This is my way of telling the one I love, that he is not another teenage mistake. He has healed all my mental wounds and bound me to him for life, with the unbelievable strength of love.

He has made me, reborn.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

You ask me if I love you,
Then you suck the lips off my face
And chew on the delicacy of their maroon creases.
'Body shop' lipstick, no. 12;
The taste of compact slabs of cherry.
This cheap adolescent disguise has guided me through all
my realizations.

I left it on the edge of plastic vodka glasses and blood smeared mirrors,
On the foreskins of Greek men,
And finally, on all your cliched perfume soaked letters.
Now it is in your mouth, your throat, your stomach.
You have swallowed my teens and all those fermented mistakes.

The ones I danced into blind,
Fumbling for an urgent exit
In whitewashed jeans and tobacco coated pockets.
All the words that flew out and assaulted
Steve, Damien, Kieren, Gary, Ben
(and all the others my high tech brain has crashed out and deleted),
Have left open wounds in my voice box,
gauged by their barbed wire font.

But as you savor the many varied tastes of my existence,
I can feel my insides frantically stitching and nursing
my pubescent cuts and bruises. Healing in seconds.
Now I am your fetus and everything is warm.

You feed me with a mother's strength and make me reborn,
Without all these zits and misadventures.
My new born 'Halleaugh' scream, realized from sterilized lungs
will be pristine, no lipstick stains in sight.

The answer to your question is
"Yes, Yes, Yes! "
Yes, I love you.
Yes, Yes, Yes.

I swirl out of your anesthetic
With a bacon rind for a belly button
And that's my first word,
A singular syllable.

I can turn the lens until my eyes are in focus,
And you, my surgeon, become my mother.
"Your adolescence has been successfully removed.
The operation was beautiful, wonderful,
Just fine. "

My log in word is 'You'.
That is all I remember.
I am a blank canvas, a cut- price jotter pad, an overflowing biro.
Write all over me.

Scrawl your name in my razor sharp armpits,
In my louse- free hair, my eyelashes bulging with years of mascara.
Practice your joined up handwriting on
My Mound of Venus and the folds of my labia;
Magenta pink and bald.

I am your Frankenstein,
but I promise not to fail.
I will get top marks in my oral stage, my anal stage
And all the others I don't remember,
Because we hit the doodle stage in class.

With you, I will grow old and withered
And our tree roots will be dangerously entwined with time.
We will become soil once again and make love amongst the worms.
'Yes' will be always be my answer, my mantra.
You will always be my host, my vessel;
A place to store my happiness and tears.

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  • Andrew
    Inspiring, awesome, rejuvinating, sad, happy, emotions in every word, just loved it, very very much
  • Jenny
    Greetings To the Author . a thought provoking presentation of words. Delightful. Thankyou
  • gregory
    WOW!. Just WOW!.
  • sdtaru
    this was a very mature poem i loved it
  • rissa
    omg guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl u got skillz like no otha keep up da good work u have lots of talent don't let anyone steal it away from u das ur creativity and let it stay dat way!
  • Crystal
    This poem is the best yet! I really enjoyed reading it. I think this is the first poem I didn't sleep through.
  • Sabrina
    Shockingly graphic in places but tender at the same time, this blend of both and the vivid images and obscure details that send the mind on a whirlwind journey mimicking the experience of being in love make this poem a winner.
    very deep, expressive writing. i like it alot
  • leah
    I write poetery myself, but this is great. I can realate to it truly wonderful words. Very talented deep and meaningful.
  • Dave
    I never want to forget this poem. I hope it will help me stop being such an idiot and lingering in the past. It's the perfect set words for something so hard to talk about. I adore it.
  • Damien
    What a wonderful insight to someone who is truley in love. Possibly one of the most passionate things I have ever read. AWESOME
  • Donna
    This poem really moved me . . . captures the essence of young love in all its terrible glory
  • John
    I took a while to figure out the sex of the authur but she showed very strong commitment to womanhood. I think being a male or a woman in this day and age can can be very challenging and this piece is very much appreciated
  • amy
    I absolutly loved your poem. It was really from the soul and I think that everyone can relate. Do you have anymore? You are extremely talented
  • Jen
    Amazing! It really touched me deeply. I love the imagery the most.
  • Bradford
    The energy in this poem, highlighted by specific, concrete imagery, makes this poem about a million times better than the other stuff around it.
  • Rosa
    This poem is really deep! I have never seen nothing like this before, its just amazing!
  • C
    Oh my God, that is the best poem I have ever read. It is really deep and personal, I love it.
  • Annaliese
    Simply, Awesome.
  • alyssa
    this has been one of the greatest poems i have ever read. it describes just exactly how i feel with this one guy and you know who you are if you read this. excellent poem. i loved it.
  • karen
    This is amazing stuff
  • Thao
    WOw! An amazing poem. Realistic and beautiful. It's the type of poem that has to be written from scars and wounds, straight from the soul.
  • Gerry
    beautiful...much thought can be noticed... the pain was excrutiating, the feelings deep, the love sincere, an excellent work!
  • Pinky
    You have really made me feel younger at heart again.I think I can stillgive someone a chance into my life again.You have shown me the other side of life.Keep up the good work and you are Best!
  • Angelina
    WOW That poem was really deep, I hope everyone could fully grasp the full meaning of the poem
  • pebbles
    i am speechlesss!!!
  • Laura
    I am not a poet just one of great appretiation for those who can make words come alive, still i do try occasionally. I think this poem is very descriptive and very realistic and so very beautiful. It tells a very relatable story, one that is in the same just as sweet as she proclaims.
  • Amber
    I have been through alot with men alot of ups downs being used or using myself.I have now regained my self respect and confidence because of my boyfriend.which i love very much and this poem hits a nerve because it reflects my life past and present.It had tears bubbling up in my eyes.Real poets can do that to people.Thank you mimi now i know im not alone in my past.
  • Amanda
    I'd write comments here, but I'm speechless from the raw honesty and realistic beauty of this poem. Never conform!
  • Lori
    I loved it I understood every word I have been there before
  • Bobie
    This has to be one of the most stunning poems I have ever read. It is so realistic to us young women who were no angels as teenage girls. Fabulous!!
  • mary
    like your style!
  • Evelyn
    Amazing. I feel like the words came straight from my own heart.
  • Susan
    very visual and real

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