This poem is about the preciousness of a former relationship that I lost. This poem is about not taking someone you love for granted, because you never know when time will change and they are gone.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems

I wanted to
kiss the
bundles of stars
in your face

I wanted to
smooth the
rough edges of your
weaved with mine
so full of
hidden pain
boyish innocence

I wanted to
melt into your
warm white walls

I didn't want to leave you

the heavens watched us
while we slept
in those cold
January nights

full of
above us

I suppose they
wanted you
to become
a fleeting blotch
of red
in my heart

I suppose
the whispers of
decided to
change us

I didn't want to leave you

I always tasted the
of your skin
as if for the last time

with gentle fingers
and sleepy eyes
we fell in love

I always tangled the
stars in your hair
I always kissed
the scars on your hands

as if I knew
we were going to

the angels have

the man I loved

and I have
one million pictures of you

lodged in my chest
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  • Whitney
    Oh my god! That poems expresses the way I feel about this guy I like A LOT!
  • valerie
    i love this poem alot. it makes me think what would i do if i lost my fiance that way.
  • Tamara
    Because I thought this poem was a very great poem.
  • andrea
    oh my god your poem is so nice it made me cry
  • breezy
    very sad but beautiful~poignant
  • Siannean
    Oh Jenawin. to have loved like that and then lost. May the emptiness he left behind be filled with the light of the love you shared.
  • Jessica
    i loved this poem, i had a boyfriend name sean and he broke up with me because he said he was moveing with his ma. But i dont know if that was the real reason i hope he still loves me.
  • Brenda
    I was really moved by the poem it really made me think I lost my boyfriend to suicide last year and his name was Sean this poem is the best one I have ever looked at and I love poems so keep doing what your doing thanx.
  • celtic
    i was reali touchd by ur poem i lost 2 best friends n i nearli lost a 3rd nai he has read dat it made him think reali wat am i don this for ???? well fanks u savd me from loosin anofr best fiend !
  • mari
    it was from the heart and reminded me of someone i loved and took for granted.
  • Mark
  • Maria
    hey, your poem was so sweet, and so beautiful. I have never lost a friend to death, but i did lose my best friend. I guess he simply stopped loving me. and that's why he stopped calling. But I can feel ur loss through ur words. I may not be able to relate exactly, I know some of what you feel.
  • Cara
    I really loved this poem, it moved m deeply and i love the way it relly got the emotion across. Thanks for sharing it with us, i will always rememeber that poem because i have lost someone i love to god too, no one ever really understands unless it happens, but your poem captures the emotion perfectly, it was really great. thanks
  • rachael
    this is so sad i cant imagine losing someone like that u are a very strong person. reading that poem made me think of losing my bf and i would just die!
  • Latia
    i love this poem it was very sad but it felt so real to me i know how it feels to lose the one you love so much but in my case mine didn't die he was just a loser
  • mike
    I want you to know this poem makes me feel i can relate. I never thought i would say this so early, but a friend i really care for is waiting to get results back, he may have cancer in the stomach, thankyou for writing this
  • lylads
    wow. it isnt so much that it touched me imperticular, its just what it reminded me of:my best friend lost her friend named sean, she has a hard time trying to get over him and thats ok she doesnt have to. its not that he died, he just moved on. and as sad as it is to watch my best friend suffer i know that she hurts SO much inside do to the fact that she lost him. and if shes reading this just want to say lylas and im always here for you. thanx for writing this poem, you did an amasing job.
  • christina
    that a was a really good poem
  • Laycee
    I really liked the poem. it was touching, I have a lost love also named Sean. and wow, I wish I could have written something like that about him. thanks. it touched me
  • jenna
    I really loved your poem im a porson who can cry easey and your peom was that wonderful i cryed! i stared crying when i lost my love but in haven he is a having a wonderful time i will just have to wait until i die to see him again Thank You For All The Loved I Needed To Remind Me Of Him!
  • J
