This poem I wrote for my best friend when she was sick. It really explains how I feel about her and what she means to me.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship

A Friend's Love
No one really knows
What kind of bond we share
And even if I told them
They probably wouldn't care

You are very dear to me
I hope you know it's true
And now that you are sick
Tell me what that I should do?

While you've been gone
A part of me has been lost
It's like I've taken our friendship for granted
And now I'm paying the cost

I never knew how much you meant to me
Until you went away
The thought of you being really sick
Haunted me every day

I spent a few days at school alone
And my weekend was such a bore
A lot of my time was spent in my room
I think my mom's ready to break down the door

And now I make this vow to you
To keep until the end
I'll help you through the pain and tears
Until our rivers bend

So if you ever need someone
You know just who to call
I'll be here by the phone
To catch you if you fall
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  • Danny
    Great!tis matches my life.
  • teasha
    this poem is good the writer has alot of good stuff to say
  • alycia
    one of my friends just died of cancer and this poem made me cry it was such a great poem
  • aisha
    very touching
  • Nicole
    omg this poem really touched me and i was also listening to a sad song while listening and i almost started crying. i have been through the same things with my friends and its all just so sad
  • Helen
    I loved it! FIVE STARS! It touch me because my best friend has cancer and she is going though lost of pain and I know I will be there for her as well. (to catch her if she falls)
  • Ashleigh
    it is a GREAT poem!
  • Cassi
    It touched me so deeply and it made me think about how much my friends really mean to me!
  • Ena
    thid was a nice poem it really tells other ppl the way you felt about ur friend
  • Victoria
    Thiz poem is so good because it shows the fillins about thiz person
  • Jalapeno
    I loved this poem. A true friend would always stick by their friend. Thanks for writing this poem.
  • Leanna
    A really sweet poem. I hope your friend is healthy again.
  • Arely
    this poem really touched me because i have a friend that means the whole world to me and she is sick right now and i am sick worried about her so this is why i really liked this poem and this is exactly how i feel right now
  • Ashtin
    This is a very inspiring poem. One of my closest friends got diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and she have been throught some tough times.
  • naima
    i love this poem, it spoke to me and the message went deep, il always remember this poem. i want to say to the poet that i hope their friend is ok and well.
  • Anna
    I loved it
  • Maria
    It's true most people take things like friendship for granet and no understand so I think that this poem deserves the hightest score!
  • carlos
    I tought this poem was really good . It makes me think of my old best friend thank you for writing such a good poem
  • Tiffany
    This poem touched me because one of my friends had cancer and i sent this poem to her and she told me that the only thing i could do for her was love her and let her go. i did and i had that poem burried with her when she died.
  • Jenny
    Aww this poem really got to me, because I thought about my best friend and what I would do if this happened. I would be so sad.
  • imani
    i really liked this poem. friends are good things to have and nothing to waste. I have a friend just like that so i can really relate. hopefully your friend feels better now. and oh yeah, great poem
  • Rubi
    I love this poem it describes the way many people in the world feels when they have a friend that they never thought they was going to be really good with. keep doing what you do. Love, Rubi
  • darveyea
    This poem was so sweet but also deep in a friendship you are a good friend dont let know one till you are not great poem
  • Pradnya
    This one of the best poems i have ever read . I really love it and i can feel the pain . It is very touchy . Keep wirtting these kinds of poems . GOOD LUCK !
  • Kayla
    I love your poem it's awesome!
  • sheila
    its inspirational
  • lexi
    This poem almost made me cry it really does show your love for your friend and i hope she is okay!
  • nicole
    i just wanna say thank u for righting this poem becuz this renewed a friendship. me and my friend were in a really bad fight and i made her a card and put this in it and now we are friends again.
  • shasaia
    your poem is so deep. im bout readt to cry. i never read a poem that will make someone cry besides my own but i hope that you will gain that trust back with your friend and few more words to you from me keep your head up and smile and never let yesterday's disappointments over shadows tomorrow's dream
  • Ellie
    When i read this poem, i realised what my friend means to me. She too was really sick, and it was during her sickness that i really got to know her. She came out OK, and I hope ur friend did aswell, cos I couldn't imagine what i would've felt like if she hadn't. Thank you for this poem.
  • Annel
    very touched by it! LOVE IT!
  • Jessica
    A poem everyone would love. Keep up the good work!
  • Luz
    I love your poem!
  • Thet Hynn
    This poem touched me caz it's about a real friendship. I like the last two line caz that show how u really care ur friend when they need them.
  • Stacy
    I enjoyed this poem. It really touches me because it reminds me of day when I was younger. I received a poem almost like it from a good friend of mine.
  • dyan
    i really liked your poem so much. i started too cry when i read it. cause i know how it is not too have a friend by your side all the time. wow, this poem was awsome. I really liked it and it is very true. You never know what you have until you loose it. i loved this poem so much it touched me from my head to my toes and people who write these poems are very talented!
  • Emily
    man thats a wiked poem. my best mate has a serious illness and shes only 15. ur poem has touched so many people.
  • Angst
    Oh my, how wonderful this was! It touched me in ways I couldn't imagine. This happened to me too you know, and love hurts so much, because, as a fifteen year old, I know all about love. Honestly, liked the poem, honestly, gotta hate the teenage reviewers who act like they are the only people ever to hurt.
