How love can hurt and leave you asking questions, especially when one seemingly loves more than the other.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Heartstrings Are Played Upon
It's becoming more evident
Much more obvious to me
I thought much more of you
Than you ever thought of me

Was this my biggest mistake
Letting myself think you cared
Was I just your marionette
With heartstrings open and bared

With me left here still thinking
What was false, what was true
So puzzling and so complex
I’m left to await another clue

On my heartstings you played
Each left with a loving memory
Yet I still have those questions
Do you ever think about me

I’m wondering why all the intrigue
Now why all of this mystery
Why am I left here hanging
Your the one that holds the key.
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  • Chris
    I'm not happy that you were hurt, but I am happy to see that I'm not the only one that feels this way. I'm 20 years old and a student at JMU. I've never wrote poetry before, but lately, I've been really depressed about a girl from home who goes to school in vermont and seems to have forgotten all about me, not even giving me a thank you for the tulips i sent on valentine. The past few days I've found that writing and reading poetry such as this has helped me carry on, even though I'm feeling more and more like I don't want to. Thank you.
  • Miss UAE
    i luvved it. i luvved it. i luvveeeed. n i'll still luv it. it reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally touched me n i just can't stop reading it.
  • tonya
  • anna
    i love this poem it relates to my issue im having.
  • rhonda
    It was so moving and touching to me, it has the I feel in it!
  • silent_star
    I can totally relate with this poem!
  • Alexander
    I really enjoyed this poem because it was exactly how I feel right now and it truly a wonder what if and all that. Someone like me going through this makes me think about me and my own heartstrings being played
  • susan
    I loved your poem it, when I entered this site I was looking for a poem that would say exactly what I was feeling and this poem hit the spot. Thanks!
  • Tori
    UMM that wazz like a GOOD POEM AND I JUST want to noe who is that devin kid ne wayzzz the poem realates to me a lot i feel like the person i love dont love me baq:. (
  • amber
    i could totally relate to it
  • connie
    because it was beautiful
  • Angela
    I loved it, it really speaks what i am feeling right now in my own situation.
  • bailey
    This poem totally covers everything i have been feeling about my now exboyfriend and I. It is very good, i really like it.
  • martyn
    i love this poem so much, as i read it i thought about putting music to it. i was just wondering whether i would be able to use this poem as a song in my band.
  • Rani
    The words in this poem cut so deep i feel my heart tighten with fear for he has left me forever & my life has ended but his has just begun. Great poem i feel u.
  • mike
    this poem is just so great. nothing ever came closer to reality for me then this poem i'd give it a 12 out a ten
  • Ashley
    this poem was great it kinda reminds me of my life.
  • lil kim
    hey this poem really got through ot me as it explains the situation im in now and it kind of inspires me not to give up and i can't wait to hear more of your work.
  • Nakeisha
    I like the analogy if the violin and heartstrings as away of showing a broken heart. this poem should have a star as well.
  • emma
    I cryed at this poem. it really made me think about this boy i really love. and were just best friend . and i want to be more. i used to think he cared for me. and that he wanted to me more than just best mates. but in then he dont care at all. x I LOVE u chris for eva x
  • Alyse
    wow this is awsome. i just broke up with my boyfriend cause i found out in the end he didn't care about me as much as i thought he did. he was lieing to me for the whole month we were together. he told me he loved me and i felt so stupid cause i believed him. Everything said in this poem is exactlly how i felt. this poem is awsome keep up the good work.
  • Brandi
    I am 19 and married, I have read many poems. I own many many books of poetry. And I am telling you I have never cried so hard after reading any thing. I am coming to realize my husband married me for security and I know he's sick and enjoys playing on my heartstrings, Thank you for helping me put my pain into real words. I was wondering if you minded if I could print this and frame it? Brandi
  • damian
    this is a great poem and i totaly understand what is beeing said but for those who are exsperiancing all this at the moment it is not allways that you are being used but that they fear love and dont know how to exsept so if there is any doubt that this person is not just pulling heart strings try a diffrent approach we never realy know how someone else feals until we feel them as a person good luck.
  • maria
    your poem made me cry ,it fits my current situation like a glove .
  • Devin
    Wonderful Poem. Your Poem = My problem. hit the nail right on the head. This is exactly how I feel right now and its hard to handle since you love the person so much and to think they don't feel the same way. Great Job!
