This poem is about my absolutely best friend. I dedicate this to Alyssa for always being there for me. (no matter what I needed to talk to you about). I know this isn't much, but I wrote it myself and put a lot of effort in it!! I'll miss you so much next year.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems - Teen Poems about Friendship

Best Friends Forever
As the years pass,
and we grow apart,
I want you to know,
that you're in my heart.

You helped me through problems,
through things good and bad.
You helped me keep smiling,
when I was sad.

You helped me with guys.
You made me stay strong.
How will I live,
when you are gone?

And where the years take us,
No place is too far,
We will think of each other,
wherever we are.

You're a wonderful person,
with a good heart to lend,
And I want you to know,
You're a really good friend.
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  • christina mcleod
    it is a really sweet poem and i would read it over and over again
  • Jenna
    well let me just say this is a really nice poem. i told my friend it and we got closer as friends. it showed me how much you care about your friend. it really touched me a lot. thank you for writing it.
  • Christine
    This poem really touched my heart and it helped me forgive my best friend when we fought.
  • Kaitlyn
    i love this poem i feel like its what me and my best frined are going throuhg.
  • kristy
    ur poem reminds me of my best friend Ariel and it really inspired me. I decided that i was going 2 read it 2 my class 2day
  • kelly
    I think that 1 was very nice and very caring. I think alot of time went into that well done to the writer. I think its fabulous
  • Harlie
    This is a poem about my life. Cause I have friends that should read this.
  • kimberly
  • Ashley
    i have a friend that we been real good friends until we were babys so ya she is 13 and i'm 16 ok so we are like sister ok thanks for injoin my time ok love ashley
  • casey
    This poem was exellent. it really did touch me in more ways than one . i moved away from my best friend and we have been drifting apart ever since. i was wondering if i could send her that poem though i wont take credit for writing it
  • Rachel
    This Poem was a really touching poem. I haven't seen my best friend for over a year already because I moved. Keep on writing poems. it's a good way to communicate with others.
  • Jessica
    Great n wonderful poem. Well done, well done.
  • Tiffany
    I thought that this poem is really touching because there are so many different friendships that get ruined because of a friend moving away or thinking that they are better than you. But always remember there is always someone better and someone worse.
  • cricket
    this poem is awsome it shows that you care alot about your friends i wish i had friends that cared that much!nice going keep writing poems.
  • Kara
    I love it
  • ashley
    I love this poem its great . please please please please make more .
  • danielle
    i love this poem it really touched me cuz my best friend has just left me after 6 years i am really upset but i know she will always b in my heart
  • Nicole
    i LOVE this poem. lol it really touched me. it reminded me of my best friend who moved away to a different city. but we still keep in contact no matter what. thats how close we are even if we have different friends and shes lyk MILESS away from me. good poem.
  • Mercy
    It brings out the real feelings
  • Kendra
    Its a fabulous touching poem. I extremely enjoyed it!
  • Angie
    ur poem was good i feel in love wit ur poem you have my name 2 thats cool just wanted 2 comment ur poem
  • audriana
    it is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sweet
  • sally
    this is a true poem that would mean alot to people i think if they read it
  • Sana
    I really like this poem becuase it is how i feel when I think of my friends! Nice work!
  • head
    i lke this poem because of the fact it reminded me of my best friend tiffany in when i read your peom theres alot of thangs i can relate to yeah so holla back at cha girrl head bussa baby
  • jasmine
    i love this poem it really touched me
  • Amanda
    This poem touched me because this happened to me this year! Me and my best friend kinda went seperate ways, we found new best friends and we hardly talk anymore and im going to give it to her for xmas
  • rocky
    i want to be in this website because i want to write some letters or poems about being friends to everyone that you like the most.
  • danielle
    hi angie i read ur poem and it touched my heart in every way it made me think of my bestfriend and how close we used 2 be before she lefted me for her boyfriend it was very good i will give u 100% for that poem no words cud explain it better xx love danielle xx
  • sarah
    this rele touched me and so many way. I mean its everyones friendship but into simplest terms when ur hurtting
  • Omair
    its really a wonderful poem
  • sasha
    this poem is very sad and true!
  • Afton
    i have a best friend who left not very long ago, this is a really good poem.
  • Angel
    omg. This poem is really good!
  • Dally
    5 stars - awesome!
  • izah
    what can i said 2 u. keep the good work. i liked it!
  • Elayne
    this is an amazing poem its so incredibly sweet and i love it :)
  • Tanya
    I loved this poem it so reminded me of my bestest best friend in the whole wide world plus it rhymed. i just want to say I LOVE U ELLEN MY EVIL TWIN!
