This poem is about how I feel and what I do about it. It's not a suggestion but I'm open to them.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

Wave Of Mutilation
I press my forehead on the window
And through it watch children
Playing on the lawn

Desolation pulses through my veins
And my futile fingers reach out for guidance
I savor the blade, sinking deeper than blue

I can taste tranquility for a wavering instance
The anger flows down my arm as the bitter black blood
Burns off my fingertips

Death swims before me in hazy illusion
Images of eternity skip shamelessly through my mind
Pain surrounds, I am resolved to be - still

I run my hand on the tear stained window
And distorted through it
Watch children playing on the lawn.
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  • Ani
    The images of your words are beautiful. keep writing. one day you might find an angel. **smiles and disappears**
  • spencer
    i know how you feel love the way you wroke it though
  • paige
    thank you so much for wrighting this poem this is how i feel every day and its good to no that im not the lonly one who feels this way thanh you keep up the great work
  • claire maree
    I really enjoyed this poem. It was, in my opinion, well written and well received. I hope to see more of your poems in the future (which means you aren't dead). Caboodles of thanks for the poem, from Me!
  • Heavenly Demonic
    i love your poem because i can relate to it. i used to cut myself but i do not anymore because i have learnt that i have friends who care about me and that life is worth living. your poem means alot to me. thank you so much.
  • Rebeca
    that is exactly how i feel and its good to know that people are feeling the same pain im feeling and it lets you know that your not the only one i really liked it
  • lauren
    it was so good i could pic er it in my head i wha t to do that sometmes to my slef well nothing els to say bi bi
  • Mirela
    Wow. Your poem gave me chills as I thought that there are people feeling this way and doing what your poem described. You have skills!
  • Amber
    I thinks its really really good and yeah its just really good and really really true.
  • mk
    Beautiful absolutly entrancing. I do the same thing as i look for some way to get through every day and not die. i feel the pain also. just know i'm with you.
  • camara
    i liked your poem. it was really great. It was written greatley. good job and keep writing.
  • Kristine
    I love this poem, It's exactly how i feel sometimes. I relate to it.
  • Kristy
    This poem touched my very soul because I can understand it completely. I'm glad that I can relate to others who have had similar experiences but if I had the choice and so did others I'm sure they would have preferred to not go through that type of agony. Thankyou for writing this poem and sending it to this website so that others can see it and know that they aren't alone.
  • sharon
    I love this poem cuz it relates to me alot . it's good to know im not alone. It's really deep and touching. i can feel your pain.
  • Gemmae
    young children seen playin thru a window while slicin ur wrists is exactly wat self mutilators feel like inside they feel like they will always be the child or person locked away and will never be able to play again. this poem shows exactly who i was and who many other ppl were and are.
  • shani
    your poem is deep. i love it. it remindsme a lot of myself. cool.
  • Danielle
    This is one of the most Beutiful poems I have ever read. Reminds me of mine at times. Well done hun x Danielle 15
  • Nikki
    I was really touched by this poem. It just sord of jumped out to me. I am a cutter and I relate so much to the things Bec said in the poem. You are gifted as a writer, and also as you do, I write. Thank you for posting that!
  • keky
    that poem was deep. it was like what i had done to me. u can see me scars and know
  • beckie
    hey. this poem really touched mem when i read it i started to cry. it really hit me, if you kow what i mean . well odne on rtin thid poem . i hpe you will rite somemore ok lots of love becci
  • lena
    strange, how suddenly I'm not the only one to do such (let's admit it - foolish) things anymore. it feels good to know i'm not the only one.
  • twitch
    wow. you have no idea how deeply that touched me.
  • Tiff
    I understand and I know how you feel, I've felt it too.
  • Allie aka Rabbit
    that was soooo touching! that is what i needed! here i thought i was all alone but im not! thank you for writing and posting that! it trueley helps!
  • sara
    i loved your poem. it reallyy touched me. i loved it. ur a good person tht thinks of good poems
  • Amanda-Jean
    Wow. Talented poem writer.
  • sponge
    this is amazing, it describes how i feel, except i usually use scissors not a razor blade, im trying to stop now, anyway this is an excellent poem, well done
  • chelsea
    this poem was unbeleivable. it definatly spoke to me, and im really glad I had the chance to read it.
