen
    Sad how this touched me so Missy, yet from a different path. I too loved and was loved deeply for 18 months vis net,only to lose him instantly one day in a car accident. We let the ache of unfullfilled dreams flow out in the tears from our eyes.
  • Karlie
    Missy, I know exactly how you feel. The same thing has happened to me and my heart cries. You are not alone.
  • Shar
    Love your poem 'cos I've been there.
  • LINN
    I can feel your pain, and can sympathize with you totally. Keep writing
  • Claudius
    very nice and romantic :)
  • Lizzie
    I think this a really good piece of work and i know what it is like coz i have been in a very similar position! Now i just try to stick to real life!
  • Trak
    This poem by Missy is very moving and I can relate to it from my own net romance experience
  • J
    i feel the same way
  • Ricardo
    a trully inspiring poem. it really mad me look good
  • margie
    oh missy, i do know how you feel, i think what happened to you is going to happen to me. it is so scary, so final my heart knows very deeply how u feel.
  • Glenda
    I really liked this poem. It is so contemporary, and it shows how people can sometimes fall in love with a person who is on the other side of the screen
  • Farrah
    that is very good missy
  • John
    This work really has caught the feeling well. the work dris emotion and I like it a lot
  • brandy
    this is a very very good poem!
  • James
    I thought it was very good because you are showing ppl what you are feeling and that is the only way to get thing off your mid and it work. I know because I do it but my work is not out there yet. You are very good at it
  • vanishia
    i think that your work is really good and i want to say that i have been in the same position im there for you

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