I wrote this poem for my 8th grade class of '99. I was just sitting in my science class bored and decided to write a poem. I'm going to miss all my friends so I wrote a poem that I'll always keep with me and I'll remember this year because they; 've made it so perfect.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship

As It Comes To An End
As I sit here in class,
I observe my friends
And look forward to the year
Coming to an end.

It's gonna be sad
To say good- bye.
I'll miss everyone.
I know I will cry.

I remember the day
When I came back
To be with my friends
And get on the right track.

We had so many moments;
Some bad, most great.
I'll always remember the love
And erase the hate.

I don't wanna say good- bye
To all my friends.
I don't want this year
To come to an end.
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  • amanda
    i loved this poem this is exactly how i feel @ the end of the year!=]=]=]
  • karlie
    it was like you talked about my last year school year and my starting of this year
  • victoria
    i am so happy you wrote this this reminds me i left a boy i once love like no other
  • neverbe
    it touched me because that exactilly how i felt
  • Nhataly
    Ur poem was very good bcause i kno exactly wot u r talking about.
  • sagarika
    it was really simple and sweet and got to the point i liked it very much =)
  • Rosalina
    omg i love this poem it toches my heart. Its really great its meaningful to people and this poem talks the truth about the end of the year!I love this poem very very very much on my next poem a signment im going to use this poem 4 sure!Keep on writing lke this. this person who wrote it ROCKS!
  • Lindsay
    This poem was such a wonderful piece of work. I fell like you just stole the fellings right out of me. Keep up the goodwork!
  • manoush
    I just loved this poem SO much it makes me think about all my friends and how much they helped em throught this year-without them i dont know wat to do!ILY to all my freidns!
  • Kaicee
    I luv your poem!
  • Lexi
    This poem is so true! It explains all the feelings I have about the last day of school. My best friends will LOVE it! Thanks
  • Cierra
    i like the way the poet said something about the year COMING to and end. and then coming BACK to the new year. and then COMING to and end.
  • Jessie
    This poem was amazing how i felt when i read is how i felt when i was leaving 8th grade,. because i moving and i dont want to leave and say good bye to ALL my friends!
  • Gabby
    Hey. I luv that poem. It makes me wanna cry. I printed it out so i can read it in front of my school for graduation.
  • saddam
    love it .
  • Helen
    this poem really, really touched me in a special place! now I'm crying. i liked da poem a lot. buh bye now
  • darveyea
    This poem was just really terrfic and i really express the way i feel about somethings that is happen right at this second, so keep on doing what you do writing these poems for us to readers that enjoy reading
  • monique
    this poem is made for me in my cloest friends at bowen hollar at my 09 best friends till the end i hopee.
  • m
    i so love it. it so rocks dude
  • Natalie
    I really felt the connection in this poem. I felt the emotion and pashion when she wrote this!
  • tearra
    I like the peom
  • Ronda
    i really like this poem because thats who someone really feels when the school year is almost over. )
  • Kamesha
    This poem really helped me describe my feelings toward my friends i feel that tis poem made a difference and i printed the poem to alllllll my close friends and they said it was very touching to them and i sat there and they cried in front of me and when one cry's we all cry together. Loke they say. A FAMILY THAT PRAY'S TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER AND A FAMILY THAT CRY'S TOGETHER STAY'S TOGETHER AS WELL. AND ME AND MY FFRIENDS WILL STAY TOGETHER FOREVER IN A LIFE TIME SO THATNK YOU FOR LETTIN ME SHARE THIS POEM TO ALL MY FRIENDS.
  • bianca
    hey that was a wonderful poem i will have to try to remember it so that i can talk to my friends about it so that we can enjoy it.
  • ruchira
    this is a poem which will touch everyone who'll be leavin school. since i too have just stepped out of school it really strung a cord of my heart.
  • Atiqah
    i sooo. love this poem. it has touch my heart.
  • claudia
    thats how i feel when the year is almost over and i have to say bye knowing that summer is almost over. also knowing frinds i will never see againg i feel sad
  • Hannah
    i really like this poem it is sad but it is good you should email me some more like that i am not kidding that really is a good poem i really like it a lot good job i give it ten stars
  • Nicole
    I love that poem. It really touch me!
  • Celina
    Beautiful poem by kay it is worth reading
  • elisha
    this poems is perfect! I luking 4 a poems that i can give to my bestfriend because she will graduate today! she will leave me and this poem suites as a remembrance for her to remember our friedship. thannks to this site
  • Whitney
    It was a wonderful poem. it remind me of this year that is about to come to an end. i will be missing all my friends bc school is about over and this is our last year to see each other dor the last time.
  • shekemma
    i like it
  • aakansha
    this poem is very heart touching
  • susana
    this poems is so cute!
  • Sheena
    I love ur poem that iz crazy real!
  • Aanchal
    Bestest poem heard by teenagers
  • kelsey
    this was a great poem, i feel the same way, i love school sooooo very much because of my friends and i will cry sooo hard when the year is over, i will miss my friends soooooooooooo much, i might even cry every night
  • Kayla
    This poem is about the year that is about to come to an end. I think it really dicribes how we all feel about how the way this year has turned out. We have had bad moments, but MOST were GREAT. ~!~Kayla~!~
  • Crystal
    this is a pretty good poem!
  • Brianna
    This poem really touched me because i am going to graduate this year from 8th and it is sad. i really don't want to say good bye but i have to and me and all my friends are going are seperate ways but i hope we will all keep in touch. And it seem like this poem was made especially for me.
  • Debbie
    This is a very great poem and i really like it. It is very true
  • Jojo
    It's words really touched my heart.
  • Victoria
    I think this is a VERY good poem. I can really relate to it. As I leave my friends every year at the end of every school year I feel this way. Thank you, Kay, for writing this poem.
  • Supriya
    This poem really touched my heart. It is very true with me also. I have been with my firends for 6 years in senegal, Africa and now I have to leave them and go to India forever. (I am from India)
  • natassia
    i think this poem was great
  • genesis
    i really appreciate your poem. it really touches my heart for it was the exact same feeling i had wen we graduated from elementary. same feelings wer felt for our friends wen we left and headed our own seperate ways.
  • Nina
    " yupit is true i guess" it gave me a clue of what really friendship is. "
  • Hannah
    This is such a touching poem, and displays so many people's views and feelings of the end of a school year!
  • citlaly
    its so sad
  • cassy
    oh my god this poem really touched me and it really connected to me.