  • Angie
    man this is realy nice i need to send it to my friends
  • melissa
  • kirsty
    this poem realli made me smile i think it is a good poem it reminded me of my friend my best friend lynzi cos we r never always together but we still stay in touch and talkall this is a really good poem love kirsty x0x0x0x0
  • Michelle
    this poem has touched me so much because it reminds me of a friend that i had since i was 3 and she moved over the summer. now everything seems worthless because she isnt around.
  • Cameron
    A very good poem. Well thought out and grammically correct.
  • jeanette
    I really liked Your peom i think thats what a true friend is and i hope you win the vote because when you wrote this i think you had feelings and when i lost my best friend i thought This poem made me cry hapy tears of what a real friend is and what a real fron my best friend was . Ps. i loved your peom may god bless you!
  • misty
    I really liked your poem. It really touched me. I will always remember that one certain poem. I just can not say how good that was. Thank you for writing that. I will always keep that poem in my heart! Even though i do not know you. I hope you have a great future writing poems! I give you a 100% on that poem! you did a great job! misty
  • Anie
    I really liked this poem because of the fact i am going through this issue right now and it makes me understand what will happen.
  • Jessye-Ann
    Amazing Poem. It was like written for my old bestfriend and I!
  • mark
    this is a good peom to and everything ig true on this peom you wrote
  • jessica
    i loved how you told your friend that u care about her a lot.
  • Rheannna
  • Romeo
    hey just wanted 2 say that was a wonderful poem nd iam graduatin from h. s so i wanted 2 write this poem 2 my best friend nd after graduatin we might not c each other cuz i might go 2 ny. nd u really wrote wat was in my heart
  • tricia
    Wow!this poem hve touch my heart.
  • Amanda
    I liked this poem because it really touches your heart, i like to writye poems myself and this one is really great!
  • Amanda
    I really like this poem. It talks about how things change and you grow apart but how you never forget them.
  • Ciara
    i love it so much that i took it down and gave it 2 my friend 4 xmas and she luved it so much. weve become even closer bcoz of it. please write more cause uv a natural gift.
  • samantha
    the best friendship poem
  • aireen
    it is touching and really dedicated to a very special friend!
  • maggie
    i thought is was a very good pome you must had a goog friend
  • johnnie
    this peom is one of the best ones i have ever read in years and i hope the one person that i sent it to likes it very much and i hope that i have her trust for ever!
  • caiti
    I loved this poem. I just recently moved and I printed this poem and handed it out to all my best friends at the school I left!
  • Tonia
    Great really touching love it
  • melissa
    hi i loved the poem. it had great and happy, brilliant,fantastic, words. if one of my friends were to give me a poem like thati would cry so badley. *tears* well laters love always love it my rate from 1-100 is 100
  • Samantha
    i really liked this poem beacause even though i have a guy as my best friend it still ment the same to me as it would have if i would have a girl as a best friend!
  • tiffany
    i will gave this peom 150% b/c it is true my best friend and i were close and we are now apart and i miss her but we are just a call,email, and address away
  • Madiha
    hi. i like this poem very much thanks 4 writing such a lovely poem
  • mayra
    this was a very pertty pome i was touch by the words in this touching pice!
  • samantha
    i love this poem when i go home ill send it straight to my best friend who'll be there to the end thank you for such a lovley poem i, also am a poet you have alot of skill i love it i love it keeeeeep it up okay
  • Maria
    this is a gr8 poem and i am gonna give it to my really close friend from school!
  • melissa
    Nice poem. I am going to send it to my best friend to show her how much she means to me. keep the good poems going!
  • Amy
    Hiya this is amy that is how i fill about my best friend hannah but thank god we are still friends till the end
  • Tazz
    dis woz a very touchin poem 2 read. i loved it!
  • Britney
    That was a very well written poem! I loved it. I just moved 9 hours away from my best friend so obviously our friendship is not as close as it used to be. And I hate it. Your poem really touched my heart! Keep writing. you're good at what you do.
  • Ashley
    i just loved this poem
  • jerica
    this poem has touch me and all my friends that sent it to this poem is a blessing by god
  • mere
    I really like this poem. a bunch of my really close friends are going to a different high school than me. its exactly how i feel!
  • Gab
    i thought tis poem really came from the heart. it makes u feel happy and sad at the same time.
  • meagan
    This poem touched me and made me cry I thought of my friend teresa and how we stand by each other day in and day out through tough times and good times through everything.
