A Poem written to vent out or simply express to someone feelings, and not actually expect them to assume anything other.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Have You?
Have You ever loved someone
But knew they didn't care?
Have You ever felt like crying
But Knew you'd get no where?

Have you ever looked into their eyes
And said a little prayer?
Have you ever looked into their hearts
And wished that you were there?

Have you ever felt their heartbeat,
When the lights were turned down low?
Have you ever whispered "God, I love You"
But you'll never let me show?

Love is grand, yet it hurts so much.
The price you pay is high.
If I could choose between Love and Death,
I'd rather choose to die.

So do not fall in love, my friend,
It doesn't pay a dime.
It only causes broken hearts,
Yet it happens all the time.

So do not fall in love, my friend,
You'll hurt before it's through.
I ought to know, my friend -
I fell in love with you.
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  • marelyn
    i loved tbis poemid idnt really get it at first but at the end when it says. "i fell in love with you" i really could relate to this poem i loved it.
  • LaTerrany
    this was a really great poem that captured the down side of love.
  • Angelina
    This poem means a lot to me and really touched me because just recently my ex-boyfriend and I had a really big arguement. I still have feelings for him and this is exactly how I felt towards him! He just never understood and never will but now it's all completly over now even as being friends and I'm hurting soo much! I love this poem because it's really touching and moving.
  • Laneisha
    I feel that this poem is very true and that u are very talented
  • Danny
    So true
  • Christine
    Hey there Hachem Your poem was awesome--sorry you had to go through it. I'm sure there will be someone special out there for you.
  • Brown
    I really enjoyed this poem because i can relate to it and its just nice, simple and hits you right in the chest.
  • Cherilyn
    Fantastic poem. even though they are the words of a teenager. I should know because I am the original author and I wrote this while in high school (1996).
  • Julie
    This poem touched me deeply, Im going through this right now and I've been trying to find a way to deal. It made me realize that im not the only one thats had this problem. I just wanted to say thank you.
  • simone
    lovely poem
  • lisa
    this poem reminds me of my exboyfriends when he fell in love with my best friends.
  • Kathy
    This is an awesome poem. Right now I am at a point in my life that this poem says it all.
  • Tara
    This poem rocks!
  • mark
    this is a fantastic poem, sums up eerything ive felt in te hpast few months, keep up the good work
  • e
    great poem it touched me in more ways than i can count and it left me speechless
  • Liz
    I loved your poem. However, I found it sad that you felt you had to use another authors work. I have read the line about choosing between love and death, and several other lines in this poem as well, in an anthology I own. It is sad when a poet resorts to plagiarism.
  • Andrew
    You can't choose who you love, it just happens. Some say that love is the greatest power in life. If that is true, then love shattered and lost must truly destroy it. I should know.Do as I may, the love I held for one was not returned.
  • James
    This is a very good poem.
  • Durrell
    i think this poem is one of the best i have ever read. i love it. this is going to help me out with a problem me and my friend have
  • Darla
    All I can really say about this poem is WOW you really touched my heart with this one keep it up your an awsome writer!!
  • Tatiana
    I think that is a wonderful poem. Many people has pass through situation like this one, so I.
  • Kat
    This poem really touches my heart, and i'm sure almost everyone has that someone that it reminds them of
  • uma
    I Feel The Exact Way This Poem Shows. It's Good To Know I Am Not The Only One.
  • paula
    this poem pretty much said of how i feel for someone deeply and they wont return the feeling.
  • Adam
    A great poem. I do love the rhyming scheme. I also know how you feel at this moment in my life. I wish I could write a poem like this and give it to that special person. Maybe one day, maybe there will be a "one day" for all of us. =)
  • Chris
    Wow, that poem hit me where it counts. I pray that some never have to experience that kind of pain, I know I wish I hadn't.
  • Steve
    I'm so greatful for who ever wrote this poem it gave me a chance to say what I felt about a girl and we are now going out thank you so much!
  • Steve
    This poem is great and says what I feal about someone.
  • Steve
    I think this is a great peom and it goes along with whats going on in my life.
  • Cathy
    This one hit home. It describes my life perfectly. Definately a 5 star poem.
  • Shannon
    i really liked this poem. It had some good memories for me and some bad. I really love this poem.
  • The
    What can I say? This poem hit me right in the Heart! Excellent poetry, but sadly, you have to have experienced it, to truly understand the bittersweet rhymes of this poem. I for one, have still not hit the bottom, so I'm still falling...
  • Deeann
    I like this poem very much, because I can relate to it. Thank you for allowing me to read such wonderful poems.
  • nicole
    this poem is wonerful. its so good and ai think just about everyone who has fallen in love woul be able to relate to this i know i do.
  • Peaches
    I dont even know where to begin. This poem is great. 5 STARS! I can really relate. I have been there and I would not wish that kind of hurt and pain on my worst enemy. A poem like this can only be written from experience. You can feel the emotion and the pain as you read!

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