This poem was written on a very sad night. I was very upset about what had just happened in my life. The girl I was in love with decided that it wasn't going to work anymore. I knew it too, but did not want to face the reality of it until I was forced to.

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My Love Left On A Saturday
My belt loosens slowly.
Reminders of you stay fresh
in murky ponds of suffocating tadpoles.
Wake me in the morning,
when the sun shines again.
It's frightening when all I know
falls apart.
And all I know is you.
Hunger squeezes me tighter.
My soul sags with exhaustion.
Ashtrays fill with sleepless nights.
Weeping intensifies my anxiety.
Can tomorrow come without you...
here today?
The cheap chandelier falls on my face.
The rose filled lamp explodes in my hands.
Pain is unrecognizable.
All I knew was you.
My love.
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  • dona
    he left me on valentines day
  • Joe
    This poem is just how i felt, my ex lefted me on a cold november morning, a saturday and everyday i wish i could have her back, great job and you shall be in my heart and we share the smae pain, everyone feels pain and we both bleed the same blood.
  • alexandra
    evrything in this poem is awesome. my ex's name is micheal perez and he left me n a saturday. this poem is like a sign i love it.
  • Keely
    This poem touched me greatly, I can relate so well, the way the poet describes his emotions is as if he took the feelings from my soul and the thoughts from my mind. Very beautiful!
  • karlos kyle
    it is a very nice poem. filled with sadness. now,i still remember my gf left me on saturday night. praying she'll come back.
  • Julie
    Hey. this poem is awsome. Today is a Sunday april 9th and yeasterday Saterday April 8th my boyfriend broke up with me. so i have alot of thought to this poem. Peace Julie
  • chriscelda
    great poem its good when a person realizes love and the sad part is when love is no longer a part of your life but you must realize that your days will some how come back again. you just have to believe.
  • Vick!
    She left on thursday :(
  • Crystal
    Poetry is my favorite thing to read and the poem "My Love Left On Saturday is a really good one. I love poetry but I can't write them. But I love reading them.
  • Andi
    This was a lovely poem, dear sir. I truly enjoyed it; really felt the hurt and love all at the same time. Thank you for writing this.
  • griseda
    hey !so sweetttttt
  • Mike
    good stuff
  • Anonymous
    This is really touching. It reminds me of a time not long ago when my girlfriend, whom I loved deeply, had to leave for a country never to return again. This poem really sums up the pain and confusion that I (and probably others) felt and still feel as a result. Well done.
  • kate
    this poem almost made me cry,my first love left on a saturday too!:(
  • shane
    You speak the truth, I know your pain.
  • rachael
    a tear shed from each eye! your poem was magical, it touched me deep inside! although my ex did not leave on a saturday, i still felt the pain that lingers in your body after your break up! i broke up with my boy friend & i feel it was the worst decision ever, all i wont in the world is him back & the funny thing is we like each other so so so much still but there's some thing that just wont let me to him! your poem cleared every thing up for me, i must be off to call him & tell him how i feel! thanks so much for letting us all read your magical poem xXx have a good 1
  • Scott
    This was a really sad poem, i can really relate to it, my love also left on a saturday.
  • Amie
    This poem is amazing. It made me cry and it sound slike how i feel. My boyfriend left this past wednesday and I love him I still want him to come back but I have to realize that a relationship can't work if the other person doesn't want it to. Even if he says he does it won't survive if he doesn't feel it or show it. We have been together for 3 years and it has been the best and worst 3 years of my life. GOODLUCK with your writing!
  • michelle
    Just reading this poem reminded me of my old relationship of my ex. I think its an awesome poem.
  • Bethany
    ahhh! that is sooo sweet
  • shelly
    i really like your poem! my ex bf died on a Saturday. i was still in love with him, and your poem reminded me of him. keep up the good work.
  • khaya
    i can really relate. i liked this poem a lot.
  • linda
    i really loved it. this as thing just happened to me this passed saturday. how can love feel so good, but then hurt so bad?
  • Jackie
    This is a very good poem, good expression of emotion and love.
  • nick
    Bro, I felt this one. Aren't chicks evil?