  • Christy
    hey this poem was great it reminded meof my best friend and how close we are and every thing. well any way that was a great poems on of the best thta i have read because ilove poems
  • Alaina
    I liked your poem it reminds me of my best friend, so yes it good to have a friend like that .
  • Alyson
    I loved this poem cause it just talking about my bestfriend and mine relationship. Now we are miles away but dat won't take away how much she stood there for me.
  • Huma
    hey i really loved reading this it is really touching i personally liked it because i have a friend who is really far from me i have sent this poem to her thanx for writing such sweet poems
  • paulina
    I love your poem this touched me and my friend. he leaving me and i dont know what to do so when i came to this site and i saw this poem it caught my eye and then when i read it it caught my heart. this poem will be a chain letter between me and my friend.
  • meagan
    i loved your poem it really touched me i liked it most because it really explanes what i'm going through rite now with my best freind thank you for writing it it really hellped me to think thank you
  • Jade
    I love your poem. It is fantastic. I am really glad I came over that poem. That reminded me of the really good times I had in Primary School with my Bestest ever friend Thanks Jade x
  • Melissa
    I like this poem lots. my friend sent this to me and i just about cryed. if i were to rate it out of ten it would definitley be a 9.
  • lilbear
    this touched me in such a wounderful way ur friend must be a really kool person
  • crystie
    this poem is very touching and it touched my heart.
  • Lacy
    This is a really great poem that talks exactly about me and my friend in Florida
  • jennifer
    that was the sweetest poem i've ever read . i wish my best friend would write a poem like that to me!oh well. it really toched my heart.
  • Gabbi
    i loved this poembecause me and my best friend just left each other for high school. we still always find time to see each other.
  • Hatice
    This is a great poem and this is really true about my 2 friends too. Their names are Kassie and Alyssa and this poem is really sweet. :)
  • grace
    this is a great poem i love it
  • kayla
    this poem touch me becouse it showed me we always need friends no matter what.
  • Shontelle
    that poem really touched me because the words are so perfect and it is set out how a poem is suppoessed to be. keep bringing more of these in
  • devin
    i loved this peom it reminds me of jacinda i will miss her sooo much
  • jessica
    these poems are the best and every one i read they touched my heart! ()_() ( ' ' ) (''') (''')
  • Brittanii
    I really liked ur poem. I've been having trouble with my friends her lately so it kinda made me realize sumthang thanz.
  • Jackie
    I was looking for a poem to dedicate to my best friend, and found this poem to be the perfect one. this poem describes everything about her. This poem is very well written and is an excellent poem for anyone looking to show their friend how much they care.
  • Chinta
  • sarah
    That poem was so lovely - it reminded me of how much i need my friends
  • PJ
    This is a great poem that you thought of it is one of the best i read!
  • Whitney
    This poem is really good. It gave us goosebumps!
  • natee
    I really liked this poem you did a very nice job on writing this. This is very beautiful it almost made me cry because I have a best friend and we are very close and I don't want anything to tear us apart. Thanks to your poem I know me and my best friend will be friends forever. P. S. I hope more people will vote for this poem . Thanks alot. Love Natee.
  • Jennie
    I loved that poem it means eevrything to me about my best Freind. She means everything to me. Your poem really touched me. :)
  • skye
    this poem. like everyone else touched me also me & my best friend have recently grew apart and this poem made me cry but its really awesome and you inspired me thanks
  • Danielle
    I really liked your peom! i love to write little poems on how im feeling and little poems to my friends and i think that yours is way up there with other ones that i have read! it really made me happy! GREAT JOB!
  • Holly
    This poem has really tuched me alot because today i got a letter from one of my best friends saying that how much i really helped her through thick an thin and that she will be leveing to move on with her new life but some of the other thing she said to me reallt tuched my heart in a really big way. So charish your friends that you got and help in anywaythat you can
  • lissa
    OH MY GOD! This is the best poem I have read in my life!
  • Lauren
    this is an awsome poem. everything you say is true. That is the way me and my best friend are.
  • Stacie
    Hey, I loved this poem it was really wonderful and I think that this poem is the best poem about friendship that I have read yet. Keep up the great work cause you are really talented.
  • Jessica
    This poem made me want to be closer with my friends Nicole and Kahla i really respect them for picking me to be my best friend
  • Pinkbabii
    This is a wonderfu poem! iluved it!
  • bia
    this poem reminds me of my old best friend(s)
  • Paige
    This poem touched me. especially that last couple soentences. Because im moving to a different state and leaving my BEST FRIEND in the world. I love this poem.
