When I fall in love, how would I feel? I asked this question to myself countless times, and even now as I write, I cannot help but reflect on those times when I did fall in love - madly, fondly and blindly.

But alas! Love and Fate enjoy teasing a young man like me, for I had stumbled again. This sweet and wonderful dream that I perceived it to be, is in fact, just another faraway and fading one. What you will read in this poem, will be what I was feeling last night, when everything seemed so rosy and lovely. But things are not to be now.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

When I Fall In Love
When I fall in love,
I want to be
with her

In happiness,
to smile with her,
and be the one
to hug her near.

In sadness,
to cry with her,
and be the one
to dry her tears.

When I fall in love,
I will spend my
every waking
and sleeping
with her

and catch each
moment in its

When I fall in love,
I will miss her
the very moment
I say 'goodbye'

and my heart
will yearn for
the very moment
I say ‘hello'.

When I fall in love,
all my old hurts
and pains
will seem
lost and

and I will be
strong and

When I fall in love,
I want you
to be happy
always, ever

and feel like
the happiest
of them
all . . .

Because that's

what I will feel,

when I fall in love,

with you.
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  • nawd
    melted me completely
  • Brittany
    it was very intresting
  • Kasi
    wow i love your poem it was so good and sweet it made me cry when i read it i cry all the time whenever i read that poem lol very very very very good job.
  • donna
    what a beautiful poem! my favorite.
  • waytie
    its touch me alots. its remind me at first time we've meet one another
  • y
    i think this poem is the best poem on this website because i could relate to it and understood word for word.
  • dana
    that was hot kep up the good worck
  • april
    keep up the good poems they really make a diffrence in our lifes. thank you! april
  • jennie
    i think your poem was so powerful and so sweet. i feel the same way only in the opposite gender. i am also a poet.
  • Flor
    This is wonderful, Reading this poem and been able to reflect on it,has helped us renew our vow. Good job Melvin.
  • vangie
  • Leticia
    I really thought this poem had alot of passion in it. It wasn't what I was looking for but it was very cool to read it. It had alot in comment with what I want when I find love!
  • Cindy
    i loved it it touch my heart hope you'll write a another one
  • Bruce
    I really enjoyed reading the poem it reminds me what me of the way i felt about my ex girlfriend and reminfds me of the way i still fell about her, i look at is as a message telling me that if you love someone enough that u fell like it sais in the poem then you will do what ever it takes to be with that person.
  • amber
    i love this poem every women wants a man to express his feelings this is trully great feelings
  • Erynn
    That poem was absolutely beautiful, as well as written very masterfully. I am very glad I happened to stumble upon this website :)
  • Britt
    that poem was so touching and it was very sweet,, i liked i a lot,, it expressed a lot of feelings in little words,, great job Melvin :0)
  • M
    Your willingness at attempting to put your heart-felt thoughts down on paper is sweet
  • Charles
    The nicest poem I think i have ever read.
  • claire
    your poem was very touching and really sweet
  • saul
  • Victor
    Thats beutiful thats how i fell about my girlfriend
  • tengyurme
    when i read this poem i remember the days we spend together wich is so precious to me. thanks melvin to write this poem so different from others
  • Bassma
    this poem is one of the best love poems i've ever read and i like the author's writing.
  • Slym
    Beautiful, sweet, wow I want to be a lover too
  • evita
    when i was reading your poem i can relate so much about myself. Falling in love is the greatest experience that man can ever had.
  • David
    A very touching poem, simple and sweet.
  • Basel
    Really,nice & cute poem. I wish you have a good luck in the future
  • Patrick
    fantastic..sounds complex and yet simple..
  • keisha
    omg, that was 1 of the best poems i have ever read in my life.
  • Kara
    That poem touched home. It's exactly what I've been waiting for and exactly what I've found.
  • Aung
    Very touching poem! I am feeling like i am the one who is writing this poem. Thank the poet very much for putting the feelings into words.
  • Jon
    Wonderful poem! As Shakepeare said about men, "they have eyes to wonder, but lack tongues to praise...". I think this poem is almost completely contary of that thought, and scrapes the line of being a true description of being in love. Whereas real love is impossible to put into words, I think you've summed it up just about right. Thanks you so much
  • Colin
    simple, direct and beautiful.
  • Aristides
    Ilike this poems it's really emotional it reminds me of thing that happen to me
  • eyi
    this is sooooo coooool

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