  • chell
    it's a good poem you should be a good friend
  • ciera
    i love this poem it really touched me
  • sam
    I LOVE IT!ilove it! I love it !1!I LOVE IT!
  • kia
    that was a quie poem i like it alot and i hop you keep writing
  • lana
    this is a very good poem! i have a friend who always movies to california nad back and now that our friendship is sstronder im more afaraid of whats going to happen in the future. lets pray she doesnt move or elise ill probably be writing a poem just like this lol. NIIICE
  • Luc
    it is sometimes difficult to make a rhyming poem that tells a story and means so much to you she did an excelent job
  • aakruti
    i really love this poem cause it brings a realtionship of friends the true treasure to life it brings back happy memories that might have lost somewhere deep inside your heart.
  • Kelly
    This poem is amazing and rly touched my heart, because I had a friend who had cancer and she died when she was 16. I rly rly miss her and I no wat it is like to not have a frend there, bt, I no tht Sam is always there, she is always with em wen I need her, and I will never forget her, bt liek in ur poem my weekends r still boring without her! I miss her so so so much! I love you Sam rest in peace babe! A special smile A special face A special someone We cannot replace i love you so much Sam, always in my heart! R. I. P xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • adriane
  • mel
    Wow that poem really touched me and made me remember how sad i was when my best friend was terribly sick
  • krystal
    well i love this poem cuz its relly true and i love it so much that i even wrote it down
  • caitlin
    this poem touched me cause this year i've lost 2 good friends of mine big-b, and alyssa both only teenagers about 14 both died in car accidents
  • Francis
    This poem really touched me and that doesn't happen that offen. Your an amazing poet. I'm going to look forward to see some more of your work. Thanks!
  • elvia
    this is a really cool poem and it touched my heart
  • chelsey
    this poem is amazing i know just exactly how yuo feel i have sent this poem to so many people over 350 i sent it to my self and now your poem is being recognized every where it is amazing great job ! xo ox
  • jessica
    hey girlie i loved your poem! it was great it made me think well later
  • shorty
    that was wonderful i am losing a very close friend and im kinda in denial so that was a very inspiring poem. i love it
  • Jade
    Oh i like that a lot you keep that good work up that hit me hard
  • Hannah
    It's really very nice and touching. I'm gonna let others to have a copy of this one. Very nice.
  • claire
    this is really good it made me stop and think about all of my friends and my friend that has fell out me , we really do need to take our friends for granted so thank you
  • Brittney
    awwwww. that poem was so0o cute! isz it based on a true story . or did u jus feel lyke writin it ?? eitha waii itsz still madd cute!
  • Ashley
    Oh my gosh that was an awesome poema and really touched me because ive been there and done that may be not what you went through but ya know. That was very touching
  • Angelica
    I really liked this poem because it touched me and it's really good too. This poem would be for like a very good friend you have, that's always been there for you and now you're going to be there for her just like she was there for you.
  • Candace
    I thought the poem was great it made me cry and it made me think of my bf who died. She died a couple of years ago in a car accident. I miss her so much but like you said in the poem you get scared when you are sick and now I regret that and I miss her alot.
  • taicha
    i loved your poem its the best.
  • Amy
    This poem is totally great , how much i liked it ? Having a sick friend is a miserable thing , and tooo hard , so it's very nice to make such a lovely poem to your dearest friend , i wish the best for her Amy , from Egypt
  • Jessica
    Wow, I really enjoyed your poem. It bought me to tears. I thank you for it because it put into words what I feel of my best friend. Thank u for doing what I couldnt and forming the perfect poem of my fealings. It really touched me!
  • Ruvee
    This poem is really sweet especially if it was just a friend who meant so much to you. I never knew there can be a friend out there who would care so much about you but now i know now that there is.
  • mary
    This poem really touched me. Friendship is the most precious thing on earth and should never be taken forgranted.
  • hilary
    wow. totally not even kidding i know EXACTLY how that is. this past year my mama aunt and friend all had cancer and my friend died the morning of my 13th birthday. i had been thinking about him all the time and praying for him but God said it He wanted him so he was gone. this poem made me cry but they were tears of joy because i remembered all the good times i had with him. thanks it made my day!
  • Melissa
    Your poem is so sad i almost cried. However, it was one of the best poems i had read in a while
  • stephanie
    i loved your peom it made me cry it takes alot to make me cry but this peom did it reminded me of mine and my best friends relationship before she started to date my brother and all so now its like i hadnt really realized how close we where and all till she staretd dating my brother. thanks your peom was very touching
  • Stephanie
    wow! this poem is so strong and so sensitive! ive ben in the same situation and it really hurts to think back of how much of a fool i was. i made up a tune to this song and it sounds pretty sweet!
  • Denise
  • Kirsten
    this poem is so touching. i hav a friend who has luechimia and is not doing so well so often i am at school alone it it breaks my heart. thank you so much you are a very talented writer!
  • hayley
    this poemis gorgoeus very touching words!
  • Philip Oliver
    It reminds me of my BestFriend back in my High School Life,this Poem really touch mu Heart. This Poem is really Cool and heart-Felt!.