  • Tierra
    I really loved this poem.
  • nicki
  • holly
    it was wonderful and i hope my best friends like it. i thought it was touching i know if 1 of my friends handed it to me and u read it i would wwant to hug them forever!
  • Carol
    I love this poems. Im so touched by it. cant say. I mailed it to a friend. n he really appreciated it.
  • michelle
    I think this poem was wonderfull ,great no words to describe it .
  • Mandy
    I thought that this poem was inspering
  • Casey
    This peom really touched me deep because i too had to say good bye a one of my best friends. I miss her more everyday we haven't talked in 3 years so it really hurts. so your peom really got to me. It was really good!
  • JaQualia
    This poem reminds me of one of my best friend.
  • anussia raj
    it's such a nice poem i ever read about friend and yaaaaa it's true.
  • Jodi
    This poem is so sweet. It is exaclty how i feel about my best friend Danielle. She has been with me since kindergarten and anything i need she will do it for me and when i need someone to talk to about ANYTHING, i know that she is there for me! she is the BEST! i just wanted sll of y'all to know that! :) lol. i give this poem a 12 on a scale of 1-10. ;)
  • Yesenia
    well, i really like this poem alot and i give you a 10 and i dedicated to my best friend Yenis. She is in Texas and i hope to see her soon these year.
  • Ellen
    Good poem!I 'm from Hong Kong and I 'm going to graduate. I 'll send this poem to my friend to let they know .
  • Jie
    i just love this peom!
  • Amanda
    you have a very good poem and i like it because it was just one of the best poems that i have ever read about friendship yours was sweet and u seem like a very sweet girl!
  • Sofia
    Ayy. it really showed in ur poem that u know who ur writin about. it was real & deep.
  • rachael
    i loved this poem and i was so touched i wrote it down and sent it to a friend i have memorized it and have a copy up in my wall. i give it 10 out of 10 defitently
  • sheethal
    i loved this poem. it droped tears from my eyes, actuallt i was grief striken and so by reading this it soothened me a bit. it is simply the best.
  • S.
    i loved the poem. that's how i feel about my friend.
  • mee
    i love this poem. itsgreat your a good poet!
  • Erika
    This poem is very good. Itis what everybody should have.
  • Jess
    This is a really great poem b/c she and my friend are fighting
  • vicky
    I liked the poem it made me want to cry. It was a good poem.
  • Erin
    I loved this poem! Its so true! I dont think anyone would be able to live without friends. Your an awesome poet!
  • Myra
    I love this poem so much because it kind of makes you realize how close your best friends are and how special they are.
  • Kelsey
    I absolutely love this poem! It is the exact way i feel about my best friend! When i read this, i was just in shock! It's really good!
  • Katy
    This poem made me cry, and makes me think of my best friend, we were supposed to graduate together, but i moved out of state, i have known her since 2nd grade, so it was hard for me to move, i miss her so much, and this poem is exactly how i felt.
  • jenny
    I give this poem a 10. You did an excellent job well done.
  • MiChELLe
    i think this poem is the best i've seen, i will be in high school next year and away from my best friend, it is everything about the two of us.
  • Cassie
    This poem was awesome it realates me and my friends ashley and shea very well
  • Dang
    you r very deep with ur writing. I like that. That poem maked me think more about friends what there ru really to me.
  • noor
    it's perfect ,marvellous. you must have good experience hey i try to write some sort for my special fren a poem it turns out to be a sentence not ryhming at all you have inspired me and touches alot of hearts it's true. you should compile your poems well if u have others.
  • samantha
    i love this poem it is soo sweet i love this poem its my favorite one.
  • kya
    that is so kute! ur best friend is so luki!
  • Berlyn
    i loved your poem so much that it is now me and my best friends favorite thing and i just wnted to thank you
  • Abinaya
    This poem reflects the real sense of losing a friend forever. i appreciate the poet. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Ashlea
    This poem is the best poem i ever read it remindes me of my best friend Bianca durning the summer we were alwayz with each other but my sister messed it up for us so we never talk i printed this poem out to give to her in school
  • kaeli
    This poem is pimp tite! keep making more!
  • Beth
    I really like this poem. It's a perfect one to use when we have had friends for a long time.
  • Katie
    I juz loved ur poem it made me cry. So thank you for writing this poem it really touched me
  • shaina
    i think this poem is a very spcial poem it is somehting i would tell to my very special friend. thank you i give it a 10
  • Gina
    This poem has touched me in a way that no other friendship poem has! keep it up!
  • Lisa
    love it
  • lauren
    I love this poem.
