It's about depression, Of how you feel inside, wanting to let it out. Needing & wanting to learn how to hold your thoughts captive. A letter to God.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

The Cry Of Our Hearts
There is a great deal of depression that has overtaken my soul,
It floods deep within, into every inch that makes me whole.
I wonder and worry of thought throughout the day,
What is to come, to my dismay.
As a flood of tears pour out of me in all my expressions,
more and more comes, more and more depression.

I assure myself everything is ok!
But who am I fooling?
Then I burst into a spirit of rage.
I have questions, and there are answers.
But I'm afraid and much too weak,
When I try to explain,
I hear I'm hearing wrong and need to be meek.
But this is how I feel, there's no wrong or right,
But as I battle with myself, I always lose the fight.

I feel intimidated sometimes by others,
But as I said "This is how I feel"
The pain in me is very real.
I lose control, my thought go wild,
and here I am only a child.
If only you knew what I thought,
If only you knew what I fought.
I need my thoughts held captive.

Oh God, assure me I'm thinking normal
and you'll help me think positive.
I'm hurting, I need you!
Please don't give up on me!
One day I will always make you smile!
Your Child
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  • Hazz
    i know your exact feeling
  • Jaime
    You have brought tears to my eyes with your honesty and reality. I feel it too.
  • ashley
    10. it made me cry as it understands me so well.
  • breanna
    I am 13 years old my heart as been hurt because i have lost lots of my love ones and it has been a year and a hard one but now I feel like i am one with the poem. One day I will be a poet and wirt storys like this one.
  • stephanie
    That was truely great! I put your poem on my myspace account! Thanks I really needed to read it!
  • Jamie
    this poem is great it explains what so much of us cant put into words
  • lorena
    it helped me realize thank you
  • Kelly
    omg this is so sad I really like this a alot it almost made me cry thats how bad that makes me feel.
  • paige
    ogm i love this poem! its awsome
  • Kareena
    I love it cause I'm always deperess ans confusd about what I feel but I ask God to help me and don't displease me, but I know how you feel.
  • Kayla
    Dont worry god wont give up on u. Just stay strong ok
  • Kodee
    Wow it really touched me and I can see how you wrote this poem from your heart I have been through much the same and am glad to know someone else is too! Thanks love Eddie
  • jackie
    i love it. it explains it right on the spot
  • Brandi
    This poem was very touching to me. It was like you wrote it for me. I just lost my family and I really can relate to this poem that you wrote. You are an excellent poem writer.
  • travis
    I really loved this poem. It is always how I am feeling. Keep writing more.
  • tiana
    i loved reading your poem, i am going through a stage in my life where i feel like no one is there for me i am continuously crying and picking out all the imperfections in my life. i am depressed all of the time, i know i still will be tomorrow, but for the couple of minutes i was reading your poem, i think i know what it felt to be loved. thankyou tiana xx
  • megan
    i loved it i thought it was wounderful and i totally knew what u felt!
  • maya
    this poem really touch me, it feels like all the things saying in it are all about me. It made me cry. so, good job girl. !
  • Kristi
    I liked this poem so much, i swear i suffer from depression but no one see's the pain deep inside no one really tries to see if there is i think, everyday its a struggle, not so much anymore but its still there, the only reason why im a little better is cause i found someone who saw the pain someone who actually cares my love. Your poem is something that i will always remember.
  • stephanie
    This is a really good poem. It has really touched me in alot of ways.
  • em
    wow, that was so real. it hurt jsut to read it coz im 15 and im goin trhough depression atm and thats exactly how i feel. u really made it real for me and its good to know others feel the same
  • danielle
    i really like your poem i actually just got started reading poetry and deal ing with depression my self i can understand what your going threw ive beem in and out of hospitals mself and to relat to you really helps me so and me as only 12 its hard cause you have your hole life ahead of you that makes it hard but im very glad you right it is a very big reliver but keep writing and ill keep reading your friend Danielle
  • Chantelle
    This poem and all the poems about the depression really touched my heart but this one had a tear in my eye and made me relize to live everyday as if i was my last. Life is way too short. Thanks you it really touched me.
