I wrote this poem a couple of days after my friend was killed. It talks about how I felt after his death.

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Dying Inside
Something so hard
goes straight to the soul;
it seems impossible to get over
and my heart is left with a big hole.

I'm trying to be happy, wearing a smile;
but I'm dying inside.
The world seems to be fading,
and I just want to run and hide.

Everywhere I go I see your face,
and realize how much I miss you;
and on the day you died
a piece of me died too.
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  • Angelina
    This is a very beautiful poem. my thoughts exactly!. I lost my best friend. apart of me died w/ him that day 2.
  • Blaise
    This poem really touched me because about three months ago in May a friend of mine was killed in a train-truck accident and this poem is something Ican relate my feelings about his death to.
  • stephanie
    I like this poem because. well I really don't know. But i do know that it is the best poem I've ever read. And I don't read a lot of poems. So that's why I like it. And I hope you make other poems like this one.
  • Cleshaun
    This poem really touched me
  • Tamara
    I thought who ever wrote this poem that done a very great job.
  • Jessie
    i was really close to my cuz and she died of cancer and this poem reminds me of the day of the awake and how hard it was to see her lying there. keep up the good work!
  • katie
    this is such a great poem my mom died when i was 7months and this is like my life thank you for writing this
  • laura
    this poem touched me it is very moving as i lost my brother jst not my brother he was my best friend he was killed in a car crash 4mnths ago and it ad that i will never cee him again ur poem is lovely ur friend will be very happy with u xxx
  • Kim
    I had a miscarriage recently and this is exactly how I feel. I died on that day too.
  • chantelle
    i just recently lost my bf he was so amazing i wake every morning just to cry my eyes out i loved him so much but now never to c hime again even though he is gone his memory lives on ur poe has touched me and brought to relaize i am nto alone in the worl dof loss and greif thank you
  • carlos
    This poem has touched me. I can actually say that i understand it well because iv'e lost my brother and as much as i try to act fine it kills me inside. Thank you for writing this
  • Austin
    This poem touched me greatly because less than a month ago my friend drowned in his bathtub after a drug overdose. I felt that a part of me died when he died because we we're best friends for almost a full seven years and he was there for me in my times of need and I was there for him. I really loved your peom.
  • Grace
    This Poem was very sad, it reminds me of when my nephue died, he was my best friend.
  • smith
    this poem remindes me of mu aunt and i really enjoyed it. i love to read peoms that remind me of my aunt.
  • himandme
    You're poem touched my heart, After knowing him for 2yrs and were good friends we decided to take it to the next step, and after 2 unforgetable nights God decided to take him away from me! I MISS HIM SO MUCH
  • mineshia
    hope this poem make it to number one because it had some posisitve points in this poem.
  • Matthew
    I feel your pain, and know exactly where youre coming from. I'm missing parts of me too. Keep the poems coming though, theyre great.
  • Corey
    I really like this poem alot. Im 16 and about 3 months ago two really close friends of mine had died in a car crash and I miss them soo much!
  • wendy
    hi i love the poem it said everything iam feeling right now becauce i have just lost my mum on the 5/1/06 i have taken it very hard as i was very close to my mum and it was every sudden and it broken my heart these words said it all for me because thats just the iam and iam dieing inside these words are so true thank you so much i give this 1oo% vote
  • shelly
    i recently had a tradgy happen to me, a guy i knew little about but knew he was amazing his smile made you love him. he was my sisters boyfriend and she is going through a very hard time and this poem said all the right things! i just want to tell you i am truley sorry! my heart goes out to you!
  • Cambree
    This poem totally tells how i feel, cuz i lost both of my parents and still havent goten over it, but im trying so hard to. im only 13 and they died when i was 3. But i must move on, and thats a REALLY good poem.
  • summer
    i loved your poem, now just tell me how to stop the pain
  • nikki
    i vote this as high as it can go baceause my uncle died 2 yrs ago and he died at the age of 20. he had the worst kind of cancer. and when he died i felt like my heart was gone!
  • megan
    When I was reading Dying Inside every word you said I understanded every meaning to it. I lost a best friend and my true love. and its been like 2 years now and I still cry at night. I dont know but I liked what u wrote.
  • Kailey
    I can relate to this story because my best friend died and when that happened I felt the same way. Great job!
  • April
    My Mother passed away and when I read that poem it brought tears to my eyes, that poem is how I feel everyday, thank you for putting it into words.
  • dalenna
    u poem reminds me of myself alot, i feel this way when i think about the loved one that i i've lost.
  • lori
    your poem really touched my i lost my mom and that is exactly how i feel, touching poem
  • heath
    im loved it it was awesome
  • Michelle
    thats just how i felt when my 5 month old nephew died. i was only 11(15 now) but it inpacted me pretty well. I miss him so much to this day. I really like the poem.