  • ambika
    this is a very senti poem as i can feel the pain of leaving my treasured friedz
  • victoria
    ur poem iz really gret
  • Alisha
    This poemis nice i like it keep up the good work
  • Amber
    This poem remind me of my friendship with my friend valetrina she goes to the same school as me
  • feyikemi
    This poem really touched my heart cos I ve left my school and moved to another school. And I found that there is no one like my friends apart from Jesus
  • qwanisha
    hey how r u anyways i love this poem whoever did this song them just send me an e-mail
  • sarah
    u realise friends are very important especially in school they keep you right on track. never take advantage of friends your true ones will always be there for you!
  • aleyda
    i love the poem it touch me very deep because i have friends best friends and i will dedicate this poem to a special friend of mine i have to say that i really love the poem
  • Brittany
    This was a very good poem and i give props to who ever the authour is and they really know how to touch the souls of there readers
  • nikki
    I really like this one becasue kind of explaines how I fell and stuff.
  • Doug
    This poems of yours truely inspired me. It made me re-experience all of the years before this and made me realized the true meaning of poetry. Thank you so much for your help.
  • Whitney
    I really loved your poem.
  • Candygirl
    I llllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee this poem i'm in 8th to and be sad to say Good Bye! i love all my friends
  • terrica
    your poem really touched me cause it made me think about my last years feelings about leaving middle school
  • Lauren
    I was looking for a poem for my poem project and i saw this poem and i siad wow this would be a great poem for this project. Note: In this project we are supposed to find a poem then tell the class in our own words what we think the poem says. So i am not using this poem and saying that i wrote it myself!
  • Elizabeth
    That was a great poem. its true too :) keep writing!
  • ashley
    that was a great poem i think
  • Sienna
    hiya kay. your poem really touched me because i am feeling the exact same thing as what, well i guess u were wen u rote that poem. I have these 2 wonderful, awesom best friends, but i only hav 2 weeks of primary skool left, and we r all going 2 different highskoolz! they r the BEST FRIENDS I HAVE EVER HAD! even though i hav had heapz! i am gonna miss em so much, and even though im so excited about highskool (orientation woz gr8 lol) i am dreading the last day of primary skool, the last day (probably) of me and ma besties. As it will come 2 an end. your poem is GREAT! and we hav2 memorise one that we like 4 skool and present it 2 the class so could i like use urs? thanx! xoxo kisses (awesum poem kay!) Sienna
  • Pud
    I'm in 6th grade but i couldv'e used it last year when i was in elementary school. I know how you felt & I'm glad you wrote your poem. It's absolutly beautiful.
  • Nicki
    i love this poem, usually i dont read all of it but this one i had to!
  • chantelle
    hey. did my last paper today!and i found u're poem. so touching, so ME! so - my situation. thanx. u had the tears streaming down my face! never stop writing hey! chantèlle South Africa
  • tyra
    i loved it it explains how i feel toward my friends so much
  • nElLy
    this poem was aswome and it fits 2 -yeah
  • felicia
    the poem was really good because i can relate in so many different ways!
  • ellie
    this poem was so good! and it fits perfect for the end of the year and for pople that are moving far away! because im moving away and it says everything i want to say but can't say because i suck at writing poems. but its so good and perfect. by the way if you all could have people post poems about moving to other countries that would attrack so many more people! i promise you that!
  • kate
    wow this poem really touched my heart. it explains how i feel perfectly! i love it. keep writing! :]
  • nichole
    well i just came back home from been lock up so long for 4months. Away from home and way from my family and friends. I was gone for long time my friend had baby.
  • Akee
    After i've read this poem, I was reminded of the song 'because You Loved Me" by Celine dion.
  • Jenny
    It reminded me of last school year I knew i was going to miss it a lot =(
  • Manisha
    its really a sweet poem. my skool yr is also coming to an end. so i got the whole feel. 4. 9/5 for me
  • Bavaani
    Short & Simple, yet extremely touching. the thoughts put into the poem really reflets the feelings of a senior or, final year student. Tomorrow is my graduation ceremony, Im going to dedicate this lovely poem by kay, to my wonderful class a. k. a my second family.
  • Jeanellle
    i liked this poem very much, do more and you will be great as is your poem
  • awashi
    this poem is so nice and it affected on me.
  • nicki
    this is verey good it mayed me cry because that is how i feel
  • dervla
    that was a grewat poem i no how you feel i dont want to leave school either!x
  • erika
    this poem was short but very toucing i love it keep up the good work
  • Gabriela
    The poem is great especially for me because on June 1 of 2007 I will graduate from my high school and i am going to miss everyone
  • Frances
  • shivati
    its dat poem which toches my heart very deeply.
  • Anahi
    i like this poem. One of the best part of life is when u r with ur friends especially ur best friends.
  • divya
    best poem
  • jessica
    i really liked this poem because it makes me remember when i left school and left all my friends and my b/f
  • Bernice
    its touchful
  • anna
    im going to move this year and im going to miss my friends!
  • camille
    im 15 and i will graduating highschool and this poem and its refers to me this poem was rock.
  • katie
    this is a really great poem, n i think that its great
  • adriana
    this is a great poem. i really like it because i am also in the 8th grade. i would also like to write a poem but unfortunatelly i don't have any inspiration. congratulations to the author of tis poem!
  • latoya
    I think the same feelings everytime that it is the end of the school year, and I also know ah few seniors that felt the same way went it was time for them to graduate.
  • Krystal
    i love this poem it realates to how i felt on the last day of school
    really reflects what any teen would feel when leaving high school knowing that one won't just be leaving school but friends behind as well
  • jamal
    this brought a tear to my eye. i loved this poem. everything just fell into place . i loved it A+
  • Ketherin
    I'll send it to my best friend end of this year. Thanks
  • sittie shahannie
    i really love it because its touch me very well, i can see myself on the author, u because when i was a 4th y. highrschool my feeling is like that i don't want to leave my frends then i want to ease all my bad moments with tem and remember the happiness. i hope that i can made like that poem.
  • Brandon
    i love this poem. it reminds me of the last day of school and the day before katrina. please keep writing.
  • garner
    waw what a nice poem it really touch me!
  • selvin
    exelant poem it makes tears in my eyes grt
  • Dakota
    Good Good And Good Keep Up The Good Work
  • woot
    This is a great poem and i can relate to it perfectly! I just ended the eighth grade this year and im going to miss all of my friends i wont see this comming school year!
