Death is a very sensitive issue to most people and, indeed, can be hard to understand at times. Even harder to understand for me is the concept of one human taking the life of another, especially when the victim is an innocent child.

This poem is about a 2 year old boy who was sexually and physically abused and ultimately murdered. There was never enough evidence to convict the accused father. The mother was never arrested but while she had the time and the money, never even bother to have a funeral for her child.

The child was ultimately buried by the state and donations were taken to place a headstone. I still get utterly sick with grief every time I think of the whole episode and the amount of preventable abuse that goes on today. This was not an easy poem to write and is not an easy poem to share. Anyone who's ever stood on the other side of abuse will understand, I'm sure.

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Little Boy Black And Blue
Oh Little Boy Black and Blue,
Who was it that did this to you?
Who raised a hand at innocence?
Did they proclaim their eminence-
At a child's expense?

Is this your beloved mother's psalm,
This stormy song beneath your calm?
The one who nourished you from birth.
Were you more trouble then you were worth?
Oh was it her who did this to you,
Little Boy Black and Blue?

Was it your father, that loving soul?
Did the alcohol cause him to lose control?
Was his patience tried and taunted-
By the boy he never wanted?
Oh was it him that did this to you,
Little Boy Black and Blue?

Oh Little Boy Black and Blue,
The autopsy confirms it was true.
You were sodomized and strangled.
You were beaten, broken, mangled.
You must've screamed in agony,
As bloodstained hands brought you more misery.
Oh was it someone you never even knew,
Little Boy Black and Blue?

