The loss of a parent can be devastating, more so when thy were also your best friend.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

As I sat watching by your bed,
A million thought ran through my head.
Of just how much were you aware?
Did you know that I was there?

Could you feel the love I sent,
In whispered word, Or prayer bent?
Upon my cross as I asked God,
To spare your life for my selfish cause?

So that I could tell you just once more,
"I love you Mommy! " as I had before.
And we could chat like days of old,
Over coffee cups all rimmed with gold.

And laugh and joke, or just to share
some small hurt and perhaps a tear.
To talk of the past, or things yet to do.
To sniffle, and sneeze, and say "Bless You! "

All these dreams now hang in shreds,
As I sit here with bowed down head.
And ponder on these sad thoughts.
Just to wonder, "Was it all for naught? "
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  • helena
    this poem fits the way i feel about my mum
  • zarah
    I have recently lost my dear mother, i was looking for some inspiration and i found it in this poem, it's exactly how i feel! very well written, it touched my heart. Thank You.
  • deandra
    i really love the words of the poem because it reminds me of everything i uesd to do with my mother who recently died last year october 2006 of kidney failure. it really touches me when i can find the right words at the right time. to the author of this excellent put together poem a job well done! bravo.
  • jessica
    this is sooo pretty lisa. i loved it. you touched me inside alot. i was surprised. i dont kno wut id do if my mommy died. but i love this poem and you did great. keep up the good work hunny.
  • verlenta
    i voted for this poem because i just had to deal withthe lost of my own mother and it seems to me just like the day it happened to me
  • Mop
    Your poem brought tears to my eyes, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel, but it takes alot of guts to write such a touching poem after a tragedy like that, really sorry, LUVED the poem!
  • Amber
    I really like this poem. I lost a lady that was like my mom a week aga today. I really miss her. but all I can do is keep my head and realize that she is in a better place. So that is all you can do is keep your head up and realize that she is in a better place and that she is not suffering anymore. But always remember she is always with you.
  • Mary
    I give this poem the highest grade you can give. It really hit home. I lost my grandmother 3 months ago. The words Lisa wrote, well, I couldn't have expressed them any better. Thank you
  • sarah
    I think that was a beautiful poem. I personly never lost my mother, but I don't know what I'd do without her. I've lost other people in my family. And most of my family is sick or dying of something. It makes you think of how people take others foregranted. They never see it coming, so afterwards they feel guilty. I hope your mom gets better. God bless.
  • miranda
    Just five years ago when i was only nine years old i watch as i called 911 my mother die. I didn't have a father and my sister was meantaly challenged. I was taken away by my sister, and from all my family members. SO i can understant this poem probably better than everybody. I think that this poem is great and really touched me. Thankyou for writing it.
  • Cassie
    I lost my mom last July. I am 16 yrs old and i have a younger sister whose 11 and we miss our mom very much. We lost her to cancer. That poem touched me i just wanted to say thanks.
  • Kathy
    Beautiful words that touched my heart.
  • billie
    It's not quite been a year since my mother has passed, but your poem captured exactly how i feel.
  • Kim
    I lost my Mother in March 2005 . This poem touched my very soul.
  • Kayla
    13 years ago i lost my mother when i was three and reading you poem reminded me of myself of all the things that i would of liked to do with my mother so reading your poem made me realize there are so many out there that has went through the same as i did. your poem was absalutly amazing it made me cry and i will forever remember it
  • Aubrie
    I loved this poem, it reminded me of when my mother died of a brain tumor when I was 8, it brought back good memories, just keep writing!
  • Steven
    This poem touch me because I lost mother in Febuary. I was right by her bed when she died it was the most horrilbe sight and feeling that had happen to me.
  • Kim
    Oh My this was just like living the night that my mother passed away
  • tiffany
    I think this poems is so preety I could have gave it to my mom when she died but she left me when I was little and my brothers and sisters and my dad left I was so lucky I lived and they said to me that they wish my mom and every one else was still here and i said you dont want me here and they said you can stay here as long as you want i just wanted you to met your preety family i was the baby they told me that my mom is preety now every time i think of her i start crying and guess what i'm crying now this i sa preety poem.
  • danielle
    this poems so sweet it just touched tht point in my tht a wanted to cry my mum died 2 years ago in was very ill for some time before that reading this poem just lets me no tht am not alone in loosing someone a truely love in all those things tht she will never be able to say to me xxx
  • Angel
    This poem got to me. i just lost my mother less than a week ago. i loved it.
  • Lori
    This poem fit me perfect. My mother passed away Sept. 6,2005. I sat by her bedside for the last 8 weeks of her life. Every thing you wrotr is just what I felt. Losing her was the hardest thing I ever went through.
  • alisha