  • venila
    this poem is absolutely perfect. just 2 gud. its very emotional, and while reading it we can see what the writer means, it had very much touched me this poem. i would congratulate the writer, you've doen a great job, just 2 gud. keep it up:P
  • chickita
    great poem and this exaxclty how i felt at the end of this year i graduated and i didnt want to say good bye to any one
  • shasaia
    i really like your poem . why because that's the same way i felt when i was in the 6th grade i even felt that way about my teacher because she was so nice to me but i will give you 10/10
  • samantha
    This poem was so touching and i loved it. I am sending it to one of my best and closest friends who moved after the ebd of the school year. who ever wrote this poem should keep writing them and maybe you could get somethin out of it. but anyway. the poem was b-e-a-utiful and i enjoyed it very much. you must of put alot of LOVE and thought into it and i hope you are still chillin w/ your friends and keepin in touch. well much love. g2g. -sam-
  • Samantha
    This poem is something that most teenagers go through. Like myself have to change schools next year and I am going to miss all my friends. I have told them all about this powem and ech have read it them selvs and told my how tuching this powem is. Samantha
  • Samantha
    This is do pretty! I am using it in the picture frames that i am giving to my friends at the end of the 8th grade. My middle school is spliting into 2 different high schools so this really captivates the picture!
  • Shianne
    See this poem is great because o just lost some of my BFF's cuz the year is over i lost Kelly and Nicky and so many others and i cryed when school was over ans i miss them so much i love them with all my heart! thank u i love this poems and it made me cry cuz i rememberd the good times and not the bad thank you and keep writing!
  • Chelsea
    This poem has reminded me of me. I know that sounds funny,but it is a great poem and i love it.
  • tia
    that is a fabulous poem my friend will love it keep it up bless you!
  • katelyn
    On a scale of 1-10 i give a 5
  • Jessica
    oh wow. This poem's meaningful. It would be a totally great one for the class I'm in at the end of the year. Great, once again.
  • Brianna
    i loved it
  • Lynn
    this is good for the end of the year.
  • brooke
    hun i totally understand how you feel. it is sad, but as long as you talked to EVERY1 and got ALL of you friends numbers your be ok. believe me. to of my bffs moved. one moved to defiance and the other moved to California. thats a long ways from where i live, but that was a really gret poem. i totally related to it
  • Melissa
    I really liked this poem because my school is closing and we were all very sad because we were going to be split up. Our school is very small so we're all good friends. Thank you for writing this poem!
  • Beth
    wow i really liked this poem. it made me sad to think about my school year ending in a couple of days. good job
  • Jessica
    I think that this poem is so like how I feel and I think that everybody who reads it will think the same about it. Love Jessica
  • andrea
    this poem really touched me because this year I'm going to graduate from the 8th grade also and what the poet wrote is so true,that you don't want to say goodbye but it has to happen. And how you'll miss all your friends because in my case we are all going our different ways. I just really liked how this poem was directly to the point.
  • Alesia
    I love this poem because my friend that Ive known for years is moving 2 Savannah & Im going to miss her so much. I want 2 move down there with her just so that we can go 2 the same High School just like always!
  • charkita
    i loved it
  • alyssA
    i like this peom it says alot
  • J-J
    Your poem touched me I am reading this poem to my friend because she is moving away. She is the one that made me laugh and now she will be the one who makes me cry. As i read your poem it is sad butt true. This is coming to an end. Thank you and this poem did touch me.
  • cricket
    tis poem was really sweet it make sme think abotu the friends that i left behind in tennsees
  • Destini
    I loved your poem. It was so simple, yet very meaningful at the same time. I am graduating this year and I would like to share your poem with all of my friends.
  • brhandi
    i like this poem . please send me a copy i really like your poems
  • jemma
    this poem is so nice. i feel like tghis about going to college and so im ging to put this in my leavers book so that i will always be ablr to look bck on it and think yes this is just how i felt i tried wrighting poetry but im naff. i admire your talent
  • Jakaila
    I think this has to be one of my favorite poems because I can relate to this by so much. I'm in the eight grade preparing to go to High School now. This is good, but it hurts me because majority of my friends are going to separate schools. This poem is special to me.
  • kristina
  • Annabel
    It was a great poem about the end of the school year! About missing your friends, and crying and stuff like that!
  • rachel
    it really touch me . i knowhow you feel. holla back.
  • rebecca
    this is one of the best poems ive ever read. i give it all thumbs up nd i hope you write more poems coz u got talent gurl.
  • mai cee
    i love dis poem it is very touching u have made a great poem n i wud love to read more. keep up da great work k. :P
  • jaeneen
    well this poem has really touched me because this is very true about me every end of the school year and i think that this is a great poem. you have touched my heart. i dnt want to ever lose my freinds.
  • Chelsea
    Hey. omg. this is so cute and i can relate to it b/c im in 8th grade this year an its really sad to leave all my friends and leave everything i have been though the last past 9 yeard in this school. i think i will cry at graduation but hey who knows maybe i will be really happy. all i know is we have 15 more days here and we ae all really upset b/c we have to leave our friends. but i just want everyone that knows me and is in my class to know that i love ya and i will never forget all the times that w ehve had and the moments that we will have in the future.
  • Jaweria
    This is an awsome poem! I really love it. I was writing my senior friend a good-bye letter. and this poem gave me an idea about friendship poems. so Kat, keep on writing good poems!and BEST OF LUCK!
  • Steph
    This is a great poem for teens especially becasue it is coming to the end of the year! I put it in my scrapbook for this project in school too. I heart this poem!
  • Katia
    This poem makes me say to my friends the way I feel when the year is about to end and it makes me tell them in a very special way by a poem.
  • Cece
    This Poem Is So Sweet And Beautiful !
  • hidayu
    wow. love diz poem very much and its s o true. keep it up. loves to read more poem by u. heez
  • Felicia
    I liked this poem so much. It was just funny how just a few days ago my friends and I where saying how we wanted this year to end then we thought about it and had tears in our eyes. only a few more years now we will be in high school and graduate and go our separate ways. So it was kind of weird coming accross this poem but i liked it very much From a Friend Felicia
  • arlene
    it touches my friend heart
  • Micahel
    This poem was great I really enjoyed it I wish that I could write poems as good as the writer was. I just wanted to tell u that it made me cry leaving all my friends.
  • Tanis
    hey, i jus wanns ay that this poem is very good, its simple an it gets to the point! an i was also am in the same situation thinking about the end of the year so i know how you feel too lol :) anyways i better go outnow! ok :) ` tanis~
  • Taylor
  • mara
    this poem is so goood i wrote it down and got an A in class because they told us to go on the internet and find a poem that touched us dearly
  • DeAndra
    i thought that the poem made sense in a way that I fell the same way when it is the last day of school and some of the people i might never see again and some i might see in high school th next year . But what i'm trying to say is that the poem was a great way to express the way kids feel when it'st he last day of school!