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  • Britteny
    your poem is very touchin. what u was sayin felt like you was talkin face to face with me. . .
  • Shelby
    Thank you for writing this poem it is very touching. when i hear this happening it hurts to even think of someone actually doing this to a child or anyone. people can be very sick sometimes. i got everything you were trying to say in this poem.
  • Ellen
    I LOVED it! I honestly have no other words but those.
  • bina
    i really like this poem.
  • Michelle
    That was a really beautiful poem i have 2 kids of my own and i dont know what i would do if something like that happened to my babies. It makes me cry to hear about a child being abused even tho i dont know that person it still hurts me to know someone could actually be that cruel and still face this earth. You did awesome on this poem keep up the good work! ~Michelle~
  • Natasha
    thank you for the poem it was really touching to me i couldn't help but cry when i read it thank you so much
  • Rosie
    This poem was great I can't describe how or why but it is now one of my favourites.
  • clara
    this poem touch me because they are alot of kids getting hurt and noone knows about it until it is told . i wish things were different because kids deserve to live a normal life not getting hurt or kill
  • Brittany
    This poem was a very touching poem, if i had to scale it on a scale of one to ten, it would be a 10!
  • andrea
  • Seth
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how much gratitude I hold for you. If it weren't for people like you, I wouldn't be alive today. People who will stand up against child abusers! (Even though I'm not really a child anymore) I thank you all!
  • Ailish
    I Thank You for taking the time and weight of writing this poem. It is very well written and very true in most cases of child abuse. Congrats on the good work. i hope your poem opens up the eyes to thouse whom do not understand child abuse. Thank You, Ailish
  • shystar
    Maybe it is just the mood I am in but this poem just hit me hard. It is terrible that things like that happen every day.
  • Beatrice
    very touching!
  • kenyatta
    This poem touched me because i sit and think about kids that are harmed by people in their families or just sick people off the streets. How every day a child goes through so much pain. All because there are lowdown sick people in this world making it hard to live a drama free life. My blessings go out all people of every race and nationaility. May God be with you.
  • Erin
    this poem is beyond amazing. of all the poems i have read,(and beleive me, i've read alot of poems)this is one i will NEVER forget. Micheal Anderson, you are a true poet, and i wish happiness always. Love, Erin
  • Lexi
    It's beautifullllll
  • edith
  • kayla
    i feel really bad how people can do this i just understand. i think if people abuse there kids i think that they should spend the rest of there life in prison i have a frind and this is diffrent but still has to do with abuse her mom was abused by boyfrind witch is my friends dad and when her mother was pregnant with her bro her father thro her mom down the stairs not only herting them but killing both of them the mother and her baby brother that hasnt even tooken a breath :( i say if any one out there is physiclly or virbaly abused get out you dont deserve that go to a foster home there not that bad im in 1 but not for that reason. when u are in one u get to go to florda and all diffrent places its alot of fun you dont have to wrry if u will come home and your parents are drunk or in a bad mood i hope you have the nurve to get the hell out of there then well just do it trust me well i g2g so i hope if u read this do it if you are being abused
  • lutece
    this poem did very much touch me
  • savannah
    I loved it it was really sad and all but it was good.
  • Brittany
    Of all the things so cruel in this world child abuse must top the list. I doubt I'll ever understand why but who does. Maybe they don't mean it but lives are fragile and many end before their time for the wrong reasons. This poem brought tears to my eyes nobody should have to go through that type of pain physical or not it's wrong.
  • Stephanie
    I'm crying now, this was so amazing, I've hesrd the details of so many cases such as this one, usually less brutal, and I always cry, for the loss of innocense or life, and for the loss of goodness in the population of this world. Very well done, beautiful.
  • Gwynn
    Your poem is very beautiful, thank you for sharing it with all of us. It is truly a shame so much of this goes on in the world today to these little helpless angels, God bless their precious hearts. Keep up the good work, you sound like a very caring person.
  • chitrita
    this poem is one of the most saddest and harshest poem i have ever read. as i know sumbody very closely who has gone through this i can feel the pain myself. a beatifully sad poem.
  • stephanie
    im still in shock I mean I know just what that boy exsperienced except for the fact that im still here but I managed to find my way out of it
  • Sarah
    wow that was very touching, and i just thank you for being able to share it with others
  • Brittany
    this poem really touched my heart it really did make tears roll down my cheeks I am 13
  • nicole
    like the poem
  • Hiedi
    This poem really touched me to the point of tears because i have been there thru pain and tears, thru beating and fears, this was a very sad and touching poem, i hate to say that it was wonderful becuase of what it is about but you have a talent to be able to express feelings within your words.
  • valeria
    i think it is a great poem that everyone should read
  • nakia
    I think that your poem was especially touching. Sometimes we must face the awful things in life and give a voice to the victims which cannot speak for themselves. I think that your poem gives a voice for the thousands of little boy (and girls) black and blue.
  • Lola Nicole
    was very sad but very true, and very well written.
  • Dawn
    This poem makes such a statement. We are trying to adopt, and each night I pray that God will protect the child that is meant to be with us, and let them know that they have a home waiting and that it is filled with unconditional love.
  • Renee
    it so sad and true
  • Shelley
    This poem made me cry. I've known some children that have been in a similar situation but fortunately did not resolve in death. I love this poem and keep up the good work!
    Hi This poem brought tears to my eyes. We do live in a sicj society and the ones who pay are the ones who are not even old enough to pray. The author writes it like u are now living it LINDA
  • Laura
    It touched me made me see life from a view.
  • Sha'e
    This was a good and sad poem. It reminds me of my friend sister who had got rape by her father when he was drunk and lost control. It really touched me!11
  • Michael
    it heavy and it's changed me i know this poem touched all of us around britian and i loved it so muck keep doing what your doing i enjoyed evey word of the poems thanks anyway
  • Liz
    When I read this poem it made me sick. I could help knowing that a mother and father could do this to their child. A mother and a father is supposed to be there for their children,and help their children,not beat them and sexually abuse them.