  • Jeanette
    I know how you feel just hang in there and keep your head up and keep praying! Love always, Jeanette Valdez
  • LeAnn
  • jessica
    That is so true but God will never give up on his child! Jessica Hughes
  • Sydnee
    that poem made me cry im 13 and i go through that me and mi family fight and i have been missin someone for 4 years mi aunt she died of cancer at age 30 and i loved her like a mom and a sister she was at mi house everyday i just wish she was back im ADHD and bipolar and i take 3 kinds of med. 1 for depression/anixoty 2 for mood stablizer 3 for concentration im been on med sense i was 3 yrs old i wish things would be better. if u know what DCFS is it a child care that take ur kids away and stuff we r involve in them because mi mom threating 2 kill herself the only way 2 cure me is if me aunt was back!
  • Tiffany
    Wow! I love it. Its so great. Nice work.
  • Meredith
    Meredith- I loved this poem it really touiched me i am was or will be not quite sure where i am right now presbyterian. I am a cutterr and i have tried to commit suicide 13 now but someone has stopped me each time! This really touched me in a way that i am always his child and i should lean on him as if i had a real father and the way i would lean on him!
  • Elizabeth
    I liked the poem, because I think it's what my sister feels, she has to fight herself every day, so she looks normal to every one, but I think that no one really knows what she is going throuh.
  • amanda
    it was great its like you know how i feel
  • ilona
    ey :D dat was a gud poem. made me think keep it up
  • Kathy
    This poem really touched me. I just went through a break-up after almost 4 years and it has been very hard.
  • elizabeth
    this is a beautifally written poem.
  • elliot
    Very touching absolutely loved the poem it just describes me so well it is incomprhensible
  • Pat
    I have several friends and a few relatives that have depression and anxiety. This poem was so sad. telling me, what they are going through. it's so real to them. so many think it's an act. but it's real. so real. I understand now a bit more. how they feel, what they think. My heart goes out to them.
  • laura
    i feel the same way. if only everone new what i felt i they only new what i thought, if they only new me, they wouldnt think they no me. your poem was very good, i hope u keep on writting
  • risa
    It gives a sense of knowlege that someone out there, somewhere, knows how you feel and can relate to your pain and sorrows and to help encourage someone.
  • jasmine
    iloved ur poem is really touch my heart
  • happynessgonebad
    hey, this poem really expresses how i feel, being depressed isnt easy, and niether is being bi-polar so i would like to thank you for understanding me, although my feelings cant be expressed enough as it seems, however my hearts seams are still letting free of life, or at least thats what it feels like.
  • brooke
    your poem is soo good it touched me emotionally lyk ive neva been touched b4 the words are soo real and i felt lyk you were writing about me it made me cry as i feel your pain u r a wonderfull at writing poems and you WILL make a fortune on them 1 day trust me neva give up on your skill no matter how hard things get as youll reget it
  • Kanna
    That was such an insprational poem! I especally like the end.
  • jess
    hey, thank you for that truly wonderful poem you've have given us all. i'v never really been into poetry but a friend of mine is and she got me into it, and i have found that it really helps me when i feel really depressed, because it reminds me that i'm not alone in the world. no matter how alone i feel inside. so thanx and plz keep up the good work! x
  • Tami
  • aliyah
    this poem really touched me because it remided me of my life and all that stuff
  • Amber
    this peom is very touching and it reminds me of a close friend of mine who feels the same way
  • monica
    hey i love ur poem. ur poem made me cry! nobody really knows what u have to go throw. some poeple may think that u have an easy life. u might have a rough life. i have a rough life too. people may think ur crazy when u wrote that poem. but ur not. some poeple dont know how it feels to have a rough life
  • Ashley
    i think that this poem is realy realy good and that everyone should take the time and read it.
  • beth
    I want to thank you so much. For a long time I felt depressed and once tried to commit suicide. I managed to share this experiance with a close friend, but it upset her to know that I was going through so much she could not comprehend or understand what I was going through. I saw this poem and it spoke out to my soul. It is so hard to put what you are feeling into words, but I could relate to this poem and felt as though the words had came from me. I sent it to her and although there is no way you can get someone to understand how you arefeeling, it helped her understand how helpless I felt. It also made me feel as though I was not alone and assured me that others were going through the same thing as I was. At the darkest part of my life, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, thankyou for making me realise I was not alone and for giving me hope! X
  • jasmine
    Dear poet this was so touching this is the same way i feel and to read this was good I feel there are people out there going through the same thing I am going through. thank u it help me think of what i hold inside of me and not let others know whats insie of me thanks . j cruz
  • keta
    first off i want to say that this is a great poem it really touched me. after reading your poem i realized thet the depression that i've been going through for about two years now,not knowing what to say to anyone, not knowing what to do. well now you gave me the strenght to do so and i thank u from the bottom of my heart which now has feeling back again. thank you.
