I'm 17 and I live in Wales, and currently I'm sitting my exams. The poem is about a crush I had on a girl that turned into love, and how I dreamt of perfect time with her.

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Daylight breaks through equal bliss,
All the reruns consume our history.
Falling from grace,
I hope you’ll come sit by me.
All I wish is your hand,
It’s the entrance to your soul.
Each dream I had about you,
Got lost or thrown away;
I can’t wait forever,
Can’t you kiss me now?

All the poems I wrote,
Died and burned away.
You took another man,
After stealing my heart;
It cracked in two,
One for hate the other for you.
Didn’t I wait long enough?
Leaving it for the perfect time.
I can’t look at you now,
Won’t you turn away?

It’s lonely where I am now,
But I can’t turn away.
I think about you all the time,
Won’t you come listen to me?
Maybe one day I’ll get your kiss,
So I’ll feel your lips,
I won’t let the moment pass me by,
Please stay as the star in my sky;
Each day is lost without you.
Maybe one day it’ll turn out my way!
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  • melissa
    ahhh your poem was sad but sweet. Im sorry you ever had to feel that way. But I loved your poem. (:
  • Tristram
    Its amazing. Ive never heard any thing that beautiful
  • Rebecca
    This poem is awsome you gave the true emotion that everyone feels. When they are hurt like that. I love it. It was wonderful.
  • anonymous
    wow! its good to hear a guy explainin love for once . keep righin u rok!
  • Maree
    Hey this poem is great i have a short memory spand i just 4 got wat it was about i just know i loved it lol. i reciently moved from new zealand 2 australia and split up wit my bf (we be 2 gether since we were 14 now im 16) and reading these teen heart breaks poems made me relize im not on my own. thankx lot of love xoxo:)
  • breeanna
    that made me realize how mean i have been but wat should i do? i really dont love him but i dont wat to hurt him? i so clueless when it comes to love! i love this poem it made me cry thanx
  • ariel
    hey bro this was a really great poem and i know how u feel to want things the way u plan it in ur head well keep writing
  • Zoe
    ah, I feel your poem, which is the entire point of poetry. Your choice of words made my soul jump and burn. Thank you.
  • Randy
    I'm 17 going on 18 and i am dealing with the same problem. this one spoke to me
  • Tyler
    I think i know what u mean. kinda suks sumtimes.
  • Shawna
    Wow, you're poem is really great. I like it a lot. I don't know many people who can write like that. You're rad.
  • Hanna
    i really liked your poem. it was heart felt. i think a lot of teenagers would be in the same boat as you. i never actually thought that men actually felt so deep and could actually get hurt. thats purely because maybe your not as naive and vulnerable as us girls ( that does not apply to every single girl) but yea i truely love this poem. i always say that no girl/boy is worth it if they make u cry or make u feel inadequette. anyways goodluck in the future. i am almost certain that you will be successful when it comnes to love. love lots meme x
  • Julie
    I really liked your pome because I'm going though the sameting right now.
  • Mahamed
    it really happien this to me and acctully is about me, but phillip what i can say it, it's really perfect and i vote for you thanks. it's really more then good or excellent.
  • Jesse
    I'm in this exact same position and the girl doesn't even know I have this great amount of feelings for her. If i tried and artistic way to tell her she would probably laugh. She's a great deal older than me so there's an intimidation factor tied in with all of this. but this poem makes me realize im not the only one that's ever experienced this problem. thanks Phil.
  • meagan
    what a beautiful piece. if she doesn't go for you than she is a terrible person. i hope tht you get her. i would love to meet someone as wonderful as you! thx 4 wreighting such a beautiful poem.
  • Victor
    This is such a great poem and I can relate to it completely.
  • nicole
    this made me cry
  • Jake
    Dude,thnx for writing this,it madr me think of my girl for some reaoson?it made me reliza that love is very complicated,i wasnt that kidna guy bfor i read this . wat im trying to say is ur poem changed me thnx bro
  • christian
    this poem is real cool. keep up the good writing.
  • scott
    i feel you brother
  • molefi
    i give the poem 9 0ut of 10
  • Justin
    Thank you man. that poem was really good and it's not like any poem I've read here. Just, thanks for an awesome poem. I can really relate to it.
  • rich
    Your poem was great. Like I always say lifes to short to wait around. U have to take the first step. I didn't wait & I've found my perfect girl.
  • Jacqi
    Phillip, this poem was beautiful. Love is one of the hardest emotions to express because the feelings run so deep and sincere. It's incredibly hard to love someone when in fact they don't love you. However, you posess a great talent and you will find someone perfect for you.
  • Danny
    Nice work man. I got some advice for you. Lifes too short, don't wait anymore. Start doing what you want to do, not what you should do. I hope my girl Jovanna understand what I'm thinking, good luck.
  • Trun
    hey man GREAT work, i can relate this poem right now. i finally got with the girl i have loved for so long, we were together for most of the night until she walked off at the end, i went to see what the problem was and. she said she liked my bro. this has really touched me, keep up the good work.
  • maty
    your poem is pretty good, much betta than other ones i've read, it also made me think of my girlfriend too!
  • Asha
    i really liked your poem!
  • Nick
    this poem lets out a mouthful. This is how i feel about my -x gurlfriend, ur poems are awesome there is so much feeling to it keep up the good work!
  • šilk
    Phillip. i can't believe your poem isn't at the top of this page. all of these poems are great and come frum the heart. but urs was so 4 real. i luv hearing such words frum a male, since many of them are not passionate.
  • Rich
    I can't possibly know what you feel or felt when writting this poem, not entirely anyway. What I do know is how I reacted to it. I see myself in what I have come to know as love and its a love I will never (and have never) experienced with a girl. I love your poem because many girls post poems about a love they are in, but for me this is a love that can never be, like mine. I really relate to this and I hope your love is completed by the girl you speak of. Love should be an experience felt by all. One day (hopefully) we can all feel it and appreciate it. Anyway thanks!
  • Camila
    This is a great poem i can totall relate to this, keep up the great work! ;)
  • Ryan
    I know exactly how it feels i am going through the same thing right now. It is hard but i am not going to give up, because i believe love is forever and she will always have a piece of my heart.
  • Tim
    Look man.. I know how you feel. I flirt with this girl at my school a lot. Them my attraction to her was likin her. Then it became love. I find out she likes my best friend and someone else. This broke my heart. Your poem has helped me, thank you very much.
  • Lauren
    This poem is outstanding. Its heart warming, soul melting, eye watering, etc. It has all the qualities for an awesome poem. This, I know for myself, expresses feelings and things that seem to happen to all us teens. I think you have an amazing talent and should keep up the outstanding work.
  • Lawrence
    you have real talent man that is a really good poem and all i can say is hold on to your love for that girl
  • Trav
    bloody marvellous mate! I only wish I had the talent you hold for poetry myself. Keep it up.
  • Stryfe
    Hey man! Thats an awsome poem, and i can really relate to it. Keep up the good work
  • Alecia
    I can relate so very well to this literary work of art.As a 16 year old girl, I too have gone through this same expereince. You have captured the love and pain you feel at the same time. Wonderful!
  • nessa
    i loved the poem she's stupied for not loveing u back. u have mad talent u will be ok
  • SugarBaby
    Good stuff!
  • jeni
    Great one!!
  • poh
  • Crystal
    Phillip if you read this you have written the most heart-melting eye-watering poem I have ever read. You have a beautiful talent and i would love to see more of your work on here

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