I wrote this about my mother who has just recently went through a divorce. My father and mother had been married for 24 years, and dated for four years prior to getting married.

He left her for another woman!

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems

Courage To Move On!!
They had been together for many a year,
Now all she can feel is fear.
She gave all that she could give,
It just wasn't the way he wanted to live.

He left without a backward glance,
Not even giving their love a chance.
She often wonders what she could have done,
To keep him from going on the run.

Now she is living all alone,
With nothing she can call her own.
She can barely make herself eat,
Wondering if her life will again be complete.

This woman is now moving along,
Building her courage, and becoming strong.
Time will heal her broken pride,
Toward the sunrise her heart will glide.

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  • Shannon
    I think your poem will touch alot of people. It is inspirational. Thanks I feel better!
  • mushy
    this poem really inspires me to move on after the break up i had with the first man i have ever loved. just have to move on.
  • robin
    this poem was very sweet and i loved it because it relates to me and wat i went threw with my first love from eighth grade till my senior year but he left with out a simple good bye and left me with a beautiful one year old baby but now i turned my life around hope for the best for him
  • Elka
    I love that poem so much. There are so many ladies in that situation! And i can so relate to it! Thank you very much. It reminds me of my mother and all she had to go through! Tahnks again. That's great work because you can feel the emotions pouring out of the poem. I LOVE IT! Keep it up!
  • Julie
    Awesome Poem. You really hit it. I lived with my spouse for 4 years and then married him, we've been married for 9 years seperated for the last 5. I still cry for him and us on a regular basis. Sometimes you just dont know how to let go and how to stop loving no matter the pain and the enormity of the realization that it will never be the same again.
  • TINA
    i think it was sweet that you wrote a poem based on your mom. i like the poem. it was nice :)
  • Charlae
    This is s how I feel. I was in an 8 year relationship and he walked a way like he never even knew me. Thank you for this poem!
  • Ruby
    omg i love this poem me and my boyfriend of 6 years well were not doing good at all and i have a big fillin that this is the end ya know and i just dont now what to do i mean i have been with him for like ever we have shared like everything togeather and he is my best friend but latley he is givin me this attitude that he dosent want to be "tied" down and he wants to do what he want when he wants and he wont answer to me but me on the other hand its a sooo diffrent story! i have felt like our relation ship has been takin steps back for so long now that this is the end soon and i just dont know what to do him on the other hand will have a new person tomarrow i know this we have split for a couple of days before and he was like so fine with it when i seen him with another girl! i love him so much but it seems like he fills my love is a heavy burden he has to put up with! but i love you poem it means so much to me now i know iam not alone and that makes me fill so much better
  • zoe
    this poem touched me i am only 17 but understand the words from an experience that i wish had never of happened. when i read the poem my heart bleeds and i feel as though i am the women alone and sad. this poem truely is a work of art
  • kim
    reminds me of my broken relationship
  • christy
    This poem touched me because my husband and I have separated also.
  • Andrea
    Thank you.
  • jess
    it was nice short and got to the point and reminded me about my x im only 20 and have spent only 3 years off an on with him but in that time we had and kid and did a lote and trying to get over it i am not good at writin poems but love to read them
  • deepayan
    very good thought process
  • Lovely
    I love this poem and i have a friend who's parents been together the same amount of time and her dad came home from work and packed all of his belongs and left her mom after twenty plus years. Her mother didn't know what to do and what was going on he left without a word. he didn't even say good bye! so the daughter, who was about to get married, my friend isn't getting married anymore. I think her parents marriage affected hers!
  • chris
    i love this. this explains everything ive been through cept me and my ex werent together for a year. only a month. but when i was with her it felt like a year. i love this poem. i love this so very very much. amazing work.
  • Lanaia
    This poem is excally how alot of people feel my self included . . as i read it . . i started to cry . . your poem is deep and has true meaning to it.
  • laura
    that was a really sad poem and i really feel what she is going throw we all lost love one`s in our life guess thats just the way life go`s i know it hurts to see your mother like this but day by day she will get storng give her time
  • Lesley