  • Melissa
    spectacular. well said . a very deep poem that touched all our hearts.
  • lucas
    I like it. It is the state of my heart. I am in a relationship of which is hurting me much. My girl is ripping my heart she is too concerned about her life and not about any thing else. I have a problem that i love her too much and am for four years have waited to have her hand in marriage. Every day is killing me slowly. So all I do is pray that something will come good of this. Thanks for the poem!
  • Katelyn
    That was an awsome poem. if i had to rate it like 1-10 it would be way more than 20 It was an awsome poem.
  • kali
    holy crap. im crying at this moment. people say that there is always someone like u out there. well we r alike. latly ive been in depression. im a only child and usually im not touched by other people's poems and i sure wouldnt write something to them even if i was but ur poem ment something to me. it touched me. im gonna post some poems to u should check them out.
  • Adrian
    I like it because I can really relate to it.
  • Miya
    this is how i feel somtimes like i want to slit my wrists but then i think i have a hole life to live and a boyfrend who cares i try to say iam alright but really iam not
  • jessie
    i love it i could really relate to every thing in the poem. it mad a tear fall from my eye so thank tou it really touch me
  • Daniel
    yo couldnt of explained the feeling any better. *sighs id really love to show u my poems its crazy to nkow theres sumone out there that has or had that feeling and can relatein everyway
  • Mellissa
    I love this poem cause this is how i exactly feel, I am going through a depression. I am 34 years old and i have to much on my plate. It seems the battle never ends and i am losing bigtime. Thank-you for letting me read this poem. You are talented.
  • Leila
    I like your poem. it really hit me. your poem is very catchy and now it has made me think. good job and keep it up! you got my blessings!
  • dani
    aww it did touch my heart and it reminded me of my self sometimes. that poem was so good i voted for it =p Dani!
  • whitney
    i feel the same way to
  • amy
    great poem, you can feel the emotion coming out of the words. Thank you for sharing
  • caroline
    thas poem was well nce
  • nina
    i feel that you have touched and helped me in many ways i suffer from depression and understand that feeling and sometimes you wander will it ever go away will i ever be happy
  • kyla
    good poem. well thoughtout!
  • chelsey
    hey i really loved this poem as soon as i read it i started crying thinking this is what ive always wanted to say but couldnt find the words. this is how i fell every long day thx for posting it. It is great
  • Anthony
    very nice. felt like you took the words out of my mouth
  • Debbie
    i came to this sight just looking for a poem that would fit my peice for forensics but when I read it, It was so much how I used to feel but I could never express it. Recently I have written poems expressing ho I ve felt when I was getting out of Depression but his poem says everything I couldn't so thank you sooo much.
  • Linda
    Hi this poems reminds me of how i felt along time ago and it helped me to read it. So thanks for this poem.
  • Joyce
    I really am glad you found a way to express your emotions throught poems.
  • Alex
    this is a very nice poem, I really liked it, it's exactly what i've been tryng to express to got to do and help me, thanks It helped me sort out something in myself.
  • michelle
    thanx so much for posting that. when i read the last part i just broke down crying. i feel i can really relate to it. this is my favorite poem out of all of these and i will always remember it. thanx
  • Teresa
    This poem is great, it made me cry
  • Black
    Your poem is very touching, it is hard when you suffer from depression as we do, no one really knows what you are going through, they just think you are making excuses to be sad, when they don't really know. Again thnx, it made me feel just a little better
  • david
    I loved the poem it reached inside my heart. God Bless
  • kirsty
    im only 14 and my friend died a while ago and that poem describes how i feel in every way its a lovely poem good luck in the future ! :-)
  • Leanne
    This is one of the best poems i have ever heard i feel like this sometimes and its helped me think about things
  • Judith
    I like this poem alot. i think it's real nice. I ave alot of pain inside of me to. I'm always praying for help, but it doesn't work, it's like i'm alone with one to talk to. i would like to get away from myself so much i just can't take it. i feel ur pain i just wish we can get away from it.
