What would you do if you found your little sister in your makeup, with mascara globbed on her lashes, and lipstick smeared on her lips and teeth as she smiled at you from the bathroom mirror?

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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
I looked at her to see
mascara running down the sides of her face
Mixing with a lot of tears
Of frustration mostly

She glanced at me through tear glass eyes
Like a rain showered wind shield without window wipers
Stopping to take my hand
playing with my fingers
carefully fingering my rings

Then, something happened that surprised me
She smiled at me
A little smile
On her little face
What could I do but
Just smile back.

I took a tissue and wiped up the rain,
took her hand and walked with her to the playground
where she gladly played for hours on the swings

I sat and watched
on slanted monkey bars
and knew better than to leave my makeup just laying around.
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  • jesica
    i would kill my littel sister if she did that! lol
  • Bree
    I really liked the poem it was great.
  • Diana
    Hey u made me cry this is wat my sister use to do wen i was with her but now we are very far from each other thanks a lot
  • shanequa
    that was a good poem i loved the way it was set up almost like it was real
  • Deborah
    How very, very sweet. I loved it.
  • Kenta
    This poem is special because it shows the truth in that everyone wants to grow up fast. And the importance of remaining a child, for if you grow up too fast the pains of adulthood will be too much to handle. It also shows how much of an influence we have on young people; it's important for us to remain a role model.
  • cordero
    it was awsome
  • Amber
    i thought that was an awesome poem. It really touched me because it seems like that is the
  • christie
    i loved this poem. and i'm not a natural poet, so i like reading things that I can understand, even with a twist such as the one included
  • Jessica
    This poem is so insspiring and totally true
  • stephanie
    i liked the poem it was funny but if that were me i would have been very upset i wouldnt know what to do but look at her and laugh cus she would have stuff all over her!but i would be mad cus that would have been a waste of makeup. i would try cheeering her up though like the girl did in this poem by like takin her to the park.
  • Zero
    I think it was very big of you not to be angry with your little sister. I'm glad to learn that there are still some sane people left in America.
  • kinza
    AWSOME WRITER! not to be jugmental but why was she crying? Did i miss something??
  • lil italian
    i loove that poem! it was soo cute, keep writin 'em!
  • Kayla
    i really liked this poem it was really touching and it made me think about things
  • Tera
    I like this poem just all because sumtimes my lil czin is like my sister she gets into my things and i just go insain because tell her not to.
  • Ben
    That Peom trulely did touch me, im sure you have had many comments saying that, but i realize how true that can come to my life. Im only 14 and my life is already being ruined, Thank You For Writing that poem!
  • talisha
    this poem is great. It touched me in alot of ways
  • ashleigh
    Brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed the last line.
  • Mari
    Wow. it was interesting. I like it. I know better than to do that too.
  • ashton
    omg these r some good poems ! neways i gotta go ! ~ashton~ I LOVE BRIAN S FOREVER AND ALWAYS
  • Buttercup
    I loved your poem. I have two baby half sisters and that reminded me of them. I loved how it had a kind of twist at the end to me.
  • Paula
    I really liked this poem if i had to say out of 10 I would give this poem a 9. 5 it's a really sweet poem, It shows alot. and awesome job !
  • Shanni
    This is an awsome poem.
  • shannon
    this poem was very toaching and id like to thank you for writing it. it reminds me alot of me and my little sister were really close well i just wanted to say how much i like your poem
  • Taz
    Hahahahahahhahahahhahaha! I like this poem! I know exactly what u mean! I have have 7 year old twin sisters and i swear my things are magnetic because they r sooooo attracted to them!
  • jennifer
    My sister is only 5 yrs. old while I am 16! Well a lot of times she gets into my stuff and then I yell at her! I know thats not the best way to solve the problem or anything but for some reason thats my first thing I do. Sometimes I feel bad about what I did and theres no way to makeup,but you can go tell her your sorry and hug her.
  • Kemi
    this was great! I felt esatic about this, you are so lucky you have a little sister.
  • Daisy
    How. Cute. Sort of like how I'm with my little brother. However, istead of taking my make up, he steals markers, pens, paper, and colored pencils from my room. Makes me wish i had a little sister
  • Melissa
    This is a very sad, and heartbreaking poem, it really caught my attention.
  • Katie
    WOW! i wish my older sister were the slightest bit like you! my sister has caused me nothing but pain. it is nice to see that there can be joy in a family. thank you- keep up the writing!
  • Lauri
    Touched by your poem, gave me a great memory of my daughter. Thank you,
  • Alisa
    Very sweet. I like it a lot.
  • Christan
    You did a very good job. that poem reminds me of me and my sister.
  • natasha
    Youre poem has really touched me couse i have a little sister too and i dont spend any time with her. From now on im gonna try to spend some time with her.
  • Kayla
    this was a very good poem and keep up the good work!
  • Lauren
    That was the best poem I have ever read. Recently I experienced such a thing with my littler sister, and when we got home from the park, I cried because I realized that she can't stay a baby forever and I have to help her grow up the right way. Thank you for such a great poem!
  • cary
    this reminds me alot about me and my little sis and helbs me remember to be pacient with her keep it up U rock
  • Mary
    lovely work Joy.

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