  • Krystal
    I think this poem is good
  • maggie
    me and my 2 best friends read this 2gether and we liked it ! hopefly friends around the world will2!
  • Heather
    I loved this poem so much i printed it out and gave it to my friend just to show her i how much she still means to me and will alwyas mean to me. Her name is Jasmine
  • Britney
    Thanks my best friend left me in 5th grade so I wanted to say thanx your poem is very touching. I read it to her and it almost made her think about what we did back when we were younger. My best Friend lives in Lancaster,Ca and myself live in San Diego.
  • Heather
    I really like this poem b/c i have a best friend that is like 4 years older than me but we are like sisters. We look like we would never be close as friends but we are.
  • stu
    ur poem iz really touching and good
  • ashley
    Wow, this is a very good poem. i thought of one of my best friend when i read this because i were very close then we were falling apart. now we are trying to get back together.
  • glaiza
    basically, i can relate to the author coz i have a bestfriend too.
  • nikita
    i loved the poem! it said a lot in just a few words who ever wrote it wrote it from the heart! great job.
  • Melissa
    Angie, this poem is really really good. it is one of the best i have read and if you wrote this to someone they should be very proud to have a friend like you.
  • Stephanie
    That was one of the best poems that i have ever read. Good job.
  • amber
    your poem is very good it basically explains me and my est friend Amber:)
  • odalene
    ya. its very nice!
  • Caroline
    ur poem was a gret thig. it spoke out to me and i loved it and it is just what i was looking for.
  • Alyssa
    I loved your poem because me and my best friend are kinda in a big fight and this poem really meant a lot to me.
  • Diana
    I love this poem so much. I had to think of a poem to say ot my friend before he moved and this was the perfect one. It expressed all my feelings towards him
  • steph
    hey! great poem!
  • Leah
    This was a really cool poem i love it! it is just so cute I love u
  • ashley
    this poem is the bomb. It makes me think of my very own best friend
  • samia
    i liked this heart full of love poem, because it remembers me of my best friend that left to a place that i can not see here anymore i realy missed her she is more then the world to me
  • Amanda
    This poem roxx! It tells you what friendship is.
  • michelle
    Great. touches the heart. expecially when you have moved away from you best friend. wonderful. all the right words!
  • Jamie Marie
    This poems is good. It remeber me of my Best Friends Tara Lynn. She help me with my problem me. Everytime I need her she is there. Past week we have grow apart .
  • Jacky
    I really liked your poem. It touched me. I sent it to my best friend.
  • Jamie Marie
    This is one of the best I that i had read and I read a lot of them. I though it was so good i e-mail it to my Friends.
  • Jen
    I really like this poem becuase it is exactly what me and my friend are going through and we aren't as close as we used to be and we are growing apart.
  • sara
    this poem touch me and my best firend when i showed her she cried over it because the poem was sorda about me because im moving in 30 days and my best friend was sad i was leaving and she not going to see me any more!
  • Hayley
    That poem is really sweet and good and I wish I had a freind like you
  • dont
    very nice
  • Crystal
    This is the best poem ever!
  • Valerie
    Your poem is so great. My best friend's dad died and I've been looking for the right things to say, it helped me out and the sad part is I'm in alaska now and she is in Idaho and i really can't be her back bone to cry on this time in need, I feel so bad. Your poem helped some. Thanks it's GREAT !
  • Kristin
    I loved the poem I thought it was great and the first time I read it I thought of best friend.
  • Chihiro
    Wow! i just luv this poem! it wuz great! Angie Belanger, hope u could create more great poems! Readers, hope u would vote this poem!:-)
  • Michelle
    I really loved your poem, it was just SOOOOOOOO sweet. I was looking for a peom exactly like this one to give to my friend as i am leaving and your poem was absolutly PERFECT. keep up the great work!
  • Nikki
    I loved this poem! My friends and i are all going off to highschool next year and they r all goin to the same one except for me. im going to a different one. I'm gonna miss them so much. This poem really touched me
  • Rose
    This Poem is really great,It's hard saying goodbye to a Bestfriend!I loved it!
  • Senna
    This is a very sweet poem and gives some comfort knowing that others feel the same when a friend goes away.
