I wrote this poem hoping to show my girl friend that I hold the strongest love for her that I have ever felt. The poem reflects the things about her that I hold dear in my heart. I wanted to tell her what I feel about her beauty. The thing that prompted me to write this poem for her was the nights and days that we spend together. She has touched my life in such a way to make me greatly look forward to the next day when I get to see her.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Teenage Love Poems

My Angel
Your dark flowing hair does tickle my nose,
after you kiss me when I give you a rose.
Your sweet blue eyes send my mind in motion;
they remind me of the sparkle of sun in the ocean.
your calm gentle voice always brings me a smile;
It is so sad we may only talk for a while.
I want to sit and hold you forever,
for that is a memory I long to endeavor.
The touch of your soft gentle hands against mine
send wonderful chills along my spine.
My dreams to be with you have finally come true,
For now I will never want to let go of you.
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  • caroline
  • Thomas
    i really enjoyed it!
  • Tracey
  • Andrea
    This poem was great it really touched me!
  • elaine
    hey steve, good job!i really missed my ex aftr reading ur poem cuz evn we went through the same and he used to tell me how much he loved me and he neva wnted to let go. but i neva really undrstood him. nd now i regret it.
  • Felicia
    I really think your poem is so sweet. I wish my boyfriend could of wrote me a poem like that. I'm a poet too. Gosh, your very sweet.
  • Jase
    I loved this poem, it reminds me of my girlfriend and I and if you love your girl as much as I love my angel, You're one lucky guy. me, I know.
  • Nadeshda
    Wow hey i love it and I know how it is when you dont see your love much often and when u do u cherish it with everything u can. i love your poem i can c it comes from the heart i give u props well im in a relationship 2 been with mi man for 9months and sometimes we dont get to c eachother for atleast 2weeks and when we do we cherish ever single moment we have to getther i hope u the best of luck :-)
  • Richard
    thank you so much, this poem really touched me. keep u the excellent writing. never give up, the world wouldnt be the same without you writing.
  • Na├»ka
    that poem was such an amazing one. every girl should have a guy like you!
  • Jenna
    I really liked your poem. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  • Kaveesha
    it really touched me. and it shows me the true meaning of love. this is such a good poem its the best i have read and it really touched my heart and made me remember the good times me and my ex boyfriend had. keep up with the good work.
  • rosie
    this poem is great so true so emotional so sweet and just explains love the way it is
  • Jennifer
    I think this poem was very special because it relates to alot of things in my life.
  • Justine
    this poem is really good. it is the same way i feel about my boyfriend.
  • alex
    hey steve your poems if nice i like if.
  • Janaya
    I wish my boy friend would write a poem for me but I don't think he loves me that much as you love your girl Maby you need to hook up with him and give him a little talk I'm happy for you that you found the right girl for you
  • Mickey
    This is one of the sweetest poems I have read all I got to say is that the girl you are with is so lucky to have a guy like you!
  • Lindsey
    Great poem, really expresses how you feel, can't wait to hear more!
  • eric
    this is a great poem. I am going to recite it to my girlfriend whom i am about to marry.
  • ash
    You must be related to Cleo-the psychic-because I am going through the exact same thing!
  • Krystal
    i love this poem. it makes me think about me and my boyfriend.
  • Jamie
    Yaaaa, nice poem. It made me feel a lot of faith in love. Your gurls a lucky brod! ;)
  • Bridget
    This is a very sweet and emotional poem. Your girlfriend is lucky to have a guy like you. Great job Steve! Keep writing!
  • Eric
    Hi!I liked your poam.It really explains how I feel about my girlfriend.NICE!
  • Katrina
    This was one of the best poems i've ever read! it's so sweet to write something like that for your girl!
  • recks
    nice poem, my girlfriend's nickname is angel too. she calls me teddy bear. i think ur next poem should be about yourself as ur girlfriend's teddy bear. share some inspiration, hahaha
  • John
    Steve please do some more because I love your poem it's the BEST
  • Vanessa
    I loved this poem, it was so sweet. You have a beatiful way of expressing your feelings and putting them into wonderful and touching words. This poem really says something. Keep it up!
  • David
    This poem is just really gnarly. I could just read it over and over again. I can see you really like this girl I can tell by this poem. Above all this is one rad poem you got there! :P
  • spicy
    this poem was da bomb. it was of the hinges.
  • Beth
    This poem is very nice. I like it alot.
  • AZER
    nice and good
  • Cat
    it sounds like it really came from heart and came naturaly instead of being forced.
  • Greg
    I like this poem because it is so close to how i feel that it is scary. I just cant write that nice of a poem for my Girlfriend. I tried once and she loved it but i know it sucked. Nice Work.
  • KIM
    This poem was so beautiful. It really touched my heart. I cant wait to share it with my boyfriend.This is truly heart felt and inspirational and I thank you for sharing it with me!
  • xseth
    it's a bautiful thing when guys like steve r able 2 xpress their feelings for their girl. it makes them feel soooo special. the poems so cute it's hard 2 bliv a guy can make something like that!
  • Dee
    I liked that poem very much it showed alot of feeling and i just wish my man had words like that
  • Jocelyn
    Awesome poem...it just sent chills when I read it!!!! that gurl is realy luckie to have a guy like him
  • JIm
    exellent poem.
  • Ben
    Steve, this may sound weird but I guess I wanted to say thanx. This poem I read of yours has touched my heart, it has reminded me that everything is ok with my girl and I even though she is away. I wish I could write like you to express my feelings to my girl. I can never seem to tell her just how much I careabout her and love her. This is a great Poem.
  • KASH
    Hey ur poem is awesome..u are very talented..keep that going. bye take care keep smiling :)
  • jessica
    i think it is very sweet that iguy would do that for her girlfriend because my boyfriend would never do that for me even though we have been going out for 3 years that is soooooo sweet!!!!!!!!
  • Angelina
    It's so adorable when guyz call thier gf's angels and this poem is sweet and it's also so cute. She's pretty lucky 2 have a guy like u. Good Luck with everything.
  • Tyler
    i think what you have written is beautiful. i feel the exact same way about the one i love.your words are so sincere and they really mean something
  • Champ
    Great poem man! I like it a lot. The poem actually describes how my relationship is with my gurl. Well, I'm a sophomore and we have seperate classes at school. I don't have ne classes with her n I never get the time to talk to her because her classes would be in one direction and mine in the other. For every small moment that we're together I cherish them like the moment was forever. Well, anyways great job on the poem. Laters!
  • Shelly
    This is really sweet. I'm sure this is what my love of 10 months would tell me if only he could find the words to say it. I too know how it feels to only see the one you love for small instances at a time.
  • Stephanie
    I loved the poem! i wrote you a personal email saying pretty much the same thing but i wanted to vote! It was GREAT!
  • Kim
    Steve, this poem rocks!! You are really an awesome poet!! Talk to ya later!! Oh, and good luck with writing in the future
  • mike
    hey i just wanted to say that was great!i read it to my girl and she loved it! thanks

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