  • Nur
    ur poem is simply beautiful . it touches me that i'm not the only one feeling this way.
  • fab
    your poem had a beautiful ending, why stop there? ur a very talented poet! :)
  • kari
    You know, i think a lot of pple shun depression, but i think that its a part of someones life and pple need to accept it and help pple with it.
  • Diana
    I really like this poem, I think is a poem that describes me entirely. I feel so depress right now and I don't know what to do and I just read this poem, and it made me think that God is still with me here.
  • jenny
    I really like your poem, Right now I am struggling with depression, and sometimes I find myself asking the same questions and wondering if what I am feeling is normal, and I hate the feeling that no one understands me. I hate having to put on a act. Sorry its just that your poem is very touching. i hope you don't mind if I show it to my freinds, Mabe then they will be able to understand me.
  • bj
    your poem was very beautiful and so real.
  • Rasuel
    This poem really fits the way I'm feeling right now. I like it and am glad it is here for me. I think it actually has made me to feel better.
  • Label
    yo your poem was realy good! keep it up your not alone, the're millions fighting the same battle, we must be strong!!
  • Teri
    the wierd thing about this poem is for the last 3 hours i have been talking to a guy about my depression and how hard it is...this poem describes me in every way and i think it is the best poem i have ever read
  • Martha
    I realle liked it your poem. I totally see where you are coming from. IT brought tears to my eyes, and it touched me so much. I just got to say, thank you for writing this poem
  • sonah
    no much left for me to say. Great.
  • Allen
    Even if your depressed I just suggest that you stand straight and say to yourself Despair is the second best strenght in the world
  • Courtnee
    This is excellent. You go into words I myself could never explain. I have serious depression and you have helped me now when I am down. I read your peom and think to myself.I am not alone. Though it seems like it.
  • francesca
    i thought this poem was ao awesome. i can totally realate this,that's why i think i like it. well it touch me heart.
  • debs
    Leanna, I feel what you are feeling. You touched my heart. Somedays you really wonder how God can love you, even when you've stuffed your life around so much. You can't forgive yourself, but God does. He will never walk away. Take care my sister in Christ. My prayers are with you.
  • ashley
    hey i really liked this poem it pretty much explains how i feel. it makes me think.
  • dOnT
    This was a really awsome poem i really liked it and it is the way i feel.
  • huey
    i think the peom iz good & shows powerful emotion and speeks of thing we all have felt oh few timez in our life
  • Bianca
    I think this poem was very deep and I find myself feeling the same way sometimes. But over all this poem is very very good!
  • stephanie
    i thought that was a very good poem. my name is stephanie and i 12 years old and will be 13 in 3 days. i just wanted you to know that i'm a very depressed girl and that i have been through alot and i reaaly liked your poem and i think people should cast votes and have very good comments about this and i'm going to print this and show it to people so that you will get more votes. thank-you.
  • cory
    it was awesome.
  • Jennie
    Wow. You got it goin on with the rhyming and the style. I admire this work very much, and have felt the pain that was described. Some people find release in writing, and you, are extremely talented at it. Continue to write- you have a gift.
  • janine
    After reading this, tears were streaming down my face. It described how I felt and really touched me. You are an amazing poet and I showed some of my friends this poem as well, and they had the same response. Keep up the great writing!!
  • darktemple
    I feel the same way and I can't help it. So I chose this poem because it is so like me.
  • lynn
    this poem says it all for i myself suffer from depression and this poem brought tears to my eyes
  • Candice
    I just wanted to comment on how powerful this poem is. It touched me in so many ways. I felt the author was writing words from my own soul.
  • Brandy
    Was very touching and i feel the same way sometimes - bleak and confused a lot
  • Rachel
    i thought that this poem was really good and i sometimes know how you feel! Keep up the Good Work!
  • gilbert_6
    Leanna, I really liked your poem, i thought it flowed well and the changes in structure was a nice touch. Keep up the good work
  • tim
    I really enjoyed the poem but i don't think when you are over the line there is any turning back but you gave it a hell of an effort.
  • Felicia
    i really liked your poem i like how you added God name in there. He loves you just keep your faith
  • Jeremy
    I loved your poem, and I have felt the same way too.

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