  • Chels
    This poem is awsome. my friend brooked loved it too
  • Niki
    You poem is so awesome! I love it! My friends also thought it was awesome. I sent it to three of them who will be leaving for university in the fall! :)
  • India
    this is a fabulous poem! you are indeed a great poet! i love this poem so much that i sent it to my best friends who are twins and have graduated! keep up the good work
  • Beth
    This poem was AWESOME! Angie Belanger had real talent! and it brought tears to the eyes of the ones i sent it to This was a great poem Keep it up Angie
  • Tay
    this poem best friends forever is a really good poem and i would like to dedicate it to my 3 best friends Ty Michelle and Alex ! this poem is really GREAT
  • Janel
    WOW! this poem was real heart warming. Also this poem is all I could say to my best friend. Great job!
  • janet
    that was really really good! it describes every thing that friends do!
  • Kelli
    Your poem was great. As soon as I read this i knew ihad to share it with my best friend. I think it describes so many peoples friendships and it put into words exactly what i felt about my best friend. thanks
  • drea
    The poem best friends forever is a reality poem and really speaks for me. Out of all friendship poems I honesly think that was one of the best.
  • Nelly
    Your poem was great. I loved it. It said exactly what I wanted to say to one of my friends who has just moved.
  • Nancy
    i realy like this poem. It realy shows that a best friend does care abuot the other friend.
  • Kris
    Hey the poems really great. it shows your true feelings and it was wonderful
  • trav
    the best poem I read in a long time that relly toched me whare it counts
  • Nina
    I thought this poem was very touching and that Angie Belanger would become a very good poet.
  • Alli
    I really liked this poem alot. I sent it to one of my best friends that moved away last year. I almost started crying when I read it. You are a really talented person. I hope you keep writing. CONGRATS.
  • Monic
    This is a REALLY good poem! It described me and my best friend perfectly! Congradulations and keep it up!
  • Jesse
    I thought this poem was very good and I have sent it to a lot of people
  • Alyse
    it was fabulous
  • Mandy
    This poem really touched me. My best freind is moving away and I am going to miss her so much thank you for writting this. It will definatly be going in the book of poems I'm making her.
  • Cherelle
    when i first read this poem i fell in love with it!i love this poem so much i gave it to my best friend melinda
  • Cherelle
    i love the poem i just read it and i fell in love with it that all i wanted to say
  • Maggie
    I really think that this poem can really touch the hearts of people. I know that it touched mine anyway. Great poem, and I believe that you can relate to it one point or another in your life. Great poem!
  • Stacey
    i think the poem was very touching and it made me think a lot about my friend and also she liked it very much, we have been friends for 12 years so it was nice to send it to her.
  • kelsy
    i reaally like this pome b/c it reminds me of me and my frined laci so ya
  • Rae
    I really liked this poem because my best friend is moving away and we've been friends for 9 years. Its sort of just the same as the poem.
  • jennifer
    this poem best friends forever, i think its really great and it came from the heart
  • Rachel
    I love this poem and would like to dedicate to three of my bestfriends which are moving away. So Ashley, Becky, Jocelyn this is for you!
  • Jessie
  • lauren
    this was great, it really described everything about my best friend. it feels awesome to have such a great guy to stand beside me and i know you also share that feeling. we are just friends but there is a big age differce and everyone thinks it is weird. i love him as a friend and i feel you truly understand the meaning of friendship.
  • reynaldo
    This poem touch my heart, it was like it was telling exacly what i'm going through.
  • Maria
    Thiis poem is great!It remainds me about my best friend that is far away
  • Jasmine
    I think that this poem is very touching. I read it with a friend and we cried together.
  • Steph
  • shauna
    This poem is great it really shows the feelings between two freinds. I think this poem should be #1 on any reader's list that likes/loves poems like I do. this poem is #1 on my lists
  • Ummehani
    it was really a touching poem..i like it!
  • Staphanie
    I thought that you're poem was really down to earth~ If that makes sense! I think you have an awesome heart for your Best Friend and that's like me too~ I wish that mine could write me a poem like that~ Anyway! Keep up the good work and I hope you guys stay friends forever! Later!
  • Fiona
    A fantastic poem that provokes all feelings that a friendship needs.very touchy!
  • sarah
    This poem was great. I loved it. My best friend is moving all the way to florida from new hampshire and i am going to miss her sooo much. and her twin brother too. he is my ex boyfriend. but he ment and still means alot to me. i have only been thinking of losing the both of them. thanx
  • Roo
    Such a great peom. It's make me think of my best friend LuLu.
  • Ellen
    this poems so sweet
  • Molly
    Your poem is so awesome! I absolutely loved it! It reminds me exacty of my best friend and what she means to me! That is like the best poem I have ever heard! Please email me so I can get to know you!
  • Allison
    This poem is so nice. Next year I am going to a different school then all my friends, and for the first time in 9 years I will be seperated from them. This poem made me realize how much they mean to me. Thanxs!
