We all have days where we feel we can't go on anymore, as if we're all alone. In this poem, I guess I was trying to depict the mind of those who come closer to not going on than most. The people who sometimes choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. A reflection in the mind of those who contemplate the end...suicide.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

She remembers it all,
All the people who had said
They cared, but did they really?

She remembers it all,
The sound of laughter and
How happy she'd been, but was she really?

She remembers it all,
His arms around her and
He said "I love you," but did he really?

She remembers it all,
The pain she'd felt when he left,
How her heart ached, but was it really?

She remembers it all,
The feeling of being so alone,
The feeling no one cared, but did they really?

But now they'll remember her,
Staring at the knife in her hand
How easy to slit her wrists, but will she really?
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  • Fallen Angel
    touching and deep i like it and it says what i want to say but cant put in to words
  • paige
    i love it its one of the best ive read keep it up
  • Elisabeth
    I love the way this poem talks about a person. Its like its in a way talking about me and how i went through a lot in life. I just love it so much i give it an A+.
    Great poem, I don't think there are words to express how good I think this poem is, but the vote is probably the only way to explain
  • janica
    creativelly done!
  • sade
  • crystal
    i know how it feel to belike that all the time. because when my dad died.
  • shannon
    this is a very good poem i love how its been written about someone else it just makes it more appealing to me but i love it!
  • Jay
    I have been thinking about suicide all day but reading poems like these lets me know that im not alone in my pain. It has helped me so much. Thanks. I will think twice about my solution to end my pain
  • chicana
    WOW! i have to admit You are a really good writter. i now exactly how that girl felt. It makes you wonder if someone DOES care.
  • ilona
    ey gud poem n im sry u felt pain i hope u feel betta
  • Deep
    You are a great writer. My real name is Shanik. But I express the "Deep Truth," in my poems.
  • Taylor
    i really liked it i am so in to poetary it is how i let out all of my fellings it was verry good!
  • LCO
    this makes you think, is it really the solucion?. its not. your poem was great
  • Amy
    this peom reminds me of one of my friends
  • charlotte
    i loved it. it made me think of me and how my life is im married and things r not to good he left after 3 years at times i just wish i was never here and maybe things would be better for him even though he dont know it hes still my life
  • stephanie
    I think that this is a really touching poem and can relate to it. I think u did a really good job on writing this poem and I hope to see more of them!
  • Tj
    This was awsome . . i put it in my profile so more people can read it
  • Leesa
    I this is this is one of the best poems ive ever read. it says everything.
  • lisa
    left me speechless! lol not an easy thing 2 do! amazin! wish i cud write like tht! xx
  • Stacey
    This poem reminds me of how my life is right now. I think is the best one i seen all day.
  • helen
    this poem is brilliant. it has touched me so much, i know how she feels, i've been there.
  • Erica
    i like your poem alot.
  • Jamie
    This poem really touched me. because there is always that second were you think will i or won't and that second determines the rest of your life.
  • Chelsea
    This poem is one of the best ones that i've read so i will really like to see you win for this poem because it really tells the truth.
  • shauna
    loved this poem it made me question myself. great write.
  • jenna
    i think,this is a very sad poem!this poem will touch meny peoples hearts!the peoples heart it will touch the most is those who have lost thier kids for this reason!
  • Ashley
    this poem really touches me b/c i just had a friend that comitted suicide last night and she is only 15 yrs. old.
  • Sheri
    Your poem really relates to me. I was touched by the words. I used to think that was the answer for everything. by slitting my wrist. I have slowly stopped seems like each time I did it the pain was making every thing go away. but my life still isnt that great. but day by day Im surviving. enjoyed reading your poem though.
  • Whitney
    Poem makes you think about who is really there for you in life. great poem
  • kayla
    that poem was sooo good ! i loved it all it made me realize what ive been doing to myself is not the right choice thank you
  • sandra
    I think your pome is great I hope you win. !
  • Crystal
    This Poem is so in depeth, i can relate to this so much. because it is talking bout a girl who was going through alot and was wanting to kill her self. i have tried that before, but it isn't worth killing yourself over some guy or over any one. God has put as all here for a reason and he has a plan, i read that poem to my mother and she cried, because it brought back memories for her and she looked at me and have you ever tried that anymore, and i didn't answer her. i am 15 yrs old and i have tried it twice. So if any young people reads this, please take heed. and not take your life or try to take your life for anyone else. Good Job keep up the good work!
  • Angie
    Awesome Poem, reminds me of when I was a little girl
  • Rum
    I really loved this poem. I actually cried when I read it cuz thats exactly how I feel but I wouldnt c/s. Some of my friends have comitted suicide and its the worst thing to feel to lose someone you love so much.
  • stephanie
    Hey This poem reminds me alot about myself, how i was feeling when ken left me
  • natalie
    this poem is soooo good i almost cried. im doing a project on teen suicide and depression and i hope you wont mind if i put this one on it. thanx, great job.
  • Arianna
    I really liked this poem because I have been through this so many times. The only thing that stopped me was my friends and how much they loved me, and that I knew if I were to leave them how they would be lost without out me as I would be lost without them.
    This poem touches me today i know how she feels iam there with her
  • Ricky
    I like this poem it helped me alot i tihnk you so much!
  • robin
    your poem is so good i loved it
  • crystal
    this poem speaks to me a lot it makes me think abotu my ex-boyfriend and my real friends and then people wo i THINK are my friends i think i knwo who are and whoa rent know thank you so much!
  • katie
  • angelina
    I loved that poem. I tried to kill myself in August and almost succeeded but now i love life because now i see every little thing that is important. So anyone who wants 2 die, DONT cause there is no guy not even your dad or anything worth dying.
  • polly
    really good. wow. can relate
  • crystal
    This poem was REALLY good. I like how it keeps things open. How you didn't say wether the girl will slit her wrist or not so you can basically put ur own ending. GREAT JoB.
  • Erica
    The questions that you asked in your poem, are the questions I ask myself everyday. Thanx for asking them aloud.
  • crystal
    i understand how you feel when you love someone and i know the pain of depression.
  • sisterwhiskey
    wow.i loved the poem..well written and the flow of thought was good..brought back some sad memories and really touched my heart
  • katie
    This poem was wonderful, i can really relate 2 it, thanx so much 4 having the inspiration to write it ! Please keep it up!
  • Aimee
    This was a beautiful poem that brought back things I used to ask myself. I cried whenI read it. You have talent.
  • jen
    wow!! I think this poem is nice.. i touched me like no other words do..=( i never had someone break up with me until the thought of commiting suicide but my family is like *grrr* that makes me wanna commit suicide.. And i have friends that doesn't care either..ok well good poem.. i love it..bub bye
  • Amanda
    I know exactly how you feel.I feel the same way right now,because of a break up between me and the one i love.I just wish i would die.I have tried to commit suicide so many times
  • Amanda
    "Remembrance" brought many memories flooding back to my mind..my depression after a hard break-up, the suicidal thoughts, which I still have and many other painful memories.

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