    i lost my mom when i was 4 and i never got to meet her much and if i could just rewind time i wish it could of been me in stead of her and this poem you have wrote has really touched my heart so thank you!
  • lisa
    loved the poem, and what a coincidence that our names are the same *smile*. my mother passed away last christmas of colon cancer and i still havn't gotten over it. do hope you know how much your poem has touched many.
  • Nadia
    i really liked this poem, it really touched me. i haven't lost a parent but i realise i can take them for granted. this poem helps me realise just how special they are. xxx
  • Kara
    This poem brought me 2 tears, i lost my mother wen i was six. Its very painful losing a loved one
  • jessica
    it was very sad yet one of my favorite poems. somthing simalar happened to me. my mom left me when i was youngso alot of these poems make me sad and cry. lisa fisher god bless you. the highest amount you can give
  • Sheila
    Ilost my mom on nov. 21, 2004. i was looking for A SPECIAL poem for my older sister who has taken over the mom role. i read this and cried , it brought back memories. this poem is so touching. THX.
  • peggy
    i really like this poem my mother passed away on december,28,2004
  • Mia
    My mom died of sewiside on march 3, 2004! it was devistating and when i read this poem. it reminded me so much of her!
  • Ptica
    I lost my Mum too. and she was ill for quite a long time. cancer killed her. and I watched her dying, day by day. and in the end only her eyes were alive. but she couldn't speak. she couldn't move. it haunts me today. not knowing if she was aware of anything. of me.
  • Kimberly
    this pome is really good
  • brandy
    I lost my mom as well when I was ten, 11 years ago, from breast canser She past at out home in the middle of july that morning I looked out my window and saw them carrying her out It was a nightmare your poem was super I liked it alot thanks for sharing it.
  • Jason
    Lisa, i really feel your poem it almost made me cry i lost my mom 2 weeks ago i know what your going through keep your head up.
  • krystal
    this touched me cause i have a friend that lost her mommy
  • yesenia
    hey, u make me cry. even though my mommy is not gone jet, there are some parts that is just ike me and her. this poem really touched my heart. thank u for this poem. it make me think about all kind ot things. i realize how much my mom meant to me. and how much i love her. good job.
  • shayla
    Dear Lisa, i totally feel your poem just ready it broung tears to my eyes i feel what your going through i lost my mom also and just by reading your poem i can feel we have a connection me and you. your poem is beutiful. god bless you and your family.
  • TIm
    I do not no what it is like to loose a parent. But just last week i went to a friends mothers funeral it has touched me so much and made me be thankful of what i have and the pain that everyone else has gone through.
  • Lisa
    This brought tears to my eyes. I lost my mom from breast cancer on Oct 22, 2002. I took care of her when she was sick, and I know the feeling of wondering if she knew I was there with her, but I think even though she coudln't tell me that she knew, she did.
  • sarah
    Your poem is great. It brought tears to my eyes, I know the feeling. My Mom died almost 4 years ago when i was 13. And at times I still cry. You will never get over the fact that you lost her. And remember your not alone. And if you need to cry then cry, its a good thing. cause tears are upspoken words. I loved your poem. I hope you write more. its very moving.
  • Ashley
    I loved your poem. I just lost my mom not even a month ago on 12-5-03 from cancer. This poem meant a lot.
  • jennifer
    i just lost my mom on oct 10 03 . and i also wached her die it was really hard and all this stuff ran thoigh my head
  • kdee
    i know what u r going thru! but i did not get to say good bye to my mom! it truley touched me i cryed!
  • lee
    i loved your poem i lost my mother onoct. 6 2002 all i wanted was one more chance to say i loved her
  • Jacqueline
    This poem made me cry because my mom just died last year of cancer and never got to see me turn thirteen yesterday. We used to dink coffee out of gold rimed cups to. Great poem
  • lARA
  • Carol
    i really enjoy your poems. they all touch my heart.
  • Char
    This poem is very inspiring to everyone. I lost my mother 2 years ago 8-21-00, It is very hard to lose your mother. Those of you who still have your mother still with you, give them a hug, & kiss them everyday, an let them know just how much YOU LOVE THEM. Becouse, once there gone they are gone.
  • Eli
    when i first read this poem, i cried because i am lucky to have mom around. but if she passes on, i plan to use this poem part of her memorial. until. keep writing poems about the losses. these poems did help out the ones who are suffering a great deal.
  • Julia
    I want you to know this poem was the most beautifull poem I have seen yet. I lost my mother will be 2 years ago this April and still I am finding it very hard as this poem fits my mother and I to a tee.
  • Soph
    I think that your poem "Mommy" was really good. My mum has tried to commite suicide three times but all three attempts were unsucsessful lucky for me and my family. I feel really sorry for as i can only imagine what it must have been like. I am truley sorry for your loss.
  • Stacy
    this poem is a very emotionally helpful to those who can't express their feeling of a lost one. I ove this poem because I can relate to it.
  • Jennie
