I wrote this one day when I was frustrated with all of the end-of-year testing, stress, trash, and such that I get at my school. It mostly is a joke, but sometimes I wonder. I really enjoy school, but it feels like it is 30 days too long. This results in a testy mind and lashing tongue, but summer is the cure-all.

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Hey, I'm Keeping A Good Attitude
School’s such a bore, melancholic, and old -
The exciting is past and the gossip’s all told.
Teachers, they play on their computers all day;
While the kids talk as though they always had something to say.
Bullies roam free, girlfriends not true,
Good students (or saints) are understandably few.
While some rough guys constantly feud.
Hey, I’m keeping a good attitude.

School lunch is horrifying, nasty, and cold;
Those who try it are exceptionally bold.
Our school team’s a joke, our mascot a bore,
Every day our faces get creamed to the floor.
The dances are repetitious, hot, and dumb,
Many won’t dance, others won’t come.
The kid next to me just noisily spewed,
But hey, I’m keeping a good attitude.

It’s harder to get straight F’s than A’s,
And all count with hope the minusing days.
For summer calls lazily, promising fun
If only you get your school work done.
To those who do not, I sadly say,
Your summer of fun has just lost its ray
Of hope for times always better ahead,
But you just got stuck with Hades instead.
I don’t mean to exaggerate, be offensive, or rude.
This whole time I’ve kept a good attitude.
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  • dorothy
    that was an awesome poem!
  • Katie
    i love it! its so tru. not fake at all. totally relate to it. keep up the good work! i love it i love it i love it!
  • Caroline
    Awesome poem. It is one i can totaly relate to especially during midterms or finals. keep up with the good work
  • michaela
    that was really goood i write poems like that wen im bored also i write poems 2 me family and m8's 2 cheer them up.
  • john
  • shannon
    This poem is exalent i can totally relate to it with school. just like you i keep a good atutide. but just remember that you go to school for a good reason when you are older you will get paid for whatever knowladge that you have from school
  • dancing girl
    Hey Your poem totally rocks. For school we have to read out some poem and write a reflection on it. I am so going to read your poem. Keep writing! and THANX
  • cantsay
    This poem is the story of the people that aren't really nerds, but aren't really popular and are just hanging in there until the end. It shows you life from another point of view.
  • Nasteho
    i love this poem its canna like how my life is so i have a great connection with this poem
  • brad
    i love that poem it will help get through all the bad at school!
  • Monica
    Hi, I have a school assignment to do. We have to read out a poem to the class. I thought this poem was really good. As I was reading it, I laughed! I thought to myself this is a perfect poem. The class will laugh too. I'm sure about that! Wish me luck everyone!
  • harita
  • Muzic
    Awesome. This poem explains my school life and my life in general extremely well. KEEP IT UP!
  • Kailee
    This poem was so true! it totally describes my school!great job keep writting!
  • josh
    cool poem! i luv it
  • nikki
    Hey i really liked how you talked about how boring school was but you made it through because you had a good attitude. Many times i have wanted to just give up then i think about how you said to have a good attitude and i always make it through the hard times. Thanks for all the help i really appriciated it.
  • latia
    wat up playa that poem right there wuz very touchin and right on point about the issue that us as teenagers go through on a regural basis so keep doin ur thang
  • sheila
    I think that it ios a good poem u should start doing more
  • Sandy
    I give this poem five stars or the highest vote that can be.
  • Adam
    Harshly truthful. Insightful, poignat and practical all at the same time.
  • Tramaine
    This poem was really good,Quinten your very talented, so always keep your good attitude.
  • Brittany
    hey,i think your poems was really good and some of the things you wrote desribes me and i like how u have a kool way of putting your poem in a school way cause we all hate school-well i wanna say is very good
  • Kelly
    WOW! i bow down to you! fully true TOTALLY the best poem ive read for AGES! 10 stars!
  • omi
    2 tru
  • Jasmine
    I loved this poem! it's like the person who wrote this knows my life better than i do. but hey i'm not complaining, i love th fact that most of the poems are about me in a way, especially this one!
  • NotExactlyAnAngel
    GREAT poem (you get that a lot i know i just read the comments) that is totally my school! im sooo bored in class but in a few classes we dont do anything at all. just annoy the teacher but im an angel (omg what a lie!) lol but most of the classes SUCK! and lunch? dont even go there! no one goes in that room. if you see someone they are instantly on the front page of the school paper head lines reading "SHOCKING NEWS! STUDENT HAS FINALLY DISCOVERED THE LUNCH-ROOM!" but no such luck. keep writing! and again GREAT poem :D
  • phillip
    that basically sums it all up in a nut shell. good job. i'm gonnna use that in my english anthology son'y worry i'll give you credit
  • kayla
    very good poem and true too!
  • Taz
    Oh my gosh i just got in trouble 4 not having a positive attitude and this poem made me laugh! i have to show my teachers this poem! maybe if i tell them this poem inspired me (which it did) they'll forget my after school detetion! Hahahahahaha
  • ashley
    hahahah, great poem! that was totally sweet, im doin this project for my l. a class, and i need a couple poems, i dont think my teacher would like it too much. but hey, the truth hurts!haha, keep writing!
  • Nia
    Really,I have a great attitude at school(hmmm. hmmm. )but after reading this poem,it seems that it's no good to be that attitude!
  • Liz
    This poem, I believe says exactly what everyone thinks but is too scared to say. Sometimes ya just gotta grin and bare it.
  • missy
    Totally awesome. I love your poem!
  • Alisa
    I loved this poem, it is very good.
  • Jesi
    Hey this poem is the best one i think that is on this site but its a great poem and it describes school for me exactly.
  • MARY
    That was good. My sorry sad school is the same!
  • Becca
    You've just scraped all the thoughts I had about school, and put it into one hell of a poem! What you wrote was absolutely true.. keep it up!
  • rob
    great poem
  • angie
    I like this poem~ it tells the truth~ a little bold but that's what this world needs is people to say it like it is and not make it sound better or worse just to tell it like it is~
  • Miranda
    This is excellent writing and exlains exactly how I feel..but I couldn't put it into these kinda words..Great job!
  • mandie
    everyone acts like teens should just cope, but lots of negative stuff gets thrown in our faces all the time. It is just hard cuz we deal with a lot and don't get much credit.
  • john
  • Shannon
    Just let it all out!
  • Jennifer
    This poem is very, very, true. I like it a lot.
  • Amy
    Hey- I love this poem. This poem describes my school to a "T". I couldn't describe a small hick town any better. Great written form- keep it up!!

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