  • Pearl
    Thats a yery nice and touching poem!
  • conie
    my school year is coming to a end and im about to become a freshmen and im scared to death to go to high school ! conie
  • tiffanie
    i love this poem it was very sad
  • Holly
    I really liked this poem because it explanes the hate and the love between friends. Out of ten (10) i think this deservs a nine (9) I really injoyed it 'Kay'!
  • hanna
    Wow your poem is amazing it is honestly one of the best poems i have ever read. It is also very inspiarational and i am sure many teens will enjoy reaing it and will relate to it.
  • Rebekah
    i loved it
  • Jessica
    this was a great pome
  • Brianna
    I'm about 2 go 2 the 12th grade. This poem really touched me because I feel this way. I lost some friends and gained more this year.
  • Chrissy
    I loved it it is how i feel now i lost my bf and i wont her back
  • samantha
    beautiful,and soooooooooo true!i loved it!
  • nichole
    your poem remind me of how felt when i first finsh school keep up the work holla
  • karina
    this is true because my friend left.
  • Daisy
    This poem touched me because that's what happened to me last year and I feel very sorry for myself and to the other people who go through this.
  • kiki
    i thought that was awesome because i am now a freshman and i remembe my last day at the middle school. . . we all cried but i know i'll never ever forget the times we all had shared together.
  • ashley
    this poem really touched me. it showed me how much i care for my friends and will hate it when i leave school. this poem inspired me alot and i want everybody to know that no matter where you are your friends won't forget you.
  • chloe
    I used your poem in a project(if thats okayy, but dont worry i gave you credit). i used your poem bacause i liked it so much. im a frehsman so its my first year in high school and i already feel sad about graduation and i still have 3 more years to go. so it was nice to see someone else feels the same way. high school can be very hard and confusing at times but most of the time it is a very fun place and just knowing that after graduation you wont se more than half your friends again is very scarys o thanks for creating such an awesome poem to exspress that!
  • krista
    i really really like this poem but it does make me think what its going to be like without all my friends. it kind of reminds me about the song make new friends but keep the old, one is silver but the others gold.
  • Jazmine
    i like this poem because it says alot about what she is feeling and it is the same way when it was the end of the school yaer for me -thank you-
  • Nayaah
    This is soo true. It seems like the older i get the more each school year tends to make or break my freindships. I loved how simple it was, this poem shows that you dont have to spend alot of time with changing words and puncuation to make a poem good.
  • Nicole
    I really like this poem I can really relate to it because I am About to to leave one grade and enter another one. But I really like this kept it up Kay
  • Rachael
    i really love this poem.
  • jackie
    this poem reminds me of last year because iam never going to see my freinds again so it even made me cry i love this poem i sended it to alot of people i hope they like it like i did (: i loved it and this aurther is a great writer p. s sorry for my missed spelling *(:
  • Allison
    that is really good i really liked it
  • emily
    i loved the poem because one of my really close friends is moving schools and i know that i'll never see her again. reading the poem made it easier for me to get over, knowing that somebody feels the same way as i do. it really touched me.
  • chelsey
    this is an amazing poem GREAT job this is an amazing poem i hope you keep up this fantasmic work it is great!
  • veronica
    i really liked your poem. i will miss my friends too. love veronica ramirez
  • monic
    hey your poem was great better than the others i read
  • Kristina
    OMG! that is a good poem because i'm in 8th grade and im going onto high school in like 3 or 4 months and its going to be sad and i know im going to cry because i know me and all my friends won't be in classes together next year! It inspired me to spend more time with my friends so THANK YOU!
  • romy
    this poem really touched me, i left my whole life behind last year. im 15 and i came to boarding school in france and left my family and friends behind in london. and that is exactly how i felt as last year came to and end.
  • Tiffany
    wow. i am a junior in high school right now and that made me think of when i was in 8th grade at our last dance. We had so many fond memories at the middle school and it was scary coming to high school all alone because your leaving everyone behind. It was hard. Thanks for taking me on that trip down memory lane!
  • Solana
    I thought this poem was really great cause i can relate 2 it cause im coming 2 the end of my 8th grade. It seemed 2 me as good poem Kay and i think that u should go on with poetry.
  • SpRk
    I lIked This poem Because it reminds me of this year. im a senior and only a few more months before i graduate and move on. its hard and sad but in the end it was fun with no regrets.
  • Ashley
    That was an awesome poem.
  • meaghan
    The poem helps me remember my 6 years at Bald Knob. It's hard to say good-bye, but i know them in the future
  • LL
  • toni
    your poem was good. it fits too.
  • Karina
    I think that this poem is great to send to a special friend that you have known for years and that you are going to miss.
  • Ashleigh
    This peom reminds me of the end of year 6 going off to high skool but i am moving like 10 hours away from my friend so i will miss them and ill keep this poem and give 1 to mah bestie
  • Tanasha
    I loved this poem it is so much like the end of every year
  • roxanne
    i really liked your poem its good it makes me think bout me and my friends
  • Suki
    This is a really great poem and I feel the same way. I have a friend who i have only known for 2 years (intermediate) and we are going to different high schools. Even though I have known her for such a short time it feels as if we have known each other our whole lives. I'm really goin to miss her!This poem says exactly what I feel. I'd like to write a poem like that but i suck at poetry.
  • Malisa
    I really liked the poem! It made me very happy but yet i wanted to cry, because Im a senior this year and I'm not really ready to graduate. I'm going to miss all my friends, family, most of my teachers, and just everyone. GREAT JOB!
  • Jo
    So true just lovely.
  • Monique
    I loved that poem so much it makes me want to cry. Its so sweet and thoughtful to all your friends i hope you coninue on with your poetry i love it. All the best.
  • Kayla
    I love this poem
  • shontel
    I loved your peom specially because it gave me inspiration on the poem i have to write for a highschool class.
  • melanie
    this is a great poem it touched my heart
  • Ariel
    This poem really touched my heat in many different good ways it reminds me that i shouldnt take myfriends for granted. ~Ariel~
  • Elle
    wow this poem is so beautiful, i really liked it becuase it explains how i felt when i found out that i was moving 4hrs away from everyone who was inportant to me.
  • th3o
    hot poem
  • Mariane
    this poem reminds me of my sixth grade in school. you see, i have a lot of close friends in our batch. but now,there are only a few of us who are still together in high school.
