I'm another one of those teenagers who think they can write poems. This one is just is just about the actual me, the real me, the me that I have turned into being, and I'm sorry Brittany. I'm sorry for not loving you like I should have

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The Bitter Truth
You say one thing
Yet you mean another
You try to be up front
While hiding beneath a cover

Why are you so selfish?
And why so ignorant?
What exactly does love mean to you
Or should I say, meant?

I've never known someone so fake
Someone who can't speak the truth
Someone so terribly insecure
Someone so cruel, someone like you

Why did you have to be like this
You started off quite fine
You would always say how much you care
I guess that was just another "line"

I just sit around and remember
Of how much I used to enjoy your name
And how I so dearly loved
To play your little game

But now finally I know
That you aren't at all what I thought
And its a damn shame too,
Because I really liked you a lot
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  • montana
    the bitter truth made tears come to my eyes. the same thing happened to me. taylor hamilton defenitely has talent and needs to shine!
  • Nancy
    This poem is so pretty it brings alot of memories because i use to be in that situation but you moved on and i know some people liked that and please let him go!
  • katie
    you are a natrual poet but yet this one is kind of to honest but that is also very cool because that means you get in to detail.
  • Ricca
    I realy like this poem it really touch me inside and outside.
  • Kirsty
    Very cute :) It's good, I like it and I'm going to save it!
  • Kirsty
    That poem is so good! It was the perfect poem that i needed 2 find! Great poem! Luv Kirsty xXxXx
  • Nikki
    I loved your poem. It really hit home! Ive been there done that! I wish I could have had these words to say to the man who broke my heart.
  • Danielle
    LOL you can write I loved your poem alot I know the feeling of being lost in a game
  • tiffany
    This poem has got it going on, i know what you are or went through my boyfrind is that way. GREAT JOB!
  • loser_901
    i have been wanting to say these exact words to my ex-girlfriend. You are truly an inspirational person. I hope someday i can write something as good as this
  • Rachel
    This poem was incredible. It happens to everyone and it is something that we can all relte to. Very good!
  • Megan
    That was really powerful. I've been writing for 4 years, and never have any of my poems had so much meaning. This is a really well-written poem, and I give you mad props for it.
  • SENA
    I love ur pome. Every word is just amazing. My speling is very bad so i m not going to keep writing i just want it to say You did a very nice job
  • nicolle
    YES great poem i loved it! i hella went through that and was looking for a poem just saying how i felt. then i saw yours! so i put it in my aim profile if thats ok with u, cuz i just loved it sooooo much keep up the good work :)
  • FoBziE
    Hey dats nice! Im going through the same thing over mah gurl but i try to do mah best but i cant i hve to really know her then i can say i love her. bbut u know everyones need time. well dats a good poem.
  • Adam
    Your poem could not have been written much better. I had the exact same situation happen to me, and I know exactly how you feel. It is one of the worst feelings in the world to love someone that has changed into someone other than the person you fell in love with.
  • Angel
    i know exactly how u feel. it was hard getting over feeling of betrayal after i found out from my friend dat my bf liked another girl
  • shannan
    this is a great poem, it says it like it is. i feel this way about my x boyfriedn of 20 months.
  • Danielle
    this is a great poem. i know how you feel i had a boyfriend i though i know but as we started to keep going out i found out he wasn't the one i feel in love with. so after a year of going out with him on and off we broke up. you'll find that special person some day.
  • cOokiE
    i can't believe how good your poem is. meh and my friend would be reading/writing peoms about how we feel and then i came to your poem i was amazed.. itz one of the best i ever read!
  • kaiesha
    I absolutely love this poem and its the best one i've read so far and i've read alot of them. im going to dedicate this to my as of now ex. thank you so much for writing it. this is exactly how i feel and you put it in words probably better than i could have. Great poem. It sadly all to real. thanks
  • randa
    great poem
  • alli
    I really liked ur poem. i know someone exactly like that
  • Isaac
    This was the best poem in the teen love category
  • Anna
    this is such an awesome poem. it is exactly the way i feel about my boyfriend who i am on the verge of breaking up with.
  • Nicole
    I couldn't belive how good this poem was. I read it and felt like they were puting everything I have always wanted to say to all my ex's into a simple poem. It wa great.
  • melissa
    this is a really great poem. i know a lot of guys like this and i sent each of them a copy and told them it was about them. And ever since then all of them have become a lot nicer and caring. i think we taught them a lesson. thanks taylor
  • Melissa
    This poem hit too close for comfort. I have been there, done that, felt that. This poem really made me feel like I can make it without the hurting. Thank you Taylor.
  • Lindy
    This poem I love it expalnes how ymy x-boyfriend was .Do you mined itf i type it out so i can give it to him?
  • britni
    this poem is very well said and written..
  • Paul
    i felt the very same thing! i touched right in the heart by this poem, it maderemember my first love....
  • Clair
    This poem is exactly how my ex-boyfriend is. I just never really thought it that way! So thanks Taylor!!
  • cari
    this poem is the perfect poem to give someone who is like this and that you want to break up with them kinda like i am going to do .i really like this poem cause it is true about someone i really loved . it has a sad side too but its true .
  • Becky
    i like this poem because it tells exactly how guys are. the are selfish ignorant and so on it just explains it all.
  • Lisa
    i thought this poem was a good poem, it reminded me of a guy at school
  • gina
    thats an excellent poem, im actually in that sitch right now, and i know how you feel, this poem is going straight to my crush! Thanks for your help:)
  • christina
    i loved your poem taylor please send me some of your work. i would really like to read it. thank you very much. i thought it was reall good. i can relate to this poem so much
  • Jessica
    This poems fits in with my life and a coulpe of my friends..Thanks Taylor
  • Elaine
    I really like this poem heaps. I would have told you but I couldn't e-mail you personally, anyway, keep it up.
  • Kristen
    I think this is a really good poem, I gave it to a boy I once knew!
  • Aarron
    i know how how feel

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