When friends help the most, they silently pick up our tears and hold them for us.

This poem originally was published in Friendship Poems

A Tear Fell
I shed a tear today
Silently, I felt it fall
You caught it
shared it
held it
felt it
it wasn't
so big
after all
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  • donna
    i loved it. i belive a true friends is always with when things are bad and things are good. beautful peom.
  • nikki
    very very beautiful. nikki
  • Terry
    I know what you are saying, as I had this happen to me after coming from a family reunion. It was happy tears.
  • layla
    this poem is kinda cool its wat friends do ya kno!
  • Liz
    I love this poem because it really shows how much you care about your friends. if you truely love someone, read them this poem!
  • Roxanne
    This is so true. I have a friend like that . it's my mother. Anybody mother should be their number one best friend no matter what.
  • jackie
    this is such a great poem and i think i should say this:this is such a wonderfull poem i think i shuold thank you too
  • Amber
    I love your peom. It says alot about me and my friends. I think they would be there though it all. they help me with my problems ( even the boy problems. )
  • Jeannie
    Your poem was very touching as I related to this today.
  • kristen
    i loved this poem so much it's short but very beatiful.
  • tracy
    Simply put and beautiful. Tracy
  • L
    the simplicity of it said it all for me
  • maila
    Thanks for creating such a consice but very inspiring poems. i beleive that a friend can only be called real friend. if they shed their tears on you. More power and more poems to feature. godbless
  • alfalfa
    i love the poem it reminds me of my friends
  • Muna
    this is something many friends like to say to each other, but they don't find the right words
  • pruthvi
    I like this poem because it is related to my lifeand this poem had touch my heart
  • Crystal
    I really loved this poem. The poet really knows how to make these poems relate to it's audience.
  • priyank
    your poems are very good and very very nice . i like your poems very much. thank you.
  • shacksy
    This poem was one of the best I have ever read keep writing, plz! U understand the meaning of freindship so well. I wish I could write a poem like yours. Ur da best!
  • Marge
    Dear Marge, Thank you for this lovely peom. It was perfect for me to share with a friend of 40 years who has just helped me through the death of my beloved beagle dog. Very simple, yet oh so eloquent!
  • eva
    short, sweet, and oh so poignant
  • Brittany
    It was very good and I loved it.
  • tremayne
    I Love it
  • Sue
    Simple and uplifting - made me smile.
  • Beppy Stella
    i like this poem very much, it's short but very thouching. i like short poem rather than long n bored poem.
  • Dhaval
  • tawny
    I Love This Poem!
  • bujjibabu
    its really a very very nice poem. friendz must get and feel it
  • katie
    Hey, this is a realy heart touching poem it reminds me of my dad that's why it's so touchy to me You?
  • pia
    very true n meaningful. soul touchin.
  • heather
    i like this one its really goos
  • Lisa
    Simple but says a lot!
  • moona
    mi experince has made me love ur poem
  • Ashlen
    I like this poem it touched me so much i mean its soo real to like everybody has had this happen o well life is to short to cry over things that bother you. or the things you lost u know that u have to keep on going
  • Praveen
    excellent and realistic thoughts very aptly put
  • thandeka
    i think this is the most touchful poems i've read all year long thank you
  • rachel
    Very good! I liked it. Short and sweet!
  • sarah
    i loved it
  • Crystal
    This Poem made alot of sense to me because I've had it happen before!
  • Sapphire
    Wow,Beautiful i shared that with my friend and she was full of joy,I loved it thank-you im a poet,and this is one-of-a-kind,Lovely juberly!
  • Emily
    this is a beautiful poem i love it but it makes me feel sad and i totallly understand what its about!i love it if i could write like this man i'd feel awesome
    I Like This Poem A Lot. It Means A Lot To Me And My Life. It's Simple And Short But I Like It And I Can Understand What The Purpose Of The Poem Is!
  • Amanda
    This poem was quite lovely. It was definitely the poem of "short and sweet". It was completely truthful and honest. I got a happy feeling after I finished reading it. It was a very good poem!
  • Michele
    Well done, this is a very nice poem
  • josie
    Wow! I loved thatpeom It says so much in one small paragraph, and it is very true. I am so thankful I came across this poem!
  • Rajashree
    The poem speaks the truth of every heart. everyone wishes for that desired one who would make that tear not painful at all
  • Nikki
    that was really nice, and so true, friend's are the best medicince for a broken heart!