  • hasana
    wel,i really like ds poem it touch me so much. congrats 4 the author!ur doing nice!
  • Loz
    I liked this poem as it is so true. I finished high school last yr and don't see any of my friends anymore.
  • tasha
    hey i really liked this poem cuz it has just cum 2 the end of another school term i feel so upset cuz im not with my best friend next year n we cryed 5 hours none stop i knw how u feel i understand this came frm deep down inside ur heart!
  • Priscilla
    This poem can really make you think. Although it is so short and to the point, that is what makes it well-written and so true. After reading this poem, one will realize just how special their friends are, because as you continue to get older, your true friends are the ones who will stick by you no matter what.
  • maeve
    this is a really good poem and it really reminds me of my best mate who is leaving for good
  • Milagros
    I like the poem alot because it touched me and made me realize that in two years I will be out of High School. I know realized how much I'm going to miss my friends.
  • Elijani
    This is an okay poem. I liked it. It made me sad.
  • Rebecca
    i just want the writer to know that, this poem meant something to me. I am in the eighth grade right now and i am going to a Magnet School and none of my friends are going to the same school as me. The last day of school is next week and it breaks my heart to know i'm leaving. I LOVE YOU ROBIOUS CLASS OF '09
  • Ashley
    I think that was a great poem. I also think in the future kids should use this poem for their yearbooks.
  • lesslie
    This is a GREAT poem i dedicated 2 all my friends! love u all!
  • Samantha
    Hey i just wanted to say that I luv this poem because im going through this exact thing right now! I only have a week left of school and i have to leave my best friend because he's going to a different high school than me next year. I just dont wanna b replaced with another girl, if ya kno wut i mean! I want us to stay friends forever n its just so hard to think about leaving him, cuz once i do things will never b the same!
  • Ashley
    I really like this poem because I'm in 8th grade and we only have 1 more day of school and it makes you actually think of the good times you have had with your friends and how your going to miss them! This poem is very touching and I like it alot!
  • Katie
    i think this poem is a very loving poem for everyone in good or bad. This poem really got to me in a loving and emotional way.
  • kayla
    this poem is so real , i can relate to it so much because i move around alot so i have to switch schools and it is so hard to say goodbye to the friends u love , that are like family to u !
  • susana
    i really love ur peom. it sounds like the day of my graduation. u did a really great job.
  • waverly
    it was grert what can i say it kind sumse up my year thats what i'd say
  • kaya
  • cameron
    great poem
  • Angel
    I really like your poem. You have talent keep going.
  • Jessica
    This poem is really good, because I think the most of everybody feel like this the last month of school, I mean when you know you wont see this people after the summer.
  • rhonda
    Your poem was so good! From a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give you a total 10! ur poem was great! 1luv!
  • lacey
    great poem
  • Jennifer
    i luv this poem it remindz me of alot of thingz that is going on in my life!
  • Jennifer
    This poem was AWESOME! It really touched me because these are my last few months in the school that I attended for the past 4 years. I will graduate from the eighth grade in June and I dont want to leave my friends. That is why I love this poem so much. i am going to read this poem to my Language arts class for my reading minute I am sure that they will like it just as much as I did. LOVE YOUR WORK:)
  • lisa
    this is like my six grade year but we didnt return together
  • sarah
    i thought this poem was a wonderful way to express friendship. like myself i like to right poetry and its hard to find a poem that i like so much. this poem has touched me heart and gave me cold chills when i read it so please keep up all the good work and write more for others to read and never think what u write is horrible cause if u doubt urself u wont be abl to write such a beautiful poem and i want to thank u for sharing!
  • Tinamallooloo
    i loved it! it made me think back to all the good times me and all my friends had!. thank you!
  • robin
    this is a great poem it sounds like me
  • kat
    this is kinda about me 2 cuz i am gonna be moving far away from my home town and i will not get see a lot of my friends that i have grown up with.
  • tiffany
    this was a very good poem i lke it cause it reminds me of me
  • kena
    i really like it
  • maranda
    It really made me interested and I could relate to it as well.
  • sandra
    This is a fabulous poem! I feel exactly this way on the last day. Thanks for writing such a touching poem. it reflects what i think.
  • Eugena
    this is a very good poem. i really like it please keep up the good work.
  • Shannon
    This is really touching i feel the same way! From 1-10 its an 15!
  • Roy
    I really liked your poem. I liked it because im in 8th grade and next year im going to high school. I dont want the year to end because I know that i'm probably not gonna see some of my friends again.
  • jessica
    i liked this poem because i have a friend that i new in so long and now she is moving school and now i find it hard to say good-bye so i gave her this poem to make it easier.
  • kellie
    that was cute. i cryed when i read that. well at least you get too graduate wit them cause i dont get too graduate with my one best friend cause she died in a car wreck. that was good i really liked it.
  • victoria
    i loved it it my e cry this is how i feel all the time u see,m like a good preson never leat that change.
  • Brittany
    you are a very good poet. i loved this poem. i'm a freshman and had to go through 8th grade graduation last year. so it touched me. your poem was awesome
  • Cynthia
    I love this poem because it reminds me of how I felt when I was leaving the 8th grade. As I approach graduation I still feel this way.
  • Jennni
    It reminded me of me and one of my best friends that dont talk that much anymore because of 7th grade.
  • melissa
    i really love poetry and i listen to a lot of rap so i love poetry
  • kate
    This poem reminds me about my seventh grade year in school. I had the best friends in the world that cared about me just as much as i cared about them. They were always there for me and as the years was coming to an end i took the time to reminese about all the good and bad times that we all went through.
  • Brooke
    I love your poem! I am only in the 7th grade, but i always think about when i will be a senior and how much i will miss all the days of being able to see my friends in school. This is really true because school is going too fast for me and i am sort of taking advantage of it and lately, i have been appreciating my friends and school more. Keep up the great work! That poem was awesome!
  • chanel
    hey i read this poem and it was really great because its nearly the end of the year and we are all bying presents and stuff. i really liked this poem thanx for putting it on the net
  • Crystal
    This is an awesome poem.
  • Belinda
    I was just sitting here on the computer looking at poetry when I came across this poem. It really surprised me because it feels like every last word in this poem was meant for me. I was a sophomore in high school when I had a baby. My junior year I decided to go to an alternative school for teen mothers. I ended up going there only to find that I was miserable away from my friends. I started to miss school a lot and ended up losing some credit. I decided that going back would be the best thing for me. So I came back in August to graduate with my friends. I am now a senior and I will be graduating in May. It makes me so sad to know that in a few months I will be seperated from the people I grew up with. I think that this is the best poem that I have ever read because I can relate to it on a personal level!