  • Jessica
    This poem is so sweet and cool keep it up Angie
  • Notorious
    This iz a veri great poem! I can relate this to my best friend! Keep it up!
  • Wes
    I just wanted to say that you wrote this poem very nicely. It is very well written, with good structure, and good rhyme scheme. Also, it tells a very good story. A story which very much relates to me. I have a good friend that isnt where I live right now, because he got into some trouble. But I still love him and miss him. He still keeps in touch, but its still hard to take on the fact that I wont get to see him for a year or two. But, no matter what he is always in my heart. And that is all that matters. Thanx again for the poem, it was great.
  • Janessa
    I think your poem came from deep inside your soul! You really do care for your best friend!
  • Rabiya
    i really like ur poem. it is so good and sad for me. bye
  • beck
    i really hope you keep writing because i really enjoyed it
  • Natia
    I think this poem is the best.I have 2 best friends and the friend ship that we have will never end.I just love your poem.
  • diana
    this is a great poem! it made me think of my 2 BEST friendz: heather and caity! and we hope that no matter how far away we get we will alwayz be best friendz!
  • Amanda
    I think this is the best friendship poem ever i thought it was so touching and i wish that my friends had emails so i could send it to them
  • Alisha
    this is an amazing poem! I luv it!
  • Natasha
    I think this poem is really nice, and it really fits me and my best friend cause I will be moving pretty soon and we won't be able to hang out anymore.
  • Alison
  • Sarah
    I thought this poem was really good. I liked it alot. If i knew you and u had written this for me, I would be really happy. U must be a very good friend
  • Aliah
    This is a really good poem, I sent it to my friend the other day. She is moving away and I thought this poem was appropriate to send.
  • Lauren
    I just moved to Texas away from all my friends. And I miss my best bud dearly! And i think that poem is really good!
  • Jacqui
    A ver good poems just touches your heart! :0)
  • Lisa
    i really liked this poem it reminded me of a real good friend
  • Sarah
    This is a truly beautiful poem
  • Tiffaney
    This poem has touched me big time. Me and My best friend have been split away from each other for a while because of something we did. I haven't been able to explain how i fill and this poem does it for me. Thank you for writing it, now she knows how i fill.
  • Rendi
    I thought this was a really good told exactly what she felt and it rhymed..I enjoy the poems that rhyme..but i thought it was really short and sweet..good work. :)
  • Aida
    I love this poem and dedicate it to my bestfrinds in the whole world that I love with all my heart Mayza&Yoise
  • e.c.
    okay, you know everyone's going to say the same thing, so i will too. this poem was short but sweet. i could tell it had a lot of thought put into it. fab job angie and kewl poem!
  • Wanda
    this is the sweetest poem you could give to a close friend.
  • Elizabeth
    I know how it feels to grow apart from your best friends. This poem shows that the memories good or bad matter. and that no matter where time takes you the friendship is always there.
  • michelle
    i love this poem... it's the best one so far.. my best friend josh is leaving in a few hours for five months and we havn't been talking lately. i'm gonna send this to him. thanks angie!
  • brittany
    I loved this poem because i can completely relate to it with my best friend. I even sent it to her. It was very well written
  • christen
    My best friend is moving and I was looking for a poem to give to her for her to remember me. This is a wonderful poem, that was just right!
  • Nikki
    A great poem! I loved it because I love poetry! !!!!
  • Alana
    I think your poem is very tuching it went stait to my heart you nearly had me in tears makeing me think about at the end of the year when me and my bf go to high scvhool but not the same one well any way well done
  • Aubrey
    This poem made me think of my best friend, since now we live over 150 miles away. MAGNICIFENT, shows true friendships today
  • christina
    i have a friend that is moving awya we are the clostest you can get. i will really be sad, upset and happy when she moves b/c i knoe she will love it there.. i really love this poem.. good job poet
  • Alicia
    I like this poem a lot! If you think about it, it is like life. I have a best friend that I have known for 11 years. You are just like sister. Yes, we do fight! I just wanted to say that I love this poem!
  • Skylar
    This is a beautifully written poem that touched my heart from the first line to the last.The writer has wonderful insite as to what real friendship is and I admire her for it.Kep it up!
  • Pam
    I have been searching for the perfect poem to give to my friends and I finally found it! This is a great poem. Angie proovs to be very talented!
  • Elvira
  • Ashley
    This is a very sweet poem. It really talk about everything in life.
  • P.H.