  • neiranz
    it's touch my feeling
    i love it
  • Barbi
    I can actually feel like that poem is me & my friend, Who has been there for me in the most sad, horrible times in my life, & the best time too. It really struck a place in my heart. Awesome!
  • chuck
    I lovesd it. Says alot for a short poem.
    This poem moved me it reminded me of my dark times and how good it feels when someone is ready to wipe your tears. Its short but very meaningful and beatiful. Good work!
  • Wench
    this poem is great. it means so much to me
  • Clara
    Very touching, short but sweet. It is very true that friends help a lot ease the pain. They help in different ways, but all work and mean the same thing. They show us that they love us, for what we are and nothing else. We will do the same for the them, the day that they will need us, as we have needed them. I shall always keep this poem close to my heart.
  • Grace
    Great!Wonderful!I love it!
  • Asawer
    This poem is grate! I Loved this poem "A Tear Fell"
  • Leems
    I love this poem very much. I love this poem very much. I love this very much. I love this poem very much. I love this poem very much. very very thanks to MARGE TINDAL.
  • natalie
    the poem i read brought tears to my eyes and i love it sooooo much.
  • chinmaya
    its a touching poem. expressed exactly what i felt for a friend but was unable to translate my feelings in words,before it came to me!thanks Marge. i believe this poem has created an unknown bonding between us. keep writing. all the best!
  • Bonnie
    Aww, this poem made me smile, because it is so sweet.
  • Jeremy
    I like this one, because something like it happened to me.
  • Chrissie
    Short, Sweet, TRUE!
  • Madi
    It was short, but sweet. I liked it
  • Ken
    I love this poem! It shows alot of how friends and caring can help pain go away.
  • lana
    i loved this poem it reminds me of alot of memories
  • Evangelina
    it is a great poem
  • christine
    so touching
  • jamal
    i loved it. well done
  • Muskan
    excellent. in short words expressed the hidden sentiments of one secret life. Truely heart touching.
  • Angie
    This poem is very beautiful and right when I read it, it reminded me of my best friend in the world. You are a great poet.
  • harsha
    short and a lovely poem. the best
  • nicole
    i really like this poem because it is wat a true friend should be like and it really touches you
  • Jamil
    Very nice , simple ,meaning ful.
  • harsha
    ur poem is really good n simple
  • Andrea
    I so loved this poem! what it says happend to me today and reading it made me fell like happy and sad at the same time. Weird i also started crying when I read it! Its my favorite poem in the whole intire world!
  • maria
    you have truly learned a great light in friendship that most people never find
  • mir1992
    hi u dont know me and i dont know u. but i just wana say that ur poem is realllly really GOOD! ok byee!
  • Precious
    It was tha boom, gurl it was off tha chain.
  • Maryum
    I think that this poem was. It was so beautiful. The fact that all of what is written is actually very true and it all fits into a little paragraph, It is so amazing. I think Its simply great.
  • regina
    cool poem!
  • Pam
    So simply said but it said it all. A beautiful piece of poetry
  • Sachi Lee
    sort,simple. 2 th e point. Nice!
  • Jacinta
    A simple but poignant drop of magic. Not just a poem. Thanks.
  • blah
    this was a great poem and i'm using it in a school assignment. !
  • Debra
    Great expression of what a friend is.
  • Darren
    A wonderful poem. Something that really just shows how I feel about people in my life :)
  • shayana
    it touched my soul
  • Jo
    This poem touched my heart. So short but powerful in its words.
  • kassie
    that was tight. it was really good. keep on doin what u doin
  • Helena
    I cryed so much that ment heaps to me
  • jessica
    good simple and i like it bring more like this one
  • niyah
    that was a cute poem
  • Ashley
  • Andrea
    The poem reminded me of a couple of friends i am lucky to have, that have been there for me when thing got hard. I think the poem is great.
  • Claire
    Sharing problems with loved ones always lightens the burden.
  • Tawny
    This is a very beautiful poem
  • yuvaraj
    one that siad that tears are important in life of friendship
  • Drew
    This poem was super great. It was a real tear jerker. This poem really spoke to me
  • Jessica
    This poem touched me when i gave the poem to one of my friend and said i found it on the internet she cried and it touched her to we both loved it very much thank you so much for writing this poem and posting it on the computer
  • tonjia
    This poem was so sweet,,,simple,,but sweet
  • Putri
    that what friends are for =) Gut Job. very deep for me.