  • Amber
    This poem is wonderfully sad with a bitting reality! I have had the unfortune to know a few children who's fate could have been the same end! Thankfully, not or not yet! This touched my heart so much that I have no real words to type! I think that it should be published! Thank you for finding the words for me!
  • Scott
    This poem strikes a chord with tragedy surrounding crimes against children. I love the way the poet has worked on this immoral event, guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings of any humane person. This might have been painful to write, but it is also painful to read, an eye-opener and a respectful poem, well done.
  • adam
    i love this poem. its so moving.
  • izzy
    This poem is so captivating and sad! If I was a more emotional person I would have cried, I hope you dont mind but I have used it in my poetry anthology, as the poem I write an appreciation on. Its a beautiful poem and such a sad story behind it too.
  • Karen
    This poem made my heart ache for that child. I never send in my comments but I felt the need to this time. I wanted to thank the author because every time this poem is read that child is remembered and honored and grieved.
  • Ruby
    You did a great job with this poem. I swear so much injustice is done when it comes to cases like this. And the survivors of abuse has a lifetime of hurt to deal with. I think that diffrent aproaches should be made to people who hurt the most inocent human beings. Lets send them all to Devils Island on a one way trip.
  • kymberlee
    michael this was a very good poem i really liked it you are a real soulful poet and i think you should keep your head up and on your poems because i see you making a lot of money from poems like this or just peoms period. you go boy
  • seida
    That was the saddest poem i have ever read. Mainly because it reminded me of my goddaughter. Her stepfather killed her when she was 2 years old.
  • Miranda
    this poem made me cry and i showed it to my mom and she cried as well.
  • chelsie
    This poem really brought out the hurt that was deep down inside of me. From age 5 to 11 i was severly abused by my stepmother. my mom died when i was 2 soo i really wouldnt know her, but i wondered every time my stepmother laid a hand on me why my mom of all people had to die. this poem is really great! Keep up the hard work and never give up!
  • katlynn
    This is wonderful I know how this feeling is thank you for speaking out for are little one's out there harm, by other's that are'nt protecting are loving children, thank you alot.
  • April
    This is a very touching and very emotional poem. It really touches someones heart just to know that someone really cares enough to take the time to write such a wonderful poem. I think that the author of this poem deserves a big pat on the back and a congradulations!
  • Emily
    Working with children i am very passionate about keeping them safe. I have a 2 yr old neice and the thought that children of her age are abused sexually, physically and mentally is just beyond belief. I was so touched by this poem. I feel that so many children could be saved if child abuse wasnt stil such a taboo subject. As a society (in any country) we should be keeping these children safe. They don;t ask to be born, and they certainly dont asked to be treated appaulingly. Thank u for sharing ur poem.
  • Kelli
    i used to be a victim of abuse, however i found someone who gave me the strength to be strong and tell someone and help me to get a way from it. thankyou for this poem hopefully it will reach another child who is abused and will help them to be strong also
  • Sara
    I think that poem is nice and sad. im 9 and i get abused i no that little boy went throgh alot but he is in good hands now!
  • Ashley
    This poem made me cry, and i hate to know things like this happen all the time.
  • Sarah
    Your poems great, some how i know how the boy feels. Keep up the writing!
  • shell
    Beautiful, unique and touching!
  • darcy
    i was almost in tears.=*(
  • Angela
    Michael, thank you so much for writing this poem. I feel so bad for that child that to go through that. My heart breaks just to know that a little child went through such a terrible thing. No children should have to go through this.
  • April
    That is such a sad poem. I can't believe that would happen to anybody. I feel so sorry for that little boy!
  • ayesha
    so sad :(
  • manuela
    your poem put me in tears. I will never understand , why people do what they do thank you michael for this touching poem . I just wished it wouldn't be based on a true story.
  • Erica
    I hate that this had to happen. But thanx for sharing your poem with us.
  • Candee
    What a very sad and touching poem. My heart goes out to that little boy. GODBLESS HIM!
  • Jodi
    It was a great poem
  • Kim
    I have personally never experienced any abuse, although my heart breaks each and every time I hear of a child beaten, battered and neglected. This poem is just so beautifully written and so passionately gave me goosebumps. Makes me feel so sorry for any child having to live through such a nightmare with thier eyes open.
  • jessica
    This poem made me cry,i regret geting up everyday knowing such tradgetys occur.
  • kristy
    As an abused child, this was a really touching piece of poetry. I am safe now, and I'm thankful to those who are caring for me. I have read every poem you've posted here, Michael. I write poetry, and you have helped me to understand that in more things than one, I am not alone.
  • Nakia
    I don't think this poem was funny at all. It's a very serious issue and parents who abuse their children should be punished. This was a lovely poem and I can tell you put a lot of effort into it!
  • Maximus
    I love it...its sad but still wonderful.
  • mrssy
    it was good in a very sad way
  • alicia
    i think it is really sad that there are people out there sick enough to do something like this.i think they know they need help so i dont know why they dont get it
  • jeremy
    excellent rhyme scheme. very straight forward and to the point. yes, child abuse is the ultimate tragedy. justice will prevail!!!
  • Bleaux
    As a survivor, you touched me so deeply that I wept.
  • rose
    This is a very touching story, I wish more were written about the abuse of young children. I never will be able to comprehend how any one can harm a child. This is a good synopsis of what took place with this child.
  • Janet
    You have a very creative way of putting words together. And this is a wonderful poem. It's sad how things like that really do happen in this world.
  • Ernie
    i vote number 1
  • Cristan
    this is so sad but true
  • Tara
    This poem breaks my heart. I work with troubled teens, many of whom have suffered through the same atrocities as the child he writes about. My heart breaks each and every time I hear them tell their story and it broke when I read this one.
  • Ashley
    it's a sad poem, it made my eyes teary
  • April
    Sad but Funny
  • Lynnea
    I Just Cried It made me think of my my little brother he is alive but still i can see him now lifeless and I hope this never happens to him,

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