  • marnie
    yea it was pretty alright
  • paula
    i loved this poem because i have honestly lost so many people in my life from friends to family members and it was really hard for me to cope with a lot of them and this poem just reminds me how i felt while i was dealing with all of the deaths in my life and it feels good to know that im was not the only one out there that has felt this way. thank you for sharing your poem with the world it will touch more people than you know and it will help a lot of them cope with someone close to them dying. so thank you again and god bless you and let only good things come your way.
  • nobody
    hey, that's so true! i lost my grandmother and my grandfather in the same month and everytime i think about it i realize that with every thought i have of them a little peice of me dies!
  • Cyndi
    I just lost my best friend in a horrible car accident a week ago today. I had her funeral today and it was a very difficult thing for me. I felt that day that she passed away a piece of me floated up to heaven with her and her 7 month unborn baby girl. So this peom touched me in a certain spot.
  • Chelsea
    My sister died in a tragic accident on January 25,2005 In South Carolina. A part of me did die that day. I am only 11 years old and I miss my sister so much. She was my older sister and she was only 17 when she died. She was my older sister but sometimes she made me feel like she was my best friend. I miss her so much. That poem made me cry the first time I read it.
  • sahuly
    i'm deeply sorry for your loss and well i feel sad as well cause i too lost many during life but i like to say it this way it is a quote by well i don't exactly know who but i know it well "those who are born must die at a certain time and those who die are reborn in a next life" so don't worry whoever you lose they will be reborn somehow so don't worry ok that is all i think about when i lose someone i think of that quote and the one who taught it to me was my teacher from first period and besides writing helps in a way so you just keep on writing got to go see ya!
  • Joe
    I lost a long time friend on this very day last year and this poem could not better explain how I and many of the people she's touched feel. She's in a better place and will forever be missed.
  • candice
  • Amber
    My best friend Nate dien 11-11-2004 and i miss him so much . he mean everything to me . we were dating for 2 years and we had just broken up that same wekk he died . i love your poem it touched me and nates mother
  • ashley
    i really feel that way to and that is a really good one tho
  • Desiree
    I know exactly how you feel! Exactly a week ago i lost two friends in a car accident. There were four people in the car and out of the four people two died and of course they had to be friends of mine. The other two lived (the driver and the passenger). She was drunk (the driver) and its really upsetting cuz she killed two innocent people. I just want everyone to know that things can happen anytime. Please be safe by wearing your seatbelt and dont drink or do drugs. It causes alot of pain to people when something happens. I should know it happened to me.
  • Leslie
    my friend Lyndon just past away and i know how it must have felt
  • Roxanne
    When I read this poem, I knew how you exactly feel. I just lost my first love Garret to brain cancer. He was just seventeen. He fought wight months of it, but I'm happy he's not suffering. I goon with my life, trying to keep busy, but I'm dying inside.
  • stef
    this really touched me as my boyfriend aged 13 died on monday the 12th july 2004 and is deerly missed and this poem reminds me of wat i am doing
  • holly
    Just last year i lost my father then a month later i lost my nephew. i has heen really hard and that poem really explained how i feel.
  • maria
    ur poem is grate. and it touch me. I lost my brother in a motorbike accident before 2 years ago. he was just 18 he was like an angel. The day that he died, i died inside too. I cant let go, i miss him every single day,every single minute, every sinlge second of my life. God bless u!
  • shelly
    This poem remindes me of my grandpa. He died the 21st of this month and this poem really outched my heart.
  • Jane
    I read your poem and love it. I lost my best friend over two years ago - her husband murdered her - this poem says exactly how I feel - keep up the good work!
  • Cherisse
    I thought it was wonderful. Just wonderful.
  • Els
    I've had a friend, who commited suicide last January. Now, two months later, the pain won't ease. Reading this poem made the memories all so real. It describes what I feel. It's good to have a way of sharing the pain. I hope this pain will be passing, and the memories remain. Thank you for sharing my pain Els
  • LiL
    I really liked this poem. A best friend of mine passed away oN the 13/12/03. Just 3 months ago. And im still hurting and missing her so much. She was only 15. Everything reminds me of how much i miss her. . Very Nicely writing poem. Thanks.
  • Rachel
    I loved this poem. I have resently lost one of my own friends, in a car crash. It was an annocent car crash, no drugs or drinking involved, and so it took me by surprise. He ment the world to me, he was my shining star each and everyday. So when I read this poem, I could relate to how this person felt. Its a terrible feeling, that honestly can't be described or put into words, but the author did a good job.