  • DaNieL
    Whoa. really touching. next time i'm sad i know my friends r there 4 me
  • Jeanette
    I LOVE IT. It is so nice.
  • marisha
    sweet & simple! PERFECT!
    its very short but its very deep. its so touching. its great.
  • Rebecca
    Hey marge. this is a beautiful poem. So simple,short and very sweet. This sweet poem reminds me my loved ones who support me whenever I go blue. Gud job n keep goin' on.
  • Shelby
    i loved it. it was sooo sweet
  • shivam
    What a beautiful poem written,very well written. It touched my heart deeply,i don't have enough words to explain the uniqueness of this poem,this is absolute a treasure. good job done
  • Sara
    wow. that's all i have to say. this is such an amazing poem; it touched me a lot. i'm a big girl about friendship and i have a lot of friends. this may sound corky, but i've read a lot and i mean a lot of poems about friendships and relationships. this is by far one of the best.
  • John
    This is a great peom. And I think that it should be published.
  • Beth
    this poem says a lot in a few words a few days ago i found the guy i thought wa my friend who i had told my secrets to was a liar had used me so bad. thank u for your special words please write more soon
  • julia
    SIMPLY great :)
  • yark
    i fell good reading
  • Jasmin
    This poem touched my heart and made me realize what good friends I had.
  • Bruiser
    Absolutely beautiful and true.
  • Madhu
    It is a lovely poem.
  • Cassi
    simple, beautiful. and Oh so true!
  • Mae
    i love it, i can really relate to this poem. it makes me remember the friends of mine that helped me on my problems
  • Maureen
    This immediately brought a face to mind of a friend that has shared it all with me. I love the simplicity of the poem and the incredible strength that lies within.
  • cindy
    i love this poem it really brought tears to my eyes
  • tisha
  • melody
    That was simply beautiful!
  • alissa
  • asma
    Really touching and it meant all in a single paragraph
  • Jaslin
    I thought this was a awesome poem. I read other poems but this one I actually like. It tells a lot even if it is short.
  • DiTzky
    Very touching and meaningful. I like it!
  • kavitha
    this poem is tooooooooooooooo good ,its very emotional,touching i realise this because i 2 have an best friend smitha ilove her so much when iam sad ,happy she was always iwth me now shez very far from me but now our love incresed more & more
  • Jean
    This poem is beautiful,. MsTindal,. you are very eloquent,.
  • Kathleen
    so simply said and yet so beautiful.
  • maxine
    it was short, sweet and honest. it really was perfect
  • rabia
    this poem makes me remember the quote "good things come in small packages" hope the author keeps them coming
  • Krishna
    The tender feeling had been explained very well.
  • misty
    This is the best poem ever read.
  • Dusty
    Loved this poem. Short and sweet!
  • Denise
    This poem touched my heart
  • Sharon
    very very touching indeed, short and precise, very good! i love it!
  • cheyanne
    This is the most touching poem i have ever read. i was look for a poem for class and i found yours. i had to memerized it and it was no problem at all. i love this poem its my favorite!
  • Aimee
    I love it! Simple.
  • Megan
    It's so true
  • Kayla
    this poem reminds me of one of my best friends that i had to move away from and that i wish i could move back to be with that friend of mine which i will that is one of my goals.
  • Fawn
    beautifully written
  • Jihnson
    That poem was wonderful /I love and I am pretty sure anybody who reads it would be toughed
  • Jessica
    This is a very nice poem,it is soo true, once a friend shares the pain it doesn't seem half as big.
  • king
    this poem is so beautiful it mad me realise wat friends are
  • Cheri
    So few words yet says so much
  • Priscilla
    i like this poem because its saying to me theres always someone there for you when you feeling down.
  • Gen
    that poem is really sweet. its really short but that dosnt matter because there was so much meaning.
  • Serena
    The poet said alot with the use of few words, which is a seldom found talent! I'm impressed!
  • brittany
    this poem touched me it was short but beatiful
  • Savanna
    It's amazing how friend can change a huge thing into something smaller or they have a way of making it seem that you can get through everything. I loved how you put it in a plan simple way.
  • Amy
    i almost cried when i read this poem its so pretty. its short, but it was more meaning than many poems i haev heard.
  • husz
    its a poem of reality, what a person feels about the opposite person when he or she loves the person its some of the most amazing poems i have read
  • Tasheena
    It was a really good poem
  • Aubrey
    So simple and true.
  • Minnu
    The poem speaks volumes in all simplicity.