  • brittany
    i loved it i mean so many people have friends but until u found that special one i dont think u will or can go on
  • erica
    I really like this poem, it flows really good. You did a good job with this one.
  • Justin
    This poem is sow strong. It all most made me cry. This is a Great poem to give to a friend. But I dont have a friend to give it to because I just moved in. I dont even know any one. Im sow sad, help me some one. Im lost I got to fine a Friend to give it to. Im lonely. By got to go and fine a friend. Thank you Jacquilyn Flory for righting this great and awesome poem.
  • Brie
    i would just like to say you are a great poet, but i haven't heard from my best friend in 2 weeks,even know she lives down the road from me, she has been very sick l8ely and her life is going up and down and she saiys she doesnt need help, but she means so so much to me i don't think she realises which hurts, because honestly i would die for her, So tam if you are reading this, u now know how i feel:) great poem hun! x0x0x
  • jaquelyn
    Oh my your peom was great it had very thing on it. The true about how girls feel and your story was so sad it really touched me.
  • Kaitlyn
    Jacquilyn, Your poem is really good. I like it alot.
  • aisha
    hiz this is a nice poem that really reflect friendship and really no one could care if u told them about the bond between u and ur friend!
  • Bianca
    The reason why i like this poems is because it reminds me of me and my friend. We never get into it or never want to fight but if we take this poems in then we would bring in a new sight.
  • rebekah
    that poem was awsome! u have talent and it was deep without using big words like u looked it up in the dictionary or somthin!
  • Kari
    I just moved not to long ago, and I never realized how much my best friend really ment to me until she was gone. Then she got really sick and I just didn't know what to do. So this poem tuched me in more ways than one, and it really got me thinking about the time that I had spent with her and how much I took her for granted.
  • toni
    it is very nice and EXPRESSIVE lovely
  • Ashleigh
    i reakon this is a very good poem as i gave this to my m8 hu woz alot older as she woz dieing. Even though she woz older then me if u r a gd friend u wil b der 4 any1 weather old or young.
  • ashley & kiah
    we really reallly love your peom. at the moment our closest friend if away on a holiday and we have been away from each other for nearl 2 months, it is really hard for us bith so we can really understand where you are coming from.
  • Emily
    hey! ur poem really touched me, and im so happy there are ppl out there like u hu realise what friendship is all about!
  • monica
    well i really liked your poem i gave a copy to my best friend when she was sick and it made her really happy knowing some body loves her. thank you
  • stephanie
    i voted for this poem because it reminds me of one of my friends that i thought was my best friend.
  • Nicole
    I think your poem has alot of meaning to it.
  • Brandy
    Your poem is really beautiful and touching. Great Work!
  • Brittany
  • Gemma
    This poem REALLY, and i mean really touched me in a way unexplainable! My best friend is very, very sick and i hav been looking for the right poem that had the right words and feelings, this poem is spot on it made my eyes water
  • Kishon
    this was a verY good poem!
  • Francine
    i really like this poem and i think no friendship should be taken for granted!
  • Katelyn
    This poem was really great, it really touched me! Now I know what friendships should really be like when some one is sick, you really showed me what to do!
  • Miesha
    I liked your poem it was very touching
  • Darren
    this was a great peom i rate it 10
  • Marianne
    That poem really touched me. Even though my best friend isn't sick it just shows how I would feel if she were lost and that if she wasnt that ill always be there for her. I enjoyed it very much even though in the end it probally wouldnt result in her needing to hear it,but it really touched and showed a great example of a true friend!
  • Brittany
    This poem is like when a friend like a nother friend but dosn't know how o tell them it were sweet to stand by a friemd when they r sick expecily if it is someone who you truly care about so i think that this poem was a good poem
  • aly
    i really liked this poem it made me and my friend get back together
  • nada
    i really like ur poem it is so nice and it really goes wit one of my best friend and i send it to my friend and she really love it and i wanna thank u for this sweet poem
  • Chantel
    This poem really touched me because I have a friend that was really sick and I felt like it was my fault because i was never there for her.
  • holly
    i really liked your poem. it was very touching. this is exactly what i think about my best friend kryshayle. i love her like a fat kid loves cake. and this poem will show it. thankyou for writing it. it was great
  • colette
    i thought this poem was awesome . . it really touched me - especially the last line - i'll catch you if you fall - my friends have really done this for me and i see how much they cared in this poem. . . thanks so much!
  • marina
    this poem is very touching and this poem reminds me of my friend stefanie
  • Ashley
    I think this poem is so good! It touched me because my friends know they come to me for everything. If I don't have what they need i'll try to help them. I am forever in their dept. When they cry I try to ease their pain. I would rather see them happy before me cause if their not happy i'm not either. I feel everything they feel we have a very strong bond and I love that. If I didn't have them by my side I would go down hill. They are my everything! My best friends!
  • Brittany
    This poem made me cry, it really means something. It make you understand that everyday you do take friends for granteed.
  • Diana
    well i loved your poem it was very touching. i felt like i was going to fall i know how you feel cause its like we have a connection. well i loved it your really good at it well loved to here frome you please write back!