    all i can say is WOW!
  • ashlee
    I loved your poem. Many others probably say this but your poem touched my soul. I loved the expression and how it is exactly how i feel and what i used to do this poem helps ease the pain i knowing that others do it to. thanks ash
  • Sam
    This poem was pretty damn awesome. I know how it is to cut and I know the feeling that you have to just let go. But you put it into words so much better than I will ever be able to. I LOVED IT! -Sam
  • kerri
    i have made so many friend that cut themselves and i am scared to death that something might go wrong! this poem has made them really relize alot of stuff! i thank you for writing this poem
  • Dannica
    this poem is really deep. i like it
  • Amanda
    Though some may think this is a little overboard. I like it a lot b/c it's how I write as well. Not everyone will understand your metaphors and hidden links. but I think we're on the same page. Keep your chin up and keep expressing yourself through poetry. Sometimes this is the only way to keep your hopes alive. Peace
  • Rhys
    Beautiful. Beautiful, you have absolutely entranced me. It makes me feel understood in my world of loneliness.
  • Walter
    I loved this poem, it was a real vivid and strong poem, i loved it
  • Mike
    I think that this was one of the best poems i have had the privellege to read. It almost perfectly describes my encounter with selfmutalation. It was very descriptive and dark. Beautiful poem.
  • Iz
    i also used to use blades to ease pain. but one day when things were really bad, i promised my mother i wouldn't hurt myself. i suggest that you promise to someone you won't do this, it helps knowing someone cares. remember, it is a choice. hope this helps
  • Kyle
    Dude. Wow. it is so like what i think about doing its like. Wow. The pain we all share!
  • Elizabeth
    I see myself in the poem. Great wording. *claps softly*
  • amanda
    wow i feel so bad. that is really sad. mabey you should write other poems, such as this one. every time yu want to do this. That way instead of soing it you write about what you would do. Use you gift as a writer to benefit you emotionally.
  • jin
    very nice poem. 'live life with ease. take it ez =)'
  • sassy
    wow. umm yeah that was really touching. it makes me think really deep about everything that goes on in my life and how i feel exactly like the girl in the poem, every day :/ Really amazing job
  • Mz
    Hey. i used to have a probelem like that to when i was much younger. i totally understand what yur goin through. we all expericence pain in diffrent wayz but sometimes deal wth it the same way
  • Tyler
    This was just lovely, definitely keep writing and sharing it with all of us.
  • Hannah
    i just wanted to say that you poem rilly touched me!
  • annette
    this poem was absolutely wonderful. i mean i could really understand how you felt. i wish my poetry was more like that
  • Denise
    Gee, it's great ! No, it's better than great. So sad lah, and so like me.
  • Carine
    Oh, boy. Strong meaning. I love it! It's touching.
  • Mallory
    I'm glad to kno that there are other people who understand what i went thru b4. My parents thought i was crazy when they seen the cuts and scars on my legs that were self-inflicted. because i was depressed and felt everything going wrong was my fault. I can totally relate to this poem and its really sad. i hope everything gets better for u and u find a way out
  • donna
    I feel you in this poem. I feel that there is alot of confusion wheather to do it or not. Im there, I just wish I can put it into words instead of action
  • Kari
    I can relate so much actually, i have a self injury problem too, an eating disorder and ive tried to commit suicide also, but you have to know you can make it, you seem like such a beatiful person, and if I was right by you i'd reach over and hug you haha, good luck! Great poem!
  • melanie
    nice a very good and deep poem i know how the person in the poem is talking about cos i go through it allot
  • Morgan
    i really liked the meaning of your poem i wish i could write like u
  • jessica
    oh my god. this is an excellent poem.
  • candace
    i love this poem. me and my other friend who feels this way read it over and over again. it's so descriptive, and says everything. we all feel you're pain, we know that pain, it's inside us.
  • Kylee
    very nice, i have plenty of poems that i have written about this type of "release". and i'm always intrigued when i read other poems about cutting.
  • Brittany
    This poem shows every image, every thought, every memory of things i have done in the past and still do, it shows. me
  • Juri
    A beautiful poem. I like how the author wraps the poem up. seeing the children play clearly through the window. then at the end,"distorted" ^^. And I LOOOVE the alliteration. lots of devices used here! :)
  • Kellie
    wow. that poem so easily could have been about me, it's exactly how i feel, what i do. thankyou for putting my life into such wonderful words. you are an amazing writer.