  • MiEkO
    I love this poem. I give it a A++++++++, no poem really touches me like this one.
  • Angela
    I love this poem, this is my favorite poem. All of the short poems are so good, but all the long ones are not as good as the short ones. I just love how they just put it in one short paragraph, and the long ones are like 6 paragraphs. I love this poem.
  • Brittany
    This poems is so sweet.
  • Lindsay
    This poem is great! It reminds me of a time when I lost a friend because I had to move to a totally different state! Keep on writing poems. They are really good.
  • Sandeep
    this pome is so sweet i love it Sandeep
  • shella
    How great to have a friend being described by the poem. i say so, coz i've found someone who let my tear fell
  • Carolyn
    I just lost my father a month ago and it just seemed to say exactly how our family has shared this pain together. thanks
  • Some
    This poem really toched me I just wish that every one could this this poem the way we do!
    This is a very beautiful and heart-touching poem. The theme is simple, but the idea is great. Poet has used very simple words but he has expressed his feelings vey well. I congratulate the poet to present such a beautiful poem. I being a reader,feel comfortable myself while studying this poem. My best wishes are for the poet.
  • Alan
    My wife died 2 years ago today a friend did the same for me as in this poem
  • shama
  • kayla
    it was awesome a perfect 10
  • Cortney
    I think this poem was really good because it just shows your true feelings about that one person. I like it because i know how it feels and i feel the same way!
  • Legenia
    Your poem is what i feel when i need help from a friend and when a friend confronts me!
  • Mary
    I really loved your poems. I love hearing what everyone else thinks about friendship and I really love reading poems about it.
  • Trista
    This poem was good.
  • Courtney
    Great poem. truly touching.
  • bji
    a touching poem
  • Kimberly
    The reason I am voting for this poem is because it sounds really romantic and every person should read this poem. If everyone don't read it there is something wrong with them.
  • David
    Your poem discribed my BEST FRIEND. She has been there for me without noing it. For she is my ANGEL.
  • kate
    its sooo beautiful, thankyou for sharing your words with the world and i, its amazing what friens are to us, such an inspiring piece of work
  • nicola
    This poem was a definate 10
  • Gloria
    I was looking for something to ease the pain and this was it. Keep writing poems like these.
  • Latha
    Short,relievingly true and well versrd
  • Antonia
    This is a beautiful poem. It reminded me of the song "You Needed Me" by Ann Murray. Which I dedicated to my best friend many years ago. He knows everything about me and still says I'm a nice person. I will be writing to him and sending him this poem. I know he will be happy to recieve it. Thank You
  • Julia
  • candi
    i thought that it was a beutiful poem
  • Ameera
    Your words touch me. May God Bless You!
  • Md Jahangir
    It is nice, nice, nice so so so so nice i remember it i like it
  • tanessa
    I loved the poem. I never heard anything so wonderful
  • Sharla
    I loved it! It may have been short but it really describes the way that friends share the pain. Thank you for sharing
  • ariel
    I liked this poem alot
  • tina
    Thanx for writing those short sweet words with endless emotions attached to it.
  • Chynee
    i like the poem coz i think i also been through with that situation.
  • grace
    simple yet its soo meaningful. hope i have someone to share my tears too!
    A beautiful poem that reminds all the emotions, everyone feel at the time when we are with our friends. I've voted for this poem, by just reading the title. Because i've shared the same moments with a friend in my school days. I really like this short but most beautiful poem.
  • Katherine
    I love this poem! Mainly because I have a friend whom has caught many of my tears, and I don't know what I'd do without her. I will be giving her this poem! It's beautiful!
  • casnadra
    it is a good poems sumthin happend yesterday and it made soo much sence when i read it today
  • anil
    its simple n heart touching. hope the poet gives something more to - this world of poems.
  • zoe
    Wow! short but undeniably one of the best i've read here so far.
  • Paul
    Simple and meaningful. :-)
  • daisy
    simple and to the point loved it
  • Jane
    This poem is short but strong. It's a very beautiful poem.
  • LuViN*LiFe
    this poem is extraordinary i think because in so few words the author expresses how deep and meaningful friendship can be
  • jasmine
    wow! this poem is really touching. but it's hard to find a friend who is like that. (
  • Joyce
    I really like this poem would love to read more
  • Poonam
    this is such a good poem. when i read this poem it reminded me of my very best friend who is now very far from me. u did very good job.
  • Jyothish
    been there. seen it. felt it! Loved it!