  • hannah
    wOw! dAt's a riLy greAt pOem! i alsO writE pOems,, bUt i wAs nEvEr AblE tO writE OnE As gOod As Urs,, nwEi,, i Am cUrrEntLy creAting a blOg On my accOunt,, cAn i pOst Ur cOmpOsitiOn As my fAvOritE pOem?!?!
  • Sketch
    This poem really touched me my gf just broke up with me and I loved her sooo much but i found out that she did it because she liked another guy.
  • BrokenHeart
    This is just amazing. It's how I've been feeling for the past few weeks. It seems as if I was just a toy for him. He played with me and then let me fall. Now I lay broken and he no longer wants me
  • Jennifer
    this was they poem that explained how i feel about a lost love. I always think if he remembers me or thinks of me this was a great poem and heled me.
  • Vicki
    I LOVE this poem, I really do
  • Joyce
    It strucked me hard in the stomach. This poem is good. It drives the message home. It gave me goosebumps. Simply cool.
  • susan
    Reading this was like seeing my innermost thoughts & feelings.
    Every single word in this poem decribes exactly what i am feeling in my life. its such a great one.
  • liz
    I thought this poem was great. I just got out of a relationship in a bad way and I have all of those same questions and no one to answer me. So I felt like this poem really described what I was going through.
  • sydney
    hey i liked this its really good u should write more
  • Toya
    I just broke up with my bf about a month ago, and these were the same exact words i was saying to myself. Thank you for writing them down for me. P. S. ---Keep uo the good work!
  • Natalie
    wow thate effected me so much you dont even understand!id love to hear more of your work! :'(
  • amie
    this poem touched me, it reminded me of the best friend i ever had and lost, i love him with all my heart. your poem rocks
  • Shirley
    Fantastic! apt poem which has helped me rialise it happens to the best of us!
  • Maeve
    this poem has done something amazing for me. made me realize that i am not the only person in the world to ever feel like this. it almost made me cry. thanks hope,that was beautiful!
  • Maria
    I thought the poem was wonderful. I am feeling just that way this very minute. and all I can ask is WHY. Yes I am crying but your poem kinda helped me see that I am not the only one that aske the same question. Why what did I do ? I guess I will never get the answer, but after reading your poem I realized that I did not do anything he did.
  • lauren
    i really love this poem it reminds me of the problems i'm going through now
  • claire
    wow! this is even better than "you are like the diamond!" i really loved your poem! very very very very very very very cooooooollll!
    i thought this was wonderful! tis how i feel today.
  • DES
    I love this poem, it touched me so deeply, its exaclty what im going through right now and it sux! i thought nuthing could explain how i feel, well i was proven wrong, teen love sux!
  • jesse
    love it. its great this poem migth reming alot of people of hwat they are going tru about how painful it is to have douts to think about if he ever cared. i when tru this and still wonder about him and think of him asnd as u sayd only he holds the key
  • Peter
    I am just like a marionette I was used by a woman so another guy would get jealous and I was left behind like a piece of trash. I am 21 and still can't get a girlfriend
  • Jessi
    I can realate to this poem so much because that is exacely what i thought and wondered when mai b/f dumped me and it hurt
  • Ulani
    that poem is so true. It brings to my mind so many things. Ive felt like this at one time and this poem puts all of my feelings into words.
  • Lila
    This poem has touched me like no other. I loved it and could relate to it because I'm been going thru this for sometime now and no matter what happens and how time is passing by this feeing does not go away.
  • Robin
    It felt good to read a poem that expressed exactly how I was feeling, you are talented and it made me feel a little better.
  • Jon
    wow. poignant.
  • Linda
    Loved it, I am going through this now!
  • Sharhonda
    this really hit the nail on the head! thank you
  • Myrtle
    This poem touched me. I was deeply touched. It is important to return the Love in a relationship. You need to cherish and respect the person even if there is fear in you. Show the person how much they mean to you. Respect is very important and honesty in a relationship. You write very well. YOu touched my heart
  • Natalie
    That was an excellent poem! I loved it, it reached the situation I'm in right now! Keep up the great work!
  • LoneStar
    I very much liked your poem. It makes me wonder how and why people can be so cruel. Thank you for sharing your feelings.
  • Evangeline
    I like this guy whom I knew for the past 2 years. But deep inside my heart, I've always known that this attraction only goes one way. From me to him.
  • melissa
    this one really did touch my heartstring's!! thankyou
  • Jesica
    this poem explains exactally ow i feel about a person that means soo much to me..and i mean NOTHING to him
  • ron
    this poem hits home because it just happened to me

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