No one knows when death will come. So live each day like it's your last.

I have written this for my uncle. He was perfectly healthy. He'd never been sick in his life. Then one day a car hits him and he died three day's after. He said he wished he could have done so much more. He's gone now. So take a chance and try it. You'll regret it if you don't.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Death , Life
It stalks the night
It stalks the day
It seeks out life
And whisks it away
It's known as death
And other things too
But it's all the same
What matters is you.
How do you see it?
What does it mean?
It's best if you know
For death is unseen.
It can take you at day
It can take you at night
Knowing death well
Can lend you some light
The passage to death
Is always unclear
And it's best to know
That you're very near.
For death is at hand
It is for us all
Know it's face well
So you don't stumble and fall
Now think hard on death
And know that it's near
And the meaning of life
Will be all to clear
And that is to live
For your hearts desire
Not to stumble or fall
But to burn with a fire.
A fire for life
To live for each day
To reach for your dreams
No matter what people say
Life is a question
And death holds a clue
Reach not for the answer
For your life's not due
Live for the moment
And die for it too
For it's the moment that counts
It, and you
Now I'm all done
I've said what I'll say
Just remember one thing
Live for the day!
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  • Gesalem
    i really like the poet.
  • jade
    This was an AMAZING poem! it reached right inside of me so that i knew a bit of what u felt.
  • dth
    its all just the truth
  • A
    This Author has a very wise but sad outlook on the world not negative but seeing the true balance of fair and unfair in the world. When you can see that you can understand that the world is not always fair and its important to take advantage of when the world is. This poem has inspired me to grasp the moment
  • Lucinda
    I love this poem. It means alot to me because i just lost one of my good frineds he was only 17 and he did not expect it. His best friend accidentaly shot him in the head and now has to live with that on his heart for ever. I love you and miss you. In Loving Memory Of Andrew Keith Rush July 7,1989-April 8,2007.
  • jabba
    this is real
  • Sarah
    i really liked it! it is always good to talk openly about life and death. we will all face it one day and so we must learn to accept that. -Sarah
  • D
  • smith
    my girl broke into tears when i sent her that poem
  • a guardian angel
    i loved this poem. my friend josh is in the hospital right now in acomma and will probably pass. we all love him so much and this poem just made me think. maybe it is his time to go. the lord works in mysterious ways and this is just one of his great plans! WE LOVE YOU JOSH RANDALL ALWAYS AND FOREVER!
  • jo
    My ex-husband just died of a massive heart attack, and now tomorrow is not guaranteed, I see how short life can be, I'm in such shock, I will never put off till tomorrow , what I can do today, I will never take things for granted again.
  • kaustubh
    n that was real good poetry. obviously u must be a pretty deep thinker to come up with it.
  • Shavon
    i am going through losing both my parents within the past year so this poem helps me look at death differently
  • Madulik
    I loved this poem. Because if u want 2 do something just do it, don't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow might be two late for you, and you will regret for it. I really loved this poem, it's very touching
  • hiba
    hi i wanted to say this 2 wards and no comment its veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice
  • bob
    wow this is really cool its like good but bad in a way if u no wat i mean
  • Doniqua
    That Poem was very touching and thats a good way to explain to poeple that thyey should live each day likes its there last!
  • jeannie
    this poem was excellent. i was juss wondering are these famous people who write these poems or are they juss regular people. beacuse this poems seems like a real author wrote it
  • mimi
    well my friend daniel just hung himself yesterday and this poem really touched my heart i rele wish he would have been able to read this saturday he hung himself at 1:40ish in the morning.
  • Fashion
    nice poem i like it alot
  • diara
    i like this poem its very nice
  • ashley
    wow what a great poem keep it up take care
  • maria
    this is such a gorgoues poem i really enjoyed it i know most teens do not like poems but this one i m sure will touch the heart of many others!
  • Tim
    This poem speaks the truth. Life is not worth living if you sit around waiting to die. Never say I wish I would have.
  • Tempest
    i think this is one of the best poems that i read so far and this poem is coming from the heart and i just wanted to tell you that i really like it and just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work.
  • lillian
    good poem
  • Nicole
    I loved this poem my boyfriend just recently died and this is kinda how I felt about it I was jus so sad but so happy sad because he was gone but happy because he is safe now, and I now I will see him soon!
  • Janette
    the poem was really nice and it describes reality on life and death.