  • Jessica
    it was very good if u hav ne more send 2 me
  • amanda
    it really touched my heart it is something i say be4 i got out of school
  • Bach
    Hey this is very nice, my friends an I are in our senior year and all I can think about is them leaving, you did a very good job and I'm pretty sure you reached out to everyone and most feel the same
  • Christa
    I'm in 8th grade, and this is my last year to be with my friends before we all go to different high school. This poem really touches me because it's so true, and I know my friends, and even the whole class can agree. I'm ready for changes, but at the same time I don't want this school year to come to an end.
  • Amanda
    I really like it! it really touched me. I'm in year nine this year and at the end of last year i had to change schools and leave all my really good friends and the people i've known for a long time behind and the poem is exactly what i was feeling then and still feel now.
  • kimmy
    this poem is very touching on the last day of school we all cried witch was a surpise to every one cause we r all punk rock and no one had ever seen us cry during the whole year and then at the end they walk into one of the team sections and see us all crying
  • camilla
    this poem was the most great poem i ever heard. my best friend (sasha) is going to leave and i will never forget her. this poem is exactly how i feel
  • Megan
    I LOVED this poem because it made me feel closer to my friends and realise how much I am going to miss them all when I go to highschool.
  • xenia
    hey this was a great poem. keep doing your best!
  • Alicia
    I really liked this poem because i just graduated from my school St. Wenceslaus as an 8th grader (2004) and i was really close to my friends and on Graduation i cried because i won't be able to see my friends everyday like i used to so this exspresse what i felt. Thank you!
  • cindy
    I thought this poem was really good cuz i just finished 8th grade and I got mad close to some people and I think having a vacation for 3 months without my bestfriends its really hard cuz many thing could change but thats how I will know who my true friends really. always keep in contact. no matterwhat.
  • aj
    i luv it,my year is comin to an end. it describes what ppl will feel when their friend goes.
  • Caitlin
    Aww I really liked this poem. This is my last year of Junior High, and there is sooo many people Im going to miss having around sooo much. The poem really portrays what I was feeling about it. great poem; keep up the awesome work =D
  • jola
    It's really wonderful. every time that i read it, it makes me cry. it's the best poem!
  • Veronica
    hey i really like this poem. it makes me sad though because today was my last day of 8th grade and i already miss everyone. :(. but good job
  • Becky
    I like dit it tells things I woioul d say my year is coming to a end too!
  • Vanessa
    That was a great poem it so very true to what i am relating too.
  • heather
  • Beth
    This poem really touched me. The school year is almost over and I am moving to another city, about an hour away. I will miss all of my friends soo much!
  • jennifer
  • Amanda
    This poem touched me because it is true when the school year ends you do feel like its the end of ur life, and you would die if u can't see ur friends everyday.
  • Terrie
    This poem gets alots of stars because it is ture u don't want it to come to a end
  • Josey
    i love this poem
  • Anopia
    I really enjoyed this poem. I am an only child, and the only time i get to be with my friends is during the school year. It sadden's me that I'm in 8th and I know I only have the rest of this year, and 4 more years with my friends, and that will be it. I might be able to see them again, but not very likely. Most of them want to move out of state. I never want school to end!
  • Amber
    I loved it!
  • nikki
    Thats how i feel everytime the school year is over but then i'm glad its over too.
  • amy
    This poem is really great and its so true,im leaving school this year and always fort it would be so excited and happy, instead i feel sad and scared. i dont wana lose any off my friends but i no when we leave some of us will lose contact and i no the day i leave i will cry.
  • Vivian
    This poem really deeply touched my heart because i had 3 great years with great friends and all of a suudn it all fadded away.
  • anna
    i liked this poem and i think that it fits with both 8th grade graduation and high school graduation. most graduation poems are for high school graduations and i thin it's nice that i found a poem that can be used for both. thanks kay for the poem ^^
  • Heather
    Hi i really enjoyed this poem and i also write poems as a matter of fact i enjoy writing them. This poem was very good! Thank you very much i have enjoyed this site!
  • Sukmai
    one word. original. it touched me. outstanding
  • Matilda
    I love the poem. It just what happen to me last year!
  • madi
    this poem really touched me because I'm in 8th grade and some of my friends are going to different hihg scools
  • BEN
    this poem really touches my heart, because i know that this my last year and i won't be able to see my friends until my class reunion in 2009.
  • Alyssa
    Hi I just wanted to say your poem is beautiful i understand wha u went through cuase im going through it right now. Im in 8th grd. and its half way through the year. Its so hard just to think of having to say goodbye! I was searching for the right poem to share with all my friends feeling the same way as me and I finally found the perfect one yours. anyways Thank you very much
  • Elizabeth
    This is a Great Poem keep up the good work.
  • Kate
    i thought it was good
  • nancy
    this poem is really good i liked it i also was verysad at leaving my friends in 8th grade so i can really relate!
  • Lupe
    hey that was a giood poem i know what u feel
  • Janai
  • Bobbi-Jo
    I Love Your Poem I'm In my Grade 9 Year and I don't Want summer to Come Cuz I love all my Friends! Thank You 4 Wrighting this Wonderfull Poem
  • maria
    This poem is great! i liked it because this is my Sr. year and i am going to miss all of my friends.
  • mandy
    i used yor poem on graduation to fare well by fellow yr 12 peers. great work.
  • Jessica
    I had to leave my friends too! And my fiance. so i know how it feels to have to leave behind - great poem
  • minsi
    i really did like that poem it feels my heart
  • aleisha
    this poem is exactly how feel . it is a quarter thru my 8th grade year and i just wanna go back and turn time so i can be little. i tried to grow up too fast and now ive blown it. thanks .
  • alicia
    i loved it
  • Kristine
    hey i love your poem. it just suits me i mean im in 8th grade now and i dnt want to lose my friendz ever. i love them.
  • Gina
    hey, i jus wanted to say nice poem! i can totally relate to this b/c it's already November 17th of my 2003 8th grade yr & im sad and scared about wat the end of this yr and high school will bring! well anyways great job on this poem and keep up the hard work b/c i've always looked up to people who are teenagers like me and write poems that relate to my everyday thoughts about life!
  • danielle
    I really like the poem. It puts me in mind of the time around graduation.
  • Lauren
    I loved this poem. It was so good. I feel the exact same way about this school year ending because several of my friends are moving.