    I'm giving this poem to a girl that's been my best friend since kindergarten and now were going to graduate
  • Ashlyn
    this is a great poem and it shows what good friends are about.
  • alisha
    your poem was great. you have a great talent. i hope to read more of your poems soon.your poem really tells of what real friendship is all about!
  • Kt
    This is the best!
  • marina
    i thought your poem was really good it made me think about my friends i e-mailed it to everyone of my friends your a really good poet keep it up
  • casey
    i reaally love this poem. somethind everyone can relate to
  • rashonda
    this poem is the bedt and i really like it
  • Mallory
    This poem is really great.I'm going to give this poem to my best friend because we are drifting apart.It's perfect for us!
  • kala
    THAT was like one of the best..truest poems ive read! i loved it! it is SOOO true! keep writing!
  • April
    This poem was a very good poem, I think that she is a very good poem writer. I am glad I ran across this poem to send to my friend, I know it will brighten up her day.
  • Nicole
    This is a really great poem. It describes exactly the way I feel about my cyber friend. I'm going to send him this right away!
  • Stephanie
    That is a great poem it really goes down deep and touched the heart!!! keep up the poem writting maybe someday it will take you real far in life!!!
  • martha
    this poem really touched me,i write poetry also and i think that you are a really great writer!
  • Jennifer
    It made me think of all my friends and how much they mean to me.I really hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.
  • Jennifer
    This it one of the best poems i have ever read. Even though i dont know who wrote it or who it was for it hit close to home and i wanted to send it to my friends to show how much i cared.
  • Natalie
    I love this poem. It is a true friend.
  • Mandy
    I think this poem is an exalent poem, matter of fact I printed it out for a real good friend.
  • Christine
    I really liked the poem that you wrote. My friend sent it to me and it really did mean a lot. It is a beautiful poem.
  • casey
    this is a really good poem who every wrote this has really good talent
  • lindsey
    I love it and will send it to my best friend Josh
  • Angela
    This is a wonderful poem!!
  • Destiny
  • Caren
    I loved this poem. It made me think of my best friend who has not left or wil not be leaving me but we have drifted apart and this put into words just how i felt. To the Author: Thanks!
  • abi
    the poem is so fantastic!
  • Ryan
    this is a really sweet poem which i gave to one of my friends which i met at camp, left her, met her again the following summer and grew closer together and left her a second time which was hard on me because i love her so much this was a excellent poem.
  • Rachel
    This is a beautiful poem.I love it so much, and I think it's one of the best I have ever read. I may be losin my best friend, and I want her to know this is exactly how I feel for her.
  • Annie
    This is acute poem...and sweet to tell best friends how much you care
  • Cindy
    Angie, Your poem really touched my heart. Because I have a best friend that is from another country and I know that when she goes back there we both will think of eachother. And everything in the poem is exactly the way I feel about her. Thanx, Cindy Lively
  • Michelle
    This is a really great poem. It perfectly describes what me and my best friend will have to go through in a few months.
  • Jamie
    I really really liked this poem I sent it to my best Friend! I just moved from the place I grew up practically all my live! I am A junior in high school and I know what it feels like to "lose" your best friend!!!
  • edna
    i like this poem a lot, it reminds me of my friend stephiane, i don't how it would be like if she moved but i know she would always have a place in my heart, i luve your poem
  • Jennifer
    This poem was so touching! I am definitely sharing it with my friends.
  • Summer
    that is a really neet poem. I sent it to my best friend. It was exactly what i was feeling towards her
  • carly
    This is a really really good poem. It is the best one about friends I've ever read on this site!! :)
  • wink
    it was so good! i sent it to a friend
  • Sidra
    This poem really touched my heart coz recently one of my best friends left for India . Her name was Nargis 'n' this poem describes her really well..
  • Katie
    that was an awesome poem!!!! it would really mean alot to me if i was your best friend.
  • Niki
    I thought your poem was excellent I sent it all my freinds it was awesome
  • Mitch
    Hi Angie, We love your poem and want to include it in a book we are working titled, Teen Love: A Journal on Friendship by Kimberly Kirberger, author of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can
  • Ashley
    I really enjoyed the poem. I have a best friend, and I think this poem indicates the true relationship between best friends
  • kelly
    This poem is so true! i sent it to all my best friends. your very talented. great job!
  • LoArNnEy
    I like your poem :D I can totally relate to how you feel for your best friend. I also like this poem because my best friend dedicated it to me.
  • julz
    this is a great poem!!!
  • Ashley
    very inspiring
  • tara
    Keep writing you may end up being a great writter. Best of Luck

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