We always have this set of ideals for our special one. But life, as fickle and volatile as it may be, never grants us the exact things we want. Same with finding her, I never expected that she was waiting for me, loving me . . . just there.

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Just There
Where you were,
I did not see you.

So close to me,
but yet so veiled.

Quietly you waited,
upon my invitations;
but still, somehow,
I failed to note

of you, yearning
to be with me,
but finding

a void.

So sadly,
you retreated;
bowed, dejected.

Finally when I knew
of you, your devotion,
so foolishly I did feel,
like a simpleton.

For I had looked
so very hard for you,

but I just did not looked
clear, in front of me,
where you were

. . . just there.
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  • Fondeshia
    I think that this poem is good and kind of sad in a way, and it has a very or many meaning to it. I Likke itt.
  • Ashley
    i can relate to this because this once happened to me. i was looking for the one guy who would treat me better than anything and would love me for who i was and i didn't even realize that he was standing right in front of me. he was the one guy that i told everything to and i could talk to. he was one of my best friends and i didn't even realize that he was the one until it was too late. i wish i'd never made that mistake and i wish i could have another chance.
  • erica
    This poem was really touching. I enjoyed this poem because it's something that i just went through and i just love it.
  • Mustafa
    Keep on Nice work
  • kathy
  • yvonne
    this poems remends me of this guy has liked me for 3 months i knoe i think i like him it;s kool
  • keisha
    its sweet'
  • Nikki
    This poem is good and also it's sweet! no-one knows it till they find there true love!
  • Ruby
    This is a very nice poem and it expresses somethings that i think too!
  • TiA
    Ur PoEm Is rEaLi GuD i LuV iT,I fInK iTs WaT i DuN bCoZ i Am In Luv WiF sUm1 i NeVa EvA tHoRt In 1MiLLiOn YrS i WuD bE wIf BuT aLL dA tYm He WaS rYt In FrOn T oF mE!ItS a GrEaT pOeM. BuH bYe
  • Ryan
    This poem touched me because I had this happen to me before. This poem is great!
  • sarah
    this poem discribe my relationship with my bf so well. you did such a good job. some of the smallest things in life mean the most toother people. astrobarbie
  • MARY
  • Jen
    this reminds me of the guy that i like that hasn't yet noticed me:(
  • Christina
    This is a very beautiful poem. It touch my heart in a lot of ways ! Great job!
  • stephanie
    hey i really like ur poem it's like if ur kinda speaking right from my heart well bye
  • Desiree
    That was a beautiful peom. See I myself like to write poems even though I am only 15. I couldn't have said it much better than that. You seem to put forth passion when you write. I wish you much luck in the furture. Thank-you for the inspiration.
  • Kemi
  • atia
    how true for many a times we dont see things which lie just in frnt of us hav always been there but we take thm for granted n they just slowly die away n thn wat a shame it is
  • John
    Simply brilliant- this happened to my high school sweetheart and me over 30 years ago - but fate dealt the right hand and now we're together again. This speaks volumes about the perils of overlooking what is within your reach.
  • Charisma
  • michelle
    This is such a powerful poem..couldn't be any better..I know how u feel gurl!
  • mano
    this is such a sweet poem. i love it..its so beautiful! :)
  • natalie
    hi!i also like writing love poems.(even though, i have no experience yet since im just 12) i couldnt have written it much better.after all, im just a kid. thanks a lot!it inspired me to write more!god bless!more power!:-)
  • Melissa
    This poem is simply beautiful!!
  • Danny
    This is a beautiful poem i luv it!
  • Cindy
    Excelent,I could not say it better.
  • Lawry
    Your poem said it for, at least, to of us!
  • liza
    Well written poem, I couldn't have written it better myself...
  • cnccmz
    great poem!
  • Nen
    This is a really great poem.
  • Nakita
    This poem is my current situation with the guy i am slowly finding myself falling in love with, yet he seems to miss that im standing right here, ready to be with him.
  • Hyunseok
    this poem reminds me of my wife.
  • Alvaro
    beautiful, congratulatins Mel.

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