  • Emily
    I really liked your poem; it reminded me of my ex who I did not want to leave but as you said I was forced to. YOU HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL!
  • aGirl
    Tears started falling down my face! I read this and Im going back to see my bf (whos name is Mike. weird!) and its basically a make it or break it thing and if I leave itll be on Sat. And it makes me so sad to see what he might feel like. Thank you for helping me see. GREAT WORK!
  • Leif
    A very good writen poem i have to say, i like the way the author proposes his sonets. me being a man i have to admit that this poem really marked my life beacuse i broke up with mty girl friend a saturday night Thank you for having this poems opened to the public
  • annie
    It was really sad but i liked it!
  • Helen
    This is so true, my love left on a sunday, i can still, to this day feel the intensity of my emotions as a watched him walk out the door. I was ready to curl up and die, even my clothes ached my skin as i removed them that evening.
  • Rissa
    A lovely poem! What's interesting about it, is the fact that it reminds me sooo much of what happened between me and my ex bf abt 3 mths ago. Unfortunately he thought it was best that we part - I was pretty much left heartbroken and even to this day I think of him.
  • kendr
    Its touching on what a man can write , You don't usually see a man write poems , but when you do they are beautiful. GREAT POEM , MAN!
  • tahn
    i guess i can use this quote "it's better to have been loved and lost than to have never been loved at all" i guess that the bad part is the awful pain when all your dreams are over and reality comes nocking. but you know you have a great way of expressing yourself in such a beautiful way. your poem touched me. cus i lost my one love but it was my fault, but anyhow keep writting!
  • Lisset
    good poem, men don't usually share their feelings of such, for fear of "less masculinity" but you said it bluntly and with feeling. that was cool
  • darcy
    i like it !
  • dunge
    This poem is very nice. it describes true event which is happen to any body. Thank you for writing this nice poem
  • Parul
    The poem is so simple and touching. How when everything seems so unbelieveably perfect, with no scope for doubts, so smooth that there can be no flaws.within a moment destiny with it's cruel twists, leaves us so pale..languishing. One this moment TRUE or was that true when Love resided?
  • Dinny
    your poem just reminds me of this saturday morning and the actions I took.
  • parul
    Michael u have this wonderful gift of being able to mirror your emotions in the rhymes that many of us can relate to.i don't know if it helps purge the heart of the pain, but it sure does make the love and the pain an immortal ones..hope you keep carving such beautiful lines.and ofcourse true love shall come your way!
  • geovany
    Most of the time human beings agree in one thing: We all can feel love as well as sadness. Good for Michael. I think his is a beatiful poem.
  • linda
    hi i know what i mean.i havent been through the same thing but i know how it feels my love life aint the best right now. keep the good work
  • Steph
    this poems tells exactly what i think
  • Peter
    This is the story what happened to me a while ago. Funny... my love also left one a saturday.
  • Cristina
    i love this simple as that.
  • Muhammad
    Dear webmaster, Hi, I read some poems on your site. I choosed the poem wrote by Michael Perez. Same story was happened with me when I was a college student. Since that I am in what condition,only I know. I think you can easily understand my feelings about this poem. Thanking you,dear.
  • Patrik
    It´s so deep and so much me.
  • Liza
    Michael, I loved the way you put your feelings into words, I could feel myself relating to everything that you wrote. Keep up the amazing work...
  • Tabitha
    This poem touched me deeply...i feel what the writer is saying. I know how he feels in every way. If you read this please don't stop expressing yourself with your poetry, you could touch many lives with it. You have a gift a beautiful gift. Tabitha(18tennessee)
  • Jackalou
    Talk about fulfilling an insatiable need...I've often stumbled upon the question of a man's devotion. Most sentiment is portrayed by the woman of the two conjoined, so I dare to challenge a man's affection toward his beloved. Michael has stepped up to the plate here, and he soars high as he has become febrile with accomplishment and satisfaction on my behalf. Now I know beyond reasonable doubt that I too may invite hope to remain within the depths of my soul, and wait patiently for my bethrothed. I was once advised against wishing for something I already possess, that love will find me...well, my adorned heart has been bled but sits idly for the next ride.

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