I wrote this poem when I fell for a good friend of mine who I have loved for a long time. Unfortunately he did not have the same feelings I had towards him.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

In A Nutshell
I think of you often
Do you think of me?
So sweet, so kind,
Do I even cross your mind?

I know your face in my mind,
I know your voice in my ears,
I think I know you,
Even through these years.

Are you my friend?
Are you my love?
That couldn't be,
You don't even see me.

I cry myself to sleep,
Every night my mind wanders,
If you're not the first thing,
You're the second thing on mind.

My eyes see you,
My heart aches,
For a love I assume,
Will someday bloom.

Who said friends could be lovers?
What were they thinking?
My love life, sinking or swimming?
It's sinking.

I am scared
I am afraid
My life right now
Is one big show.

Episode after episode,
Re- run after re- run
Why do I love you?
Let me show you.

When you are around me
So is the thought of her
I wish deeply
You weren't with she.

I have respect for a couple
What they share is beautiful
But what about the little people?
Whom you don't even see?

When you are my friend
I am yours
Your company completes me
Whenever you take the time.

To tell you the words
The three "easy" ones
I have to say,
And hard in a way.

Will you be calm?
Will you hate me after?
Will you be my friend?
Or will everything end?

With love, there's lust,
I lust for you,
I love you.
As for your thoughts on me?
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  • Althea
  • amy
    its a good poem thanks amy x x x
  • Jeff
    Great at expressing the pain of unrequited love. as painful as it gets. I know.
  • Uneek
    Excellent write! I really enjoyed reading your poem. it touched me in a way that is simply heartfelt!
  • Cindy
    That poem nutshell is really good,I know how u feel iam going through the same thing and i was trying to find a poem to give to him
  • deb
    i like this poem it is like my life i had a lot of thoughts going through my head when i read this so good job
  • Chrissie
    I totally understand. I am one of those little people who is waitingto be seen by the person I love.
  • Fiona
    I loved it. It felt so relevant to everything that I'm feeling at the moment. And I know that the guy will never truly know how I'm feeling which makes me so upset inside. Thanks Sara, it was awesome.
  • heather
    one word explains all. wow!
  • bindiya
  • Kendra
    I enjoyed this poem alot because i have feelings for a guy and i feel the same way the poem was written! Good Job
  • monica
    wow that is so awesome. that is a really touching poem. it touched me in a way that i can not begin to describe.
  • devon'
    oh my god this poem hit so close to home with me ive never in a million years thought anyone else would be going threw the pain of loving your bestfriend to much awsome poem!great job!
  • Jenny
    nice poem =]
  • Jessica
  • Aheshea
    I loved this poem it is exactly how I feel about my crush. I have liked him for so long and he acts like he likes me but when I reveal to him my feelings but he just wants to be friends.
  • Lauren
    This poem sumed up everything. absolutely everything I am wondering/feeling about my best friend. I've, for a long time now, been wondering if I should try to persue my feelings with him. You say in the beginning of the poem, the person you are writing about didnt feel the same way. How did things turn out!? I loved this poem and I would love to read about the outcomes and emotions of your decision.
  • jennifer
    i loved your whole poem. it touched me in ways you could never know. jenny
  • deblina
    this poem has really touched me as there is some one in my life who feels the same for me but i am helpless. i wish i could do something for him cause i really care for him alot alot.
  • Dwinita
    I am so touched. it's like what I feel about.
  • Jenn
    I think this is one of the greatest poems i have ever read. It really describes how i have felt about my best friend of the opposite sex for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and everyone else it is AWESOME!
  • Amanda
    This is exactly how i feel about my crush G reat poem
  • JOn
    i feel u
  • Erin
    This is a great poem and it has helped me alot wiht whwat I've been going through lately. Thank you!
  • daena
    that poem is so nice! its exactly how i feel now
  • Kia
    i love this poem it almost made me cry.
  • sarissa
    This is excatley what I'm going through. And was the easiest way to express how I feel.
  • James
    One thing , this poem is a little whacked. One thing you never cry for a guy. :P
  • lee
    This is a very touching poem that i had read.
  • Charl
    It fits, real lovely, the best of love ever.
  • Linda
    I just wanted to say that i think this poem is great. It seems very emotional and heart-felt but yet straight to the point. Well done on a brilliant poem!