  • lisa
    it a good hard working moveing poem
  • Margo
    That was a really nice poem. i really loved it
  • David
    Good, it made me cry.
  • Robert
    I thought it was sad it made me cry
  • Tabbethie
    your peom is so sweet it makes me want to cry. thank you for sharing that poem with the world!
  • Josh
    Very touching. it brings you happoness when you read it and you are very sad or angry, it will bring peace to their heart.
  • Jon
    This poem is a edge of what this person's emotion you can tell because it is short and can be carried on in many words the depths are unparrel and yet can be match in just a simple act of being true to yourself
  • susan
    excellent to the point poem. !
  • Roni
    that was a VERY good poem. i almost cried :(
  • Mona
    This poem you can see came from the heart. I think this is the bvest poem.
  • Jayne
    "Simply" beautiful.
  • michelle
    this poem was beautiful
  • Charish
    Your poem is short but sweet and tells alot about love very nice
  • clara
    i loved the poem it is short but very true and keep up the good work.
  • noone
    This poem took me to another World. Thank you.
  • Minahil
    This Poem is too good though very short but full of meaning and depth. It is really the voice of every heart! Sometimes biggest pains don't matter when r shared by someone !
  • Ben
  • Holly
    I love this poem! It is short but says so much!
  • Cho
    I loved the poem,not the mention its short but has a big meaning and emphasis in friendship. Keep up the good work!
  • Deech
  • MB
    I wish I was capable of such a masterpiece. Sure. I'm only coughcough-teen but i love poetry and this has literally got to be the best poem I've ever read.
  • kelli
    This poem, short yet says alot, is really good and touching!
  • sonia
    short, sweet and meaningful
  • matt
    not bad not bad at all
  • shaz
    this is one great poem. short but with a lot of meaning.
  • Rob
    So simple, but so effective and so true
  • Bianca
    it was the best poem ever! very sweet and emotional!
  • Kris
    This poem is very touching, and it got to me somewere deep down, its really true. Good job, you have my props.
  • aswin
    ur pom is excellent,marvellous(please forgive me as i don't know all the synonyms of wonderful. ) it's the first poem in my life that has left an ever lasting impression in my mind . i am an INDIAN. i was born on 14 june 1985 . i also write poems but not as good & as simple as yours. i really love ur poem. hatsoff to u.
  • Gina
    I'm speechless.
  • somy
    heeey. Do You know what?! that was my tear dear!. even it is very short poem but it has really deep meanings. it touched my heart
  • Loz
    This is so deep and i'd just like to thanx u because these are the exact words i needed to tell my friend. It has really inspired me. Thanx
  • Mufiz
    I could feel this poem 'coz i have "seen" pain
  • Ata
    this is a beautiful TOUCHING poem
  • Jessi
    When i read that poem it made me realize that it pointed out to what i've been through. It was a nice poem and its pretty touching
  • Lori
    I was reading this poem and it caught every snapshot I was looking for. I think I'm going to send it to my sister, which is my best frined.
  • tera
    i think that was a WONDERFUL poem i can relate to that poem so it means so so MUCH to me:)
  • Manda
  • Nancy
    simple, but sweet. sometimes that makes the best poems.
  • Erin
    This is such a beautiful poem. I sent it to someone very special who has done just that. Held my tears and shared my sorrows and guided me to where the sun shines again.
  • isabe
    i really liked this poem good job
  • liz
  • joele
    i think this is cute. really goes further than the ears! :-)
  • rose
    simpley the best
  • juhi
    this poem held awealth of meaning for me. it made me realise that one can lighten their burdens by sharing them rather than clinging onto them.
  • lee
    this poem is the most beautiful poem i have read. it may be simple and short but it is a definately a poem to remember. Forever.
  • Kim
    I think that this poem is the best one I have ever read. Thank you for putting it on the internet.
  • Shirl
    Hey! That was one of the best poems I have read hopefully you keep on writting more. From a scale 1-10 You get a 10.
  • Morga
    I think that this poem is very good. I have a friend or i think that she is my friend and she plays ball with me on school softball team. the other day back home on the bus from the game i was crying because someone had told me that she did not like and called me a fat cow.
  • Em
    The exact words I needed to thank my friend for doing just that. thank YOU!
  • sunners7
    I loved this poem, and most the time you don't need something long and drawn out to get your point across.
  • kRaZycHiK
    heY.thiS pOeM iS DeeP!.. iTz ShoRt yeT iT hAS a greaT meaniN. gooD joB ayE!
