If you have ever fallen in love and not had your lover feel the same way. If you stopped loving someone just as they loved you. If you were ever just unlucky enough to feel what I felt, you will understand "Everything."

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

Every new beginning,
comes from some beginnings end.

Every time you kill me,
I am born again.

Every time you close that door,
Another door is opened.

And every time you say goodbye,
a different word is spoken.

Every time you look at me
my back is facing you,

And every time you ask to see me
I'll have something else to do.

Every time I join your game,
You're not playing fair,

And every time I really love you,
I pretend that I don't care.
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  • Mira
  • marcie
    your poem touched me you are awsome keep up the good work
  • Giselle
    Your poem is very beautiful. It tells everything of what i used to do in my 'younger' days. Always pretending, and always trying. Keep up the good work.
  • cruz
    i been trying to act like i dont really care about what happend with me and this guy that was once a really special person in my life and even though i miss him a lot and i want him back, when im in front of him a act like i dont care and like it didnt even effected me but deep inside im dying just by looking at his gourgeus face.
  • teresa
    it's sad to say u don't care when u care as much as u do. good poem
  • amy
    i loved it,,,,, its awesome and its really sad,,,keep the work up. )
  • tanzia
    very different and nice
  • Brian
  • Stephanie-Anne
    It's just a perfect poem. There is not much else to say.
  • MaryEllen
    This poem is VERY moving & very well written!
  • becca
    this really touched me. and never stop writing x
  • Geisa
    I love this poem!i love it sooooo much!
  • Victoria
    its nice I really appreciate. yes its really true because its happening to me
  • mariam
    i like your poem soo much,it is realy one of a kind
  • DaPrece
    Your poem is pretty it brings backs lots of thoughts but I really don't pay attention to them. You are a really go poet and maybe you start a poem book like I started and then publish it you will get a very good reward for it.
  • 2cute2bu
    I voted this poem because it was one of the best ones i've read thus far. you are a good writer keep up the good work!
  • Roberta
    Because it lets me know something I feel really bad in the bottom in my heart that I wish one day god would take me up in to heaven and let me be.
  • Elizabeth
    i loved your poem it was awesome!:)
  • sameela
    I really loved this poem, because it showed alot of good emotions! good work Shamaya!
  • becky
    this peom was a joy to read keep up the good work!
  • Sophie
    Very nice. straight forward and easy to understand. very deep but simple. i really liked it. Good job! x x
  • melissa
    great job. it rocks!
  • louise
    It's a beautiful poem it reminds me of a broke love afair i once had
  • Shelby
    I have gone out with someone and pretended like I didn't love them though I actually did, and he moved away and I wish I could tell him what I never got to say, So I love him, his name was Ben!
  • nesha
    I just wanted 2 say dis poem is soooo true and it's alot of people out here who is having dat same particular problem keep up da good work.
  • tigger-sama
    I liked your poem alot, it had anice flow and you did an exellent job at capuring both the ups and downs to love
  • Thanawan
    this is cool
  • Tayler
    That is an awsome poem. I printed it and read it to my friends and they just loved it too. If I would have to rate this poems from 1 to 10, I would try and say 11. GOOD JOB!
  • Gareth
    This poem made me realise that what may have happend to anyone that in the end you have to look at urself and sometimes love for someone else can block the love of someone else
  • Willow
    This poem i can relate to. i really can,. each thing you have mentioned is. it's just as thought that it has come right out my own head. thank you for outting it into words. xxx
  • bridgette
    this is a good poem. it touched me because its true and its reality.
  • travis
    nice poem very nice and i know how some guys can be but some can be nicer like the poem a lot
  • AMY
  • Angie
    I found the poem about two years ago. It described what I was through with someone. I give the poem two thumbs up but it really deserves more
  • Th@Er
    I think its a very nice poem . in fact iam arabian so my english is too boring and bad . although that i understand ur words and its really nice . and keep on
  • Suzie
    WOW! what a beautiful poem! It touched me so much when i read it. This is what i'm going throug right now. well keep up the wonderful work!
  • Angel
    I read your poem about a year ago and really loved it but it wasn't till now I really felt the meaning of it. Please keep writing them
  • Christine
    I was looking for something that would express my feeling and this was totally it!
  • Carri
    I thought the poem had alot of meaning, it was wonderful. i loved the last lines, its a poem that really makes you think, cause so many poeple have gone through the same experience
  • shamaya
    Hi name is a shamaya too It's amazing to know others have my name too. The poem makes me happy happy that otherpeople hurt like I'm hurting now. also sad cause it reminds me of my pain
  • Amanda
    love it
  • Fatimah
    This is Jus soooo True. great poem!
  • Missy
    Wow! That was beautiful. Keep up the good work.
  • Naty
    This was an awesome poem. Knowing you have the courage to move on is incredible. Keep up and don't give in. God Bless.
  • Cryst
    You do not understand how clos to home your poem hit, I thought it was awsome. Keep writing those great poems. )
  • kat
    i just finish rading your poem and was just touched by it. i know how you felt becase i had a boyfriend who did the same thing to me. he said that he loved me and really cared for me, but then i found out he was two timing me with his ex.
  • Mandy
    I think this was a great poem they way it rymes is good i liked it alot and has meaning love yas all and love this poem
  • Cynthia
    This poem really describes how I used to feelabout my significant other,ut I have learned the hard way that the world doesn't stop for your grief and in the end you come out stonger.
  • Amanda
    I absolutely love this poem! It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Words cannot express what I feel when I read this. We were asked to find a poem that means something to us for a paper and I know now that I am going to write about this one! Thanks Shamaya!
  • Darcy
    i really like this poem .
  • Kimberly
    This poem says so much.it comes across with alot of feeling.
  • adrienne
    It is hard to find a truly touching poem that goes along with a person's feelings, but I must say this one truly does. I think this is the best one I have read so far. I can really relate to it!
  • aleen
    i like this poem a lot and it was really good abd it said what you were feeling and you worded it every well and i jus want to let you no that i voted for you good work :oP
  • cammy
    very good and true poem
  • nana
    nice one
  • martina
    That was a strong poem.Everyone who should read that poem it realates to everyone some way it did me.
  • Nicky
    I had a bot friend that did exactly what your poem says i thought he was the love of my life until i found him in bed with another girl your poem is really good keep writting.
  • Kyle
    your peom made me almost cry. It was beautiful
  • liz
    Hey i just finsh reading the poem it is good. It says the truth everything. things happen but hten there is always something or someone walking right behing you. Hey well write back if you want. Bye liz

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