The love of my life had left to live in Australia and my dream of being able to fly (like so many people do, I guess), was fuelled one day on my drive home.

I pass these beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea where the breeze hits the cliff, causing a wave of air on which the gulls soar and glide for ages. I imagined that if I were able to fly like these gulls I could make it to Australia across the divide of angry ocean no matter what it took.

The journey would be one of extreme endurance, but I would succeed in reaching her, to lie exhausted but happy at last to have found her.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

If I had wings to fly
I'd breathe in deep
and spread them wide
as I leap from the cliff
into the wind
where the gulls glide.

Crossing this wide sea
I glide above cruel waves
that reach up to drown my flight
in their cold
blue-green graves.

And as your day grows slowly light
I'd arrive on worn-out wings
to hold you
in your waking dreams
and feel you soft
and gently warm
in my embrace at last.
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  • Patience
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it is soooooo sweet he must have really been in luv. I just love it!
  • Cassie
    i love it.
  • Tiffany
    This poem is insperational i liked its wording and depth of it. This gave me such a warm feeling thanks for writing and i would like to say keep writting
  • Deanaloy
    I love this poem all the words are well put together to touch your heart, it just makes you want to get off the computer and fly into your love arm's.
  • Jeanette
  • shelby
    i like this poem beacuse it reminds me of beening in heaven. even though i;m not in heaven it just feels like that.
  • mercy
    My favourite love poem so far its very appropriate for me since I am involved in a long distance relationship. Thank you, it's beautiful
  • donna
    i love this pome it realy nice you should write pomes all the tome you might win somehing '
  • samson
    This poem said it all. What I have been feeling about my girlfriend far away was clearly explained by this author,please keep it up.
    I dream of flying, just out of reach, over the head's of family and freinds, but safe, Iv'e had this dream for about 53 years. You have reminded me of it so I look forward to sleep tonight.
  • Dericka
    i liked your poem. keep on writing.
  • deloris
    this poem really touched my heart,keep on doing a good job with your poetry it will touch someone eleses heart like it does mine. bye bye great great great work you have done. i love reading good poems and this is the best yet.
  • Ovinda
    You are a great poet. Its like you have just spoke to the inner me because sometimes i wonder "if only I could fly all the way from this place to America where she is and feel her warmth". Keep talking (to the hearts)
  • Ashley
    I loved this. I could really see the bird flying over the sea as you explained.
  • silly goose
    Happiness is a bird
  • Julia
    i'd say the same thing i am in a long disiness relship i'm from pa and hes from texis so if i had wings i would be there with him wright now
  • Belinda
    I love your poems there so touching i have a poem i would love to share with u some time
  • rebeca
    sometimes when someone you love leaves you want to go with them but you cant
  • BrIaNnA
    i like dis poem. it reminds of me of sum1! its realii cute!
  • Jessica
    This is a very nice poem keep them coming because you never know when you hit things big in life. Keep the good work. Love,Jessica
  • Allison
    It touched me, and I want to express that, but no words could. I really like this and it's awesome.
  • mandy
    i kno that alot of people are in long distance relationships with people just like i am and this poem really reaches out to us and says that we are not alone. if i could fly. i'd already be gone.
  • Brittany
    This rememeber me of me and my old b/f. He still loves me and i still love him but we cant be together. b/cuz my parents wont let me date and im 15 years old. that aint right. u hear me.
  • Tina
    this poem toyches a special place within me.
  • Magda
    Lovely poem that I am sure touches the hearts of many a lover and parent with children that live far away.
    At a time in my life where i feel like i am the only one in the world who is so far from the person that i never want to be apart from, this poem gives the glissen of light at the end of the tunnel. If only we could fly
  • MATT
  • hoochman
    inspired - my girlfreiend has recently moved to the other end of the country and this really illustrates my feelings as i'm sure it does to many people in long distance relationships.
  • f
    i like the poem you did a good work thank for let us read it
  • Amanda
    i this got do reading this poem and i love it. i think it is a really good poem and it is so great.
  • Becky
    I love it. My boyfriend left to go to london and i haven't seen him and the poem just reminded me of him thanks Anthony West
  • KATI
  • kelly
    I really like this poem, the poems thatI have written are some what like it. Good luck with your beautiful poetry!
  • kat
    thanks for this poem. my boyfiriend moved to england and i was really lonely-this poem means a lot to me after that.
  • Melanie
    this poem is very beautiful. it has alot of meanig to me
  • byron
    i love and feel this poem. It is perfect for my situation where my other half is in another country and i wish i can fly to her and hold her, if i had wings.
  • Taryn
    I think all the poems r wondergful and never stop insire us 4 eva!
  • Troy
  • Melinda
    Amazing poem ! My true love lives so far away ..I wish I had the wings to fly tonight. But instead I sent him this poem.
  • Margaret
    i like th whole contents!
  • wendy
  • Faith's
    You're really great man!Keep it up!It's really nice,I'm tellin you.
  • Dario
    My girlfriend left me to join peace corps in Africa. Sometimes i wish i could just close my eyes and find myself in her little hut to be in her arms again. Thanks for writing such a strong and sincere poem that i can relate to in every way.
  • Erin
    Beautiful!!! Love and wings....wonderful imagery, simply amazing!!!
  • Eric
    i love it, my g/f and i have a long distance relationship and so i can kind of relate this poem to us....i know how you feel...i've had sooooo many flying dreams....i wish i still had them...i haven't had one in a while..i love this poem, thank you, i sent it to my g/f....i'll tell you what she thinks!!!!!!
  • maggie
  • paulo
    the poem is fantastic congratulations.
  • Joni
    that poem was phat as hell had heart and meaning. nice
  • Michelle
    loved it! added it to my community newsletter,
  • David
    Beautiful poem!! I share the feeling. I met this girl from Colombia and now she is returning. I also wish that I had wings to fly, then I would fly there and be the first to welcome her when she lands....
  • Amy
    This is beautiful. You have described my feelings exactly! ..The way I never could. "Write" on!
  • Carrie
    I loved it!
  • Charisma
    Wings wishing we had them..oh I would fly too.loved reading your poem.
  • rajia
    your really great at poems i give u top marks

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