  • Samantha
    I loved ur poem it was great
  • Linda
    this poem actually made me cry because when i read it i am reminded of a very good friend of mine who had leukemia. i just can't help but think that i wasn't the great friend you seem to be.
  • Cheyanne
    I think this poem is so creative and wonderful. The author expresses here feelings in such an amazing way I can't even describe how wonderful it is. All I have to say is I hope her friend got better soon after she wrote that poem.
  • Janie
    this is a great poem
  • Anne
    Your poem really touched me. I just nearly lost a friend, and the way you describe how you felt about her is exactly how I feel about my friend. Reading your poem was like reading my own feelings and emotions for my friend.
  • Roxie
    Jacquilyn hi your poem touch every sad feeling in my body your poem was really sweat keep on putting poems on here and you can count on my votes good luck
  • Danielle
    your poem was great! it ment alot to me when i read it. really good . i hope you gave it to the person you wrote it to . so they know you are here for them still. they will apreshate it. keep up the good work remember cherish the real friends you have . b. c you never know when they will be the only ones there for you
  • kellie
    i really liked your poem so much. i started too cry when i read it. cause i know how it is not too have a friend by your side all the time.
  • Samantha
    wow, this poem was awsome. I really liked it and it is very true. You never know what you have until you loose it.
  • kurstyn
    i loved this poem so much it touched me from my head to my toes and people who write these poems are very talented! kurstyn
  • Joslynn
    It was super touching and I loved it very much
  • Ab
    This is a nice Poem. But i Had a qustion why. why. why does love hurt so freaking much ?
  • Cassandra
    This poem really touched me, my best friend was away from school for at least a week before I heard from her, she had lekumina and when i saw her, she looked awful. The author of this poem is amazing, she's really talented! I am a fan of poetry and I'd like to see more poems from you Jacquilyn!
  • Jasmine
    Your poem meant alot to me because my best friend is going through some things right now with her boyfriend and I'm her best friend so i'm the person that she need to hear that poem. So i just thank you for them encouraging words. P. S. Please continue to write your poems you are going to go somewhere writing good points like that
  • Joanna
    I think this poem touches everyone one way ro the other. I know when I read it I felt like crying B/C it touch home in so many ways!
  • Mary
    I think this is an awesome poem. My daughter and her little friend are having some conflict right now. The little girl has invited her to a couple of places and my daughter has not so the little girl thinks that she is not a real friend. She has given her an ultimatim. She either invites her somewhere within 2 weeks or they are not friends anymore. I want to show them the true meaning of friendship and I think this is great!
  • friend
    man this poem hit me right in the hart because it great to know their are people who care for some one like that because it is agift to have a friend like jacquilyn because she sounds like a great friend to have in someones life
  • natasha
    i think you really could be i good poet and just to let you know my friends is really sick and i read this to her and the next day she was back on her feet you did a good job KEEP WRITING
  • kim
    this poem really touches me and iv been in the same situation
  • Coro
    this poem is realy good it realy tuchd my heart so madd propps to who ever wrote this poem.
  • najeebah
    WOW! There's nothing else i can say. I really like your poem. I gusse because i can relate to it. I feel every word your saying. When first read it i couldn't belive it. I thought me and my best friend. All i know is that im going to show my best friend this.
  • Crystal
    This poem really touched me because the same thing happened to me and i'd just like to say that i feel your pain!
  • Elaine
    It nearly made me cry; what a true poem, fabulously written.
  • andrew
    i really like this poem, this reminds me of a close friend of mine who has some medical conditions and needs me there to help them along
  • Anwesha
    "A touching and well written poem about the place of a dear friend in one's life. Keep up the good work!" Anwesha.
  • Amanda
    OMG! That is soo sweet! i know how you felt when you wrote this me and my friend we are really close and she has a lot going on in her life at the moment but i few moths ago she was in hospital for about two months she had a blood clot or something in her brain. When she told me she was going into hospital all she said to me was dont worrie i'll be fine and please dont come and see me i dont want you to see me hurt in the hospital, i was soo upset about it all but i reaspcted her wish for me not to see her and now that shes better we are even closer because we both realised how close we had come to losing each other. Its a really good poem and i think that your friend is lucky to have some one like you that is so careing to be able to write it!
  • Rancher
    When I read this poem, it reminded me of the friendship between my friend, (who I knew since I was 4) and I. When one of us were sick or absent from school, we would always be lonely, just like what the poem says. I think this is the best poem to represent the friendship between my best friend and I. People would get jealous because of how close we are. Our friendship was unexplainable. But now, after I've read this poem, I can show people what our friendship is really like. This poem has touched me a lot.
  • kelsie
    i liked this poem. it reminded me of me and my best friend and it really touched m,e. my best friend has been sick and she had to go away. i was very lonely . now she's back and she knows she can always call me.
  • Melissa
    this is so lovely i love this poem ande so do my friends You ROCK Jaquilyn
  • shellaine
    awwww that poem was so nice it makes you realise what you really have. because sometimes people don't realise what they have until its gone.
  • Kathie
    I loved the poem A Friends Love. I've had a few friends that passed away at a young age (considering i'm only 16). I realize that i could be taking my friendships for granted. thanx for helping me with this poem.
  • Sunshine
    Keep up that GREAT work u rock, and that poems jukst dtouched my heart!