  • Jess
    This was a very touching poem. This poem really represents what i used to do, and what i used to feel like. It was incredible.
  • Jasmin
    Hey I loved your poem, it sound like things I do. It really touched me well in a way yeah. but I wanted to say no one should go through with that . Yeah
  • Whitney
    I havent done thant in about a year and half. My mind still revisits it every day but somehow iwithstand the need for release. The scars are enough to explaine to strangers i cant imagine explaining it to my future children. what am i gingt say opps i fell and andedon a rake.
  • Alize'
    Yor poem is sad but it is well written and it is so real. u can just picture it ,It is a very good poem
  • sarah
    hey,i just wanted to say that this poem rwally touched me. i read this poem and i wept. u r reallygoodat poetry. great job on this one.
  • Lizzie
    It's beautiful. It's like you're telling a story of how I feel. It helps to know that there are others who feel similarly.
  • sarah
    i thought it was beautiful. keep writing!
  • Amanda
    Your poem is really good. It's one of those ones that have to be read slowly to fully understand what you're feeling. I love those poems; awesome job. I also love it cuz that's exactly what I do too. Anyways, it's an awesome poem :)
  • Jessica
    This poem is a really sad but true one for me. I use to cut my self. But I stopped. I am okay with a couple of scars. But I love this poem!
  • little_chickadee
    i truely love this poem! It's deep. very deep, and it was likely only meant to describe one persons feelings, your own of course, but describes many others feelings also. man i wash i could write like you! keep up the good poetry! ps. i'm deeply sorry that you feel this way if it is you you are writing about (which i think it's obvious you are)
  • lily
  • Jason
    the imagary were really surreal the way life looks like from a veil of depression
  • bunny
    thats the most beautiful poem ive ever heard but it is so sad its how i felt. good job! *hugs*
  • ange
    Very true and touches my heart because i was at that place also, I used to think i was the only one who did that.
  • Jen
    It is a great poem, just a sad revelation that it really does happen to so many people and no one notices it happening. like the children playing on the lawn, they just keep playing
  • Me
    i have to say that you really did capture how you feel when cutting takes over your life. i really liked it. in a morbid way.
  • Sarah
    WOW that poem is very very good. I completely agree with where you are coming from. I do the same thing to escape my pain.
  • Parth
    yo. your poem is amazing
  • Gira
    i used to. i used to cut myself. i thought it waz the rite thing. until da love of my love come into my life and saved me
  • Greg
    You have an amazing talent, keep writing. This poem makes me think about what i do, and hopefully will help me stop cutting. Simply put, this was one of the best poems i have ever read, you put to words what coutless people feel everyday, but cannot express
  • sarah
    i loved your poem. it reminds me of me
  • blah
    i know how you feel
  • Joel
    Hey, Bec love your poem. That sounds like me. But Bec cutting cant really help you. It only drags me down deeper. Stay safe
  • Tarny
    Self mutilation is an integral part of my life that I cannot escape despite all my attempts. your poem expresses how I feel. I see happiness but do not feel it.
  • Rich
    This is a beautiful poem. I think I am one of the only guys to post that I have been there and done it. You can express what I feel through words I can never find. Thank you.
    Hey im not gonna say i know how you feel likeeveryone else does cus its true no one can understand anyone elses pain i do deal with my problems the same way as you though i will tell you that.
  • nay
    that poem was totally me.
    wow you wrote that poem about me huh? cause thats juss like me!
  • no
    Yep, happens to the best of us.
  • Jessica
    this poem is wonderful i think it really explains what it is like to be in that state of mind, i know cuz i have been there you are a very talented poet!
  • angel
    This is amazing. Ive never know anybody who has felt like I have.
  • myth
    What can I say, I no longer cut but it awaked the feelings i used to feel when i did. You writing is somethign specail keep it up.
  • Sue
    Bec your poem is quite moving. The imagery is strong and creates a mood of despair. It's caputured a feeling or emotion within me that I had yet to identify. Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope that you have moved through this dark period of your life.
  • Candace
    Thanx for the poem. I like it allot. That's what I do when I'm mad and depressed. Thanx again, it's great. Yuo should write more.
  • Annah
  • lucky
    no one should eva feel this way evreyone has the right to feel secure and safe, i'm sure there's someone out there to love everyone

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