    This poem made me cry. If you dont mind i'd like to copy this and give it to a friend. Her mother passed away a year ago. And she is still taking it hard. I trully loved your peom. and hope that your pain will eventualy ease down. Lots of love.
  • Rena
    Well, this actually hasn't been my experience, but my best friend just lost her mom over cancer and everything you said in this poem I saw in the eyes of my best friend and her thoughts. It really put into words how she felt and how I knew she felt.
  • Ashley
  • Suzie
    This poem her really inspired me and just thinking of those things made me want to brake down and cry. I know losing a mom is not very easy although my mum is still alive. At ;east now I know what to say to make sure my mum knows that i am thinking of her alwasys and will alwasy love her no matter what
  • Amy
    it touched my heart becaues I can see how they may feel about loseing there mom because I lost my mom when I was in the 8th grade and it was hard for my to take it at the time.
  • Heather
    i really liked it. it made me cry thining about my mother who past away
  • kate
    I am thirteen years old and my mother died 7 days ago to cancer she died in my arms and i just wanted you to know i loved your poem and it brought tears to my eyes to know someone else knows how i feel.
  • Patrik
    This poem really made my eyes wet. This one was really touching and beautiful. I wouldn't last a day, if my mother died. She is so important to me.
  • Jennifer
    That is one of the best poems I have read! I know how you feel I lost my father but I was not there to say good-bye this poem truly touched my heart
  • Priscilla
    This was a very sad poem and so sorry 4 whos had a loss like this before. But i love reading these poems so u might find some of my poems on of mine on here too.
  • Kayla
    Your poem is very touching and my greatest fear. My mom is also my bestfriend and I pray she never leave. For your loss I am truly sorry.
  • AMY
    Ilove your poem about your mommy because I lost my my when I was in the Eigh grade to cancer. So your poem so so nice to read. keep up the goood work. hope to see more poems like this one in the next few day or so
  • Michelle
    that poem was soooo0oooo made me almost cry. Everybody could use a good cry every now and then.thank you and sorry 4 you lose!
  • kristina
    i loved this poem so much. it reminds me of a problem my best friend faces in her life with her family. now it makes me think twice how i treat and act to my mom. doesnt it to you to?
  • josephine
    i have just lost my mother 3 days ago.and like the poem i too sat at her bedside wondering if she was aware that i was there with her through it all this poem was an exact summoning up of how i felt
  • Gwen
    This poem is wonderfully written! I am so sorry for your loss! I know how much it hurts to loose someone that you have lost so dear to you. My Grandfather died of cancer 16 years ago, but it always feels like yesterday. I watched him day by day slowly die. I don't think that there is anything in life as hard as death. Poems are the key to your heart. If what you write is how you feel, you can never be wrong.
  • Missy
    very nice! I lost my mother back in January, and it still hurts BADLY in November!
  • leeanne
    Excellent poem. I lost my mom almost 2 years ago. I was at her bed side when they took the life suport off of her. She was only 42 and to this day, I still have dreams of that day.
  • Carrie
    i love this poem i too lost my mommy just last year...everything has gotten so hard since then...she left me with my little 9yr old brother to take care of... my dad is still here but, dont like to have responsibilities... i just remember my mommys face to get me through the day and i hope you do the same... carrie
  • LeighAnn
    I am very fortunate to still have my mommy by my side, but I too am a mommy of a 10 year old daughter. I just couldn't imagine her feeling this way when I pass on. So I now am going to spend my days with her like they are my last. Your poem was so inspiring and touched me deeply. My prayers and thoughts are definately with you.
  • Becca
    that was very sweet and i just wanted to say that i just lost my grandma which i can say my mother 2 months ago and it feels like it was yesterday when we were just laughing i'm sorry
  • Sherry
    I just lost my own Mom (Heather) to ALS on July 29/00. I was by her side while she died and am honored to have been there as her daughter, caregiver and friend. I miss her so much and am having a hard time realizing my grief. We shared many a cup of coffee together and laughs and problems/life. Just when I need my Mom the most and she isn't here for me. I feel abandoned and don't want to go through with this grief. I needed a poem like that to help my tears come out, thanks! Sherry
  • sandra
    Lisa That excatly what happened to me when my mother died. Thank you for putting it into words
  • Nermina
    This poem is really sweet and sad ;(
  • Beverly
    No-one has said it BETTER! I lost MOM 2 wks. ago and she is only 62. The pain is Horrendous. But the memories can't be replaced. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!
  • rita
    in a stange way it is comforting.
  • Marge
    Reminded me of losing my Mom.
  • Lyn
    Mommy was a very good, very heart felt poem. I recently experienced the loss of my grandmother and was there at her death bed. Everything the author says here was what I was feeling at the time. My best friend also lost her grandmother 3 days ago to cancer and thought she would appreciate this as well. As would her mother and mine. This poem is very well written and speaks to you. I'm sorry for her loss, as well as all of ours and every one elses.

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