  • Kristyna
    I think this poem is very touching and it almost made me cry! Great Job!
  • Sulema
    that was really good i have just gone through a similar situation and your poem really expressed what i couldn't so keep writing you have great talent
  • Hannah
    I loved it it really touched me it made me cry!
  • Temia
    This was really touching. I wonder if it's a true story because it's really sad I cried.
  • shawnna
    you poem was really great and thats how i fell about my best friend but she can be a pain sometimes but no matter what i am always there for her
  • Paris
  • Amber
    Oh my god I was crying i loved your poem god bless you and thanx for the poem it was beautiful!
  • michelle
    this is a very special poem to you and i wanna say thank you my best friend was ill and to this day i dont know how i would have lived without him he means so much to me. thank you.
  • Adriauna
    I love this poem. Expect for the parrt about my best friend being really sick. He isn't but I did lose him and this is how I felt when I was starting to lose him. Thanks for actually writing a poem to say how I felt when I could come up with the words to do it myself. It is such a great poem. Thanks again
  • TayTay
    I think this poem was great! It made me cry. I am a 16 year old boy who used to be a cheerleader and is too afraid to actually commit to a girl. But anyways, this poem really moved me. Thank you.
  • Chels
    This poem gave me goosbumps. I read it over and over again and each time it still touched my heart. I love this poem and the creater of this masterpeice is truely gifted. I wish that i could write that creativly and sweet.
  • Brandy
    I enjoyed your poem that I used it for my English report thatnk you very much
  • Lauren
    I love this poem because I have been sick this year and haven't been able to go to school. I miss my best friend and I know this is thw way she feels about me, and It makes my eyes get all teary. This is such a nice poem!
  • sugarplumfairy
    this is a great poem. i cried
  • Sam
    This poem shows the true friendship and this really touches me. Actually, I missed my friend very much too!Unfortunately , I didn't know how to show it.
  • Victoria
    This poem is very good! It's depessing and made me think of my old bestfriend that i don't ever see anymore but you are very talented!i love it! Love Always Victoria
  • Erika
    Your poem. really touched me i really like it alot! great job!
  • Yubia
    Well, I simply want to say that this is a great poem. This is how I feel towards a friend. And I think this is how many people feel about their friends. This poem, is a good way to express your feelings to a friend. I love it!
  • Lety
    I just thought it was great, I've been through the same situation with a friend which I love as a sister and just thought that You really don't know what you have until you see it lost.
  • Heather
    Thank You for this poem. my good friend died back in March of 03, and this is exactly how i felt while she was sick and right after she died. we had a little spat, and i feel SO guilty, because now i cant say im sorry.
  • Crystal
    I just want to let you know that i feel ur pain i'm sort of going through the same situation.
  • ashley
    this poem reminds me about a special bond i have with a friend. he's truly wonderful and i love him a lot
  • Jessica
    This poem has alot of meaning to me because my best friend was sick for 3 years and then i lost her. it reminds me of how much i miss her and wish i didnt take our friendship for granted.
  • Amber
    I really liked this poem. I read it and thought about my best friend and I dont know what I would do without her. So this poem made me realize how much she actually meant to me.
  • Heather
    I love this poem very much!
  • Robin
    I had a friend that was just in the hospital. Made me cry when I went to go see her. She is out now. And I am soo happy. I love it!
  • Elizabeth
    A Friends Love is a very good poem. It teaches you about how you need to respect your friends before you lose them. If you read this carefully you will imagine losing one or YOUR friends. I give this poem a 9. 9. The reason is because it is really passionate.
  • keri
    well, first this poem had caught my eye because thats my nmae and its spelt the same way! i thought that was very cool! well, about the poem it goes deep and it gets right to the point, and it really does tell you a friends love and how inportant it really is. !
  • justina
    This is a great poem keep up the good work!I love it!
  • Amber
    a friends love
  • Hayley
    I think that poem was very well writen. It touched me in a funny way and made me see how much people are important to me and how much i take for granted. That was a really good poem.
  • Amy
    you never know how much someone means to you until it is too late and u got another chance i hope but i never did now i know never to take anything for granted and to live life day by day. this poem meant a lot to me
  • Julie
    Wow, that was fabulous. That's exactly how i felt this past winter. My best friend and I went to Florida together over Christmas, and when we got home, a few days later I hadn't heard from her and then her mom called me and said they had airlifted her to the hospital. she had pneumonia in her lungs and blood, and I almost lost her. I wish I would have found this poem earlier so I could have shared it with her!
  • Jessica
    great poem!
  • Shakala
    Well i think that the poem was very sweet and to me very understanding it is very educational and very emotional because its really true and this kind of thing happens on a day to say base as of peoples lives right now and i am so glad that whoever wrote this poem is very proud of themselves! Thank You!
  • sarah
    great poem my friend is sick and it refkect how i feel thank you and i hope u write more
  • Gwenda
    Wow, that poem really touched me and it made me think of my friends. it's an wonderful poem!
  • jen
    it was really good, i enjoyed it alot
  • kristine
    hey gurl i love your poem it reminds me of the time wen i was in the 5th grade nd my friend was killed she was in the hospital for a long time nd she left me crying forever now im in the 8th grade nd i still cry she was my best friend i couldnt believe dat i lost her. we promised eachother well alsway be here for eachother. thanks for your poem
  • Megan
    The poem was very good my teacher loved it and so did I!
