I am a 14 year old girl from England and I am new to poetry writing. This is my first poem. It is about how someone portrays themselves, but is feeling very different on the inside. Then they realize they are making other people happy by acting this way!

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You Are The Sun
Watching the world through a blacked-out window
You see no sun,
Yet people see light shining in your eyes,
You are the sun for others

Watching children play, wishing you were them,
You start to cry,
People see your child- like tears,
Yet nobody seems to care

Giving light to others,
You realize you’re alone
Your flame is burning brightly
Yet you still feel blind

But if you look deep into your heart, and open the window,
You realize,
You are the sun,
Your stars need your brightness,

And one day you will find the special star,
Which will add to your flame,
And you will burn brighter then ever,
Spreading joy and happiness for miles around.
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  • cadeidre
    your poem was so nice it MADE ME FEEL ALL WARM INSIDE
  • ayasha
    I really liked your poem, i thought you did a VERY good job for your first poem and it made sense .
  • alena
    i really liked how uplifting it was!
  • Amanda
    very beautiful poem. keep writing. (:
  • Rosana
    Hey that's a nice poem for ur 1st poem I liked it because it kinda goes with me. It was nice!
  • alexis
    this is really good. i know how it feels to want to do something and cant do it. it this is your first i would like to rea a lot more of yours.
  • Marian
    This is a beautiful poem. Because sometimes you just don't know that you are a bright star for somebody and through this poem, it makes you realize the light you bring in other people's lives.
  • melanie
    great great great
  • Sarah
    This is such a good poem. it really touched me and weirdly portrays how i feel about myself in this world where i seem to offer too much and yet i feel all alone
  • Rachel
    I liked your poem, its very touching, that's how i feel sometimes, For being your first poem you did very well. Keep it up.
  • Megan
    This poem was sooooooo good. I loved it sooooo much.
  • shelly
    that was a very thoughtfull poem for being ur first one well i hope u keep writting poems no matter waht the cause is and be safe
  • misty
    i really like this poem because that's the way i feel almost all the time.
  • Chantelle
    Ay blud, dat poems deep u no! ur young to man, dats good for a 14 year old, u must have u pure heart! keep goin wit da poetry man!
  • Leora
    This poem really helped me. It has touched me. Thank you for posting it here.
  • nicole
    'you are the sun' is such an inspiring, touching and thoughtful poem. jennifer you are obviousely a gifted person who creates meaning in her poems! thank you for your lovely poem.
  • glanda
    this poem is so good, that it touched my feelings.
  • Kelsi
    I like this poem because it is so true. I just dont understand why. Great job Jennifer please continue!
  • sara
    i love this poem it really touched me what youve said in this poem is absolutley true and its pretty good for your first poem, keep writing. wanna hear more.
  • helen
    this is a fantastic poem and really helped me keep up the good work. thankyou.
  • cassidy
    i can relate to this poem all the way, its my everyday life. nice poem, keep it up.
  • runzka
    I like this poetry because some part of it is like me. it touches me and cheer me up . i can't say it's really a good poetry for teen.
  • meredith
    It really makes you wonder. You make the words come alive. I feel kind of dreamy when i read it. It makes you realize there is someone out there for you in the hardest times. Thak you, I needed that.
  • sonjia
    hey i really liked this poem! it made me realize everything surrounding me,like my friends ,family, and my boyfriend!jennifer i really lik ur work put more poems up because i would love to read another one:)
  • Bobby
    your poem tuched me. I feel like sharing this to the world. I know who my light is but that light passed away you helped me remember him thank you!
  • samantha
    this is a inspirational popem. It sounds as if the sun is a person and poele need you. I resembles a lot out of my life
  • Carrie Ann
    For a first poem, this particular one is quite good. I mean, of course the reason is because i relate to it. There is a friend, and older girl that is so enthusiastic, optimistic, and happy and generous and nice to everyone, no matter how you look, and it makes me feel great. She is on my mind everyday, and she doesnt know it. She is sort of my sun, but in a different way. Yet i still think that she has somke hurt behind her kind eyes. So this poem explains it all. Good job.
  • Cami
    This poem tells it all. Not many people realize that they are the sun in people's lives and it takes a lot to get to that point, but remember that no matter what just remember to simle, because even though you might be having a bad day, your smile can me the sunshine in someone else's life!
  • chelenia
    the reason i voted for this poem was because it told so much about me myself in general and what life is like to me and why people act the way they do
  • clayton
    i can relate to this poem all the way, its my everyday life. nice poem, keep it up.
  • caroline
    wow. for your first poem it was great i loved it. i think it is such a good poem, keep on writing. I LOVE YOUR POEM!
  • kelli
    This is a really good poem. keep up the good work!
  • Angie
    Absolutely beautiful, I loved it!
  • BEE
    I absolutely love your poem,it's fantastic. I love the way you wrote it because it relates to me. Especially when you have a disease, like I do, when your only a 16 year old girl with Juvenile Rhuematoid Arthritis. It's awsome to know that other people who don't have JRA feel this way too. Keep up the excellent work!
  • Alisa
    Very nice poem, I like the way you express yourself!
  • Nathalie
    This is a great poem.keep up the good words flowing and expressing yourself!
  • lorena
    This is an interesting poem, i like it. Growing up, I have lerned that i am my own strength, my own best friend, my own sun!
  • Lindsey
    i like it alot
  • Brice
    i liked the way your poem expressed the way people can give "light" of in many different ways. i know people that are going through stuff like this and i will show them this poem to get them to realize they have their own way of showing their light they just need to express it. thankyou again. email me back if you would like bye bye
  • anthony
    Your poem isn't an inspiration to other people but to yourself as wel. I like it a lot!
  • recherche
    It is a fantastic 1st attempt and I love this poem. Thank you for writing it and expressing it all for me!

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