  • trisha
    I rele like this poem it made me cry cause i had to move and say bye to frineds that i have been friends with since Kindergarden. I left that school in 7th it was rele hard. :'(
  • lauren
    i love this poem. its so true. i know that when i finish school this year that i will cry. so i can relate to this poem.
  • keyla
    i like your poem
  • Lindsey
    This, was a Great poem keep up the good work!
  • Brooke
    This poem means alot to me for more than one reason i have been reading alot of poems on alot of diff sites because someone i am going to miss alot is moving to hollywood in august to start a career in the movies (no joke)am this shows how we dont want the season to end (hes sorta my coach) also im going into 8th grade and i no i will miss alof my friends so much and all our memories will still live on. tx
  • mida
    i love you'r poem i also had to say good bhy to all my friend's till know i still miss all of them.
  • sally
    i loved this poem it comes form the heart and i will deff. use it!
  • hannah
    i love that poem!
  • Shestin
    That was such a good poem. i'm going to move and i'm trying to find poems to give to my friends to let them know i won't forget them! this was a great one! if you don't mind i'll use it and make sure i have who it was by.
  • Megan
    Thank you so much for putting this into words, it is exactly what i am thinking. It is the end of my eigth grade year too, and i am going to a different high school than most of my good friends. Your poem was perfect. thank you!
  • Laura
    This poem was perfect for the time of year. It is almost the end of the school year and i am really going to miss my friends. This poem is really how i feel(exactly)
  • erika
    is so good for a graduation
  • Stephanie
    this poem made me cry! i am in 8th grade and the school im going to just joined to schools together from two different places. now that we have become friends, which took a long time, the year is over! now were all going to different high schools pretty much!
  • Shannon
    This was a great poem I am also an eigth grader going into highschool, and I am in charge of our 8th gr. promotion or celbration, whatever u want to call it I am seriously considering have this poem read at our promotion to highschool in two weeks! Keep Writing!
  • Lisa
    this reminded me of my 8th grade year. I never wanted my 8th grade to end because I know all my friends werent going to the same high as me.
  • Amalia
    This poems says my feeling in the way I couldn't put them for my friends to hear. Thank you for writing such an incredible poem.
  • Samantha
    I really like this poem. It almost made me cry. It helped me remember all the good time I had with all my friends during this school year.
  • angela
    Like how you said that there was lots of memories that you have had with them. I know what you mean. i'm graduating this year, so i guess why that's the reason i like the poem so much. it's really good, i enjoyed it lots.
  • Lesley
    It was so moving I really enjoyed reading it
  • kristin
    i think this poem is really great i am in the 8 th grade and i got the same feeling i dont want this school year to end u did a great job on this poem
  • Lacey
    this poem was the best i have ever read about a teacher and her class. It was very moving indeed
  • yahaira
    i loved this poem because is happening to me right now,im going to high school and is a very scary thought all new people and a whole new place without most of your friends is a really scary thought.
  • ashley
    this is a gr8t poem!it reminders me of wat is going 2 hap this year. i m going 2 a differnt jr high than my friends. keep up the good work!
  • marie
    i LOVE this poem. it reminds me of what is going to hap. this year b/c i m going 2 a diff. jr high than my b. f. 's. i will miss everyone. keep of the good work kay!
  • athie
    i can really relate 2 this poem b/c this is my last year of elementary and next year my best friends are going to a diff. jr. high. i will really miss them. this is a gr8t poem!
  • She
    This poems is really great and it has a very good message! This reminds me of my best friend. I decided to send this to her and I know it would make her happy.
  • marie
    i REALLY liked ur poem. it reminds me of what is going to happen this year because me n my friends r going to diff. jr. highs. it will b hard to say bye
  • Corn
    I really love this poem. It is exactly what I am going through rite now. It brings tears to my eyes. Well you should rite some more poems like this and thanx for writing this one.
  • Janel
    This poem is very touching cause @ the end of the yar I'm moving 2 another state.
  • Sam
    I read this poem and no joke. i cried. this is also my 8th grade year and next year i will be starting high school somewhere else. my friends and i are all very close and i sent this poem to them. all of them loved it (even the guys, and they usually hate poems so). your poem is awesome!
  • Amy
    diz poem is really great. i could really relate 2 it. im gona grauate soon. im in mah senior yr of jhs. I luv diz poem, i even stick it on mah binder. :)
  • canda
    it's a beautiful peom thats perfect for me and my friends as we have only 1 month to go in or senior year. It's good to hear others feeling the same way even from another country (i'm in australia) Thanx the poem has really inspired my friends and i to stay in touch next year.
  • Maria
    This poem was great! It reminded of when i was in high school (which was oh, so very long ago) and all of my friends were there for me, but i was crying because my high school education was over. This situation repeated itself during college graduation.
  • sani
    it's a great poem.
  • Kate
    I really liked your poem. It was short but it got the point across. This year I am going to be a senior in High School and so I feel I can really relate to what you wrote. All I can say is that high school just flies by, cherish every moment of it.
  • Megan
    Wow. I loved this poem! It is exactly what I was feeling as my 6th grade year was coming to an end! GREAT POEM!
  • Bibia
    hey Kay, This poem really touched me cause i've got to do my year again, and all my friends are going to the next class. i really feel bad about it. Bye (The Netherlands)
  • mich
    this was such a cool poem i dedicate it to one of my best friends sophia
  • kiki
    i just graduated from 8th grade too. i cried a lot on the last day and will miss all my friends. this is such a good poem
  • Whit
    I love it! i member at my grade 8 grad (this year) i bawled. this is exactly how i felt the last day in my class! And P. S. we ALL CRIED!
  • Cat
    My friend and I are making notebooks for each other~like albums b/c this is our 8th grade year. I wanted poems to put in it and this one will be GREAT!
  • Mari
    WOW! That's all I have to say. I just had my senior graduation last week and reading this brought me to tears. I just feel in love with this poem. Mission Eagles SENIORS 02 Rule!
  • Joni
    Me and my 2 friends are going to be split up into different classes next year and I'm going to show them this poem to cheer them up!
  • brook
    I just loved this poem. It reminds me of when I graduated from 8th grade. I was so sad when I graduated from 8th grade and had to leave my favorite teacher that I have ever had.