  • amanda
    i think ur poem was great it is really sweet and also i wrote to say it is really nice
  • chelcee
    This is a very touching poem it remindes me of my best friend, who recently died of cancer. it brings back many of our memories together and some great times! I remember when school started back, and she wasn't there the 1st day. when i got home from school that day, i told my mom about it and she told me that my best friends tumer had grown back. i cried for days and a few months later she died i still pray to her because i know she has gone to a better place and cann't suffer any more. A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL LIKE AND APRESHIATE THIS PEOM! I KNOW I DID! THANX!
  • Priya
    it is a very nice and swet poem. i wish someone would write me a poem just like that. you are and would make a very good poet.
  • Bianca
    this poem is so good. It really reminds me of the theory "you dont know what you have until its gone". and this poem poroves it! keep up the good work
  • Sarah
    This is a very sweet poem!
  • razia
    this poem was very touching and i loved it!
  • Aldina
    This is a great poem it means so much to me because my best friend moved away we didnt just go shopping or checking out guys we would really bonded haveing conversations about anything and we would give up our lives for eachother and its not the same without her any the poem is saying what I would never say
  • Raynei
    I love this peom. Ot has touched my heart. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  • heather
    ya this poem is a really good one and i hope that it finds someone that it could help out like 2 friends that can hardley be a part like me and my 2 best friends
  • Monica
    I reckon this poem is really sweet and nice. I relate to this poem because, i left my own country and went to some other country, and for that, i really miss my friends.
  • belinda
    thos poem was really sad. it made me think of a friend taht i had and she got sick. she is still laive,but i trully do, miss her cause she moved away.
  • Jade
    i loved this poem! you keep on writing girl! i love the way you wrote this. I almost cried when i first saw it. your a winner girl! keep it up!
  • trish
    that was an amazing poem
  • Jennoviah
    Your poem was very touching. It's just how feel with my friend. I give ur poem a thumb til the very end.
  • Kat
    That poem was so great! I added it to my favorites even because I loved it! It touched me! It was so great and I would like to know if anyone else has poems similiar to that. if so, please email them to me because I love them!
  • alemrak#3
    this poem is very cute! when i 1st read it, i remember my friend who left! keep up the good work! :p
  • Marie Eugenie
    ei girl!your poem is great!I commend you for being such a poet!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!I'm proud of you!God Bless you!
  • Ambi
    This poem made me remember the time my best freind Ashly was in the hospital during our 8th grade year. It was hard to relize the pain she went threw even though i knew she would be okay. Right then and there i relized how much she ment to me and how much i never wanted to let her go. She is my sister that i never had!
  • Kim
    Hey Jacquilyn I really think that poem was touching it made me cry. Because i lost a friend from cancer an i never knew what i had till i lost it. Just live everyday our yours too the fullest. be happy everyday of ur life an be happy an thankful your still here! Good Luck in the future with your friend my prayers are with you an your friend .
  • Heather
    aww so sweeeeeeeeet lol no it was cute keep writing girl
  • Lacey
    I loved your poem! You put a lot of true emotions in there and you seem to be a good person! Keep your head high and good luck in all that you do!
  • katrina
    that was a wounderful poem i loved it lots!
  • Kayla
    Love the poem. It was very touching!
  • chaity
    i think that this is a very touching poem. i hope that now your friend sees how much she means to you. i like that poem alot. it means a lot to me.
  • Jade
    I really like your poem and i enncourage you to write more of theese freindshp poems. It remindes me of the times when my bestfreind Tamara gets realy sick and has like a week off school. good luck!
  • Kim
    Wow. that was really beautiful. It's really touching, and my prayers r with you.
  • blanca
    this poem really expressees someone true feelings and its very nice
  • Dhanush
    The best of all i have read. Thanks
  • Jersey
    WOW. sad and yet sooooo good I love this poem :)
  • Eden
    It was a very touching poem I really liked it.
  • kayla
    very very good poem,sweet and sad
  • bobby
    i liked your pome
  • Ignatius
    This is a truly inspirational poem. Thankyou and keep up the awesome work
  • Sarah
    This poem is really touching and i really love it and it means alot to me because my friend was very sick once too, but she is better now. This really tells how I felt and I sent it to her. So thank you ver much and this is just an extremelly good and touching poem :)
  • Tiffany
    I really,really like your poem it was great
  • Brittiany
    That was a very beautiful poem. You are very talented and I hope your friend gets well. She is very lucky to have a friend that cares that much about her.
  • yesenia
    i can relate to your poem! its really good!
  • grace
    great poem! nothin comes closer 2 the truth!keep writing poems--u have a real talent!
  • kat
    omg! that was the sweetest poem i have eva read! how do write like that? congratulations, and pleeease write some more!
  • Kimberlie
    i loved this poem Jacquilyn, my friend isn't sick, but she became pregnant and is gettin married n i'm goin off to college, n our lives are changin but she's my best friend, n for 7yrs now, we've never really been apart, i guess we've grown into sisters, but now our lives are gonna split, n i can share this poem with her, n tell her even though our lives are changin i hope our friendship don't. i really loved your poem. it's really good.