  • dale
    i lost a friend a while back and this poems was how i felt i felt that a part of me had died and the world was just crashing round me
  • Amber
    This poem was really great. My friend Garett died 1/4/03, and this poem really reminded me of him. I still think about him and miss him alot. but i know that when i go to heave i will see him again.
  • veronika
    Hey, this is an awsome quote! really! i lost a friend of mine on July 23, 2003. it was by far the most awful day i ever had been through. i wish i had the talent to write what i am feeling in a way that u did. Ryan was the most awsome guy! i'll miss him forever! i am also sorry for ur loss. but in the end the clouds will part and everything will be ok
  • Jenn
    That's exactly how i felt when my boyfriend of four and a half years died at 16. When he died a bigger part of me did too. It's been two years and I'm still unable to date cuz I see him in everyone and everything.
  • Will
    Your poem is touching. We all feel like we decay and fade when something bad happens to our close ones. But it reminded me of what i felt for a long time, in a good way so ya good job!
  • Rachel
    Hi my name is Rachel and im 15. I just read ur poem and i think its great. i found out that on 9/25/03 one of my friends (Katrina) had died. This poem i can really relate to because the moment i read the words in a letter i recieved i felt i had died and had began to cry. The next day i bought flowers and went to her grave, it made me feel a little better, but everyday in school yeah i might smile but inside im dying.
  • amanda
    i love this poem because when i read it it reminds me about my cousin dustin that died two years ago.
  • Kristen
    You're poem was Great! two days ago I lost a close friend from a car accident and it has been very tough to get through. I read this poem and it made me cry but it also made me think about everything else in life. Again, it was a great poem.
  • steven
    this poem really depics exactly how i feel, my dad was murdered when i was fifteen i am now 17 and it seems so long yet so short ago. good poem. i love you dad and i will never forget you.
  • wilson
    I love this poem,I felt so sad when i read but you know what,we have to thank God the we know those people the we lost but they are always are going to live in our heart.
  • Patsy
    Hi, My name is Patsy and on Decemeber 15, 2002 one of my best friends Adam "Kyle" died. We were friends who did rodeos together. Adam was amazing ranked number 1 in the world in bull riding. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Adam. I know Adam is watching over me right now but I miss him very much. Your poem is great and I can really relate to it.
  • jasmine
    when i read this for the first time after my pop died it made me cry. and i can really relate to it now.
    i had lost my dad 2 years ago. and i was daddy's little girl and of course i still am and always will be. this poem touched my heart because he took a lot of me with him. that's kinda good but way to sad. thanks for sharing this poem.
  • Beth
    I really liked this poem, I can relate a lot to it. I have lost a lot of loved ones in the last 4 years. first it was my cousin who died at birth, my uncle was killed, my firend died, then my aunt died I miss them all. and this poem is exactly how i feel about them. It brought tears to my eyes.
  • Lisa
    What a greatly moving poem! It helped me greatly Thanks
  • teresa
    My friend past away on Aug.7 2001 it's been horrible and this poem has related to how i feel
  • crystal
    My father died in Dec. of 99. It is exactly how I feel... When he died he took a part of me with him... I miss him so much... I wish everyday that he was still alive... but i know that my wish won't come true... But in away my wish did come true... He is with me every day of my life... I just can't see him in a humen being...
  • Ashley
    On January 7, 2001 I lost my aunt. When I read this poem I just cried because I was reading my exact feelings.
  • Vanessa
    i love this poem. After i read it, it made me think of my grandmother. She passed away on new years.She died off of cancer. It was very hard for me to get over her death but sometimes i can because every time i close my eyes to sleep the image of her face appear's in my dreams
  • Victoria
    i really can relate to this poem.. when i read it, it made me feel somethimg that i never felt befor.
  • heather
    this is a very good poem i had a friend that died not to long ago and this poem explains the way i feel about him after he died to
  • Rusha
    I lost the love of my life back in april to suicide.I will love you forever Eric
  • Michelle
    This was a great poem.
  • sarah
    I really liked this poem...it explained how i felt when i had lost someone i loved
  • Jeanette
    My Aunt practically raised me from the time I was born til I started school.She passed away in March and this has been the hardest thing I've gone through.This is exactly how I feel everyday.
  • lori
  • meg
    this poem puts it all into words what i feel everyday.
  • Carrie
    I lost my best friend in car accident in September, and this poem describes exactly how I felt. It is a beautiful piece that really touched my heart.
  • felicia
    i lost a close friend only 3 weeks ago he ment everything to me & i miss him sooooo much & this poem reminds me of him,im sorry about ur friend i know what you are going through!
  • jennifer
    i thought this poem was great. thats how i feel now my husband is gone to heaven.

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