    Fantastic ! This is exactly how i feel, my husband has only recently left me we had been married for 2 years but together for 9. I just cried and cried and cried xxx
  • vuyiseka
    This poem has tached me so much,coz its actually saying the same thing that happened to my relashionship and discribing exaclty the same way i am feeling right now.
  • Jennifer
    Wonderful Poem! Me and my boyfriend of a yr and a half have been broken up for a lil over 2months already and we have no contact what so ever because he thought it'd be best for us and easier for us to move on but I realized how much I truely miss and love him and I can't stand it. I can't sleep and I can't eat. I can really relate to this poem alot.
  • Alyssa
    I love this poem. It reminds me of what i'm going through at the moment and when i read this poem it helped me build up the courage to try and move on with my life.
  • leslie
    this poem is so true and i think every one should read it
  • Alma
    This is one of the best poems.
  • Mira
    I liked this poem because it`s about me. My husband just left me.
  • Lisa
    Your poem has touch me deeply. even thou I am not married. It has reminded me of that day. when he said " I can't promise you I be with you forever" it crushed my heart, not knowin when will that day will come. readin your story just bring tears to my eyes, and I can feel the pain your mother is going through. as I am just starting
  • Missy
    i really liked this poem more than all the other ones , I m going thru something simmeler at the moment but i write poems myself & i was looking for a poem to explain my sadness & now i've found it! Missy
  • susie
    loved the peom its very touching it makes u feel warm inside it was very good
  • Carolyn
  • Leslie
    I loved this poem so much it really touched me because I went through that. i was with someone for like three years, and now he has a kid and he was only with that one person for four months. :(
  • Ariel
    omg this poem touched me so bad because my boyfriend after 3 months broke up with me and it hurt now all i can do is hope and wish that we will get back together i tried to move on but it just didnt work i loved him so much and he just left me with no reason or anything i dont know i love him so muhc still i tried to move on to someone else but it didnt work out i would always kall him my ex boyfriends name and he would get mad and then i would always think about him and now this guy that i was with i had to brewak up with him because i always had kris on my mind well i loved the poem bye bye love ya
  • ashley
    This is a very good peom and very true the same thing is happing to me now and hopefully this poem will help me get over him
  • Zana
    Dis poem is hella cut;sad i love it cuz it matchez wit me nd dis guy!your awsome!
  • lauren
    this poem is very deep to me. it has given me hope that things will get better and life does move on.
  • yeni
    this is a very good peom and so yeah it goes really well w/ me but im not a woman but it still goes well w/ me this poem really inspired me to try to move on thank you!
  • theresa
    i had made great poems and i lyk this poem of yours. i feel its pain. tanx for sharing. =)
  • Madie
    I finally found a poem about the way I feel. Execellent work.
  • Gayle
    I can really relate, my husband left me after 38 years of marriage. Life felt like it ended, but it does go on. I wish I could stop hurting and I have most of the time, but ever once in awhile I feel that pain again.
  • tha
    i LOVE your poem ! it actually goes with my life :) it`s great !
  • ashley
    That was a really good poem.
  • Zia
    Very touchy.
  • raylene
    This poem reminds me of one of my past relationships. The guy just up and left me, breaken my heart all sick like! That is messed up HAH!
  • James
    It was very touching and I could feel the myriad of emotions eminating form the page. Definitely seemed as though it was written from the heart. It touched me so I wrote a personal note to the author. Something that is totally out of my character.
  • Dreamer
    that was realy great i loved it yuor a good poet. keep it up dont ever stop!
  • Dulce
    great poem it reminds me of my mother.
  • Sarah
    It's wonderful. eventhough i'm not married, somehow i can relate with the poem
  • sharon
    I am in a similar situation, and found your poem very touching. You put into words the thoughts that have plagued me. Thankyou, and i wish your mum well, time does heal, even though somedays it seems impossible.
  • lady_munchkin
    awe. this poem issoo cool. yea. i can relate to this cuause my folks ae going thruohg the same thing. makes me wonder why now? sometimes i wonder will this happen to me? thanx.
  • Sarah
    This is a detailed story stategically put into poem i love it
  • sandy
    i think this poem is great it really brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of how i felt when me and my boyfriend broke up about two months ago and i got my courage to move on and now i got a great guy i wouldnt trade for the world
  • Eliberto