  • abby
    I really like the poem that u have written jack, well done! keep up the good work.
  • Jennifer
  • kim
    i really liked this poem and hopefully your friend will be ok
  • sherry
    ireally enjoyed the poem it reminds me of my freindship with my best freind who has ms and cancer
  • Lexsey
    I really like the poetry on this site because it relates to everyday situations. It describes what goes on in the younger generation lives and how they feel. I really love the poem I just read it was great
  • Ashley
    you are a very good writer and should keep sending in your poems.
  • brittney
    i loved this poem so much. it is by far one of the best poems i ever read !
  • Meag
    This poem is amasing i alost lost my best friend in an extremly serious car accident and this poems relates to us in awa i can describe than you!
  • regan
    this was an amazing poem i really liked it alot!
  • Talia
  • Julie
    I really liked this poem i can't go a day without my best buds.
  • Steph
    Your poem is very good! I love it. I would love to see more of your work. Well done.
  • chelsea mae
    i really liked this poem b/c it reminds me of one of my good friends she got really sick about a year ago and i had no idea how much she ment to me untill i knew i could lose her! So to all the people who read this poem take care of your friends you never know when you may lose your best one!
  • Jennifer
    This is a very touching poem that you wrote Jacquilyn. My prayers are with you and your friend.
  • vero
    i like your peom good work.
  • shay
    that was the bomb. your a realy good poet.
  • Chloe
    This was such a touching poem keep on writing such beautiful peaces
  • Clair
    An amazingly sweet and very true poem! I absolutely luv it!
  • luis
    I think this poem is good and it really says what a friend truly feels when a friend goes away then you know your true feelings.
  • Rosa
    It was a beautiful poem and if i was the person it was written for i would be extremely thankful.
  • alexa
    i think this is one of the best poems i have evr heard before!
  • s
    i really liked this poem. it is tottally true, you never know till it's gone, this poem is the best friendsship [oem i have ever read by far! keep up the good work, i will hopefully one day read this poem in a book.
  • Ash
    this poem really touched me. if you have a really really really close friend then you know that its a wonderful feeling to be that close to someone!
  • Megan
    I LOVE THIS POEM! I even put it in my info on aim. This poem gives me sad and happy feelings. This poem is one of the best poems. I give it 5 out of 5 atrs :-)
  • APEL
  • cassy
    This poem is really good. It reminds me alot of the sunshine kids(kids w/ cancer) that i help out with & when the week is ova they have to leave. God Bless
  • afrochicklette
    this is a very beautiful poem
  • Emily
    This poem represents the way i feel about my best friend Rachel. Shes been through alot recently and since i sent her this poem we've grown closer. Thanks for a great poem!
  • Shawn
    This poem really touches the heart and it tells what kind of friendship everyone should have at least one point in their lifetime!
  • Qi-Qi
    I think your poem was very good and it actually showed how friends are supposed to feel.
  • wafa
    its the best poem i've read. i feel that it's really touching and expressed in a good way
  • renee
    thiis poem really made think of me and my friend because were always fighting . but i just relized that i love her
  • kalyi
    this poem is so sweet
  • Cammi
    This is a sweet poem!
  • Bambi
    i loved this poem. the writer did a great job. this poem relates to my life alot. great job, keep up the good work
  • A.M
    I likes this poem becuase it explains alot about what i can't say but i want to say.
  • Court
    Absolutely beautiful. My god I dont think i`ve ever cried so much in my life after reading these poems. Lots of talent expressed.
  • khadi
    while reading your poem it touched my heart I write poems as well while reading yours it made me think of a situation I WAS IN WITH A OLD FRIEND GOOD JOD AND KEEP WRITING.
  • kacey
    i really thought this poem was neat cause i have two best friends and i wouuld die for them thats how much i love them there twins and we do every thing to gether we are like all sisters.
  • Crystal
    This is really good poem. My best friend said to me something like that when I told her I had cancer.
  • Michaela
    This is a really sweet poem. It reminded me of how i was when a friend of mine moved away, and how it was only then that i realized what a great friendship the 2 of us had
  • Shivi
    My sister died a couple of years back.even though we were sisters i considers us best friends..after she died i wrote a lot of poems so that i could express my feelings in a positive way.. i think this poem is just something that i wud say..
  • vanesa
    I love this poem so much. Every word represents me and my best friend Jossie. I love her to death.
  • Susan
    This is a very good poem because it talks about how you love your friend. I would want more poems like this on this website
  • erma
    I like this poem because I remember my friend who is always beside me, she is dianna. I will miss her.
  • Bryan
    This is such a sweet song. A friend of mine and I have been fighting recently. I never knew how much she meant to me, until we werent speaking. I sent her this poem, and everythings good now (had to suck up a little).
  • baby
    that was a really sweet poem and it really got me.
  • Totalannihilator
    this poem is cool i rally like it i'm tryin to find a poem to tell my friend how i feel and this poem might help me just write one to her..
  • Britnie
    I think this poem is so awesome! I really enjoyed reading it!
  • sherrill
    this poem reminded me of how my best friend got sick and i thought that i wasnt going to see her again.