  • APEL
  • jenny
    this peom is great it remimds me of all my memores and what a great peom to tell to my friends thanks for thinking of it g2g love always
  • Nicki
    i love this poem it made me cry b/c my best friend move to tenesse and now i cant see her in school so im really love this poem
  • tonya
    when i read this poem it made me cry because our last day is june 7 and i had alot of friends that i wont see anymore. ike my best friend who is moveing and that is what your poem reminds me of
  • Joli
    This poem made me sad and i almost started to cry because at the end of this year, almost all of my friends are moving, encluding my best friend :( This was an awesome poem :)
  • Becky
    Im a senior now and we only have like couple more days to go. and i can't help but cry because all of the people i've known my whole life and the people i just met, and i'm probably just never going to see them again. When i read this poem i thought that it was the best poem for the seniors who are going to miss everyone (mostly all of the seniors everywhere. ) and well i just love that poem
  • Jenny
    I love this poem, this year was very hard for me, especially since I am a sophmore in high school. This year I lost one of my best guy friends, he just recently moved to Indiana, so this year as school ends things are very sad, and very difficult. You are such a powerful writer. Keep up your great work! :)
  • erin
    I loved this poem! Keep up the good work!
  • tyesh
    hi kay, i just wanted to say this ways a great poem. and kepp up the great work peace
  • Ashley
    Your poem is really good I can relate to it becuz this is my last year at my school. Im going to start high school in a new town and ive lived here ever since I was born Iv made friends here,kissed boys here,ect. im just really going to miss all my friends expecally my best friend
  • Lizzy
    I reallly loved the poem. Maybe because I recognise myself in it. I know it won't be easy, life after school. Most of the people of your class you won't see often anymore and that makes me sad.
  • Bob
    good poem, next time tell your hole name.
  • Katie
    I really like your poem. I am in 8th gradeand i will miss my friends dearly. This poem makes me want to cry right now b/c i am going in to high school with none of my grade school friends. I know i will make more friends in high school but they are not the same as my friends that i have been with for 9 years. I thank you for writing this poem.
  • cool
    i love this poem because its telling how mush you care for your friends and that you will really miss them
  • val
    i like this poem becuase it makes me think about my ex,best friend and think how it were to be in 4 years and that we are still not talking to each other. it made me cry just to think about that but i know someday we will be friends again?
  • deja
    this is a great poems it makes you think about all the friends u made this year
  • s
    Im finishing 8th grade this year. and i've really really benn thinking about how much im going to miss my friendz. some of them aren't going to the same skool as me. like my crush! is going to a different skool!:( im soo sad. he doesn't know i liek him but i do soo much! well this poem kinda helped me!. ur a great poet
  • Mea
    dats bes poem i sent it 2 all my frendz nd they all luv it too
  • Court
    I just switched schools recently and it has been so difficult for me to cope with losing so many friends. it`s almost unbearable. your poem brought me to tears and i am still crying. Very beautiful. be very proud!
  • Brittney
    this poem is good. Cause for me i am going on to the 7th grade and to a new school and some of my friends are going to a differnt school its going to be hard. THIS IS A GOOD POEM!~!~
  • Maria
    I like ur poem is realy good. I know how u feel this is my alst year with my friends n goin' 2 start a new 1 in high school. :)
  • Hazel
    I just love your poem. I showed it to my friends & they love it too!
  • Cynthia
    I am in my Senior year and we just got our Senior books and things. I sit here having my friends sign them and I try hard not to cry. I feel the exact same way as every Senior does I suspect. I just hope all of my friends keep in touch when we split up. Thank you for writing this and having me cherish all of my memories(good and bad). Kepp up the good work. You are an excellent writer.
  • Martine
    I think that this a very great and sad poem ! This is a feeling we will have when we'll have to leave a class or a group of persons that we love very much and that we don't want to leave and then miss them! I share your feelings Kay! :( Good poem!
  • Jennifer
    This poem is goos it reminds me of when I was leaveing 8th grade and going on to the next.
  • Kezia
    this is a REALLY good poem. i thought of wen i was @ intermediate and had 2 leave. it made me sad:(
  • kaja
    i really love this poem because it reminds me of being at school with all my friends. and even though i hate school i get sad at the end of the year because i miss my friends in the summer time.
  • Ginette
    This poem is so great.I read it and I felt as if it touched me.I even sent this poem to my friend
  • La'Tesha
    I think that many people can relate to this poem in many ways other than iin school. But I really felt your poem.
  • erin
    hey...this poem is great it describes perfectly how i am feeling right now!
  • Brittany
    I gave this to all my friends because we are going to junior high and this is our last year of elementary and we only have a few days left and at our last dance of the year we all started crying because we will all be seperated from each other and we are so close now.this is such a GOOD poem!
  • Beth
    dis poem is really hip. I can understand how u feel, 'cause i'm gonna hav 2 move 2 a far away country at da end 'o dis year.
  • Kelly
    This was a really cool poem. Since it's the end of the school-year, it means a lot.
  • Mia
    Hey I just wanted to let you know that I loved your poem. I was searching for the right one to put in OUR 8TH GRADE NEWSLETTER. and well I thought this would be PERFECT! Thank you for writing this what ever the reason. I can really use this one.
  • Jenna
    I love this poem!
  • Maira
    Kay I just wanted to say that I really like this poem. This poem reminds me of my eigth grade year.
  • Shannon
    Reading this poem, it is EXACTLY how i feel. This year is coming to an end. It is also my 8th grade year at a private school- i've been with these kids for over 9 years! and it will be hard to say goodbye and go our separate ways. I"LL MISS YOU GUYS! class of '01
  • katie
    i liked your poems
  • Rose!
  • Samantha
    this poem is great. it was exactly how i felt about my 8th grade year. keep up the good work. :)
  • brittney
    i like this poem because im going to jr. hight school and im leaving all my friends. i dont want that to happand.
  • Jillian
    Great poem! Makes me miss all my friends in Houston!
  • jessica
    i would like to say as i read this poem it compared me to my friends bc the yr is coming to the end i really like this poem.
  • Gina
  • kerissa
    I loved your poem its the same way I felt when I was in junior high. I couldn't bear to leave my friends.
  • anna
    this is a great poem. I can really relate to it having tohave left all of my friends last year. we all split up,because of differ high schools. i have not spoke to my best friend scence the last day of school.
  • tina
    this poem is special if you take time to read it youll understand what it means and how Kay feels
  • Amy
    I'm getting ready to go into my senior year and i think this poem is great.
  • Chan
    this poem is great keep it up!!!
  • Laci
    This is a good poem about kids wanting school to end but not relationships with friends to become far apart.
  • Tanya
    I think that what the author is saying is very true, because noone wants to leave their friends or even say good-bye after so many years of valuable friendship!!

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