  • Chrissy
    i really liked the poem it really makes u want to know more about death. when people die u kinda wanna just sit and think what is death really? One day u will die too and u arent sure when it will take u?? i really this poem because it gives u are real idea and picture about what death is and i think this poem really makes u stop and think and cherish life.
  • kim
    that was a very good poem you should write more
  • JUDY
    What a beautiful poem. This is the way I feel, but, could'nt put it in words. Thanks
  • Shawna
    This poem has touched me in dealing with the death of my soul mate he just past away Saturday the 22nd of October and he was only 27 yrs. old. I was looking for something to make me want to keep on living with out him and everything is summed up in this poem.
  • kiby
    This is a lovely poem. wellthought out with laods of emotion
  • graham
    really great poem,reminds me of my N. D. E experience,so true is what it seems,thanks for the pleasure of reading it.
  • Paola
    great poem. truely wonderful!
  • sarah
    this poem is great
  • jhosselyn
    your poem is the best of all the poems Iread I absoulutley loved it
  • cherise
    That poem was amasing, it spoke the words of truth, and came strate from the heart. i would most deffently give it 5*
  • alayna
    i think it must of taken you a long time to write this but its very good i pronted it out to show around i like the way its written its a lot better then most of the other poems on here
  • Aimee
    i loved it its very deep it suts the tittle if u can do this i take u know was your writing about
  • Vanessa
    This is a GREAT poem! It's tuching in so many ways! I hope 2 read more like this one, and hoping ur the 1 writing it! lol.
  • monca
    i thought that the poem was great it really touched me i was so close to crying i is my sought of poem i love this sight and i hope to leave my poems on here to so people can read wat maters to me.
  • ana
    I really, really love the poem and it changed my friends live. believe me.
  • sahuly
    this is such a beautiful poem you my friend should not be afraid to show your skill and besides you are so good at it but hey no one is making you do this it is after all it is your choice i mena if it were my gift trying and i tried to hide it i would take this advic eand any way why am i doing this i'm not so good at giving advice but i'm sure you are.
  • tarkaar
    you inspired me to do better live day by day not boy choice
  • krystle
    I love this poem. My cousin had killed himself. It will never let me forget the moment
  • malaysia
    this poem touched me. i am just getting over my cousins death. he died 2 years ago. but everyday i think about it.
  • Danniell
    This is the first time iv ever been to this sight and being one of the first poems I'v read, this has really touched me. It reminds me of a friend of mine who deid Dec 26 2003. that anniversery is comeing up and it's going to be extreamly hard for evvery one at school. She died in an auto accident a few days after her 16th birthday. She wasn't like a best friend or anything, but we were on the v ball team together in highschool. And she lives a few houses down. I want to thank you for this lovely poem. it reminded me of her. but in a good way, a way that clears my mind of things and makes me think of the great times we had together. thank you so very much!
  • Roxy
    This poem really touched my heart. I am involved with HAIN and help with their newsletter. I am in charge of finding poems to put in the newsletter and would love to get your permission to use this poem.
  • Angel
    All I can say is that I love this poem and it teaches me a lesson on life live your life to the fullest cause you might foget to do what you wanted the most.
  • Michelle
    It was really great.
  • courtney
    i that this is the best poem i have ever read! it means so much to me! thank you!
  • Debbie
    my husband is terminal. I read this poem and it raised my level of life.
  • LISA
  • cathy
    that poem was great keep it up.
  • Allison
    As i read this shivers worked their way up my back and a knot tightened in my stomach. Death is something that you shouldn't be scared of but for so many it is. This poem makes me realize death will come. It WILL come no matter what. The question is when and where? You shouldn't fear death. Thank you
  • Katie
    I think that your poem was awsome. It hit the hole that was there and I thank you for that.
  • Ingrid
    I really think its true and i liked it, it gave me gusbumpes
  • Amanda
    That poem was just beautiful. i have been in a similar position. my grandpa was fit all his life but he died because he had cancer. my pop was fit too but he had a stroke but he is still alive. we didnt know that it had happened. he was fine on the sunday that we went to see him and on the wednesday he had a stroke
  • Arlene Janet
    What I like about your poem is the touch of your personal view about death which can be felt with each lines of the poem. I am sure that your poem has changed not only your insight about life, but also millions of other people's as well, including mine. For this, receive my heartfelt thank you.
  • Carri
    This poem is wonderfully written and so very true! I did touch my heart as I have tears in my eyes right now.