  • Alicia
    it's a really great poem and i really liked it.
  • Sara
    This poem is beautiful and very touching on the insisde. I think it's one of the best I've seen. My bestfriend cried when she read it. Thankyou
  • Julia
    A wonderful poem that comes straight from the heart.keep it up, pal!
  • Laine
    This is such a beautiful poem!~ It defineately made me think twice about taking my friends for granted. I hope that your friend is doing well. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • Jason
    what a nice poem. It a good thing to have friends like that this days
  • misty
    this is just how i fell about my best friend and it reminds me of our friendship
  • Keesha
    I think that this poem was really great! My Best Friend almost died a few days ago and I was so scared to lose her! I can relate to this poem alot. You do good keep it up!
  • Gizelle
    this poem is so beautiful and I have a friend that this poem truly describes so keep writing these kind of poems and I will always always
  • MeLiSsA
    Scince my best friend, is moving a way, i read this and it made me brake out in tears. i am going to give here this poem
  • Leslie
    Your poem touched a spot I thought I never had! Now with your poem in my head I have been so much sweeter to my friends! I didn't know friends are part of a life that you some times try to get rid of! Thank you for opening up that spot in my heart to be able to show love to all my friends.!
  • Jessica
    That was a very touvhing poem, it made me cry thinking of how important friends really are and how much i want to keep the ones i have. You are really talented in you writing, keep it up, i appreciate hearing thinks that make me think about others.
  • Dayleen
    This poem is very touching! It hits right at home becuz I have a sick friend and so I know exactly how it works! My friend has cancer so it is difficult becuz my days go by slow and hers go by so fast but painful! The doctor gives her 6 weeks to live that is why it hits home to me!
  • Amanda
    it was so cool
  • diana
    poem is so true i am in the military and that is all that happens i lose all my friends
  • Milla
    This was brilliant! Great work.
  • Tina
    I really liked your poem I did. I too write poetry myself, just keep up the good work. Write more good poems
  • Jessica
    I loved your poem. It really meant alot to me.
  • sonya
    that was a very sweet friendship poem you wrote.
  • ilana
    Your poem was very meaningful and made a great impact on also made me reliaze what great friends i have.
  • Stephanie
    This poem is amazing!
  • Nickie
    this poem means so much to me when i recieved it i was in tears. My friend was so thoughtful to give it to me, I mean we are best friends so why not.
  • Stude13
    I love this peom, however it show how some friendships could possibly end in this way. It's really worth reading it a lot of times, however this poem is sad.
  • Vithya
  • Amanda
    I like this Pom, i am the same wth the Author's feels.
  • Loz
    i think that poem was beautiful
  • latrease
    this poem was really good. I can relate to it so much
  • rebecca
    this poem was really great:)
  • Miriam
    I loved this poem. it brought tears to my eyes. My best friend was just sick and I know it wasn't this bad but still I missed her at school.
  • Judy
    I really loved this poem I thought it was great.I would give it a 9 and a half out of 10 it was great.
  • Inspiratiions
    hi i came across this poem and i like it and dont worry if u worry about things it wont help the pain ok this is my story i have a friend that tried to commit suicide and she is ok do you know why cause she knew that she has a good friend beside her all the time keep your faith and things will come true you are a good person cause this poem shows how much you care about your friend take care you have just found another friend
  • daisy
    i really liked your poem u are a great friend keep up the good work
  • Bryar
    I think this is such a cool as poem , It made me cry as I know the feeling as I've just moved cities and I miss my best friend so much I cry nealy every day.
  • Pheara
    I thought i'll let you know how your poems(s) put sniles onmy my face. Expecailly the one called "A Friend's Love". It really put a smile to me. It made me think about my bestest friend. Thanks for your poems and your Beautiful talent.
  • Christina
    i really like the poem. it gives lots of insite of how much friends mean to her. and i give her props for being so creative!! you go!!!!! christina morin
  • Kristin
    This is my favorite poem of all. It is because I have an illness that has made my best friend miserable because she can't help, but she has always stuck by my side and helped with her support and friendship. This poem is very insperational. It should be voted #1!!
  • Nicole
    I wrote a poem similar to yours but. There both differend in there own way. I'm sure your friend is very special and I hope you two will stay friends until you died. My friend is also very special to me too. I really wanted to say that your poem really made me think of my friend. Thank you.
  • Cath
    This poem really touched me and I enjoyed reading it. I liked it so much that I shared it with a couple close friends of mine and they also enoyed it. I would like to read more work by Jacquilyn.
  • Kirsty
    I really enjoyed this poem it was very well written and and very well thought aout i'd like to here more of your beautiful work . Keep it up.
  • emma
    i loved this poem because it so true. it's definetly something i have experienced before
  • rhonda
    its a beautiful poem it touched a spot in my heart it has a real meaning to me thank you
  • Nicole
    This poem is so sweet. i think your work is great. Keep it up
  • Charmaine
  • rebecca
    its really sweet
  • Rebekah
    this is the best poem i have ever read it all so bracks my heart
  • Emily
    This poem was awesomely written, and gave a very important message to people everywhere
  • Christina
    That was one of the BEST peoms i have read
  • jessica
    a very moving, and touching poem ! great writer !

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