  • Raj
    Marvelous. They say an artists' best work come when they are sad or affected in someway. Looks like this poem is a classic example. The poem makes me feel what Sara would have felt. I wish you good luck and good life Sara. Excellent Work.
  • Jenni
    This poem is the very touching
  • Katie
    This is almost the exact samething I'm goin through!
  • Sara
    i think this is a very true poem. it is nicely said. i had the same think happen to me this year and he said he doesn't like me more than a friend. maybe it just takes time for him to realize what he's gonna miss out on.
  • mike
    this is the most touching poem i've read on the net. it actually tells my ordeal with a precious friend i'd lose if i tell her I love her. sara you are one talented poet!
  • Adele
    this poem is straight and to the point about alot of thing that girls feel about guys. I really like this poem because it's me totally I feel that way always.
  • lisa
    i think that is a really good poem and i also know how it feels so i totally sympathise with you
  • Ronricka
    This poem is great. This is exactly how I feel about a friend of mine.I'm going to call my friend and read it to her right now, thanks Sara.
  • Carmen
    This is something i know about and feel every day of my life
  • Spencer
    very touching poem , I felt your pain when I was reading In A Nutshell. I'M sure at one time or another we cross paths with others that we feel we Love whom probably don't even come close to loving us back.
  • Shoshana
    I completely understood everything that you said, and have experienced exactly the same things. As an aspiring poet myself, its nice to compare different styles of writing on the same subject.
  • Samantha
    i really enjoyed reading your poem..It described a situation I'm in exactly
  • Angela
    I absolutly love this poem. It expresses so much emotion that so many people are going though including me.I loved it so much i actuallt sent it to the person whom i feel this way about and i am now waiting a reply.keep up the inspiring work!
  • Debb
    I think this poem is the one of the bests ones, I have heard, because, something similar happened to me, in fact all the poem wasthat period of my life, in wich I only wanted to cry, because the love of life, was the boyfriend of mi best friend This poem made me feel better
  • Marvin
    exact situation im in right now. good work.
  • MeLaNiE
    Totally shows how i feel about one of my best guy friends.
  • satya
    well i feel the poem appeals the emotion and raises the simple questions that life often raises,and i do think it shows the journey the author undertook and often words are deceiving and i am happy to learn that hers is not the case!honest mnd and language!
  • bobbie
  • Pedro
    I loved your poem It moved me, It made me cry. I'd like to thank you, and say good bye.
  • Katie
    I can relate to this poem too much! Sara almost took the words right out of my mouth!
  • Nathan
    i love that poem it says all the things i`ve always wanted to say to my very best friend and i love her soooo much i could kiss her i know this whole letter sounds kinda stupid but i hope you find this and my comment here obviesly is that i love you poem i`d like to know if you could write (if you have anymore) some friendship poem that you think that ist to close to being in love but in a way well i have got to go now i hope for you towrite back =) Nathan
  • Deanna
    Great Poem!!! I love it! Keep up the great work, you're a poet in action. I love reading poety and yours is amazing, thanks for letting others read your great talent! Great Poem!
  • Aquianetta
    These are all of the words that I never knew how to say to someone who have me wraped around his finger but yet and still belongs to another, and which the four of us are all friends. If only they knew, what pain could explode, what houses could be broken. So I hold every thing and a die slowly from the thought of wanting to be held, touch and loved by another who couldn't care less until we are all alone. To sum it up, "IT FEELS SO GOOD, TO BE LOVED SO BAD!" Keep up the good work. I truly enjoyed this poem.
  • Christine
    I really liked this one...it touched home.
  • Shawnna
    This peoms says everything about what I'am going through right now.
  • rockey
    this was a good poam 1-10 its a 7
  • Mitra
    Hi, This is the most wonderful poem i have seen n it so well suits to the situation i am in.Great poem indeed i enjoyed,no no felt,it. Congrates for having written such a marvellous poem.
  • Ra
    its a wonderful poem,especially when you can relate to it
  • les
    very straightforward in the way that it evokes some kind of want for a significant other.. . nice!

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