    I too have lost a true love to death. i felt relieved when i read this poem. someone else has goen through the same things. it helps to know it.
  • bree
    i understand what it feels like to lose your love and your poem made me understand how much your love ment to you
  • m aria
    your poem touch me deeply. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • misty
    i think it was very great
  • colin
    Reading your poem touches me alot. evryone has problems but i guest urs is a major one. well, did u leave him or he leave you? but if he left u to heavens then just remember that god took him for a gtood purpose. i believe the above statement so much cuz i've lost my mum and well, the girl in my life now is also not understanding my situation. people who lost someone to god, no one could understand them.
  • MARY
    good job that was a sad poem
  • danie
    i thought the poem was great it really made me think about my realationship
  • Donovan
    i loved what it said in your poem i felt like if i was you and i had lost my love i dont know what i would do if i was to to lose my love.
  • Larissa
    This Poem really touched my heart, because a few years ago my friend sean took his own life. I felt as if he was there with me as I read it aloud. I was very touched by this poem! Thank you
  • lashawn
    i really thought this poem was coming from the heart because, i had a friend named sean he left me not saying he was dead, but he moved on
  • Monique
    I love it
  • anisa
    wow this poem really touched me . its amazing how people fade away like thatespecially the ones you love the most
  • Heather
    i can really relate to this poem. i lost a loved one as well. my boyfriend william. hes now in heaven watching over me i do believe. i miss him alot. and this poem explains exactly what im feeling inside about him. thank you jenawin for writing this poem. its really beautiful
  • AMY
    that is so sweet!
  • saira
    it was marvellous. n really touched my heart and showed me even what i'm missin.
  • yesenia
    i love it's GREAT u have a true talent
  • lilliam
    that was a very sad poem. i know what it feels to lose someone you love dearly. my heart goes out to you. and know that he is in heaven.
  • Shell
    This poem was really touching! It made me cry! I'm so sorry about your loss. Great poem, and keep writing!
  • Crystal
    This poem reminded me of my b/f that pasted away 2 days after my sweet16 b-d and 3 days before his 21 b-d. We fell-in-love when he was 19. He has'nt even been gone for a year yet. I know how hard it can be with out that person around. Keep your head held high and be strong and always keep his memory alive in your thoughts and in your heart
  • jb
    wow. that was amazing.
  • Alisha
    If my words can't express how I feel, then who's words will? This poem was buitifully written and I hope some day when netpoets are finished I can enter some of my poems and you can read some, much respects and love.:) 14 yr. old Alisha :)
  • Lacey
    thanxs that poems was great. My uncle died the same way. So i feel you. Just keep going though Love ya lots
  • Mistie
    This poem is well thought and well written. It also inspired me to write. God be with you and Sean.
  • candice
    this poem was a very good one and it remonded me of this boy i knew who died in a drinking and driving acciedent about 3 yrs. ago! his name was also sean and this reminded me of him! that last drink drove him to his last car ride. he was 17 going on 18 but he'll never see that day cause he rather of have'd that drink!
  • Jenny
    This poem is so well written. I can really feel the authors pain. It makes me want to read it over and over again!
  • jamie
    well i think this poem is sad. well i lost a friend this past summer. we were in love, and right before he died he and i got in this big fight. so i always blamed forself for his death. i know how it feel to lose a love one. you never take it for granted.
  • nicole
    This poem makes me feel very sad and I feel a pain when In read it. I have an ex boyfriend named sean so it makes me think about him. Keep writing and don't stop
  • Tamara
    Made me miss my bf who's living in Australia so much...
  • Lizzie
    I think this poem is really sad but it is very well written. i especially feel sad when i read it coz had a friend called sean and we dont talk much anymore
  • lucy
    this is very sad i feel pain for the woman who wrote this good job keep writing poems i love to write poems 2 love lucy
  • kim
    made me cry cry cry thank you for reminding my heart about love

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