  • Dolly
    That wuss totally da bombio! I'm serious i hate poems until i read urz it wuss totally coolio! I wish i could do the same! u really inspired me!
  • Sharon
    this poem has shown alot of truth and inspiration and if only everyone in the world could be as humble and befriend a person in need,we'd soon see a blessed change!
  • Ulala
    it's very sweet..
  • Chandy
    This was a short poem, but it held so much meaning, it's very nice, I liked it a lot.
  • Jan
    'Simply The Best'
  • Deena
    Hey this realy sounds like me when my best friend that is a boy always helps me through the day and he dose the same when i cry.
  • Jessie
    just incredibly . real
  • Wild_Flower
    It was beautiful. It wasn't to long but got streight to the readers heart.
  • Danielle
    Oh My God. that is the sweetest poem I think that I've ever read. It definitely made me cry. You are good at writing. Keep it up.
  • sek
    a very impressive poem.the poet has described one of the most common and undescribed feeling in a very simple and expressive language.beautiful use of words.
  • mari
    i know that feeling i loved the poem it is so simply and fully expressed
  • daisy
    even though it was a short phrase with so little words, it holds a big meaning. I loved it.
  • Sussan
    very nice poem, congratulations, it really touch me because I met a friend no to long ago and I told him one of my sadness stories of my life and when I read this poem make me thought about my friend David. "Thank you my dear friend" and Thank you Marge for writing such a wonderful poem.
  • Julia
    It was a truly beautiful and heartfelt poem. i was reallly toughted by it. Thanx!
  • sudha
    Excellent poem ... touched the heart ... really beautiful ..
  • Bella
    Very touching and heartfelt, very true, meaningful without selfishness.
  • tara
    Said it all..and wasn't long..it was just perfect
  • erica
    i loved it it. beautiful
  • Juliet
    I love it. Short and sweet, and expressing so many things in so few words.
  • kiddo
    great poem, poetry expresses so much to a friend
  • Leradema
    It went straight to my heart.
  • Darshan
    This poem is very touching & very sensitive.really it is very good.
  • iman
    Dead good! Improve my spirit!
  • Vanessa
    it encompasses everything about friendship in the shortest of words...
  • Liz
  • shamira
    it was a great poem, and i think you should continue to write more!
  • Jess
    the imagery and realness of this poem expressed in words what can usually only be expressed in actions and emotions. absolutely stunning
  • Chrissy
    i really loved your poem. I feel kind of jealous that i can't express such raw unbridaled emotion in such a short poem. I really feel where you're coming from with this. I feel exactly the same way when i cry and my boyfriend cheers me up
  • Palani
    Straight to the heart! Mahalo Nui Loa! I love it!
  • Megan
    i love it! beautiful! short and sweet!
  • Melissa
    its cute and its right to the point
  • Bailey
    very emotional and thoughtful
  • Chee-Wei
    Subtle, yet poignant. It's straight to the point
  • Deb
    I am a school counselor and often feel like I am not helping my students, because I can't make their problems go away. Thanks to this poem, I now know better!
  • Lula
    All the poems on this site are wonderful ! I enjoy them so much !
  • Rachel
    In only a few words this poem says how pain with a friend is a lot easier to live with.
  • michelle
    less is more
  • Robinson
    Lovely poem
  • Lori
    A+++++ Made me cry.
  • judy
  • Eve
    this poem is so beautiful that i have no words to tell how wonderful IT is.
  • Caron
    How sweet !
  • stacey
    i think that this poem is very beautiful and i know this poem relates to me and a lot of my best friends....thank you so much for thinking of a poem like this
  • erica
    This poem is so true to friends u cant live without
  • Michelle
    Loved it! I placed it in my newsletter at my community! Thank You,
  • Donna
    This poem really says alot.
  • melissa
    Wonderful, and so meaningful such talent the writer posesses
  • Terry
    Outstanding. Short, sweet & to the point.
  • JB
    Brilliant, succinct, eloquent.better than anything I have read via this URL before. Thank you
  • Vishal
    Very pretty. Very touching.
  • Hanni
    excellent wording..not too long, but said precisely what friendship is all about; sharing.
  • georgina
    so lovely
  • betty
    i like it...really...and i think ur a great writer. simple it may be..keep up the good work
  • Chris
    Short, simple, precise, and clear.
  • Lampies
    Just what the doctor ordered
  • mahwish

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