    This is ppoem well put for any woman who has gone through times like this,and left alone after so much of her life was spent with the man she thought realy loved her. Iam a single parent and the mother of our child left us in a simiular way and didnt even bother to look back at her 2yr old child she was leaveing behind,she now is six and stays with me ,and I hope that something like that doesnt happen to her. I hope to find someone I can share my live with,as I know she will some day (your mom) and have the courage to move on.
  • christina
    this poem has actually givin me the need and strength to move on after a painful breakup because when your with a person for any amount af time and you lose your heart to them you think that nothing could go wrong and it oten does thanks this poem is great
  • pamela
    I am going through the same thing but married 8. 5 years
  • Gracie
    I love yr poem, it so true, it touches my heart.
  • mandy
    i love this poem. these are my feelings in front me but it gives me hope
  • jaz
    it's so real. There is so many girls going though this stuff!
  • Nieshea
    Very inspiring.
  • Angie
    I really like this poem, becuase it reminds me of my parent's divorce. My dad left my mom for another woman too, I think i should send this poem to my mom. Thanks
  • genia
    i personally thought this poem was very touch able to me, because i been through the same thing
  • Elizabeth
    I love this poem. This just happened to me. I am just now finding courage. and it is hard. I never realized how much love hurt. Zach. i will always love you.
  • Bombon
    I really liked this poem it gives inspiration for those who have lost. I can relate. Beautiful poem!
  • christina
    I'm really feeling this right now.
  • marlene
    I appreciated this poem. I love the fact that she is able to move on. Reminds me of myself.
  • bansi
    this poem is a fabulous one. it speaks for itself. this poem expresses the feeling of a woman. this poem is a really touching one n literally expresses the feeling of a woman left alone by her loved one. i really apprecieate the efforts taken by the poet n is worth lots of words or praise.
  • Paula
    This poem made me cry; but at the same time it made me realize that I can go on after my divorce too. Wish your mom all the luck in the world!
  • Amber
    This poem really made me think and relise I'm not the only one going through this . thank you and please write more
  • Shobha
    I'm going thru just such a situation rite now and the pain it causes cannot be expressed. I've gone thru the poem a no. of times, and each time, I love it more and more. So very real it sounds. Keep up the good work!
  • Paul
    the poem is so true. i had to leave my g/f behind and she probably feels this way every day. miss you baby
  • Dana
    I really loved it. the poem remainded me when i loved a boy. and tried to move on.
  • Ginger
    It always seems no matter how hard we try the one that loves the most is always the one that suffers. The poem is very strong with feeling.
  • joyce
    i love this poem because it gives out a such a positive notion, which states that even if love fails to prevail. tomorrow will always give you a new beginning to learn to love again.
  • Angela
    i love this poem i am going through a break up after 20 yrs and 25 years of being together its painful.
  • mark
    I like your poem,
  • Magz
    Aww, It's cute, but I know whatcha mean. oh wow do I. Keep writing, the stuffs great. straight from the heart!
  • jamal
    I have just recently broken up with my lover, Not by my choice at all, I too wondered and still do, what I could have done to keep him with me. Its been so very hard for me, I've cried and prayed for his return, knowing that to stay with him is to desert myself. This poem, will hopefully give me the power and will to move on and find life out side of that relationship.
  • n
    this poem kicked
  • may
    this poem describes whats happening between me and my boyfriend.hope to read more poems from you
  • Sally
    I loved it! Sad and touch- ing.
  • cat
    I liked your peom becase I too have a lost love, he has a new girlfried now and I just wanted to say that I was doing the same thing, I still am I just hope I get over him soon or I get once again!
  • Emy
    Among all the poems i read, i can conclude by saying that this is one of the best poems.Thanks for sharing ur poem with us..and i really appreciate it..
  • robin
    The poem really touched me.. See I have been married for 24 years now and nine months ago my husband walked out on me. I only hope I will have the courage to put my life back together and go on.
  • nicole
    I loved your poem! It brought tears to my eyes because of a recent relationship that I was in, i emailed him the poem also. Wwe are both in the navy and he had left me after 3 years of a relationship and after a miscaradge with his child. Thak you for the inspiration. Anything helps.
  • Tina
    can relate great poem
  • tiffany
    Wow! I'm really actually crying over this poem....it just reminds me so much of my own relationship. It's like she's transcripts of y thoughts from the past few days.
  • kate
    it was beautiful , my parents are going through the same thing at the moment , well done
  • trasy
    i would give you a 8 for this. my mother went down the same road.

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