  • ryan
    my cousin neil was just killed in an automobile accident a few hours ago. this poem is very moving and i will share it with the fam. awesome work!
  • Brianna
    ur poem reminded me of my teacher, he was very healthy and one day we all came to school with the teachers crying saying they have some bad news and we new that Mr. Farrell hadnt been in school for two days and i think we all new what was coming and our teacher had told us that he had died and she told us when his wake was, and i went to his wake, but not his funeral, i really miss him.
  • richelle
    that poem was beautiful. someone died from work in his sleep and when I read it it reminded me of him.
  • Kristen
    I just wanted to say that I loved your poem. It hit very close to home and I thank you for sharing it.
  • Heather
    this is a very good poem. i luv it! keep up the great work!
  • sare
    its well wicked and i have fallen in love with n
  • maegn
    i loved you poem and i feel the sam about my boyfreind and keep doing poems cuz your very good at it loved it
  • Alex
    I think this poem is something very nice of you to write this for your uncle. I think you wrote this because you loved you uncle very much and that's good. I hope you feel good with the loss of you ancle
  • Curtis
    Hey This poem is great im going to share with my class
  • TINA
  • Cindy
    I think they are beautiful and people really needs to stop and take them to heart because we are only passing through this world and I know there is a better place waiting.
  • Sarah
    your poems great! i love it! keep goin'
  • Gina
    i like the poam it was very tuching to me
  • Clair
    truly touching. truly caring. truly great!
  • michele
    This poem was beautifully written, I lost someone. But knowing that they are taken care of helps.
  • Britta
    I thought this poem was very good at expressing the meanings of life. I lost someone in my life right before Christmas this year, and this poem helped me understand how much he should have lived and how much he didn't get to. Great poem!.Keep up da writing!
  • Terry
    Excellent job. I enjoyed reading your work. It was very thought provoking!
  • Brenda
    I haven't experienced such sad thing, i know it might be time for me to think..You remind me this task, through a few words in poem. Keep on writing!
  • Nicky
    This poem is fantastic- you put into words what i would love to be able to do. I really enjoyed reading this one
  • Josephine
    i really enjoyed you poem and i wanted to thank you for creating it.
  • Sarah
    This was an amazing poem. My Great Uncle died this week. And live for the day is just the type of thing he would tell me. Great job
  • Miasha
    I loved this poem!
  • Tasha
    i vote for your poem because i lost my Uncle the same way. I miss him dearly. It was nice to see im not alone in this world and other people feel the way i do. Great job!
  • tazz
    hi im 13 and this poems inspirers me vert much.i like death poems but this one really get to me the way it was worded got to me put more poems out like this
  • Sabrina
    I really like this poem. I also liked how you made it ryhm. Keep it up.
  • Phonishia
    Wow~ You definately have a great mind, not only in poetry, but the meaning behind your poem is very deep and brilliant! hehe! i really enjoyed reading it, and the rythm was really great too! Keep writing, i'd love to read more of your work! :)
  • michelle
    very true you captured how it feels good work
  • Christian
    Very Good Poem
  • Megan
    I like thie poem because it shows you the life you should spend like it's your last that's why I chosen this poem tonight.
  • ozma
    This was a great poem, it really showed the meaning and outcome of life. This poet is extremely talented, I loved it!
  • Lisa
    This was a very well written poem. It said so much and ment as much. Thanks to you "N" !
  • Stacy
    the peom had such a good ryhtem to it. i loved it. so well said! keep it up! :o)
  • Katie
    That is a great poem!! PLEASE keep writing!!
  • Debbie
    This poem is beautiful and says so much.
  • Matthaus
    Great Poem! It let´s you change your wax of life, if you try to understand it!
  • yackalaya
    this poem is kool
  • Brad
    I really liked this poem. There is a lot of truth in it, and I think it is a poem that everyone should read.
  • Paul
    This past week I attended the funeral services of 5 friends. I have one more to attend next week. The deaths were not related, and each one died either to illness or accident. This poem really hit home. Great Job.
  • christina
    I have looked at many poems about death and I would have to say that this poem took my breathe away. Well written N.
  • Brandy
    this was a very good poem, i liked the rythem. Good job
  • Greg
    I thought this was an excellent poem.
  • venise
    that was a very go poem I hope for the best.
  • NF
    Excellent poem about death. It is true. I enjoyed it.

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